I was in for it. I'd been misbehaving for two full weeks while Steven had been out of town. I was not ashamed of my behavior. In fact, I was rather proud of myself. I'd kept him updated as to my many misdeeds through texts, photos, and my daily blog which only he and I could read. He'd warned me often and finally, in exasperation, had begun to list my punishments as the days wore on. By the time he got home, I was a hot ball of sexual frustration.

Wanda: He walked in the door, dropped his briefcase and grabbed me. With no grace or finesse, he ripped off my dress, pulled out a kitchen chair and had me over his knee before I could say "Please, Master." He didn't say a word. He just went to town on my upturned ass. No warm up. Not after the shit I'd been pulling for the last two weeks.Fifty times his hand came down on my cheeks. I came twice and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tummy. Abruptly, he stood up, dumping me unceremoniously onto the floor. I stayed put, the cold floor felt wonderful against my hot bum.

Steven: I can't believe she has been such a bitch! She's been tormenting me since I walked out the door. Geeze! I couldn't help but grin. The sight of her red ass just now was one of the hottest moments of my life! Then again, with Wanda, everything's pretty damned hot. She can just cool down a bit while I get set up for round two. I told her that for every broken rule she'd get fifty swats with an implement of my choice. 6. She broke six rules. Damn. I'm not sure even she can take 300 swats in one night. I grinned again. Guess it's going to be a long weekend for the girl.

I sat down on the bed, clothing on. I called for her and within a wink she was standing in the doorway, her head bowed. "Crawl to me and attend." She dropped to her knees and came to me, took off my belt, unzipped my jeans and began sucking. Her sweet mouth wrapped around my cock. Holy Fuck! I could shoot my load right now. I put my hand on the bed to steady myself and felt my leather belt. Hmmmm. "You ready for your next fifty?" She looked up at me with her big blue eyes, accepting her fate. Doubling the belt, I began to wail on her back, being careful not to hit too hard, to have the weight land on her upturned rump. I wanted to remind her of her place, of the broken rules, but not actually hurt her! She moaned and sucked harder. Deeper. Her mouth drawing me down her hot, hot throat. "That's it." I couldn't take much more. Gritting my teeth, I made it to 48 before I shot my load down her throat. She gulped it down greedily as I landed the last two blows.

Wanda: Holy Shit but that was FREAKING AWESOME!! Not only did I get to feel his leather on my back and taste his lovely meat, He let me drink his cum. Nothing, not even the sweetest candy, was as delicious.100 swats down, 200 to go. He pushed my head slightly and I sat back on my heels, keeping my eyes down. He stood and opened the nightstand drawer. THE drawer. The one that held all of his special toys. "Get on the bed, on your back." I hustled to do so. He took some rope and tied my ankles together. Oh Crap. I hated this position. It's humiliating and no fun at all. This is total punishment. The Diaper Position. He lifted my legs and pushed them towards my head. I felt the ping pong paddle against my tender flesh. "Please," I began. "Don't make me use more force than I planned to," he warned. I clamped my mouth shut, but I couldn't stop the tears. By the time the fiftieth blow had been delivered, I was beyond crying. I knew I wouldn't be able to sit on a hard surface for days.

Marcus: I let her sleep in. After yesterday she deserved it - a short repast so she's good and rested for round 2. She took the first half of her punishment well and if I know her, which I do, she'll take the second half well too. Her ass is going to be tender. Whenever I touch her for the next week she'll jump. Plus, she's going to feel it every time she sits on a hard surface - which will be whenever she sits. I'm sure as hell not going to let he sit on cushions! Damn. My cock is hard just thinking about how hot and red those cheeks were. I know good and well that she broke those rules on purpose so I'm planning on giving her what she wanted.

"Marcus?" Wanda sleepily whispered.

"I'm here, baby. Go get a shower while I finish up breakfast, okay?"

My evil plan is working. She smiled at me and trotted off to the shower thinking I was going to give her a reprieve.

When she came into the kitchen wearing a bathroom, her eyes grew big when she saw what I had arranged. On the breakfast counter was bacon, eggs, and toast, but also an array of utensils. A wide spatula, a wooden spoon, a freshly peeled finger of ginger, a tall glass of ice, kitchen string.

"Care to explain why you're clothed?" I asked frostily.

"Um, I, um"

"I didn't say you could wear clothing. That just got you an additional punishment. Now lean against the counter, ass out."

She gulped, dropped the robe and got into position.

"Do you know where I'm going to put this ginger?" I asked softly.

"Yes, but Marcus, you've never done that before," she whined.

"And you have never been so bratty before," I admonished.

She did not argue. I spread her slightly bruised cheeks and slowly inserted the ginger into her anus. At first she didn't move, then she began to moan and wiggle. I about came right there.

"No sit on the stool and eat your breakfast."

She stood up and looked at me with a bit of fear tinging her eyes. I just smiled. Damn but she wiggled on that stool, but she knew better than to complain.

"Good. Now clean up the kitchen and start on the dishes."

With her hands in the dishwater and a few tears on her cheeks, she looked beautiful.

I picked up the spatula and smacked her behind. I laughed when she jumped and turned around to argue.

"Take it like a good girl, then I'll remove the ginger."

She cried a bit more, but turned around again and continued her work. By the time the dishes were done, her ass was bright red again and, true to my word, I removed the ginger.

Wanda: What the hell was I doing being so bratty?? Oh my god but I'll never push him this far again! My ass is on fire - inside and out. Now he's eyeing that glass of ice! I am so, so sorry, but at least I'm on the downhill side of my punishment. Only 100 more spankings to go. I can do this. Hell, I deserve this!

"Come into the dining room. I want you to lie on the table," he commanded.

Humbly, I obeyed. He took my legs, spread them and tied them to the table legs then spread my arms and did the same to them. Once I was spread eagle, he was ready. I felt something very, very cold enter my pussy. The Ice! He was putting ice cubes inside of me! I thrashed about on the table, pulling against my restraints.

"Not going to cum without permission are you?"

"Oh god," I moaned.

He held up the wooden spoon and grinned evilly. He began slowly, tapping the spoon against my inner thighs. Every now and then, he'd check my tunnel and insert another piece of ice. The tapping got harder, stronger as he punished my thighs. I had no idea how the ice didn't instantaneously melt I was so hot. I bit my lip trying not to cum. Color floated before my eyes and I could hear myself screaming. Heat build up inside of me with each blessed thud of the spoon and I exploded.

Marcus: "You almost made it, baby," Marcus said. "Sadly, you failed. So now, I'm going to have to keep you right here. I was going to take you to the bed for the last fifty, then make sweet love to you, but now I can't do that."

I knew she'd never last. And if she had, I would have found some other reason to keep her in place. I tweaked and pulled her nipples until they were rock hard. She was panting from excitement, exertion, fear - I wasn't sure, but she looked hotter than hell. I grabbed the string and a pair of sharp scissors. I knew knots, after all, I'd been a Boy Scout! I tied little nooses around her nipples to keep them hard, then lifted the string between them and made her bite it.

"There. That should keep those pretty nips hard and big. You ready for the last fifty?"

Her eyes begged me to be merciful, but she nodded. God she was incredible.

My cock was about to explode, but time enough for that later. Gently, I began to smack her breasts. She squirmed as realization came to her. Her last fifty spankings would be on her tits.

"You let go of that string and I'll start the count over," I warned.

Her tits became pink, then red. She cried, trying to keep her head still and not move that string thus putting more pressure on her nips. When I finished, her boobs were glorious. I untied them and asked, "Are you ready to be a good girl now?"

"Yes, Marcus. I'll be good."

"Not sure I believe you yet. I have one more consequence for you, then we'll see if you're truly sorry."

She began to protest but stopped herself. Pride washed over me. I was so very lucky to have her.

I stripped and climbed on top of her. I squatted over her ribs and pressed her hot tits against my cock. Her mouth opened and she lifted her head as I fucked her tits. She licked the tip of my cock with her hot little tongue each time I plunged deep. With the heat of her boobs, the site of her wet eyes and her cleaver tongue, it took me maybe a minute before I shot my load all over her tits and face. I bend low and kissed her.

"Now, my bad little girl, I'm to take a shower and watch the game. When it's half-time, I'll come release you. I'd like you to suck my cock for the rest of game to show your gratitude. If you please me, then I'll take you to bed and make love to you."

Wanda: I am blessed.

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