tagLoving Wives32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 02

32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 02


Three days after the first time that John had sex with Beth he looked across the table at his wife Kelly.

"So when is Beth coming over again?" John asked.

"I figured I'd give you a few days to let it sink in to be sure you were okay with doing it again." Kelly said.

"Oh. We already did it once so I guess if she wants to do it again it would be okay...as long as you're okay with it." John said.

Kelly jumped up from the table, grabbed the phone and dialed.

"Hello." Beth said.

"Beth, it's Kelly. John said that if you want to we can do it again." Kelly said.

"I'll be there in 10 minutes." Beth said.

They hung up.

"She's on her way." Kelly said.

"Okay. Just so I know what do you expect me to do tonight?" John asked.

"Well obviously you should have sex with her, but if she's shaved I hope you'll give her oral first." Kelly said.

"So I give her oral then have sex with her? That's all?" John asked.

"Yeah. She's only had sex once John. Do you remember what your first few experiences were like?" Kelly asked.

"I guess they were pretty simple. Of course I was a teenager only thinking of sex and not all the other stuff." John said.

"She's been thinking about sex since she was a teenager John. She's been thinking about the other stuff too, but she's been thinking about sex most of all. We can add the other stuff slowly, but the important thing to her right now is the sex." Kelly said.

"Okay. That makes sense I guess." John said.

A few minutes later the doorbell started ringing over and over.

"Who do you suppose that is?" Kelly asked jokingly.

She laughed and went to open the door. As soon as the door was open Beth rushed inside and headed up the stairs.

"Sweetheart, I guess we'd better get upstairs. She's probably already naked." Kelly said.

John laughed and they headed upstairs. Kelly was right...when they walked into the guest room Beth was already naked.

"It looks like you got over being shy like you were last time and it seems that I'm a little over dressed." John said.

John started taking his clothes off. Kelly noticed that Beth's pubic hair was gone.

"Did you shave or get waxed?" Kelly asked.

"I tried to shave, but my hand was shaking too much so I went and got waxed. That was an unusual experience." Beth said.

"Yeah, I got waxed a few times and decided I'd rather just shave." Kelly said.

John finished undressing and looked at Beth.

"Okay, since you got waxed I'm gonna lick your pussy so lay on the bed with your ass right near the edge." John said.

Beth threw herself violently into position. John laughed.

"Kelly, I do believe that she's a little bit excited." John said.

"I'd say you're right. Even from here I can see that she's already wet." Kelly said.

John walked over towards the bed and knelt between Beth's legs. She was looking down her body at him. She was biting her lower lip and trembling in anticipation. John looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Just relax Beth...relax and enjoy the experience." John said.

John lowered his face towards Beth's pussy. His eyes stayed locked with hers as he gently blew onto her pussy. Beth's body shuddered at the sensation. John chuckled and lowered his face the rest of the way.

John extended his tongue and flicked Beth's clit and she moaned as she had an orgasm.

"Jesus...Jesus..." Beth said.

"Wow...I've never seen a girl have an orgasm from one little flick before. I guess you were pretty worked up about this. That should make the next few minutes even more intense." John said.

"The next few?" Beth asked.

"You don't think he'd let your first oral experience be one little flick do you?" Kelly asked.

John hooked his arms under Beth's legs so he could pull her legs open by pulling on her inner thighs. He wrapped his lips around Beth's clit and gently sucked on it while flicking it with his tongue inside his mouth. Beth's back arched and she groaned at the new and amazing sensation.

"Oh god." Beth said.

John lowered his mouth to gently start gently stroking his tongue up and down between the lips of Beth's pussy. Beth inhaled deeply each time John's tongue moved up and she exhaled each time it went down. For a few minutes he stroked his tongue like that.

John slowly pushed his tongue further between the lips as he stroked up and down between them. Beth's eyes shot wide open, her back arched, and her legs slammed closed around John's head when he suddenly plunged his tongue as far into her pussy as it would go.

"Easy there Beth...don't break my husband." Kelly said.

"Holy fuck." Beth gasped.

She released her leg lock on John's head and looked down at him.

"Are you okay?" Beth asked.

John's response was to move up and gently suck on Beth's clit causing her to take a quick breath. When he pulled his lips away John started lapping at Beth's clit with his tongue. After just a few minutes Beth's body started squirming around and her breathing became shallow and rapid.

John knew that Beth was getting close to an orgasm so he started swirling his tongue on her clit. Beth started rolling her head and shoulders side to side on the bed and she grabbed and pulled at the sheets on the bed.

John moved down and gave one last long slow lick between the lips of her pussy and Beth cried out in passion and her body shuddered under the intensity of her orgasm.

Beth was gasping for breath after her orgasm when she looked down her body and saw John kissing around her inner thighs. When he saw her looking down at him he smiled and laughed a little before moving his tongue back do her extremely sensitive clit. A gentle grazing flick of his tongue caused Beth's entire body to shudder.

John lapped teasingly at the lips of Beth's pussy for a while then plunged his tongue into her causing her to quickly take in a breath each time. John kept Beth on the verge of orgasm for several minutes before finally giving her the release she desperately wanted.

A deep guttural moan seemed to emanate from every part of Beth's body. As her orgasm subsided Beth's body went limp and her eyes closed. When she opened her eyes she looked up and saw John moving into position over her to enter her with his cock.

"Are you ready for it?" John asked.

"Yes...yes...please." Beth said.

Beth's pussy was on fire and her entire body was still quivering from the amazing orgasm that she'd just had. John moved slowly pushed his cock into her. Beth moaned in ecstasy as she felt the thickness and length of his cock filling her.

The first time John had sex with her Beth had been on her hands and knees and he'd been behind her so it was a very different experience being able to look up into his face as he slowly pushed his cock into her. John smiled down at her as he started slowly fucking her.

John looked over at Kelly and saw her smiling as she watched the second coupling of her husband and her friend.

John returned his eyes to Beth's and their eyes remained locked on one another as John slowly fucked her.

"That feels so good...unbelievable." Beth said.

"Do you think you can handle a little faster?" John asked.

"Yes...I'm sure I can...I want to." Beth said.

John smiled and started fucking Beth faster. With the increased speed Beth started moaning and panting more and more. After a few minutes John could feel Beth's body quivering beneath him and he knew she was close to an orgasm. When Beth's orgasm began John started fucking her even faster and a good deal harder.

"Oh god...oh god. Yes. God yes." Beth said.

John was ready to cum at any time, but he held back until he felt Beth starting another orgasm. While she was mid orgasm John buried his cock deep inside her and unloaded in a mutual orgasm.

John and Beth were both breathing heavily after such intense orgasms so John stayed over Beth with his cock deep inside her for more than a minute. Their eyes remained locked on one another until John slowly moved up off of Beth. She moaned as his cock slipped out of her. A trail of John's cum came pouring out of her still spread pussy.

Beth lay on the bed tired and satisfied as John stood up and looked down at her.

"You and Kelly should talk about tonight and what's to come." John said.

"Okay. Thank you for tonight John. It was absolutely incredible." Beth said.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." John said.

John didn't even bother gathering up his clothes as he walked out of the guest room and headed for the master bedroom. Beth, who had been hesitant to have anyone see her naked just a few days before, rolled onto her side facing Kelly.

"I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but how did you like it?" Kelly asked.

"Jesus Kelly. I don't have any other experiences to compare it to, but tonight was absolutely amazing." Beth said.

Kelly smiled.

"I do have other experiences to compare it to, and I can tell you that John is by far the best lover that I've ever had." Kelly said.

"I'd believe it. I've never felt anything like what he did to me tonight before." Beth said.

"Just think...this was only lesson #2. He's barely scratched the surface so far." Kelly said.

"Just thinking about that has me trembling with anticipation for next time. What will John be doing to me next time?" Beth asked.

"Next time you'll be doing something to him...you'll be sucking his cock." Kelly said.

Beth's eyes lit up and she licked her lips.

"Really?" Beth asked.

"Yeah. I suggest you practice with a dildo or a banana or something beforehand so that you'll be used to having something that size pretty deep inside your mouth. I don't want you gagging on his cock and bighting John." Kelly said.

"Oh god...I'll be sure to practice to know how much I can take so I don't try to take too much and accidentally gag and bight him. So what night should I come over for lesson #3?" Beth asked.

"John's the teacher so I'll go ask him when the next class should be. Don't go anywhere." Kelly said.

"Like I'd leave before I know what day I need to come over for my next lesson." Beth said.

Kelly smiled and walked to the master bathroom where John was in the shower. John saw her and opened the glass door.

"Are you done talking to Beth already?" John asked.

"No. She asked when she should come over again." Kelly said.

"Well...I'm going to make love to you tomorrow night so how about the day after tomorrow?" John asked.

"Sounds good to me. Oh, she'll be sucking your cock next time." Kelly said.

"That should be interesting." John said.

Kelly went back to the guest room.

"So when should I come over?" Beth asked.

"John said he's making love to me tomorrow night so you should come over the day after tomorrow." Kelly said.

"Okay; that sounds good to me. I guess I'll have tomorrow night to practice taking my vibrator in my mouth. I'm gonna grab a shower before I leave okay?" Beth asked.

"Sure, help yourself." Kelly said.

Beth headed into the guest bathroom and Kelly headed back to the master bathroom where she found John drying off. She walked over and hugged him. They stayed in the master bedroom until they heard footsteps on the stairs and the front door opening and closing.

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