tagIncest/TabooA Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 53

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 53


A thousand "Thanks!" to Bob from Illinois for his valuable help.


The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a small group of people.

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Many of these chapters could go into many different categories. For example, in Chapter 1 there's a small amount of male-male sex. A number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1's purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I'd hope a totally hetero or gay reader could to relate to and enjoy this chapter.

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* * * * *

Chapter 53: Who Knew Church and Homework Could Be Such Fun

It was time for the Troutman crew to dress and go home. Without debate our group decided to plan on going to Church together the next day. Likewise, we readily agreed we'd like to go to the 'Drive In' next weekend. Unfortunately, no one's folks were going to be away that we knew of for a long time. Before Lynn got away, I made a date to see her Wednesday night when I'd go there to "help Jim with some homework."

After good night hugs, gropes, and kisses, Carly and I were alone. We checked every room we'd been in for anything that might attract unwanted questions from our folks. With that done, we headed upstairs. Since we'd be up long before our parents returned, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to sleep together in Carly's bed.

Sharing a bathroom most of the time as we readied for bed was pretty cool. Carly did kick me out at the end, so I was already under the covers when she came to bed. We were both very tired and in need of sleep. Settling in, Carly snuggled spoon fashion in front of me.

Once in position, she wiggled her firm bubble butt against my genitals until I got somewhat aroused. Munchkin wanted me inside her, so she reached down, then guided me into her. I don't know what she did in the bathroom, but her pussy was slick as hell, allowing me easy entry. At that point she announced she was going to sleep. "You feel so nice inside me. You can come in me if you wish. I'd like you to, but I'm going to nod off any time now so it's up to you."

What I was feeling was far too exciting for me not to do something; thus my hips commenced a very slow thrusting. Reaching over her, I lovingly fondled her breasts. My thrusts were so gentle; it was nearly a vaginal massage. True to her word, Munchkin soon dozed off. A few minutes after she "Z'd out," I had a slow paced orgasm. Softly I'd bury my shaft in her pussy as each of my few spurts occurred. When I was done, I stayed inside Munchkin, falling into a euphoria-induced sleep almost as soon the final spasm sent a last warm wave of pleasure throughout my exhausted body.

* * * * *

Huh? It seemed like we'd just closed our eyes, but Carly's alarm made it clear we'd enjoyed a solid night's sleep. My penis was still inside my sister's toasty-warm body. Seems I had a 'piss hard on,' so my penis was nicely swollen, prompting Munchkin to reach down and play with my scrotum.

Internally, our lubricants had dried enough that I couldn't slide out of her easily. Though still drowsy, I fondled Carly everywhere I could reach while nibbling her left ear or kissing her neck. As I played with her chest, she worked on her clit. Within a few minutes she was wet enough to remove my erection without discomfort.

Ever the gentleman, I allowed Carly first crack at the john. Ever the brother, I stood beside her, trying to make her laugh while she peed. Following a quick freshen up regimen, we grabbed a fast juice then headed outside.

Finding the morning delightfully warm, we decided to play nudist commune again as we did our farm chores. As an incentive to hurry, we promised ourselves a hot shower and an extended love making session as soon as we finished outside.

I'd lost my erection in the bathroom when I was finally able to get my pee to flow, but as I followed Carly's gum chewing butt around, I was soon 'with horn' again. Several times when she bent over, I goosed Munchkin with my 'pussy prober;' her howls didn't do the cows any good, but I loved hearing her girlish squeals.

Our hot shower felt great, but the hotter sex afterwards felt far better. We were so ready for each other by the time we exited the shower that we almost didn't make it out of the stall. While she blow-dried her hair, I caressed her body from head to hip.

Feeling fresh and frisky, I carried Carly into our folk's bedroom, we made very passionate love on the side where Mom usually slept. It felt especially wicked screwing into Carly in the very place that our mother probably got it from our Dad.

Having gotten a good nights sleep, I had loads of energy. We changed positions a few times during our session; I started on top of her, then Carly rode me for a quarter hour. We finished with Carly lying on her tummy and her legs hanging off the bed while I stood on the floor behind her. Damn! What a great tush! Having my feet on the floor and my hands on her hips, I was able to forcefully drive into my svelte sister.

Having fully recharged overnight, when we came, I had a full load of sperm to shoot into her warm, gripping vagina. What a great way to start the day!

Even after our protracted lovemaking, we still had plenty of time for breakfast before we had to dress for church. Toast was my assignment; Munchkin cooked us home fries, ham, and eggs.

Once morning dishes were dispatched, we got dressed. Wow! Carly looked wonderful in her Sunday frock. All spiffed up, I guessed we still had 15 minutes plus before we'd be picked up. Already I was feeling pretty horny from thinking about getting into Lynn after church.

Grabbing an old towel from the hamper, I spread it on the entry way bench. Grinning at Munchkin, I slid her panties down, seated her on the towel, then avidly ate her shaved pussy. My sister roundly got off just as Lynn pulled into our yard.

Carly sat pressed against me throughout the church service. It was so cool to be sitting with three pretty girls, all in pretty Sunday dresses, and know how beautiful they looked under those dresses. Thinking about anything besides sex was tough that morning; it required a major effort on my part. Yet unless I forced myself to listen closely to the sermon, I risked walking out of church having to hide an erection.

We split for Bennett's pond as fast as we could gracefully get away, it was highly unlikely anyone else would be there until after lunch on a Sunday

The motor was barely off before I had my pants at my ankles and Lynn impaled on my penis. Neither of us needed any more foreplay; I'd had my hand under her skirt the moment we'd gotten away from other people. Taking my time undoing her buttons and bra while she rode me, I devoured her luscious breasts until her nipples were swollen and sensitive. Then I fondled her all the while we French kissed. Lynn was such a good kisser, yummm!!

I would've liked it to last longer, but Lynn and I were becoming rather adept at exciting each other. She began squeezing me with her vagina in a special way which just plain feels so good when she does it that I come for her. Lynn loves feeling my hot sperm coat her womb. She told me that feeling me shooting inside her usually triggers a good orgasm for her. Soon, we came together. My lap was soon soaked with our combined fluids.

For several minutes longer we kissed and cuddled. During that time, I heard sounds from Munchkin that made me suspect she'd just gotten the contents of Jimmy's nuts, but I was too busy nursing on Lynn to look. Lynn soon got off of my lap to clean me. Her mouth did a thorough job on my penis; she used a couple of tissues to clean us up elsewhere.

Following a great kiss, Lynn hurriedly sent me back to "give Beth a good thumping," as we didn't have much time to spare. Getting out of the car, I passed Jimmy. The shit-eating grin on his face spoke volumes. With us both screwing the same girls; there was a lot that didn't have to be explained. As Jim climbed into the front seat, I had Beth lay on her back on the rear seat.

Kneeling on the floor, Carly ate her while I had Beth suck my penis back to life. Being able to watch everything as Carly ate Beth's pussy certainly helped me recover from my great orgasm with Lynn. Before I knew it, a nice erection moved in and out of Beth's mouth. Someone had removed Beth's clothing while I'd been occupied with Lynn up front. Since Beth was already naked, I could freely fondle her teats and play with her long nipples while she sucked me. Just as I was wondering what to do next, Beth climaxed. Quickly I shifted my position so I could easily suck on Beth's nipples while Carly kept eating her out.

Beth had at least one, though I suspected two, powerful orgasms. Carly never ceased eating her for a moment. When Beth showed signs of easing into her next orgasm, I urged that Beth and Carly get into a 69 with Beth on top and her butt facing me. Completely ready to enjoy some great sex, I screwed Beth like a horny dog while Carly sucked on her clit. Due to the low roof, I had to practically lay on Beth's back anyway, so I made sure to milk both her teats while I pumped in and out of her hot, soaked pussy. Between Munchkin and I, Beth was able to come several times before she and I came virtually together.

Like good sisters, Lynn and Beth climaxed within a minute of each other. Sounding no worse for the wear, Lynn reminded us to dress as fast as we could because we'd pressed the time limits to the extreme.

After we got home, I asked Carly if she'd been able to climax. Seems she came when Beth and I did, so I suspect we'd all triggered each other. My coming between Beth's buns was a heavenly orgasm at any rate. I'd remained in the back seat for the drive home; Lynn and Jim had finished just ahead of Beth and me. They'd already put themselves back together just as we were getting off in the back. While Lynn drove, we three 'buttoned' and 'zipped' up.

Once we were carefully dressed, I nonetheless fingered Beth and Carly under their skirts until we pulled into our driveway. Lynn stopped the car on the far side of the small building where cold well water was once used to keep the old-fashioned milk cans chilled. Saying goodbye, I got a few nice thank you kisses from smiling girls.

Last thing before exiting her car, I leaned forward to whisper into Lynn's ear. "I love you, I'll see you Tuesday about 8." In the rearview mirror I saw a big smile as Carly and I got out.

Our parents were back; we could smell dinner in the oven as we strode into the entryway. Over dinner we heard far more about their trip than any living soul could possibly want to. Yes, it was nice they were home, but I kept glancing at Munchkin, wondering when I could get her alone again. After I'd managed to get myself rather horny thinking about Carly's body, I even started to notice my parents. My dad was 37, about 5'10", OK looks. He gave the impression that he was even better looking because he was strong, displaying well-defined muscles.

My mother was 36. She had black hair, green eyes, was barely 5' 7", and maintained a terrific figure as far back as I could recall. She didn't dress up much. Mom had an Ivory Soap kind of fresh complexion; she looked attractive even without make up. Her lips were of a medium thickness, her eyebrows were dark and full, they hinted at her European ancestry.

I hadn't paid much attention to her breasts before, but now I was horny. Unconsciously my body recalled that I'd made love to Carly that morning right where Mom slept. Looking with a critical eye, I judged her to be maybe Lynn's size or more. She looked like she'd be an extraordinarily nice handful, maybe with a bit to spare.

As I began to wonder what her nipples looked like, it seemed so ironic that I'd probably sucked on her breasts numerous times, yet I had little idea what she looked like. Mom was 17 or so when she got hitched to Dad. Every kid likes to think they invented sex, but I was at least bright enough to know how I'd come into the world.

My brain was suddenly awash with erotic questions. How old was she when she lost her cherry? Was Dad the first? Did she like sex? How often did they do it? Did she suck my Dad? Did she just lay there and let him do it? Did she love it, maybe have favorite positions? Did my Mom ever initiate...things? How often did they fool around? Why hadn't I heard them doing it? Did she play with herself when she was young? How much did she enjoy sex? Lord knows the only times either of our parents said anything about sex was when they were saying not to "do it" until you're married.

Pondering what it would feel like to slide my penis inside a grown woman only served to arouse my sleeping friend. Would it feel any different than sex with the girls? Finally I had to excuse myself. Ducking into the bathroom, I poured cold water over my erection until I calmed down. I genuinely prayed that Carly would be willing to let me screw her soon; I was so ready to rock.

Returning to the kitchen, I helped clean up after the meal. Once, I was able to position myself so Mom rubbed her left breast against my arm. Damn... it felt incredible; I don't think she was wearing a bra. The baggy shirt she wore hid most details from my eyes, but my arm knew there was a firm, full breast in there for sure.

With the dishes put away I announced I was going upstairs to do homework. I was soooo happy when Carly showed up. The folks were downstairs. I asked if she felt like making love.

Feeling horny herself, Carly and I discussed how we could fool around without getting caught. I made a mental note to get a can of oil to insure our bedroom door hinges didn't squeak.

We came up with a few ideas. For example, if we wanted to fool around during the day, like now, Carly could wear a skirt, but no panties, plus a pull over top with no bra. For my part, I could put on sweat pants or shorts with an elastic waistband. Practically anything I could pull up and redo quickly if we heard someone head upstairs would work for us. If we were in Carly's room, and properly ready, we figured we should be able to put ourselves together fast enough to look like everything was normal.

As we plotted, I got oak tree hard, I know Carly got turned on as well. To egg me on, she let me watch as she changed into "screwing clothes." The little mink made sure I got plenty of good looks as she stripped then dressed. Munchkin tossed a couple pillows on the floor, along with some schoolbooks.

Heading into my room, I handed her one of my books to hold. When I traded my jeans for a pair of sweat pants, I made sure Munchkin got a good look at my 'stiffy.' Holding my pants just below my sac, I walked over so she could suck me. Taking me far into her mouth, Carly sucked me better than I could've ever hoped. Lovingly, I played with her teats through her top while she tenderly nursed on my erection. All too soon I had to have her stop; I wanted to screw her sweet pussy, not come in her mouth.

Arriving back in Carly's room, we opened our books to make sure everything looked as if we were studying before she lay on her back, smiling up at me from her pillow. Laying on my side on my pillow, I kissed little Munchkin until I'd lost track of time, our free hands busied themselves inside each other's clothing. Rummaging around under her top, she felt warmer and softer than ever because of the trapped heat.

My sibling stopped kissing me just long enough to lower my pants below my butt. Lingering for a minute, she spread my oozing seminal fluid around, all the while staring at my cock. Pleased with her handy work, she lay back on her pillow.

As she pulled her skirt above her waist, I pushed her top up far enough so I could see her excited nipples. (Almost ready to mount her...) I slid my shirt up so I'd feel her bare teats against my chest. As soon as I lay down beside her, she guided my glans to her slit. Munchkin rubbed my tip over every fun place she could reach between her legs; my free hand got busy feeling up her butt. Kneading her cheeks, I pulled her hips towards me.

More from excitement than exertion, Carly and I were breathing very heavily. She suddenly rolled onto her back with me sinking my throbbing shaft into her tight pussy. Our mouths were sealed together, our tongues lashed at each other. Quietly we groaned into our partner's mouth as our bodies fully joined.

The next 20 minutes were spent giving Carly a slow, deliberate screwing. For the entire time our passion levels were very high. It was erotic beyond belief to be making incestuous love with our parents in the house. If I hadn't come inside each of the three girls once today already, I'd never have lasted as long as I did. Perhaps having to keep a sharp ear out for footsteps on the stairway also helped me postpone my orgasm. About every 5 minutes, Munchkin reached a respectable climax. Her hips would rise off the floor and grind a certain way against my pelvis. Then she'd grab my butt and pull me into her groin insistently until her orgasm subsided.

The final time she got off made every cell in my penis tingle; my entire groin was flooded with warmth. I wanted to slam into her raised pussy, but to avoid a loud slapping noise, I contented my self with a short, but deep "plunge and hold" as each spurt of sperm left my body for Carly's. It's amazing we didn't bruise ourselves as forcefully as we pushed against each other.

With our contractions finally finished, I lay atop Munchkin's deliciously warm body. We kissed for several more minutes, all the while I continued humping her every eight or ten seconds until I was finally too flaccid to continue.

At last we stopped. Carly had stashed a tissue box where she could reach it. When Munchkin had cleaned us off, she slid my pants up. We lay enjoying our post-coital glow, softly whispering ideas for doing sexy things together around the farm and house without raising suspicion. We were like two kids that had discovered Christmas could happen every day.

That we could be so open about sex and ourselves was amazing. Over the next hour I learned about her cycles. We spoke frankly about our past masturbation practices. That led us into discussing our fantasies and what turned us on. The conversation was fantastic. Now we could learn how to better excite our partner and dream up things we could do that we'd both get a charge out of. Immediately we agreed we'd have to be careful about birth control, that was a biggy. Carly wanted to be able to get on the pill, but we had no idea how to pull that off. We decided to talk to Lynn about at least driving somewhere so Jim and I could get condoms soon.

We actually did finish our homework together. Munchkin made it a little more difficult for me to concentrate. She quite intentionally positioned herself at just the correct angle so her loose fitting top hung down affording a swell view of her left breast anytime I wanted to look down her top.

At the time Carly finished her work, I had less than ten pages of reading to go. Expressing an earnest interest she asked, "May a look at you? I'd really like to just study your body for a while. You could look at me if you want."

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