A Backwoods Awakening


"Good thing you'll never need them again, huh?" Patricia teased as she watched Melissa push the shredded stockings off. "Shall we finish off together, girl?" They were both down to their panties.

"I can take it if you can," Melissa said, and a moment later they were both stark naked in the late afternoon sun.

Melissa was sure she heard more hoots than ever from the bus, but she didn't give them the satisfaction of turning around. Instead she enjoyed the lovely sight of Patricia's naked body, quickly realizing with a start that it was the first time she had ever been able to admire a woman's body in person without feeling guilty or conflicted. Patricia was even more beautiful out of her clothes as she had been in them, with her pleasantly lazy breasts and fiery yellow bush, wild and untouched by the whims of any razor, and those long, long legs most of all...but Melissa was even more delighted with the overwhelming sense of liberation she now felt. It scarcely occurred to her that Patricia was admiring her own younger and firmer body as well; her usual concerns about her nipples being too big or her hips too wide or her bush too ungroomed were nowhere to be found in that moment, as she drank in the older woman's admiration.

"How are you feeling, girl?" Patricia asked, reaching out for another embrace.

"Free," Melissa said. "For the first time in my life, free!" With that, she returned Patricia's hug, and kissed her deeply on the lips. She longed to caress every inch of Patricia's body, but there was all night for that and she was still feeling sweaty and dirty from the bus ride. "Let's get in the water!" she whispered.

The water was cool, refreshing even if teeming with algae and mud that their feet kicked up, and Melissa's bare skin was alive with the naughty joy of being nude outside. Though not something she had ever considered in the past, Melissa now found she enjoyed it immensely. The needling awareness that the men on the bus could see everything faded slowly but surely as she watched Patricia splash around and beckon her to join. For the moment, that was all that mattered.

"What in the hell is that girl up to?" wheezed Mr. Morahan, who had not budged from his ass-deep puddle in the front of the bus.

"Well," Mr. Sheridan said ponderously, as he and a few others craned their necks to get a look out the corner of the windshield, "Looks like they're going for a swim. In the pond."

Anger having given way to despair and then resignation among most of the investors, Mr. Sheridan's news piqued the interest of the few who had any energy in the sweltering vehicle. Several of them clambered out of their makeshift perches and hustled up the aisle to have a gander at Melissa and Patricia. Mr. Sheridan himself stepped aside, having already watched the women undress and now feeling a bit guilty about it. "Look guys, none of my business, but maybe we should give them some privacy," he said as he made his way back to what was left of his seat.

"What kinda bleedin' heart are you?" demanded one of the others. "Those bitches get naked in broad daylight, I'm gonna get a look! Besides, they're the reason we're stuck here!"

Mr. Sheridan could not deny that. But the ladies' stern words with them were still ringing in his ears, and he had taken to thinking about just what they had intended in locking everyone in the bus. That matter had been running through his mind constantly as he had watched the couple undress together and wade into the pond, amidst the beautiful backdrop of mostly-unspoiled land laid out before him. It did seem a shame to throw money into destroying the lovely scene when there were already plenty of nice houses to go around, and so few people who could afford a new one nowadays anyhow...

Patricia had finished splashing around, and now she stood waist-deep in the water with her arms open. "Come here, Melissa."

Melissa, having dunked herself to wash off the lingering sense of mugginess that had prevailed before she undressed, waded eagerly to Patricia. They enjoyed a long, comfortable embrace in the hazy sunshine. Melissa thrilled to the sensation of their arms around one another, their breasts pressing together, the unbroken sensation of skin-on-skin everywhere...but what she wanted most was to admire Patricia's body some more. As Patricia slowly pulled back after a few quiet minutes, Melissa broke into a shy grin as she looked down at the beautiful view.

Patricia broke the silence with a laugh. "Enjoying the geography, are you?"

Melissa snapped back to attention. "Sorry!" she exclaimed, feeling her face redden.

"Girl, it's perfectly fine," Patricia reassured her. "Like I told you, I used to be you. I remember all too well what it was like to be dying for a look and never getting a chance because what if anyone else knew?" She made her way to the edge of the pond, which was bounded on one side with a makeshift stone wall, and slid one of the stones aside. "I keep some soap in here," she explained, withdrawing a large blue bar. "I have running water in there, but weather permitting I usually bathe here. Feels so much closer to nature. And after all, so many people here think we're unnatural, I figure this'll show 'em."

"It all feels pretty natural to me right now," Melissa said with an almost dreamy lilt as she watched Patricia work up a lather.

"Oh Jesus H. Christ, those two are washing each other like a mother and a baby!" Mr. Bucks snapped from his perch in the tipped driver's seat. "Disgusting."

"And yet you're staring at them," needled Mr. Sheridan, who was respectfully directing his eyes the other way, towards the lush green woods to their right.

"Well, it may be unnatural, but Melissa's still a beautiful young lady," Mr. Bucks replied.

"Amen to that," said the two younger investors who were waiting their turn in the driver's seat.

From the back of the bus came the sound of a cooler opening. "Hey, most of the bottles ain't broken!" called out Mr. Jameson.

"You fools drinking at a time like this?!" demanded Mr. Morahan.

"What the hell else are we gonna do until that bitch comes back, Donny?"

"Good point," Mr. Morahan sighed. Giving in to the sweltering heat, he loosened his tie and unbuttoned two buttons on his shirt. "One of you fools bring me some, would you? And bring an empty bottle, too."

"An empty bottle?" Mr. Jameson asked.

"You see a bathroom anywhere?" Mr. Morahan snapped.

Mr. Jameson held his tongue and dug out an empty plastic soda bottle from the nearest pile of trash. Several of the others had already holed up in corners here and there to try to sleep out the sentence, and a growing stench in the air suggested not all of them had bothered with empty bottles.

Patricia had scrubbed every inch of Melissa's body with her firm but gentle hands, and despite the muddy water, Melissa was feeling as clean as she had ever been. "Such a relief," she said as she returned the favor on Patricia.

"I remember hairspray and stockings," Patricia said, enjoying Melissa's inexperienced but eager touch. "And makeup. But just barely."

"Heavens, it must be great to never have to think of any of that stuff again," Melissa said.

"Well, dear, you don't have to think of it again either, no matter where you go," Patricia told her. "Don't forget that once you leave."

"Once I leave?" Melissa hadn't given that any thought in some time.

"This life isn't for most of us, Melissa. Trust me on that. You're a city girl, I can tell. But that doesn't mean you ever have to dress up for any man again like you did for that asshole on the bus."

Melissa burst into nervous laughter. "I may hold you to that."

"Just so you hold me!" teased Patricia.

Once Melissa had finished scrubbing and rinsing Patricia, they frolicked all over the pond for a while with no thought of the time. Melissa was only aware of the time passing at all when the sun went behind a cloud and they looked up to see a darkening sky. "I think we'd better go inside," Patricia said. "Looks like it's gonna rain, and besides, I'm bursting to have some fun with you."

"I was afraid you'd never ask!" Melissa said, eagerly wading to the shore. She was careful to keep her back to the bus -- those jerks may have already seen all of her, but they didn't need to see it again. Standing on the wet grass with a look over her shoulder to watch Patricia following, she asked, "Say, what about the bus? Should we check on them again?"

"Nah, the rain'll do them some good," Patricia said. "And trust me, by now, you're not going to want to smell the air in there."

"Ewwwwww," Melissa said. Then, recalling the prevailing attitude on the drive out, she concluded it was nothing the guys didn't deserve. With that thought still in mind, she put on her businesswoman's smile and turned around to wave at the bus. Maybe a nice long look-but-can't-touch was fully appropriate after all.

"That goddam bitch sure has a nice body on her," Mr. Jameson said from his hard-won perch in the driver's seat. "If I could get my hands on her right now, can't say for sure I wouldn't forgive her for all this."

"I can!" grumbled two or three voices from the back, and Mr. Jameson was forced to reconsider. He had grown nearly immune to the sweltering heat and humidity -- taking off his coat and tie and unbuttoning his shirt most of the way had helped -- but the stench was unavoidable now. Concentrating on Melissa's beautiful body had been a welcome reprieve, but with her now disappearing indoors with her new friend, it was gone as quickly as it had come. At least it would be a fine memory, if only he were going to have any privacy in the near future...

Two seats behind him, Mr. Sheridan had been rehearsing his mea culpa for when the women next returned to the bus. Just as well that it wouldn't be for a while yet, he mused through his misery, as the more pathetic he looked and felt, the better his chances of convincing them of his sincerity. And as the clouds took over the sky and cast a mellow pall over the woods, his sincerity was real. Why destroy this for a few more houses anyway? As the chance of rain grew to a near-certainty, Mr. Sheridan got an idea. He slid down and across to the vacant seat just before Mr. Morahan's unwilling spot. Gathering up his strength, he stood up, balancing on the edge of the fetid waterline, and began bashing at the window with his keychain.

"Goin' to escape, Sheridan?"Mr. Bucks called out skeptically. "You really think they'll allow that?"

"No, I ain't gonna escape," Mr. Sheridan replied. "I don't want to walk back to town in the rain, for one thing. But we could sure use some fresh air."

"Yeah, good luck with that!" called out one of the older men, now huddled up for the night somewhere in back.

The rain started not long after he began chipping away at the window, and it came hard and fast. And refreshing, no doubt, if only he could create even the smallest breathing hole...the tease of the fresh, clean rain strengthened his resolve, and he pounded relentlessly. Eventually he was rewarded with a tiny crack, followed soon by a bigger one, and a smaller crosswise one. At long last, after ten minutes or more of pounding -- and heckling from the other men -- Mr. Sheridan managed to dislodge a piece of glass a bit larger than a quarter. Pushing it out triumphantly, he leaned in close to the hole and gratefully drank in a hearty sniff of fresh, wet, clean air.

He was aware of the response from the few others who were up and about at all -- "Hey, he did it!" "Let me at that hole!" -- within seconds, and possessively he turned and blocked the hole with his back. There stood Mr. Jameson and two other investors whom he didn't know by name, looking poised to jump him.

"Oh no you don't," he told them all with fresh resolve from the fresh air. "Y'all said I could never do it, and you didn't help me one bit, and oh, look, I did it! I did it, I get the fresh air. You want some, you take care of your own problems."

"What if we tell the ladies tomorrow that you broke the window?" Mr. Jameson demanded. "Think they'll be happy about that?"

"I think you're gonna tell them I did it no matter what I let you do now," Mr. Sheridan replied. "So I might as well enjoy it while I can. Speakin' of enjoy, why don't you guys enjoy the view? It's beautiful once you stop and look at it. Funny how none of us gave that any thought before, huh?"

"Oh, so you're over to their side now, are ya?" asked one of the other guys. "Fat lot that's gonna do you, isn't it?"

"Maybe I am," Mr. Sheridan said defiantly. "But I mean, as long as we are stuck here, haven't you even bothered lookin' out the window?"

The other man looked ready to give Mr. Sheridan an earful, but Mr. Morahan piped up before he could. "Would y'all shut up already? If I'm stuck in this goddam bus I'm at least gonna get some sleep, y'all got that?"

"You're not exactly up to stoppin' us, Donny, are you?" Mr. Jameson shot back. "You gonna get up and make me shut up?"

"I don't need to get up to do that," Mr. Morahan grumbled, and with that he flung a bottle at Mr. Jameson.

Mr. Sheridan did not need to ask what was in the bottle; the smell and Mr. Jameson's disgusted reaction explained everything. "You fuckin' pig!" he screamed at Mr. Morahan. "I'm gonna kill you before Melissa gets her chance at it!"

Mr. Sheridan got to sit back and enjoy the show while the two other investors held him off. "Ain't gonna change nothin' makin' everything worse, Jameson," one of them said. "We're stuck here, no sense in beatin' the hell out of each other." With tacit agreement, Mr. Sheridan turned back to his beloved air hole and his newfound appreciation for the land. A warm glow from the cabin beyond the meadow gave him comfort, and he did his best to imagine himself safe at home with his wife. Soon enough that would be reality, he told himself, along with a new and improved attitude about such things!

Patricia had the electric lights on just long enough to let Melissa get oriented with the little house. "Bedroom's that way," she said, pointing to the rear of the house while she locked the door, just as the rain began to pour. "Oh, gosh, Melissa! Sorry, all your clothes are still out there!"

Melissa, still nude like Patricia, grinned at her. "Let 'em rot out there, Patricia. I'm never getting dolled up like that again anyway, at least not for a bunch of jerks like those guys."

"I like the way you think," Melissa allowed. "I just hope I have some clothes to lend you that will fit."

"Do we need to worry about clothes at all right now?" Melissa cooed from the bedroom, where she had flopped back onto Patricia's bed with its colorful handmade bedspread and was now admiring the rustic furniture and decorations.

"Indeed we don't," Patricia agreed. She made to shut off the porch light, but decided to let it entice the guys on the bus for a while yet. Sauntering into the bedroom without shutting the door, she lit three candles on her dresser and the room was awash in dim natural light.

"So beautiful," Melissa murmured, admiring both the candlelight and Patricia's body. "But should we close the curtains?" The window looked out onto the river, so anyone sailing by would be able to see inside.

"Anyone on the river right now isn't going to be paying attention to what's in here," Patricia reassured her. "Unless they've got a death wish, they'll be all about getting to shore. Besides, you seemed to enjoy being nude outside just now!"

"I did." Melissa was still rather surprised at all that. With no further worry for their privacy, she sat up on the bed and held her hands out for Patricia, who climbed on and settled herself facing her. "God, Patricia, I want so much to make love, but..."

"You don't know what to do with a woman," Patricia finished. "It's okay, that's what I'm here for. Good news, though," she added as she reached around Melissa to embrace her.

"What's that?" Melissa asked.

"You know what a woman likes! You are one, after all."

Melissa burst into nervous laughter, which segued gracefully into a contented sigh as Patricia wrapped her arms around her and lay her gently on her back. Drawing her hands around Melissa's torso and onto her breasts, she kissed the younger woman gently at first on her neck and cheeks. Melissa felt the last vestiges of her moral opposition give way at long last as the touch of Patricia's lips filled her with a contentment no man had ever inspired. Almost instinctively, she reached up and returned the favor on Patricia's hanging breasts. After all the many times she had failed to tamp down the fantasy of rubbing another woman's supple flesh just so, the reality was all she had hoped for and more.

The one and only thing that could happen to make it better did happen: Patricia moaned her approval. "See, dear, you're a natural at this. You have the perfect touch!" With that, she kissed Melissa on her lips and their tongues reached out to jostle one another lovingly. Melissa returned the favor and exhaled loudly with the wonderful sensation Patricia was creating for her. She longed to reach her hands further down and explore Patricia's vagina, but that seemed a bridge too far just then and she was contented with the breast play -- for the moment -- in any case. Her hands just felt too good on Patricia's breasts to tear them away just yet anyhow.

Patricia was not to be deterred, though. After a few wonderful minutes, Melissa was aware of Patricia's fingers sliding down off the ride of her breasts and across her belly. Melissa knew what was coming, but she could only guess what it might feel like. And then she knew. It was as beautiful as it was forbidden, two fingers pushing gently in and bringing about that same wave of pleasure she had so often known with the showerhead back home, only ever so much gentler and more intimate. She had no frame of reference for men this time, as none of the guys she had been with had ever bothered to caress her there. Their loss, she now saw, as in no time she was grinding her head back against the pillow and grunting with the intense pleasure Patricia's touch wrought.


"Want another finger, dear? I like three, myself."

Melissa managed to nod, and was rewarded with a third finger. Her hands had abandoned Patricia's breasts as she was now focused only on her own lovely sensations, those she had denied herself for far too long, and she could concentrate on nothing else as Patricia stroked her into orgasm. "Ohmigod! Patricia!" Her breathing slowed as the sensations receded. "Thank you."

Patricia kissed Melissa's vulva, sending the naughtiest shockwave yet through her body, and sat astride her on the bed. "Want to finger me now, girl? You don't have to, you know."

"Yes!" Melissa was still not entirely sure she knew just what to do, but she knew she had to try to return the favor.

Patricia lay back alongside Melissa, who eagerly sat up and knelt between Patricia's spread legs. "I'm yours," Patricia whispered.

Awestruck Melissa set her right hand gently in Patricia's thick pubic hair, and felt a shiver up her arm and throughout her body at the touch she had longed for in private for so long. She curled her fingers and felt along the cleft of her labia, drawing a shake and a giggle from Patricia. "That tickles!"

"Sorry!" Melissa drew her hand back.

"Girl, it's okay!" Patricia said. "I liked it. Your shyness is endearing, too. You take all the time you need to explore. Have you ever looked at your own? With a mirror?"

"Never," Melissa confessed. "Sometimes wanted to, but..."

"I know," Patricia said. "Remember I grew up near here too. Now take your time, but please don't stop!"

Melissa followed the order and once again teased Patricia's sensitive vulva with her fingers, drawing beautifully intense laughs and gasps from the older woman. "Yesssss, that's the stuff, Melissa!" she cooed between gasps for breath. Meanwhile, Melissa ran her thumb through her pubes, pressing down rather harder than she was doing with her fingers. When Patricia's response grew so intense she didn't think the tickling was welcome anymore, Melissa slid first one, then two fingers inside and thrilled to the warm wetness she felt within.

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