tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Bad Influence Ch. 02

A Bad Influence Ch. 02

byMaguppy Puppy©

Lindsey entered the hotel room's bathroom and leaned into the shower stall to turn it on. As the steamy hot water began to pour down, she stood back up and saw the Tara and Jerome were already behind her. Tara was stripping her shirt off over her head and said, "Come on, Lindsey. Let's get out of these sweaty clothes and get into the shower." As soon as she had gotten the shirt off, Jerome's large black hands moved to her large breasts and began playing with them.

Lindsey noticed that the scars from her recent breast enlargement were almost completely invisible now. She grinned as she thought to herself that her natural big breasts were much better looking. She pulled her pink tank top off and glanced into the mirror to admire her own boobs. The creamy white mounds were almost melon-like and each was capped off by a rosy pink nipple. She bent over to pull off her tight pants and watched the couple across the room as Jerome slid his hands into Tara's pants and slid them down, taking her thong panties with them. She saw that Tara had trimmed the hair above her pussy into a little blond diamond. Lindsey's own pubic hair was trimmed but not into any fancy shapes.

Tara and the large black man were both admiring the young redhead's fantastic nude body which was now on display to them. "Well, let's get in there," Tara said as she reached out and took Lindsey's arm.Lindsey entered first, felling the steamy hot water splash across her naked skin. Tara followed behind her and then Jerome entered the shower. The stall wasn't made for three people and the two girls were under the spray of the shower while their playmate stood at the back of the stall. The cramped space meant that the two girls' bodies were pressed against each other, their firm asses touching cheek to cheek and Tara's firm breast pushing against her friend's.

Lindsey jumped a little as Tara ran her hands over the redhead's breasts and then pushed them together, forming deep cleavage. "Oh, Linds, your tits are fucking gorgeous," she said as she continued to play with them, "Don't you think so, Jerome?"

"Fuck yeah," he said as he began to stroke his rapidly hardening fourteen-inch cock. "Seeing a pair of tits like that makes me think of only one thing..."

Tara grinned. "Yeah, I know what you want to do to these titties," she said as she gave Lindsey's mammaries another squeeze. "You want to slide that huge cock of yours right in here," Tara said and demonstrated by slipping a finger into her friend's cleavage. "Do you want to give Jerome here a special treat, Lindsey?"

Lindsey was getting really turned on as her friend caressed and squeezed her breasts. It took her a moment to answer. "Mmmmmmm... yes. I think that I would like that very much," She said as she leaned her head toward Tara's until their foreheads were resting against each other.

The two girls looked toward Jerome and gave him a pair of foxy grins. "I think that we should give our overly endowed friend a double titty fuck, since we have so much titty in the shower right now." She grabbed a bottle of shower gel and sprayed a large amount on Lindsey's breasts and then poured some on her own. She began smearing the gel over the redhead's breasts, and Lindsey followed suit by grabbing Tara's tits and lathering them up. Lindsey softly bit her lower lip and let out a little moan as Tara played with her erect nipples. Their hands slowly slid around over the smooth soft skin of each other breasts and they would playfully give a squeeze to the other sudsy boobs. When the four breasts were sufficiently lathered up, the two girls knelt down in front of Jerome.

Each of the girls held up their round breasts and pushed them up against Jerome's engorged member. Tara grinned as her poky nipples were pressed against Lindsey's puffy nipples. She looked at the four milky breasts wrapped around the huge shaft and looked up at Jerome. "How's that look from up there, Stud?"

"It looks like fuckin' heaven," Jerome said as he placed one of his large hands behind each of the girls' heads, stroking their hair, "and it feels even better." The sight of his cock sandwiched between the two starlets' breasts was probably the sexiest thing he had ever seen. The warmth of the titflesh surrounding his cock and the sensation of the soapy undersides of their breasts resting against his swollen balls was incredible.

"So," Lindsey said as she eyed the cock in front of her, "how do you want to do this, Tara? Should we slide up and down together, like this?" As she said this, the two began to move their tits up the length of the shaft in unison and then slid back down after they reached the head. When they reached his balls again, she continued. "Or should we alternate, like this?" Once again, Lindsey slid her large freckled breasts up the shaft and then back down, but Tara waited until her friend was on the downstroke before she began moving up the cock. The four breasts passed in the middle and their hard nipples brushed against each other, sending a tingle of pleasure through each girl. They repeated this several times, seesawing up and down the cock. Lindsey was beginning to feel her pussy tremble when Jerome let out a loud moan.

Tara stopped her titfucking and looked at Lindsey. "I think that I like the first way better, Linds. It makes it easier for us to do this." Tara leaned in over the cock and took the head in her mouth as she pushed her breasts up his shaft again. Lindsey began to titfuck him again in synch with Tara. As they reached the top, Tara would dart her tongue out and try to catch Lindsey's nipple.

Lindsey trembled as she felt her blond friend's tongue taste her breasts and decided that she enjoyed this way better also. She bent her head to the side and began to lay soft kisses all over the dark, tight muscled stomach beside her. She felt Jerome take a fistful of her red hair as he began to moan again. The teenager began to squeeze her thighs together beneath her, stimulating her pussy even more. She stopped kissing Jerome's abs and said, "Let me get another taste of that chocolate, Tara."

Tara lifted her head with a smile and watched Lindsey drop her head and begin sucking on the head of the cock. She listened to her friend begin to moan around the thick cock head and sighed as her tongue flicked out across her nipples. "Yeah, Linds. Show me how much you like my surprise I brought you."

Lindsey didn't speak but looked up at Tara and grinned around the cock in her mouth. The redhead put one arm under her breasts to hold them up against the monster cock in front of her and moved her free hand down between Tara's toned thighs. She cupped her hand against her friend's humid mound and slid a finger in between her pussy lips. The finger was eagerly accepted by Tara's wet and ready hole and the blonde starlet jumped in surprise.

"Linds!" Tara's eyes went wide as her friend's digit probed her musky hole. "You dirty little slut!" She felt the redhead slip another finger into her in response to this and Tara decided that she would return the favor. She gripped her breast with one arm and quickly pushed her fingers deep into Lindsey's pussy.

Lindsey let out a squeal that was muffled by the cock in her mouth. The two girls continued to slide their soapy, slippery breasts over Jerome's cock while they each tried to outdo each other in fingering the other girl's twat. The shower stall was filled with moans and squeals as the titfucking and finger banging continued.

It wasn't long before Tara felt Lindsey's pussy walls begin to spasm around her fingers. The redhead let the cockhead pop out of her mouth. "Oh shit," she whispered breathlessly as her whole body trembled. Lindsey doubled her attack on Tara's pussy and Tara came quickly after her. "Fuck yeah, Linds," the blonde squealed as her pussy exploded, gushing all over Lindsey's hand. Her legs went weak and she leaned forwards, resting her forehead against Lindsey's.

Jerome watched the two slutty starlets orgasming in front of him and let himself join the party. His cock jumped between the young breasts and made them jiggle. "Here it comes," he bellowed as he came. The two girls looked up just in time to see the huge cock erupt. Thick streams of cum fired into the air and came straight back down, splattering onto the two actresses breasts and pooling in their cleavage. Tara leaned forwards and took the last couple of shots into her mouth and grinned at Lindsey.

"You must really love the taste of that stuff," Lindsey said as she curiously watched her friend. Tara tilted her head to the side and pressed her lips against Lindsey's lips. The blonde's tongue pushed against the redhead's lips prying them open. As soon as both mouths were open, Tara used her tongue to push the freshly collected load of semen into her friend's mouth.

Lindsey was surprised by the strong and salty taste of the cum on her tongue. Tara held her lips tight against her own and she had to swallow the load so she could catch her breath. As soon as she had swallowed, Tara leaned back and licked her own lips. "Tasty, isn't it?"

Lindsey leaned back against the wall of the shower stall and rolled her tongue around in her mouth, savoring the leftover flavor of the load. "Mmmmmm, yes. Yes, it is. I wouldn't mind another taste, in fact." As the steamy shower rinsed her body of soap and cum, she looked at the rapidly deflating cock that was now dangling between Jerome's thighs. She reached out and gave it a squeeze, enjoying the heat it gave off. She gave it a tug but there was no response. "But it looks like our friend here is spent..."

Tara laughed. "He's not done for the night. Believe me, Linds. He might need a while to recover, but he's good for at least two more loads tonight. That's one for you and one for me. We just have to be patient."

"How long," Lindsey asked as she continued the stroke the banana sized cock.

"Not too long," Tara said, just a devious idea entered her mind. "But I bet that we could speed up the process... if you want to." The blonde moved her foot across the floor of the tub and slid it between Lindsey spread legs until her foot was pressing against her red-haired pussy. "Are you up for it?"

Lindsey saw the look in her friend's eyes and grinned back at her. "I am if you are." She lifted her hips a little and slid her pussy up against Tara's leg.

"Well, let's get out of this shower then," Tara said as she grabbed Jerome's arm and pulled herself to a standing position. "We're going to need a lot more room for what we're going to do..."

* * * * *

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