tagLoving WivesA Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 04

A Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 04


Kumar had really mellowed down as he was now quite calm when Jodhaa kissed Mark good morning or good bye but he watched her constantly during the day and locked the door of their bedroom at night. She had hinted that the two men could share her but Kumar had violently declined the proposal for some reason not specified!

Kumar's producer had chosen to shoot several films in Birmingham. He loved partying and he had gathered a swarm of Indian and English friends. He decided to offer them a great party. His idea was to make Jodhaa getting fucked by all his friends but he didn't want to be seen as a cuckold : that would have been bad for his repute! The solution was easily found : change Jodhaa's appearance by making her a redhead and pretend she was married to another guy! Mark was opportunely there to stand as the cuckolded husband! Kumar suddenly became quite polite with him. He even invited him twice to share his dinner with Jodhaa before telling him about his project.

-Mark! I would like to organize a big party for my friends in B'ham! The stars would be Jodhaa and I but I would like you to have a most central role, for a change!

Mark was amazed : Kumar had always done his best to keep him away from Jodhaa! And now he offered him to have an important role in his next film! He had never imagined doing it in some porn film but nobody knew him in England and he would be with his beloved wife! She would certainly be fucked by a lot Kumar's "friends" and by the actor himself but that was a cheap price for Mark... Kumar explained him the scenario : Mark would be a cuckolded white husband with Kumar totally owning Jodhaa. The Indian actor would phone Mark and tell him when he wanted him to bring his wife and what clothes he wanted her to wear :... extremely high heels, very short low cut dress, no bra, just slit knickers and a suspender belt, a very long necklace that would disappear between her breasts, long ear rings and of course, a cuckold ankle bracelet, just to make sure everyone would know Mark's status!

Kumar wanted Jodhaa to wear her diamond engagement ring and her wedding ring. Mark would bring them to a jeweller to have them perfectly cleaned, so that the diamonds would shine revealingly under the film lights!

-Mark, do you still have your cock cage with you?

-Yes, Sir!

-Good! Don't think I don't trust you in these matters but I would want Jodhaa to be extremely horny for the party. No sex for her during the next week even if she begs for it! I don't even want you to tongue or finger fuck her for any reason! You are in charge of the enforcement of this ban : I want you to accompany your wife wherever she goes, even to the toilets or the bathroom and prevent her from frigging her pussy or using a dildo on herself!

-Aye Aye, Sir! Jodhaa will completely abstain from any sexual relations!

- That's just what I want! She will be nice, horny and very hot for my friends.

Kumar had chosen the date : it would be two days before Jodhaa's scheduled return to New Delhi! The D-day finally arrived and the actor was waiting anxiously for Mark and Jodhaa's arrival at the hotel wedding suite. There was an open bar and many of his guests were sipping whisky and Champagne while flirting with the hostesses. There was a discreet knock on the door. It was Mark with his wife on tow. Jodhaa had coloured her hair in a flaming red! She was immediately the centre of attention with her flashy hair, her sumptuous dress that revealed, more than hid, her luscious curves. Mark and Kumar were lucky men having such a pretty woman in their beds!

When Jodhaa had entered the hotel, she had initiated a major revolution : she had chosen a haughty stance, looking down to the groom and the staff just as if they were just scum! The other customers in the lobby had stepped down to leave her direct access to the front desk! She had seen Kira at an official meeting with Kyrhan glaring at a stupid guy who had just pretended that girls were just decorative objects that should never be involved in serious discussions! That was a public declaration of war for the Princess! She had steadfastly made fun of anything the offender could say. Jodhaa had pitied the young man as Kira had a ravaging humour when she felt like it!

Kumar's guests were flabbergasted when they were presented to Jodhaa : they knew that Kumar would invite a whore to entertain them but they had never expected the girl would have such a royal appearance : she looked resolutely high society! And in England, it wasn't so easy! Kumar's buddies were all very pleased when Jodhaa changed the CD to oriental dance. She removed her top appearing in a bra covered with little coins that jingled happily whenever she moved. Jodhaa then removed her skirt. Underneath she was wearing a bunched up gauze skirt and a belly dance belt. Jodhaa started to dance for Kumar's guests and everyone stopped chatting to follow Jodhaa's moves : her dance was lascivious, making every man's blood boil in lust!

At this moment, Jodhaa was not just a simple dancer ; she was a real temptress, a succubus inflaming the minds of all the surrounding males. Mark had never seen his wife dancing so lewdly! He knew that she was following lessons with Kira but he had never seen her performing with so much abandon! Meanwhile, Kumar's friends are all making lewd jokes about Jodhaa and her cuckold. They couldn't understand why the husband had agreed to deliver this fine piece of white meat to this pervert party! Kumar's prestige had been greatly enhanced when they had discovered he was the owner of such an attractive red head white wife!

-No mystery, there, lads! I just showed her my big prick and she fell immediately in love with it : a complete change from what her husband could offer her!

Just to show off, Kumar took off his dhoti and pushed aside his loin cloth. He told them to have a look at what he seduced Jodhaa with! She immediately stopped dancing, walked over to him and knelt at his feet. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed his cock, alternating between soft kisses on its head, long licks on its whole length and very active deep throating of his whole shaft with not even a single glance toward her husband! The people around Jodhaa just gasped when they discovered the extent of her submission to her Master! Kumar just ordered her onto the bed and, in the same commandeering voice, told Mark to sit on the edge of the bed in order not to miss anything of his wife's public exhibition!

Two of Kumar's guests, an Indian man wearing a turban, probably a Sikh, and a black man of Caribbean origin, stripped naked and joined Jodhaa on the bed where they began shamelessly feeling her ass and her nice full tits. After a reasonably short time, they stripped her naked too and started playing with her nipples, pulling them until they were double their normal length. The next step arrived when they started shoving their fingers into her pussy and her ass! Jodhaa didn't try to resist, offering herself completely to their manhandling, moaning softly when their fingers were deeply embedded in her pussy or her ass hole! The men made salacious or dirty comments to Mark about what a fine white ass and juicy pussy Jodhaa had and how gentle he was letting them enjoy his nice wife!

Kumar understood it was time to really start the party. He gave Jodhaa the appropriate orders and she obediently started sucking the Indian guy. The Caribbean stud was licking at the same time her pussy while Mark watched her with ogled eyes. Kumar had told Jodhaa to straddle the Indian stud and impale herself completely on his cock! She abode and took position, slowly burying his thick olive meat into her tight white pussy! She rode him a few minutes then the black man decided it was time to enter the fun : he climbed on the bed and positioned himself behind her ass, just two feet from Mark.

The man just precisely spat between Jodhaa's buttocks. He rubbed his saliva on his cock. Mark watched him calmly as he slowly slipped his cock inside her tight ass! Two large strangers were using Jodhaa's holes and she appeared to enjoy it tremendously while her husband was watching just a few inches from their junction point. She was moaning plaintively, telling the two men how tight it felt as they ploughed on her pussy and how much she was enjoying it! Kumar was standing next to the bed, encouraging the two men to fuck Jodhaa hard and fill her pussy with their hot and very potent seed. He negligently announced that her husband had replaced Jodhaa's contraceptive pills with pain killer ones. All the men present failed to notice that Jodhaa was already pregnant and that her belly was starting showing but they were too excited to react!

-Go on, Kishore! Knock up this white bitch! Make her discover how superior an Indian man can be! Fuck her good and give her triplets!

When the two men had unloaded into her pussy and ass hole, Jodhaa stayed stunned on the bed... When she stood up, everyone could see her pussy and ass hole gaping open and rivulets of thick creamy seed running down her legs and forming a puddle just at her feet and Mark was on the front seat, just witnessing his own humiliation! The black man took a glass jar and told Jodhaa to straddle it and crouch on the jar so that the cum would drip directly into it. Kumar explained her :

- When the party will come to its end, you'll swallow it all and we'll film it! You'll provide us something to really remember, bitch! Would you like an enlargement for your bedroom?

When her pussy drained from Kishore's copious injection of Indian seed, Kumar proposed a poker game where Jodhaa would be the prize for the winner ; he could fuck her just as he wanted! He even suggested that the few hostesses could enter the game! There was no reason why the girls would be banned from enjoying Jodhaa! Most girls in Kyrhan's harem were resolutely bi, quite eager to service as many men as possible but ready to enjoy just as many girls if no man was available! Kumar quietly installed a wide collection of sex toys on a table : dildos of different sizes, strap on dildos, geisha balls, different kind of restraints, ball and cock gags, anal beads chain, tit clamps, vibrators. Whatever you could think of, Kumar had one!

The first winner was Kumar himself! He was certainly not a very good player but he was just lucky, taking just the cards he needed to win. Everyone thought he would offer someone to use Jodhaa's ass hole or her mouth but he announced with a large smile he would retire with Jodhaa to enjoy her alone. He just picked up on the table the longest dildo he had, a black one that would have made any horse proud! It was just as long as Kumar's own cock but a little meatier. Jodhaa was certainly not frightened : She serviced regularly Kumar in her pussy these days and Kyrhan used her ass quite often! He was far more impressive than Kumar! It would be children's play, apart that children would never be invited in these sinful games! Kumar walked quietly toward the bed with two gigantic cocks dangling on his crotch : his true one and another carved in ebony. Jodhaa was following him, just two feet behind, exactly like a woman following her master. She wiggled her bottom in lewd anticipation! Kumar stripped down completely and leant on the bed. Jodhaa asked with a playful smirk :

-How do you want me? Shall I face you or turn my back to you? You know that it doesn't change anything for me! Just your ebony dildo will never get soft and it will allow me to enjoy our coupling far longer!

-Then I want you to face my feet and my ebony cock will ravage your back passage while my prick will probe your sweet pussy! I intend to fill it with my spunk! Mark will lick you clean afterward...

Jodhaa just shrugged her shoulders, not that she didn't care about her true husband's sexual satisfaction but she knew he would enjoy whatever Kumar wanted him to do to her. He didn't care about the humiliations heaped upon his own head as long as he was allowed to spray his seed into her pussy!

She impaled herself on the two pricks with a sigh of intense satisfaction. She had had a glance at Kumar's glorious hard on, just to check on his hardness. He caressed her tits with the back of his hand and she mewled in pleasure. Kumar might be awfully selfish, he knew how to treat girls! Jodhaa's skin was as smooth as the finest velvet under his touch and he loved to caress her. He let his hand wander down to her breasts and she soon showed aloud her appreciation of his dexterity. He drew her against his chest and his hands went automatically around her waist. Jodhaa arched her back to rub her back against Kumar. Her tits were full and firm, just as he loved them and she ostensibly enjoyed to lie totally naked on the bed with such a handsome man!

Kumar squeezed her breasts hard in a playful gesture and she moaned in pleasure. She had come to enjoy when he was playing rough with her. Mark was so gentle with her that it made a nice contrast! She could alternate between a loving, caring and gentle lover and a brutal and selfish brute and she enjoyed both! Having both of her holes stretched delightfully by Kumar's cock and dildo was a powerful arousal tool for Mark's wife and watching her husband glancing at her with lust filled eyes was another pleasure. Certainly, he intended to play a long time with her and she couldn't wait to offer herself to his desire, as soon as Kumar would have taken his pleasure with her!

Kumar chose that moment to disengage swiftly. He withdrew completely and turned Jodhaa around. This time, their bellies were in direct contact. His cock was so hard that he had just to lift her in the air, aim his cock toward her hole and let gravity do its job. She sunk down until their crotches were as tightly pressed together as they could. He had just taken the time to rummage somewhat until the dildo was lodged deeply into her ass hole... Jodhaa ululated when he bent down to lick and bite lewdly her nipples but she didn't try to elude his sucking. She even cupped her breasts to offer them more completely to Kumar's mouth! He licked and sucked them with his usual expert touch and she cummed violently several times in a row. She felt like a sparrow in his hands, a music instrument with which he could play at his leisure! Kumar was a devious beast, certainly not a gentleman but he could do whatever he wanted with any girl! Her nipples grew even tauter and harder, something she would never have deemed possible!

Kumar grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs up so that her toes pointed to the ceiling and her knees were pressed against her tits by the weight of his whole body. He didn't try to alleviate the pressure : he wanted this girl to know that he owned her completely! Jodhaa crossed her ankles behind his head and drew him to her. She was acknowledging his domination on her, telling him that she loved being conquered by this actor and forced to submit to him in front of her beloved husband!

Kumar could see her hand clamping at the bed sheet. She was on the verge of disgracing herself by reaching a thunderous climax with Kumar on top of her in front of Mark. Her lover started to tease her clit with his fingers. He didn't need a long time until he could notice that her pull on the bed sheet was becoming tighter, her breath shallower and she was starting to moan. She was desperately trying not to reveal the pleasure she was receiving but she already knew that it was useless, that, sooner or later, she would have to admit her defeat, her total defeat!

His cock was so stiff that he felt he could punch a hole into the mattress. His arms were fully stretched on either side of Jodhaa's shoulders and she still had her feet tightly entwined behind his head. He studied her face as he started to bang her seriously. His cock went in all the way to the hilt. Then he pistoned out slowly, before returning with a triumphant groan and a gasp of pleasure from his partner. Jodhaa had turned her head to the right and she was keeping her eyes closed to concentrate on her pleasure. Kumar started with long slow and deep strokes. When he felt he was in total control and could do what he wanted with this girl, he increased his pace. He got up soon to a pretty good rhythm. Jodhaa's breath was now laboured and quite fast now. She had started to beat a tattoo with her heels on his back and she was banging the bed with her fists.

This really turned Kumar on and he began to pump her even harder. He could see his cock slipping out of her love box, emerging wet and sticky before it plunged back into her belly. Jodhaa finally surrendered and screamed :

-Gowwwwd! I am cummmmming!!!

At that moment her nails gripped his shoulders and she forced him into her pussy as deep as he could go. This pain really pushed him over the edge and he began to feel pressure in his balls reaching peak level. He could feel his semen rushing toward the tip of his cock, about to explode and his thrusts went faster and deeper. He had just the time to tell her to get ready to receive his load in her pussy. His load was significantly bigger than usual and some of it soon began to ooze from her pussy. He turned toward Mark.

-Mark, I would appreciate if you would start cleaning Jodhaa's pussy before my seed soiled the bed. I feel like firing pretty soon a second load up in her pussy or in her ass.

-Why not in her mouth?

-Just because our charming hostess would swallow it all and you wouldn't have the pleasure of cleaning her! I am not as single minded as you think, believe it or not!

-Thank you, Kumar!

-You're welcome, Mark!

Kumar then turned toward his other guests. He made a wide gesture toward Jodhaa.

-Now, all of you may enjoy all the treasures of the body of my playmate. You may try her mouth, ass hole and cunt or shove your cock between her breasts just as you want! You may enjoy her alone or share her with a friend or several. There will be no limits for you, except for Jodhaa who will not be allowed to deny you anything on any pretext, today! I alone will decide when we will let Mark clean her if she is too messy to your taste.

They started with basic poker games. The winner would choose whether he intended to tit fuck Jodhaa, receive a blow job, a hand job or whether he would poke her anal passage. Only her cunt would be left alone at this moment. The unlucky players would play again and so on until all of them had spewed their seed in one or another of Jodhaa's holes.

The second game was even simpler : a bingo game with three colour cards : pink for Jodhaa's pussy, black for her ass, red for her mouth. The winners would publicly share her body and the other ones would be condemned to watch and frig themselves. Kumar entered that game and won on the red card. The three men shared Jodhaa with him making Jodhaa cough, half drowned in his spunk. The success was so great that Kumar proposed the same game but he offered the female waitresses to enter it. Two girls were among the winners, one with a black card and one with a red card. Vinuka was a slender girl from Sri Lanka and Velda was a burly black girl from Belize. Jodhaa dutifully licked Vinuka's pussy with no apparent disgust and Velda used a marble strap on dildo to ram Jodhaa's back passage. Jodhaa later complained that Velda's entry had been the most painful for her that day!

Velda and Vinuka helped to keep Kumar's guests in the mood for sex and offered them a much needed occasion for rest! Kumar didn't want to let the excitation cool down and he announced the next game. It was sufficient to reignite the lust of his friends! All the guests were now quite excited when Kumar offered them to toss dice for Jodhaa. The winner would have the pleasure to be the first to fuck Jodhaa in whatever way he wanted. The dice game just decided the order of their entry. When all the twelve players had had a turn with his guest star, Kumar told them to start again. After that second row, some of the attendants announced that they were really exhausted. Kumar made dirty jokes about their lack of staying power but told the next guys to take the dice. Some of Caribbean men were able to bang Jodhaa a fourth time and a bald Pakistani guy was able to penetrate her pussy for the fifth time but he was unable to conclude! The gang bang had lasted four hours and Jodhaa was completely covered with jizzm that was oozing from all her ravaged holes.

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