tagBDSMA Birthday a sub Will Never Forget

A Birthday a sub Will Never Forget


I had been Masters sub for almost six months now. What started as cyber, turned into both, real and cyber. When ever it possible we were together real time. Something we both cherished, so. But those visits were few and rare. But not this one, a planned week together. It just happened to fall on my Birthday. But this week would be special no matter what. It started off wonderful, meeting in the afternoon. Going to the room together, unpacking, having a shower together. Pleasing Master before we got dressed for dinner, how I loved to put a smile on his face. Pleasing Master was better than being pleased myself, I would give and do anything for Him...I loved Him, I was His, I was His choice. That was better than anything in my life. I was safe, secure, loved, pampered and spoiled, in one way or another. Something I had never known before. Master found things in me, that I did not know where there.

Dinner, that first night was special. We danced, we ate, we drank a few. The whole time Master was a gentleman, He always was anyway, but tonight I felt like a princess. I wore a short black dress, the back fairly low, my black garter and stockings, and no bra, and black t-bar panties. Medium heels, yet high enough to make my legs look slender. The whole night I don't think Master eyes left me. When we danced it was like no one was in the room, we were in our own little world. We could hear the music, and feel the heat between us, nothing more, nothing less. Our body's melted together, we were made to be one, and tonight we were.

Back at the room. When we got there, we walked in, Master looked at me, I knew what He wanted. He made drinks for us both and sat in the chair. I walked slowly to Him...kneed before Him, He held the glass to my lips. I thanked Him, kissed His lips arose . Walked over to the CD player, pushed the button, smiled to myself with my back to Master. The music soft and low, my hips start to move to the music. I dance in our cyber world for Master, but the private shows are so much better.

Swaying my hips back and forth to the music, getting my body moving to the beat. Reaching behind my back, touching the zipper to my dress...turning my head to see that He is watching. My hips moving in a circular motion, as I start to undo the zipper...turning slowly...at the same time...pulling an arm out so slowly...my hips never missing a beat.

Getting one arm out of the dress holding it under my arm...and pulling at the other arm...getting it free from the dress and letting it fall...exposing my breasts to Master. Wiggling my dress down and over my hips...ohhh so slowly...watching Masters face...a small grin comes to His lips. Getting it down, letting it fall to the floor...stepping out of it...bending over with my legs straight and spread open a little, giving a great view of my butt. Standing back up...dancing over to His chair...placing my foot on the arm...undoing a stocking...rolling it down...my legs spread open...giving yet another great view but covered still. Teasing in my own way...slowly pulling it off...and moving my other foot to the chair and doing the same. Dancing away, moving back to where I started...dancing away to the music...my body swaying and moving, my hands travelling up and down my body.

Pulling at my nipples...playing with my breasts...licking my finger getting it wet...then placing it at my nipple...circling the nipple...mmmmmm...moaning as I did it. Seeing the smile on His face, I knew I was doing good. Reaching behind me unhooking the garter belt...pulling it off...tossing it to the side...standing in nothing but the t-bar panties...dancing around...moving and grinding my hips in the air...my hands still playing with my body...letting them roam around. Putting my finger in the top of the panties...twisting them in my fingers...pulling at them...getting them down...stepping out of one leg...and kicking them off to the side. Completely nude now...slowly squatting down...legs fully open and exposing my pussy. Running my fingers up and down the slit...ohh it feels so good...and so wet...looking at Masters face.

"Taste it for me, love," He says.

My finger moves parting my lips...and my finger moves around in my pussy...the little noises that a wet pussy makes being heard over the music. The song coming to an end...pulling my finger from my pussy...sticking my tongue out tasting it...licking them...taking them in to my mouth like it was His wonderful cock...mmmmm so good.

"Come here my, love," He says. I walk over slowly and go to my knees before Him...my head lowered a little. "Hummmm...look what you have done to me," He says with a giggle. Smiling and without words I start to pull Him out of His pants. Looking at His growing cock, wanting to put it into my mouth, the tip with it's little shine to it from His precum. My mouth was watering just wanting to taste it. "Now, love, you may please me." As soon as those words left His mouth, He was in my mouth.

Taking just the tip in letting my tongue circle the head. Sucking that little slit of His, tasting that sweet, sweet precum. Moaning to myself, god it was, it was a nectar like no other. My mouth took more of Him, taking Him slowly, savouring each and every inch. My tongue twirling, teasing His shaft, sucking Him softly. Moving my head up and down the shaft slowly, squeezing my lips around it, like it was my pussy gripping it. I heard Him make a little moaning noise. I looked up at Him, His eyes closed and enjoying. My mouth continued, up and down the shaft, my hand kneading at His balls, playing with them, pulling and squeezing them.

Taking them deep into my mouth, holding Him at the back of my throat, my tongue circled the base of His shaft. The moan I heard was music to my ears, I continued, holding Him there, my tongue darting out flicking His balls. They needed some attention...moving back up His shaft with my mouth, leaving it nice and wet, my hand went to stroking His cock. Running my tongue down the side of His shaft, getting to the base of it, as my hand continued to make His throbbing cock pulsate. Taking a ball into my mouth sucking it tenderly, my tongue dancing on it's softness...mmm this was such a privilege...taking the next one in my mouth filling it...sucking the two together.

His moaning sounding as something I never imagined, His shaft getting so hard, I knew it would not be long. Moving my mouth back to His shaft kissing the tip, flicking His little slit, and my mouth devoured His cock. My head moving faster and faster up and down the shaft. His hand went to my head touching me, holding me there. With no coaxing He tightened up, His loving fountain was ready, ready to fill my mouth...His hands tightened on my head...He let out a loud moan and it erupted filling my mouth with His love. I sucked and drink His gift to me...so sweet, so bitter sweet...my mouth sucking with such hunger, not wanting to miss any ...wanting it all...more if He could give it to me...twirling it around and around in my mouth...bringing two fingers to the base of His shaft and squeezing the last of His nectar to the top as I sucked it out.

For the few minutes that the sensations lasted His gripe firm on my head, slowly the gripe loosened, but I did not stop. My mouth working and my tongue playing and dancing with His softening cock...I loved to suck Him till He was soft again then start all over. He pulled at my head, lifting my mouth off Him, I looked up.

"You are such a good girl, my love," He said. He bent down and kissed my forehead. "But, it's time for bed, I want you up early, and ready for along day. A day I hope you will never forget. Now go, go to bed, I will be there shortly."

With those words I got up, kissed His lips softly and jumped into bed. He turned the TV on. Many things ran threw my head at that moment. Did I not please Him??...Did I do something wrong?? I knew better than to question. I knew He loved me and that is what mattered more than anything. It did not take me long to drift off to sleep, the noise from the TV not even bothering me.

* My Birthday *

I woke with my head on His chest, one of His arms wrapped around me. My hand on His soft cock. I just laid there enjoying the moments with Him, listening to His heart beat. Smiling to myself remembering His words, *our hearts beat as one, my love*. My hand started to stroke His cock, He stirred a little. I was hoping that He was waking up. I stroked it more and more getting it to start growing, I kissed His chest and started to move my head on His chest.

"Love go and order coffee, I want to sleep just a little while longer." He said with His eyes closed.

"Yes, Master." I answered. I know there must have been disappointment in my voice.

I ordered coffee from room service, a full pot. Putting on a long black robe, nothing else. When it got there I poured a cup and took it to the balcony. I read the paper, looked over at the falls , they were so beautiful day or night. I went back into the room and used the washroom. I thought very quietly. I then returned to the balcony, made another coffee and stood there looking out, holding the coffee in my hands over the railing.

I guess I forgot to shut the balcony door because I did not hear it open, but I felt His presents behind me. His arm wrapped around me, His lips went to my neck. I tilted my head back on to His shoulder and let Him hold me. His pelvis rubbing into my butt, his kisses becoming open mouthed and wet on my neck. My hand went to His head, stroking His hair, my hips could not help but to move. His hand started to lift my robe at the back...the cool air so nice as my pussy was so hot already and dripping wet. He took His cock and trailed it up and down my slit. He foot pushed my legs apart, letting at me more. God I wanted Him, my hips moving more and more. He pushed Himself in my pussy a little, making the head wet I gasped. Turning my head to His lips, wanting to taste His kiss. His tongue slid into my mouth, our tongue mingled with each other...our breathing getting stronger. His cock still just teasing my hole, making me want Him all the more.

"Love, I don't want you to let go of that cup, I want you to hold it just wear it is." He said, I nodded. "I don't want to hear a word other that pleasure leave your lips." Again I nodded. With that His cock moved and ripped into my little hole, I tightened up, He bit my ear and hard, making the pain I felt travel...making me move it around in my head. "That's my girl, hold it, feel it and enjoy it, let it happen." He whispered in my ear as the bite lessoned and His cock slid farther up my butt. Pushing my legs open more, my head went to rest on His shoulder, my breathing getting stronger. "That's it let it happen, your such a good girl." He whispered. He continued to move in my butt, I could barley move as I was spread wide. He continued to pump my butt, the more He pumped the move I enjoyed. I started to moan. "That's my girl let me hear you, let me know you want me."

"Yes, Master...ahhhhh...ohhhh yes Master," I managed to whisper.

He moved His hand around to my clit, pushed it hard.

"AHHHHHHHHHhhhhh GODDdddddddd," I moaned and fairly loud.

"That's my girl, now cum...CUM ...now," he said in a voice of His command.

Hearing His words my body start to quivering, my fountain of love let loose...I came and I came hard. "AHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSssssssssssssss," came from my mouth. As He covered my mouth with His.

Letting me get my breath, He pulled out of me. Leaving me empty and wanting more. "It's time for some breakfast, love. Go and fix yourself up we will eat in bed this morning. But finish your coffee first." He giggled. As I still had the cup in my hand. With that He walked away.

I finished my coffee quickly, walking threw the room, to the washroom. After doing what I needed to do I came back, to our bed. Master was laying there with His knees raised, I never thought nothing of it. I went to sit on the bed.

"Love, did you forget something?" He said. I stopped for a second. Removed my robe. Climbed into the bed with Him, cuddled to His chest. He kissed my lips. "I do hope you like Blueberry Pancakes, syrup?"

"Oh, yes Master and whipped cream!" I said with a little excitement, it had been years since I had, had pancakes of any sort.

"Never thought of whipped cream," He paused for a second. "But, I'm sure if your work hard enough, you will get cream." He said as He pulled back the covers, laughing. "Happy Birthday, love, enjoy." There between His legs was one pancake, covered in syrup, His hard cock sticking threw the middle like a birthday candle. I smiled and started to move to eat my birthday breakfast. "No hands now, just that lovely mouth of yours, and remember to lick your plate." He was laughing and so was I.

I started to eat my breakfast, sucking and licking at the syrup. Nipping at the pancake. It was like I remembered, so sweet yet no to sweet. I licked and sucking the syrup from His hard cock, cleaning it well with my tongue. He could not help but to moan now and then. The move He moaned the more I made my tongue work, His shaft, and the very tip as I knew it was getting sensitive, by now. I moved lower and licked His balls, and under and around His bag. Missing not a spot, it was so soft, and so tasty. He was getting harder and harder. My hope for His cream was getting closer, but not to be.

"Alright, love you are finished, lets go." He took my hand and lead me to the bathroom. Slapping the counter top. I hopped up on it. Master licked my cheek, then my chin. "Yes, it is very good." He kissed my lips. He opened up a drawer, pulling out something. "Now, love, when you were born thirty years ago, you came into the world hairless, as most babies do." He said as a panic swept over me. Holding a straight razor up in the air.

"Master, I'm sorry to say I had a full head of hair when I was born." I said with a shaky voice.

"Love, I would never touch your hair, I love it to much." He said laughing. "Besides I need something to hold on to. But, you had no pussy hair, nor under your arms, did you?"

"No Master." I answered quickly. Knowing where this was going. "I did my legs last night, Sir, they should be fine."

With that He pushed me back a little on the counter. Spreading my legs open, so one was over the tap digging into the back of my leg just above my ankle. The other, bent and almost under my butt. He held the razor to my lips, I kissed it. He took my hands and raised them above my head. Put a dab a shaving cream on each arm pit, then covered my pussy in the cream.

"Those arms do not move, no matter what you are to stay still, and silent. Am I clear?" His voice firm and controlling. I nodded my head yes. "Bend forward just a little, now." I did and He covered my eyes with a blindfold. "Now, I know you trust me. Or you would not be here. I want you to stick out your tongue. Touch the razor with your tongue, very, very softly. As it is very sharp, I want you to feel how sharp it really is." With that I stuck out my tongue, gently touched the blade. "Good now we begin." Short and gently strokes, it almost tickled under my arms. One was finished, then the next. He began on my pussy, again short and gently strokes. The back of His hand teasing at my clit, pushing on it every chance it got. I was getting wet, this was making my clit quiver. Soon He was finished. I felt my pussy lips being opened, He flicked my clit HARD, I made a small gasping noise. "Naughty girl, we will deal with that later." He said. Then He flicked it again, Harder than the last. This time I bit my lip. "Love , we have talked of this before. Today being your birthday, I thought this would be a nice gift." He flicked my clit again, and again. I did not move. I then felt something bitting at my pussy lips. I could feel it over and over again, four times in total. Then I heard the tape. My pussy lips were being held open by clothes pegs and duct taped to my legs. Again a few more flicks to my clit, it was starting to throb, and hurt, yet my pussy was getting wet. "Now, I think it is ready, I'm giving you the ring I promised you long ago. And you will wear it right here." He pushed on my clit. "You still wish to wear it don't you love?" He said with a very questioning voice. "You may answer me."

"Yes, Master, I wish to. It is your gift to me, my birthday present." I smiled as the words left my mouth. When we had talked about this before I knew what to expect. I felt Him pull at my clit, I felt the first tiny bit of the sharpness that was going to pierced my flesh.

"Now count to three, take a very deep breathe, hold it, don't let it go till I say and it will be over," He said in His Masterful voice.

With that I did as I was told taking the breath, holding it as my clit felt the ripping, the burning. I wanted to scream it hurt so much. Yet in my mind all I could think of was this wonderful present He was giving to me. Something I would wear for life, if I choose to, something that would give me pleasure at all times. There it was over, done.

"That's my girl, you did well." He said very proudly. With that He stuck His thumb deep into my pussy, without warning I came, my body went into a convulsive motion. I guess it was just to much, I let out a moan in my pleasure, as His thumb went deeper into me. I could hear Him laughing at me, I did not care, my body was on a high. Slowly I came down. I could feel the hurt and burning setting into my clit is was already starting to pulse and throb. "Love you, almost did it," He sighed, "but you came. And you know I never told you, that you could. I will add that to the other one." He then took off the blindfold and kissed my lips. I seen my face in the mirror, I was a mess blueberry syrup all over my face and in my hair. We got into the shower together and cleaned each other. Master hoped out first. "Dry yourself, I will meet you in the other room." He said and left the bathroom. I finished up quickly.

As I entered the room I noticed on the bed, my blue dress, my blue bra. A crop laying on the top. I walked to Master, kissing Him, wondering what was next.

"Love, it's time for your birthday spankings before we get dressed. Now you will get one with the crop for gasping. And I think five should do it with the crop again for coming. So that will be a total of thirty six...but thirty will be with my hand. Now up on the bed, feet hanging over the bottom, face down to one side or the other, hands holding the back of your knees." I did as I was told. "God you are so beautiful like this!!" He kissed my butt, one on each cheek. "Shall we count together?" He said. And we did, one, two, three...nice soft spanks...ten...eleven...they were getting stronger...nineteen...twenty...I know my butt was getting red...it was hurting now...they got harder...twenty-five... I thought He was going to knock me over they were so hard now...tears started to flow from my eyes...thirty. "Now , love", He said.

"Thank you Master, for my paddy wackes. May I now have my punishment, as I deserve it?" I said as I cried softly. He held the crop to my lips, I kissed it.

"No, sit up. Open your mouth, wet this, this is not the first time you have cum without permission." He said. I did as I was told soaking the tip of the crop with my mouth. " Now, the same position before, but with you hands holding each other behind your knees. Your chin on the bed not you face. We will count again." He struck me hard, I bit my lip to stop any noise that might escape me. One...two...ohhhh god they hurt...five...six. He grabbed my hair pulling my head back, kissing my lips. " I hope you have learned a lesson, my love," His voice now full of compassion.

"Yes, Master I have and thank you." I said, tears pouring out of my eyes.

He nudged me, and pulled me into His arms, kissing my tears, holding me, loving me. I knew He hated to punish me, but I needed it...I needed to listen and do as I was told. At this moment I felt so privileged to be His, again I loved feeling this way. Soon after we were getting dressed and going out window shopping.

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