tagRomanceA Chance Meeting...Perhaps Ch. 2

A Chance Meeting...Perhaps Ch. 2


Derrin then slid his cock along Isabel's pussy.

"Stop!" Isabel laughed, it felt so good but she wasn't sure she should take his virginity. Derrin didn't stop he just kept running the head of his cock along Isabel's slit, rolling it around her clit, then inside her hole slightly. Derrin started moaning. "Please let me. I need it. Please." He kept begging. Finally Isabel could stand it no longer. "OH GOD DERRIN TAKE ME!" she yelled out. Immediately Derrin's cock plunged deep inside Isabel. Isabel screamed out in pleasure and Derrin stopped where he was. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah fine. That was because I didn't realize how big it is. It felt great." Derrin then started thrusting in and out of Isabel, long, slow thrusts. Isabel opened her eyes and saw the pleasure in Derrin's face. He was enjoying it so much, and so was Isabel. Each thrust was almost painfully slow and bringing her close to the point of orgasm. Derrin stopped after a while.

"Did you cum?"

"No. I was just about to."

"Why did you stop? Are you having regrets?"

"Not at all! I just wanted the pleasure to last longer. You're so beautiful that I don't want to move from here."

"When you cum you can lay on top of me until we fall asleep. That way you don't have to move. Ok?"

"I always thought as soon as I came I was supposed to roll over."

"You don't have to." Derrin smiled and started thrusting again, this time a little faster then a little harder. Isabel started moaning, soft low moans at first, and as Derrin continued moving faster and faster, her moans intensified. Isabel then started to cum, her orgasm intense from the movements Derrin made. Amazingly Derrin kept moving, deep inside medium movements. Isabel couldn't believe she was having an orgasm she usually didn't orgasm this fast. She then reminded herself that he had stopped and started again. Cum started oozing from her opening. Isabel could hear Derrin's cock sliding in and out of her opening. Isabel started moaning at the top of her lungs for Derrin to move faster, deeper, harder inside her. Derrin obeyed and started moaning matching Isabel's in volume, but his deep voice a contrast. Then Isabel could feel Derrin's cock twitching inside and one loud deep long bellow came from inside Derrin as he emptied himself into Isabel. Thrust after thrust, their fluids running together. Derrin then pushed as deep an as hard as he could, pulled almost all the way out, then thrust one last time deeper and farther. Derrin collapsed, sweaty and panting on top of Isabel. Isabel reached for a nearby sheet that had caught on her foot as she had crawled to Derrin before and covered the both of them with it. Derrin had laid his head on Isabel's left breast, and his cock had stayed inside of Isabel. Isabel kissed Derrin's forehead as he lay on top of her both of them had caught their breath. Derrin seemed dazed until Isabel's lips had touched his forehead. He turned his face to hers and smiled the biggest smile Isabel had ever seen.

"That was fantastic!" Derrin said half dreamily.

"Thank you, you were equally as good."

"You're just saying that."

"Am not. I had never had a guy do what you did. Stop before coming only to start up again. That drove me wild."

"Doing that with you was better than all the times I had done that alone." At realizing he had said that out loud, Derrin had started to get up.

"No don't leave! Why should that embarrass you after putting part of yourself inside of me only to make a mess? What could be more embarrassing?"

Derrin laughed, "You're right. That was kind of.... off." Derrin then lay back down on top of Isabel. Having moved up then down had given Derrin a slight erection again. "I'm aroused again."

"So I can feel. Here, lay on your back. I'll get on top this time." Now that Isabel had taken Derrin's virginity, she didn't feel so bad about wanting more. Derrin lay on his back as instructed and Isabel straddled him. She grabbed Derrin's semi hard cock in her hand and started stroking it. Derrin started moaning a little. When his cock was fully hard, Isabel raised herself up, put it at the opening of her pussy, and slid it in. The feeling was just as great as before. "When I start, I can't stop so when you feel me coming, go right on ahead and join me." Isabel then started riding Derrin, long oval movements. Slowly she increased her speed; faster and faster she went. Then she started moaning, and Derrin started as well.


"Oh Derrin! I'm going to come!"

Suddenly it was as if Isabel went into overdrive. She was slamming hard into Derrin's groin riding him fast and hard. DEEP movements. Then at the same time, both of them had their orgasm. When they were both finished, Isabel collapsed on top of Derrin. Isabel kept Derrin's cock firmly in her vagina and lay on his chest panting.

"I have something to confess though, Derrin. I'm not a virgin."

"I know you were just trying to get me to stay. I'm very glad you did."

All Isabel heard was "I know," because after so many orgasms she had grown tired and fell asleep on Derrin's chest.

To Be Continued...

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