tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Chat With Kat

A Chat With Kat


ya know, if I was gonna run a sex chat I'd have some better pics for people to post...there's never a bear skin rug when you want one...=)

kat: lol

*magically produces a bearskin rug out of thin air, lays it down in front of the couch and rests languidly on the soft fur...

kat: watches in disbelief


eyes closed, in a state of near bliss from the silky fur, her hand wanders unconsciously to her breast, fingertips dancing lightly on one nipple...

kat: puts her legs crossed on the couch and watches

oblivious to the room, the conversations melting away, her fingers now go back and forth between both nipples, keeping them slightly erect, while her other hand rests on her thigh...squirms a bit from the stimulation, and feels the flow of the fur beneath her...

kat: opens her purse and slides something on the rug ;)

stretches, awakens every muscle in her body, every nerve...as the hand returns to her thigh it brushes an object on the rug, a long cylindrical object...she smiles, knowing where it came from, and grasps it in her hand...

kat: opens her purse and shuffles around frantically

she holds it nimbly between her fingers and runs the tip of it lightly over her stomach, between her breasts, up the side of her face and down the other...around her nipples...down her stomach and over the trimmed hair of her pelvis...her legs spread slightly in anticipation, almost reflexively...

kat: watches intensely...ohhh myyyyyyy

the tip of the object graces her slightly swelled clit, and sends a shiver all through her...she teases her clit a bit more, allowing a few slight gasps to escape her lips...her other hand is still busy entertaining her hard little nipples, pinching them gently, occasionally taking a handful of breast...the object slides over the quite moist opening...she teases herself more by rubbing the length of it back and forth over the opening and the clit...

kat: squirms in her chair...oh my...looking for the a/c

kat: leans back and fans herself, peeking from the corner of her eye

unable to stand the simple teasing any longer, she allows the object to slide easily into her...she is unable to contain herself, and her gasps are now full fledged moans as she is consumed with lust...she slides it all the way in, as far as it will go...she grasps the end of it in her palm...her back arches slightly as she begins pumping it in and out of her slowly, relishing every second of sensuality, as if ecstasy was the salty liquid flowing from every pore of her body...

kat: oh god cumming...oh god yes...(all drawn out)

kat: really needs that towel now...damn catching my breath

the thrusts her hand has created get faster and faster and she lifts her ass to meet them...her breath is heavy...she cannot stop for anything...it is slick inside her, sliding easily, reaching the very edges of her triggers...she feels the beginnings of the inevitable explosion, but she cannot slow down, cannot prolong it...

the orgasm begins to ripple through her...she arches her back and lifts her ass to meet the final, deep thrust, and a scream of pure delight is released from deep within her, as the walls of her pussy contract around the object in a frighteningly fast rhythm...

the rhythm slows finally, and her body goes limp from exhaustion...the object slides just as easily out of her as it did going in, and she lays on the rug with her eyes still closed, panting slightly, but smiling...

finally opens her eyes and looks over at kat, her jaw slack, a towel clutched in her hand...I think the people in the neighboring rooms need cigarettes after that *laffs*

kat: I think the other girls came too they just wont admit it, that was quite hot honey, and I am such the voyeur

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