A Christmas Tart ... with a Heart


"Who first, John?" Avril asked in a teasing voice. "Which one of us do you want to suck your cock first?" When John didn't respond immediately, and how could he faced with a decision like that, Avril knelt and reached for him. "I think I'll take first suck, since I'm the boss and all." She poked a pink tongue out at Jenny before, with no further preamble, she leaned in and popped the cock-head between her lips.

"Shit," grunted John, the air hissing out of him as he tore his eyes from Avril's bobbing head and stared into Jenny's face. "She's sucking me," he said, stupidly since it was plainly apparent to Jenny exactly what Avril was up to. "Can I kiss you too?" John groaned.

Aroused and hot for action Jenny was surprised to find herself fingering her own pussy. She nodded. "Why not," she said, wincing with pleasure at the tingling of her clitoris. "Like Avril said, you're a nice clean boy, and I don't mind."

"Kiss me as well," Avril moaned as she looked up from her work on John's penis. Her fingers moved urgently between her legs as she too fingered her gooey sex. "You kiss me, Jenny. Taste his cock on my tongue."

"You're filthy, Avril," Jenny muttered, but leaned across John's legs all the same. She lowered her face to Avril's and their mouths locked.

"Fucking hell," John sighed. "Look at you two ..."

"Your turn now, Jenny," gasped Avril, her eyes glittering with lust. "Suck him. I want to watch it. Let me see you suck cock."

Over the years, Avril had found ample opportunity to indulge her voyeuristic inclinations. It was one of the perks of the job, and since she ran the house she found plenty of opportunities to treat herself. For some reason however, Avril had curbed the urge to watch Jenny with a guest. Not that she hadn't thought about it, of course she had, but something had told her to wait for a special occasion -- and here it was, in the form of John and his virginity. The thought of seeing the virgin and Jenny fucking made Avril's cunt almost snarl with lust. She wanted to see the blonde's pussy stretched around the girth of John's cock. In her mind she already saw herself, face inches from their conjunction, pulling the boy's glistening shaft from Jenny's hole so she could lick the woman's nectar from the greasy pole.

"Isn't this fun, John?" Avril said as she stared into the man's contorted face. "Look at her, look at her sucking you. Isn't she beautiful?"

"Fuck, yes," John grunted as he watched Avril pull Jenny's face off his stalk. "Both of you," he gasped. "So beautiful." He tugged his cock with his fist while the two women shared yet another tongue-swirling kiss.

Avril released Jenny, who immediately returned her mouth to John's cock.

"Suck him," Avril moaned. "Suck that cock, Jenny."

Then, inevitably, John gave a long groan. His hips jerked, buttocks lifting from the sofa as he grunted a curse.

"Do it, John," Avril called out. Her eyes shone with lust, a moan bursting from between her lips as she rubbed her clit with an urgent, circling forefinger. "Wank it out of yourself, John. Jenny, he's going to come. Don't let him come in your mouth. I want to see the stuff pour out of him."

Jenny gasped and let John's pulsing member slip from her lips. She levered herself upright and reached for him. "I'll do it," she said, her voice piping with her own arousal. "I'll wank it for you, John. You just sit there and let it go."

"It feels so good," John gasped. He turned his glazed eyes to Jenny. "It feels better than ever before." John then looked towards Avril, and when he saw her there, on the carpet, legs wide, fingers busy at her cunt, the movement of her arm causing her big tits to shiver, he grunted and announced his imminent climax. 'I'm going to do it," he gurgled. He took control of his erection, replacing Jenny's hand with his own. "I'm going to ... going to fucking come ..."

The first squirt spurted from the slit in the cock-head with such vehemence that it flew over John's shoulder and spattered against the upright of the leather sofa. Then, as he groaned and sighed, eyes rolling, his face a mask of ecstatic agony, he sprayed his seed wildly, his cock sending spurts of viscous goo in indiscriminate bursts like a madman with a machine gun.

The stuff rained down onto his belly and chest, while one stray glob splashed across Jenny's body. The shimmering blob of spunk caught Jenny across her torso, just below her left breast, clinging to her skin, glistening.

"Bloody hell," Jenny said. "He's coming buckets."

Avril, her eyes gleaming with excitement, nodded. "The poor darling. All that pent up frustration. Did you see how it all just pumped out of him?" She rubbed herself and groaned. "All that spunk," she sighed.

John sat there gasping. He looked around as though shocked. "So good," he panted. Swallowing heavily, John shook his head in disbelief. "So good," he repeated.

Jenny heaved herself off the sofa. "I'd better get a towel or something."

"You do that," Avril grunted. She levered herself into a kneeling position and, with her fingers still working between her legs, shuffled towards John on her knees. "You get a towel, darling," Avril said to Jenny. "I'll start cleaning him up myself."

With her free hand, Avril lifted John's oozing cock. John stared down at her, his chest still heaving as he fought to recover his breath.

"That's so ..." he began, and then groaned.

Avril sucked at the head of John's cock, her tongue busy as she slurped the residual spunk from him. She then licked the shaft clean before licking dollops of goo from John's belly and torso with her tongue.

"I'm going to come," Avril groaned. Her whole forearm moved as she rubbed at herself, goading her hot and swollen vulva to a shattering climax. "Kiss me, John. Kiss me as I come, darling."

The scene that greeted Jenny upon her return was one of Avril and John engaged in a long, heavy kiss, their mouths locked while Avril grunted and moaned and John stroked his smeared cock.

Slowly, as though in a dream, Jenny walked towards the sofa. When Avril, even as her limbs twitched, her orgasm cooling, sensed Jenny's presence, she looked up at the younger woman and smiled.

"You too, Jenny," she sighed, extending her arm, offering Jenny her hand. "Come down here and kiss me."

The three were sharing a tongue-swirling kiss, all of them vying for attention as they gasped and sighed and moaned.

Then, the mobile phone rang.


The reality of his situation raised its head to John when Avril, albeit with a muttered curse, untangled herself from the chaos of their entwined limbs and, staggering slightly on her high heels, went to answer the phone.

John dabbed the towel at the semen cooling on his body and considered the situation. He'd paid for an hour of Jenny's time. That Avril had offered herself was an unexpected -- and fucking terrific -- bonus, but now, with the insistent chirruping of that bloody phone, John realised he'd already used almost three quarters of an hour. Did the clock start ticking as soon as he crossed the threshold? Did the drinks and pre-fun chat count too? Avril had said he could possibly be there beyond the hour, but did the ringing phone change that plan?

A band of disappointment gripped his chest. The way he saw it, the that phone call meant more business for Jenny. John would have his fun and be out the door and the next punter could roll up to sample the delights.

"Shit," John mumbled. He felt an empty void in the pit of his stomach, a hollow ache that ballooned as he imagined himself on the cold side of the door while, inside, Avril and Jenny would dismiss him from their minds and ready themselves for the next man. OK, he'd no longer be a virgin, but to think he'd be just another 'John' to the two women, that they held him in no higher esteem than any other punter who walked into the house made his stomach turn with bitterness.

He had half a mind, a petulant moment where he thought to leave, to get dressed and simply go. Then he looked at Jenny, who herself had eyes on Avril. On second thoughts he would go through with it, Jenny was too sexy to resist. Besides, he'd paid a hundred quid for her time; might as well make the most of the cash. He had no concerns over his ability to perform. After what he'd seen and heard and done, he'd be hard for a week.

Avril reached the phone and lifted it from the table.

"Hello, Avril's," she said. "A visit? Today?" Avril frowned with the phone to her ear. "Would you be so kind as to hold on while I check the diary, darling?" A pause as she listened to the punter on the other end of the line, and then: "Thank you. I won't be a moment."

Avril turned to face the couple regarding her from their perch on the sofa. She looked directly at Jenny, enquiring with an arched brow, a look that said it was up to Jenny.

Jenny stared back at her friend for a few seconds before swivelling in her seat to find John stroking his cock, watching her. She shrugged. "I think the diary's full, Av." She gestured towards John with a wave. "But it's up to you. It's your business after all."

Avril smirked and lifted the handset. "I'm sorry, darling, but we appear to be booked up for the rest of the day." Avril grinned as she hung up and switched off the phone. She dropped the instrument carelessly onto the table.


John's throat swelled with emotion, his cock pulsing with excitement when he saw Avril drop the phone. He heard her say, "Good girl, Jenny. It's our boy's special day." She gave a shrug. "And what's a few quid. I'd rather have a day off and entertain a man I, even though we've just met, a man I like." Avril took several slow, deliberate steps towards the settee. "What do you say, John?" She paused and pouted, hands on her hips. "Is there anywhere you have to be? Anyone expecting you for Christmas Eve?"

John, with his cock momentarily forgotten, reddened slightly. "Not today," he stammered, not quite sure at this turn of events and what Avril was leading to. "I've got to be at my mum's tomorrow ... for Christmas Day ..."

Avril nodded. "OK then. It was going to be just the two of us here tonight." She thrust her chin in Jenny's direction. "Jenny and I were going to have a few glasses and a natter. But, what do you say, Jenny? Shall we invite John to stay here too? Have a little party this afternoon? And this evening we could pop to a pub and see a bit of life. What do you think? Does that sound fun?"

That could be just what she needed, Jenny decided, to get out there and enjoy herself instead of brooding on about her upcoming birthday. Suddenly it seemed like the best idea she'd heard in a long time. John seemed a nice bloke, and it wouldn't do his confidence any harm to be seen out and about with two attractive women. Jenny knew from her years in the business that plenty of younger men would look at John with green-eyed envy as the trio passed from pub to pub. She made a mental note to mention it to Avril, when they had a moment to themselves -- that they should make a fuss over John, make him out to be the big stud who had two mature blondes in his stable and who could satisfy them both.

"I can't think of a better way to spend the day, Av," Jenny replied, "playtime with you two now and a few drinks tonight." She winked and smiled at a gobsmacked John.

Avril clapped her hands with glee. "Oh goody." She eyed the empty wine glasses. "Shall I get us a refill, my lovelies?" Then, turning her attention to John she asked, "I take it you are staying, John? For the afternoon?" The man managed, through his surprise at this turn of events, to nod in response. "And this evening? Will you be out for a few drinks with us? And then a night with me upstairs?"

"Oh, God," John said in a strangled voice. "Can I? Can I really stay here with the two of you?"

"I can't speak for Jenny," Avril said after picking up the glasses, "but I don't mind if you want to sleep with me tonight. I can't think of a better way of breaking your duck."

John swallowed heavily and stared at Avril's big breasts. She looked fucking terrific in that corset, like something out of a dirty magazine. In fact this whole situation was like something from Color Climax; he couldn't have scripted this scene himself in his fantasies; and here he was living it in real life!

"That's settled then, you'll stay," Avril finished. She turned and, with John watching her buttocks jiggle, left the room for the kitchen.

"You lucky bugger," Jenny said. "I knew Avril was a big-hearted woman, kind and generous, but I've never seen her make an offer like that before. She must have taken a shine to you."

"I ... I can't believe it myself," John stammered. "This kind of thing just doesn't happen to me. Maybe it isn't happening ... I wonder if I'm really dreaming, and in a minute, I'll wake up."

"Would you be disappointed?" Jenny asked, moving across the settee.


"Here," Jenny said, thrusting her breasts forward. "Touch me, John. Do I feel real to you?"

John whined when his fingers touched the woman's skin. His cock jerked, swelling to full-blooded tumescence as his desire reignited. He groaned when Jenny reached for him and stroked his length. "You're so beautiful," he sighed.

"Would you like to lick me? I'd like you to. I'm the only one who hasn't come yet; you and Avril are ahead of me. How about kissing my cunt and sucking my clit? Let me show you how a woman likes to kissed between her legs."

Jenny pushed herself away from John, her buttocks sliding over the leather until she sat almost wedged into a corner of the seat. She casually lifted on slender leg and let her thighs fall apart. The scarlet slit gaped open in a lewd, sticky-lipped vertical smile. John stared at Jenny's swollen vulva as the woman splayed the labia with her fingertips.

"Right there," John," Jenny sighed, unsheathing her clitoris to rub at the exposed nub with her middle finger. "That's where I want you to lick me. Put your tongue inside me as well, but suck my clit."

Blood surged through John's veins as desire surged through him in an arterial burst of lust and, eyes wide while his mouth twisted in a silent snarl he leapt at Jenny, lunging for her, desperate for a taste.

Jenny mewled and sighed with pleasure. "That's the spot, baby. Lick my clit. Tongue my cunt. Finger me. I'm horny for it. Do it hard ... Harder! Push a finger in and curl it inside me. Rub me ... Fuck ... Lick me, finger me ... That's it, lover. Get me there soon."

"You dirty pair of fuckers," Avril cried when she returned. "Is it really that good, Jenny?" she asked when she saw the woman's face twisted in a rictus of agonised lust and heard the torrent of filthy exhortation gushing from her mouth.

Jenny chewed on her bottom lip and stared at Avril through glazed eyes, her eyelids heavy with desire. "It's fan-fucking-tastic," Jenny grunted, mauling at her own breasts. To John she then urged, "More on my clit. Go on, suck it between your teeth. Two fingers in my pussy, now fuck me with your fingers!"

Avril placed one of the two wine glasses she held onto the table. She carried the other over to the settee, sipping at the Merlot as she watched Jenny's face. "Come for us, darling," she sighed. As she held the glass with one hand, Avril squeezed her breasts with the other. She mauled one heavy orb before caressing the other, plucking at her nipples with her fingers before sliding the hand between her legs.

John paused, gasping for breath as Jenny squealed at him to carry on. "Don't stop, you bastard! Keep licking me. "I'm so fucking close ..."

Unsure as to just what he was doing, John nevertheless gamely returned to his task. He tried to do it all, even sometimes attempting to comply with contradictory instructions. He dabbed his tongue at her clit, probed deep into the opening to Jenny's body itself, slurping at the desire that siped from the woman in a constant dribble. He shoved two stiff fingers into her, and then a third, finger-fucking and licking until, finally, with a long, low wail, Jenny's back arched and her body convulsed.

"Oh my, oh my," Avril sighed. "You absolutely lucky bitch. That looks so gorgeous."

John fell away from Jenny's juddering body. He watched in awe at what he'd created. The woman was going mental, groaning and gasping, writhing and clawing at the leather upholstery; and the language that poured out of her! Jenny spat obscenities at him, her eyes flashing as she told him precisely how fucking good it felt to come.

John looked up from where he lay sprawled on the carpet close to Jenny's heel scything dangerously as she thrashed and wriggled. Avril looked down at him. "I think it's time for a little fuck," the woman drawled. "After seeing her come like that, I could do with the itch in my pussy scratching. I feel fucking dirty, John."

"Oh, Avril," John gasped as he hauled himself upright. "Can I fuck you now?"

"You'd better," Avril grinned. "But, the question is, since it's your first time, how do you want me?"

John blinked, confused by the question. "Huh?"

"Do you want me missionary, doggy, standing up ... on my fucking head? What position, John? I'm asking you how you want me."

John shrugged. "I dunno," he mumbled.

"Come with me," Avril commanded, taking charge. "This has to be done properly. Upstairs. In bed." Leading John from the room by his erect cock, wine glass aloft, Avril glanced at Jenny. "When you've finished making a mess on my good leather settee, Jenny, perhaps you could join us?" She chuckled, with no trace of rancour in her tone at the stain on the furniture.

In the few minutes that passed from Avril, supine, offering herself to him, and Jenny's eventual appearance on the scene, John had clambered onto the bed, knelt between the woman's spread thighs, and slid, balls deep into her.

John fell a little in love with Avril at that moment -- after all, the first time is meant to be special --and he felt a curious cocktail of emotions with the tender moment of intimacy he shared with her. Some instinct told him to probe deeper, not to thrust too hard, but just slowly glide in and out. John watched her face as Avril's expression, honestly and truthfully told him she felt him there, between her legs, sliding deep into her body.

An overwhelming sensation engulfed him, a feeling of completeness as Avril closed around his girth, her spongy wetness, the molten heat of her gripping him in a firm yet oddly liquid embrace. This was it, finally he was inside a woman. He could feel her, hungry for him as her insides clamped around his root.

"Oh, God," John groaned.

"Look at me," Avril sighed. "Look at my face. Look into my eyes, darling. Move with me." Avril's hips rocked as she sensed the emotion from John. "Slowly. Love me nice and slow. Let it build. Let me take you there."

Jenny stood in the doorway and watched the lovers. She knew, instinctively that she had the privilege to witness something special. This was so unexpected, one of those little twists in a single day's experience that could alter the course of lives.

"Oh my God," Jenny muttered. "Look at you two." Moving into the room, Jenny went quietly to the side of the bed. Avril's eyes, glazed at first, focussed upon her.

"What's happening?" Avril gasped, understanding on some visceral, intuitive level that something momentous was occurring. "I ... He ... Oh, God, Jenny ..." Avril gulped, swallowing heavily as her eyes bored into her friend's.

"This is so good," John sighed. "I could do this forever, Avril."

"I want you to," Avril grunted. Even at that early stage she knew with clear certainty that she would have John again. She wanted him like a normal couple, not as part of a sordid business deal. As arousing as the threesome was, and seeing John and Jenny together had turned her on, she wanted John, on her own, in private, where they could explore each other emotionally and physically. "Love me, John, ride with me, darling. Fill me with your lovely cock and let it go. Come inside me. Please. We can do it again, later, all night if you want. But please," she implored, "fill me. Let it go."

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