tagNonHumanA Dancers Kiss Ch. 02

A Dancers Kiss Ch. 02


It's been a few weeks since the girl's night out and life had pretty much returned to normal. Normal…I have come to hate that word. Let me explain. My name is Elissa and I recently turned thirty two. I am nice to look at with thick brown hair and dark brown eyes and a body that can be held with out worrying that I will break. I have a good job doing corporate sales with a formal wear company in Houston.

And the salary they give me is very nice and after paying the bills I still have plenty of money to play with but for the last few years I have become fun deprived. That's what happens when you go thru an ugly breakup and are too scared to get back out there.

Another Monday…

Just after lunch my boss Frank calls me into his office. On the way in I grab us a couple of bottles of water. Frank is a great guy and I consider him a friend but the man will drink nothing but coffee all day long.

"Hey Frank, what's up?" I say as I walk in. "You have been requested by a new client." He says as he digs through the mess that is the top of his desk. "That's great with whom?" I ask. He does not answer but keeps shifting thru the mess until he finally finds the scrap of paper stuck under the corner of his coaster.

Of course it has coffee on it, but it is still readable. "When are you going to clean this up?" I say pointing my finger at his desk. "It's not that bad." He says wrinkling his nose at me.

The note says;

Friday, 7pm
Stallion Club
Ask to see the owner

"That is going to be a small account isn't it?" I ask. "No there are one hundred and fifteen total clubs, most are here in the US but a few are overseas". He replies. "Ok that sounds better and they asked for me? I have only been to one of the clubs once and that was a few weeks ago." I say. "Well there goes my Friday night." I grumble with a sigh. "What curl up with a book?" he says sarcastically. "Exactly" I reply with a grin.

As I walk back to my office I wonder what I should wear. Then I wonder if he will be there. Yes, I am still thinking about that dancer. I have yet to get that dream out of my head.

Friday morning is here before I know it and of course work is insane. So after taking care of all my clients' problems that come up I decide it is time to leave. Making it home right after one I lay down to take a nap and of course the dancer is there in my dreams. Just glimpses of his face and his voice whispering to me that he can fulfill my every desire. When I wake up I feel relaxed but excited about my meeting.

I take my time getting ready and fill my bag with all the paperwork I will need to have the client sign. On my way out to the car my neighbor Jeff stops me with a wolf whistle. "Oh baby you look good enough to eat." He says. This causes me to blush as I say,"thank you".

I had made a compromise on the traditional business suit and put on a sexy corset instead of a blouse and strappy black heels instead of my usual pumps. On a whim I had even added the hose with the seam up the back. I just have to watch how I sit down or my garter straps will show.

"So where are you off too…hot date?" Jeff asks. "No just a new client meeting." I reply.

"I sure wish the women at my job would dress like that." He says. "Is it to much?" I ask looking down at my clothes. "No way you are the perfect amount of classy and sexy. Your new client does not stand a chance." Jeff replies. I wave bye to him as I climb into my car.

Traffic is still a little heavy but I make it with a few minute to spare. I give myself a quick check in the mirror before I get out and walk to the front door. A bouncer is already outside to control the crowd that will be arriving soon. "I am sorry but we do not open for another hour." The bouncer says. "That is ok I have a 7p.m. appointment with the owner." I tell him as I hand him a business card.

"Just a second gorgeous and I will see if he is ready for you." he says as he walks in the door. I feel very silly standing out here with my briefcase. Avon calling I think to myself and giggle just a little. I do manage to compose myself before the bouncer opens the door to let me in. "If you will follow me please." he says holding the door open.

It is fairly dark in the club and a bit strange not to hear all the screaming women. But the peace will not last much longer. Following my guide we weave our way to the back of the club and a door marked private. He knocks as he opens the door and motions me to enter. He closes the door once I get inside. Noticing there is someone at the desk I move closer.

And there he sits…my dancer and apparently the owner of the club. Looking up from his laptop he gives me a wicked smile and says "Elissa it is so nice to see you again my name is Steven. Please have a seat." He rises from his desk and walks over to leather chairs that I had not noticed when I came in and sits in one of them. He looks better than I remembered in snug blue jeans and a button down shirt that fits like it was made for him. Duh I think rich guy so it probably was made for him.

Just seeing him brings back all the intense images from that dream. This is going to be fun to conduct a meeting when all I want to do is open his pants and slide myself down the massive pole that I know is there. I am not sure how long I just stood there daydreaming but he clears his throat and I snap out of it. When I look at him he has this intense look on his face like he knows exactly what I am thinking. This makes my face flush and a surge of heat run through my body. Since when did I blush like a damn school girl?

"Sorry, just got a little side tracked for a minute." I say as my face gets a deeper shade of red. "Mmm that is no problem." He tells me. His voice sends vibrations thru my body better than any of my toys at home. Focus I think to myself, you are a professional you can do this. "So tell me what my company can do for you?" I ask.

It only took two hours to work out the contract for the clubs and have him sign all the paperwork. And the whole time I keep trying to think of things to make it last longer because I dreading the thought of leaving him. "Do you have any other plans for this evening?" he asks me. "No I may go back to the office and get your paperwork filed so it will be ready for Monday." I say. "You are very dedicated to you job." He says. "I love my job but more than anything I just do not want to go home yet." I reply sounding a little sad.

"Well let me take you to dinner." He says holding out his hand. I smile and nod yes as I put my hand in his hand. As soon as my hand touches his the room starts spinning and I feel lightning dance down my spine. Once everything settles down I realize he has put his arms around me. I am now pinned against his body, his oh so hard body, and staring up at his face. His golden eyes are staring into mine when he says, "Are you alright?"

I did not really understand what he was saying but my attention went from his eyes to his lips. Looking at them made me wish they would move closer so I could feel them. And just like before he seems to know what I am thinking and he does it. His kiss is soft and a little hesitant giving me a chance to pull away but why would I want that. Instead I press my body closer and put my arms around his neck. Growling he yanks me even closer so now I can feel his hard dick pushing against his zipper.

I feel his tongue brush across my bottom lip and I open for him to explore. This is like nothing I have ever felt. I am on the verge of an orgasm with just a kiss. He probably would kill me if we had sex, but it would be worth it because no other mans touch would ever be enough after him. Just as I finish this thought he pulls back and looks at me. The expression on his face is hard to read. Yes, there is desire but there is something else I can not understand. "I do not think it will kill you but the other part maybe true, for me to." He tells me in a low voice.

I know my eyes got wide when I heard him because he tightened his grip on my body. "You can hear what I am thinking can't you? And you can speak to me in my head too." I say with just a little tremor in my voice. "I'm sorry, please do not be afraid." He says.

"No it's ok I am not afraid…more relieved. At least now I know that I am not going crazy." I tell him with a grin.

He stares at me for a minute and then throws his head back and laughs. And just for a second while his head is back I see something very interesting. Two white points sticking out of his gum line. I make a small sound at the sight and he goes still. "Well I guess I was right the other night. They look to good to be fake." I say to him with a raised eyebrow. He looks down at me with an expression that says he can not believe I am not running for my life. "No I am not running." I say as I pull his head down for another deep kiss.

His shock does not last long. He starts running his hands down my back and fills them with my ass cheeks. I run my hands down his chest and across his hard nipples giving them a quick flick with my nails. This gets me a small moan against my mouth and a squeeze from his hands so I continue my path down his abs to his hips.

Here I stop and push him away. Breaking our kiss I ask, "Should we go some where other than the back office of your club?" Nodding yes he leads me to a door marked exit and opens it. A black limo is parked just outside with the driver standing by the open door. "Good evening sir, madam where may I take you tonight?" he asks. "We will be going home Max." Steven says looking to me. "Yes, home Max." I say looking back at Steven.

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