tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Daring Reporter Ch. 01

A Daring Reporter Ch. 01


Lisa Marvell had always done everything that was expected of her, and every decision she made was calculated to help advance her career. She worked hard in college and got her degree in journalism. Although she grew up in the age of MySpace and later Facebook, she was always carefully not to post anything that could come back to haunt her in the future. She had had a couple of boyfriends, but nothing serious. Since college, she faithfully followed her career plan, starting at a small cable station in the upper Midwest and, methodically moving up the broadcasting ladder, and changing jobs every few years as she advanced gradually to larger and larger markets. Yet here she was at 32, in her third year of co-anchoring the local news at an upstate station and watching the ratings slowly decline against two aggressively marketed, more smartly produced competitors. It was time to take matters into her own hands.

She was an attractive 5' 8" natural blonde. Knowing that the camera always adds 10 pounds to you, she visited the gym at least five days a week to maintain her svelte 125 pound frame. She was proud of her 34B-25-34 figure but (recalling the advice of one of her female mentors in college not to oversell the merchandise) was careful to select on-air outfits that didn't overly emphasize her curves. She had come to understand that most newscasters embody an odd mixture of shyness (hiding behind other people's words) and show-off (after all, they had chosen careers that had them on camera and in the public eye every day).

Her attractive appearance and winning personality had helped give the station's ratings a boost when she first arrived and was paired with long-time co-anchor Art Robinson. But over the months as they worked together, Lisa came to realize that Art was way past his prime. He had become a "local institution," but as a reporter, he had lost all instincts for the heart of a story and frequently offered only inane banter during the ad lib comments that they were required to supply between stories. Increasingly Lisa felt she was doing all the real work, showing up hours before the broadcast and staying late to watch the tapes and look for ways to improve. She had had several conversations with the producer and the station manager, but both seemed powerless to do anything about Art. And both continually bemoaned the lack of support from the owners to add more staff and upgrade the set and studio equipment.

It was after one of these conversations in late January, during a particularly bad stretch of cold and snowy weather when everyone seemed to be suffering from a prolonged case of post-holiday blues, that Lisa first hit upon her idea. Why not do something a little different for the late night news? She and Art co-anchored both the 6:00 and 11:00 reports, and Lisa knew that viewership shifted to a somewhat older and more male-dominated demographics for the later show. She looked around the industry and saw that women 10 to 15 years older than herself were being replaced by broadcasters who suddenly seemed noticeably younger than Lisa. "I'm tired of always playing it safe and following the rules" she thought to herself. "It's time to call some attention to the real talent around here. And if the station doesn't like it, well maybe the audience will."

The next morning was a Friday, and she was due at the studio a half hour earlier than usual to shoot some 30-second promos for the feature stories planned for next week. She pulled together her usual accessories -- hair brush, comb, make-up kit -- and reached out to grab the two outfits she had already picked out that for that night's shows -- the bright blue suit and skirt for the early broadcast and smartly tailored black pants and gray shapeless high-neck sweater for the 11:00 news. "No, no," she thought to herself, "that will never do." And with a mischievous grin, she took the sweater off the hanger and replaced it with a green pullover cotton top.

As usual, the day went quickly. The first broadcast was uneventful although Art seemed particularly flat and lifeless. But when she went out to grab a quick dinner with some of the crew, she found she could only eat half her salad. Her stomach was in knots, almost like the first time she ever went on camera -- a strange mix of nervousness and exhilaration. Back at the studio, she tried to stick to the routine of reviewing script changes and news items that would be added for the late broadcast. But she found herself easily distracted and once or twice realized that someone was in the middle of a question to her and she had no idea what they were talking about.

By 10:45, she was sitting in her usual backstage chair as Kelly, her assistant, touched up her make-up and inspected her hair. "Is everything alright, Lisa?" she asked. "You seem quiet tonight. Are you okay?"

"Never better," Lisa replied, and realized she was determined to prove that was true! "Kelly, be a doll and leave my bag near the little girl's room. I may need to duck out during a break tonight." The assistant nodded, never guessing what Lisa's real intentions were.

At 10:59, she slipped into the chair alongside Art, did a last minute check of her hair and looked up into the camera. She heard the floor manager start to countdown from 10, and whispered to herself, "Okay, world, time for the new Lisa." With that the red light came on and the broadcast began.

The first 20 minutes flew by; perhaps it was a rush of adrenalin, but Lisa's reading was flawless and lively, with an energy level that frequently was missing on the last broadcast of the week. But as the weather forecast concluded and they cut to a commercial, she could feel the tension forming a knot in the pit of her stomach. Coming back from the break, Lisa delivered the brief introduction for the next segment. "And now, with the late night sports, here's our own Tim Willis." She knew she had at least four minutes before she'd be on camera again, so she leaned over and whispered to Art, "Sorry but I have to make a quick trip to the ladies room. I'll be right back."

Unclipping her mike and silently slipping out of her chair, she was in the bathroom within 30 seconds. There was no time to think or second guess her actions as she deftly reached under her top and unsnapped her bra. Without completely removing her pullover, she managed to slip the straps down her arms and pull her bra off. Looking around, she noticed her bag in the corner where Kelly had left it and she hurriedly shoved her undergarment in it. Pulling her top back down and smoothing it out, she checked herself out in the mirror.

A quick look of frustration passed across her face; she couldn't notice any change in her appearance. "Hmm, this will never do," she thought, and quickly reached back under her top to pinch her nipples. Feeling her sensitive nubs respond to the twisting and teasing, she once again adjusted her top and hurried back to the anchor desk just as Tim wrapped up a story about a high school basketball player.

"Back to you, Art and Lisa," she heard the sportscaster say, as the camera came back on the co-anchors.

"A very interesting young man, wouldn't you say, Lisa," Art responded.

The camera cut to Lisa, and she looked up directly into it wondering how many thousands were now watching her. "Yes, indeed, Art. It sounds like he has some great things in front of him," Lisa said, with a sly smile lighting up her face. "And I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more in the future."

As the camera panned back, Lisa glanced at the monitor and had to exercise all of her self-control to avoid gasping aloud. What hadn't been apparent in the dimmer lights of the ladies room was now plainly revealed under the bright lights of the studio. Her erect nipples were clearly straining against the form-fitting green top, poking out and slightly upward as if to confirm the perky, firm shape of her breasts.

Knowing that the camera angle had probably now widened to show both her and Art, she turned to face him while slightly arching her back, presenting a side view to the home audience. "So, Art, a great note to end the week on. Tim's forecast tells us that more cold and snow is on the way, but we can't let that keep us sitting at home all covered up." She tend proceeded to rattle off an obligatory list of weekend events around town ending with a reminder for viewers to join them again next week at 6:00 and 11:00 for the evening news.

The credits began to roll, and following the normal routine, she and Art stood there engaging in small talk. However, as soon as the camera switched off and the lights were cut, Lisa hurriedly excused herself and rushed back to the ladies room. Once there with the door safely locked, she retrieved her bra and put it back on. She then returned to the studio, where already the crew was starting to pack up and head home for the weekend. She quickly said goodnight, checked in with Kelly to wish her a good weekend, and headed out the door.

Returning home, she flipped on the TV and checked her DVR. As usual, she had programmed the machine to record both the 6:00 and 11:00 shows, but tonight she fast-forwarded immediately to those last few minutes of the late broadcast. If anything, her nipples seemed even more prominent on the HD screen in front of her than they had in the studio monitor. The clearly erect nubs almost seemed to be poking through the green fabric, their contour and shape easy to discern. "Well," thought Lisa, "as she snapped off the TV and poured herself a glass of wine, "mission accomplished."


When she arrived at the studio on Monday, it didn't take long for Bill Reinhart, her producer, to track her down and invite her into his office for a chat. "Well, Lisa," he began, "it seems you had a bit of wardrobe malfunction the other night. There were a number of voice messages and emails that the station manager picked up this morning, and he's already been on the phone to me about them."

"Oh really," replied Lisa, trying her best to sound genuinely curious and totally innocent. "At 6:00 or 11:00?" she asked.

"I think you know which one," Bill replied, raising his eyebrows. "The 11:00 broadcast. And just at the end. It seems that somehow after the sportscast things suddenly got chilly in the studio. In fact, I've reviewed the tape, and in those last couple of minutes, our viewers could clearly see you weren't wearing a bra."

"Bill, I don't see how that could of happened," she replied with a certain amount of indignation. "And besides, you know I'd never acknowledge that I violated our dress code."

"Well I know you'd never acknowledge it; you're too much of a professional. So let's talk hypothetically. You understand this business. Why would a very good newscaster suddenly decide to appear braless during part of the broadcast?"

Lisa slowly replied, "Since we're talking hypothetically, then I'd say that maybe she was concerned about the slipping ratings and the fact that the station seems unwilling to make any changes that might help turn things around. I could imagine someone deciding that under those circumstances that something had to be done to draw some attention to the situation."

"But of course," she continued, "I would never think of doing anything without the producer's approval," looking up at Bill. "Especially if he understands what I'm willing to do."

"I think I do understand now," replied Bill. "Just give me a few days to think this through."

"Of course, Bill. Oh, just one other thing," Lisa said as she got up and started to leave the office. "It occurs to me that this imaginary person would be particularly clever to do this on the Friday night broadcast. Usually that's the largest 11:00 audience each week. And 6:00 would be out of the question -- families and kids watching and all that."

With that, she stepped out of Bill's office and shut the door, a smile spreading across her face.


Wednesday the first video clip appeared online. It was a 45-second excerpt with the unimaginative title of Broadcaster's Nip Slip. The quality was pretty poor, and it cut off before the banner with the station ID appeared across the bottom. By the time Bill emailed her the link at the end of the day, it had registered several dozen views. "What do you think?" was all he included in the message.

Lisa immediately texted him back. "Too bad they didn't have the whole segment in higher quality; can't even tell the station or the girl. How will anyone know where to watch in the future?"

Shortly after midnight as she arrived home, another message popped up on her smartphone with a new link. A new video had been posted just a few minutes earlier, in HD and with the clever title "Lisa's Marvels." It was the entire final four minutes of the broadcast, with station credits. As she watched the streaming video, Lisa couldn't help but admire the sexy look. "Well," she thought, "let's see if people start to notice."

By Friday, it did indeed appear that people had noticed. Bill pulled her into his office as soon as she arrived. He launched right into the conversation, "We've got a problem."

"Oh," Lisa seemed genuinely startled by his tone. "Am I in trouble?"

"Well, you are if we can't come up with some stunt for the 11:00 news. The station manager has gotten dozens of emails and he's seen the video and he wants to know what we're going to do to keep the viewers tuned in."

"So I'm not in trouble," Lisa grinned. "Well that's good news. However," she continued after a brief pause, "there's not much time to plan this. But for tonight, I think probably one or two buttons should do the trick."

"Buttons," Bill looked perplexed. "What do you mean?"

"Buttons," she replied, slyly flicking a fingernail against one of the buttons on her top. "One or two buttons that might just happen to come undone during the broadcast. But if we're really going to make this work, you're going to have to go back to management and get some changes made."

"What sort of changes?" he asked.

"Hey, who's the producer here?" she asked, shaking her head. "For starters, we've got to change the set; get me out from behind that desk so I can stand and move around. And let's think of some ways to get me out of the studio and doing some segments on location. That should open up all sorts of possibilities."

"Right," he smiled, as his eyes widened. "I'll meet with the editor and the writers and get them started on that."

"Meanwhile, I'll get to work on some wardrobe ideas. Oh," she added, "and I'm sure I'll be doing some shopping soon, so be prepared to approve a few extra expenses."

Astute viewers who tuned into both broadcasts that night could immediately notice a change in Lisa's appearance when the 11:00 news started. Her normal conservative outfit had been replaced by a tight form-fitting skirt and white top that accentuated her figure and exuded an air of sexuality. And since it seemed that its wearer was braless, the overall effect was definitely one of something that might be worn to a party and not a news studio. But in complete contrast to her sexy top, Lisa began the broadcast in her usual professional style, seemingly totally unaware of how her viewers -- both at home and in the studio -- might be reacting.

However, as the broadcast progressed, she deliberately changed her style of delivery, talking in a somewhat lower voice and making more eye contact with her co-anchor. After the first break, she had undone the top button, and after the next break, she had unloosened her hair and let it fall to her shoulders. In introducing the weather, she referred to Natalie Johnson as "the metropolitan area's most beautiful weather girl" and said, "Let's see if she's going to tell us to stay indoors and snuggle up all weekend." And after Natalie's segment, the camera returned to Lisa to reveal that a second button was now open, allowing the audience to see the tiniest bit of cleavage on display.

By this time, Bill was on the floor behind standing with the stage manager, and at the next commercial break, he huddled with both Tim and the cameraman. From a distance, Lisa looked on, and when Bill glanced up at her, she just nodded.

Returning from break and with the camera once again on her, Lisa made no attempt to hide her next move. As you introduced Tim and the evening's sports update, she delicately extended her finger to the third button and toyed with it while she spoke. "And Tim," she said, as the camera moved to him, "if you have some good news about our team, then I just might have a little surprise for you."

"Lisa, I do have some great news." The local college basketball team had won another game, giving them an excellent chance at making it to next month's tournament. "March madness fever is definitely starting to grip the city," Tim concluded several minutes later. "And it looks like you might be starting to feel it, Lisa. Back to you!"

The camera cut back to Lisa and slowly drew closer. Her third and fourth buttons were now undone, revealing the inside curves of her breasts. Her pointed nipples and the emerging view of her orbs confirmed the fact that once again she had forgotten to wear a bra for the late night news. "Well, I don't know if it's basketball or you, Tim." With a broad smile, she continued, "there just seems to be something special about these Friday night broadcasts," she concluded, turning to face the other camera.

"So with that thought," she said, reaching to the next button and unsnapping it, "I'll wish all our viewers a pleasant weekend." With just the slightest shrug of her shoulders, she then undid the final button. Her top was now parted, the inner swells of both breasts fully visible, with a clear view of her belly button just above the top of her skirt. The camera slowly pulled back as the credits rolled, and Tim and Natalie walked over to stand beside the still seated Lisa. Natalie leaned over and whispered, "Naughty girl," and smiled broadly as the broadcast ended.

There was quite a buzz on the floor after the broadcast, but Lisa managed to slip into her dressing room while people huddled in groups of two or three to talk. Art stalked off with the set, and a few minutes later he and Bill were heard in a heated discussion before the door to Art's dressing room slammed shut. The word quickly got around that this had been done with the full blessing of Bill, and Tim chimed in that he really respected what Lisa was doing to help the broadcast. "Let's all see what we can do to kick it up a notch," he added. "I think we're all tired of being number three in the ratings."

A lot of heads nodded in agreement, and when Lisa emerged to head out to the parking lot, a round of applause went up from the group. For the first time that evening, she blushed. Then, quickly regaining her composure, she smiled and said, "Thanks guys. Just stay tuned for more." And with that, she left the building.


The next week seemed like a whirlwind to Lisa. She had a message from Bill to arrive early on Monday and spent two hours in discussion with the program director and station manager. After that, Bill pulled together the entire floor crew, editors, the wardrobe assistants, and news writers as well as Tim and Natalie. Sitting around a conference table with Lisa at his side, he laid out the plans just approved by management.

"Okay," Bill began, "we have agreement that we want to continue what Lisa has started. All broadcasts will remain the same except the final 11:00 show on Fridays. We'll promote it as the Late Night Special Edition, and we'll come up with something to showcase Lisa each week."

"Now, in terms of the news team, we're taking Art off the Friday broadcasts and moving him to Saturdays, so it will be just Lisa, Tim, and Natalie. The three of you are closer in age to one another, and it will feel more like a group of friends. And having two women and only one guy works better, too -- it will assure the audience that everything is safe. We want it to be fun and playful. We'll have you move around and interact with each other more. And we're going to change Lisa's wardrobe for the late night Friday news, you know, spice it up a bit."

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