tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


I needed to fuck, simple as that. I didn't care how or who saw, I just needed it now!! It had been a long day of gorgeous men walking in and out of my office and I was feeling the pressure.

I was walking along the beach trying to relieve the ache of the day when out of the corner of my eye I saw him laying there on a large blue blanket, surrounded by a cooler and some towels and I knew he was mine.

The sun beating down on my skin had made me sweaty and I headed for the lake, seductively swaying my hips side to side, making sure he noticed. I was wearing a skimpy bikini that barely left anything to the imagination. Over top was a white tank top that fell to my midriff. As I walked by him I could feel him drinking me in with his cool eyes. Something told me he was an ass man. That was fine with me as I was into asses as well. I had a thing for the plump roundness of the cheeks and loved to spread the cheeks and see a treasure.

Wading deeper into the lake until I figured it was deep enough, I quickly dove into the water and swam out a ways, looking back to see if he was watching. The cool stranger was getting up and looked like he was heading towards me. I swam back in a bit and stood up facing the man. The water had made my suit transparent. My nipples were rock hard with the cool water, and begging for attention. By this time he had waded into the water up to his thighs. I turned around and dove under the water again and came up right in front of him, with my eyes right level with a rising cock.

"Well, Hello." He said. That was all the invitation I needed.

I ripped down the shorts and stuck my tongue out to catch a drip of water as it dripped off the end of his cock. After a few licks I couldn't stand it anymore and wrapped my lips around that luscious cock, savoring the smell of the lotion that he had used. My tongue found all the ridges, dipped into the valleys and my nose nuzzled the small patch of pubic hair. The smell was so masculine. It made me even more wet, if that was possible. Using my tongue, I licked and teased the V of the frenulum and fondled the heavy balls with my hands.

The waves of the water was lapping at my pussy and I couldn't stand it any more.

"Fuck me now!!!" I screamed and the sexy stranger didn't waste any time. I lay back in the shallow water and he parted my lips and placed the head of his cock at my entrance. With one swift thrust, he entered me.

"Oh my god." Slowly, Sexy pulled out and fiercely thrust back in. "Oh yeah." But slow wasn't what I wanted, I needed a good pounding and wasn't going to let him get away with the slowness. I pushed him off and I nearly cried at the emptiness I felt as you exited my body. I straddled his hips and as I rammed down on the throbbing manhood, I could feel hands on my boobs, grasping and teasing the nipples. They ached and grew yet harder. As if stretching to find those rough work worn hands. I slowly lifted my pussy off his cock and slammed back down again.

"That's the way you want it huh?" He grunted and lifted me up. Bent over like a dog in heat, I was entered once again as he began to pound my aching pussy.

Not making love, but real animalistic fucking. I loved it and I could feel my orgasm building with each thrust of his hard as a rock cock. Suddenly I felt my pussy flood with sensation and I came with an audible sigh. My arms were shaking and my knees wouldn't hold me up. Feeling my orgasm triggered the strangers and he started to spurt warm cum inside me. Big amounts that I could feel all the way up to my belly. He collapsed on top of me and we lay like that for a few moments. Then slowly his cock popped out of me and I could feel his cum dribbling down my legs to land in the water. As he was standing there recovering, I swam away to cool off. I surfaced just in time to see him wrap a towel around his nakedness and gather up his stuff. I paddled leisurely back to shore and I stood up to reassemble my self. Before he had a chance to walk off, I yelled out

"Thanks for the fuck."

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