tagLoving WivesA Day at the Gynecologist

A Day at the Gynecologist


I'm a very happily married man, having married the woman of my dreams 4 years ago. We've had a very happy marriage and our sex life has been anything but dull. My wife Kate, a tiny little woman only standing a mere 4' 11'', 120 pounds and sporting a pair of delicious 36D breasts. She's a very attractive woman, often turning heads as she walks anywhere she goes, especially mine. I could never keep my hands off that wonderfully tight ass of hers. Once every year I take her down for her yearly check up with her Gynecologist. Not that I mind taking her, but the waits to see a doctor are terrible! It's a rather warm day so she dresses light, wearing only a nipple showing tank top and a mini skirt.

As we get ready that day she's a bit nervous about going, it's been a few years since she went to go see him and was a little edgy. So, I suggested why not get a little high before you go she him honey? She looked at me with a thoughtful look, biting her lip a little, and asked do you think I should? I said "well does he do blood work at these exams?"

"No, not normally" she said quietly. I say so there's nothing to worry about honey, let me go upstairs and roll us one before we go, it will help loosen you up and relax. I go up, skipping several stairs at a time in my rush to roll a joint for us. See, my wife when she gets high gets extremely horny. So in my thinking I'll kill two birds with one stone, helping my wife relax and getting a blow job out of it. My wife just loves sucking cock and is a real pro at it too. She won't let your cock out of her mouth until she's completely ready to do so.

I go and open the dresser and reach for the bag...damn! I forgot we'd used the last of it several days ago at a party we went to. Not a problem I though, I'll call my best friend Chris. He's almost always has some I can either spot or buy off him. I pick up the phone and call him up, explaining my situation. YES! he'll be right over. My cock twitches with anticipation thinking about my wife's warm wet soft lips around my hard thick cock sucking the life right out of it. Within 10 minutes Chris arrives and I invite him in. We say our hello's and he hands me a few rolled up joints just as Kate comes along and greets him with a warm hug. We all sit on the couch and talk a little before we have to go.

I waste no time in lighting one up. After taking a few puffs off it we pass it around to each other. More and more Kate is getting relaxed. By the time we're done, she's willing to do just about anything which is exactly what I wanted. I notice right away that look in her eyes, the kinda look where it says I want to fuck you anyway I can. My wife, after she has her monthly period is rather very horny and it is at this time also she is extremely fertile, getting pregnant on a drop of a dime. Attesting to the 5 children we already have. She sees my throbbing cock showing through my jeans and reaches for it, rubbing it with the palm of her hand all over.

I let out a slight moan and this gets her going, undoing my belt, unbuttoning my pants and pulling my zipper down. She gets off the couch and gets on her hands and knees in front of my open legs. She pulls my pants and boxers down and around my ankles exposing my very hard cock in front of her. She moans as she reaches for it, gripping the massive thing in her small hand and strokes it lightly. She gets off on having someone watch her give oral to me and begins to swallow my cock with the intensity of her high.

Noticing the bulge appearing on my best friends pants I whisper over to him to go behind her. I've always gotten off on other men masturbating my wife and Chris has proved a useful tool in my fetish for that. I flow my hands through her silky brown hair and hold her head, fucking her mouth as she relentlessly sucks at my cock. I see Chris reach for her skirt, draping it over her hips, his hands caress her ass making her moan more and suck harder. He pulls her panties down and off in one fluid motion and brings his hand to her now dripping pussy. He slips a finger in her tight wet cunt making her open her eyes, realizing it's not me that's fingering her.

She closes her eyes and works harder on my cock, making every inch of it disappear down her throat while she rocks back and forth against Chris's finger. Chris undoes his pants with one hand and takes out his cock, stroking it as his fingering my wife's hot pussy. Getting into the feeling I rest my head back and close my eyes, slowly building up a cum that would surely fill my wife's sweet mouth. I hear her moaning louder, feeling her mouth swallow my cock so much that her lips are touching my stomach. I open my eyes and see my best friend with his cock buried deep inside my wife. At first I'm shocked, having never let him fuck her ever, but as high as I was I wanted to see more. I wanted to see him fuck my wife.

My cock begins to thicken in her mouth, my eyes fixed on him ramming her cunt over and over again with his thick tool. I tell him, "pull out when you cum or I swear I'll kick your ass all over the state." She stops her sucking for a moment, looking up at me, almost begging, "Please baby, let him stay in me. Let him fuck me till he cums. Your best friend feels good fucking my pussy honey. I feel every inch of him. Please baby, let me feel him cum in me, please?!?" This is more than I can bear and I slide her mouth back over my cock, fucking her mouth hard.

I hear Chris moan as I see him thrust every inch of his cock deep inside my wife, cumming deep inside her fertile womb. This sends me over the edge and I cum with a fury matched only by my wife's intense orgasm. I cum so much into her mouth that it leaks out of the sides of her mouth. After about a minute to recover from the intense orgasm we had I hear my best friend pull out of my wife's sucking cunt, coming out with a noticeable wet slurping sound. She pulls off my deflating cock, breathing heavy still and looks up at me with her eyes welling up. She says to me "I either just really turned you on or I just really screwed up." I lean forward, looking at her with nothing but love and kiss her deeply, tasting my cum as we kiss. By my reaction she moans, and knows everything is just as great than before with us.

She glances at her watch, "Holy shit! I'm late! We gotta get going baby!" We all rush to get dressed proper, laughing at the ridiculous way we're hurrying and we all dash out the door. We say good-bye to Chris and when we get into the van she turns and says to me "I'm sure he won't forget how my pussy felt for a long time." I tell her, "you got that right baby," winking at her as I pull out of the drive.

We rush through traffic and make it there in record time. After checking in with the receptionist she tells us it will be a few minutes, have a seat and you'll get called next. As we're sitting, Kate leans over and says, "Baby, I forgot to put my panties back on and I feel Chris's cum leaking from my pussy. I can't go and let the doctor see me like this. I have to go to the bathroom and clean up before I'm called." I kiss her and tell her to hurry. But, just as she gets up, she gets called next. I hear her groan as she walks a little uncomfortably towards the nurse, trying to keep the cum that's leaking from her cunt from running down her thighs. I look down at where she was sitting and see a small pool of cum that already leaked from her. I look around real quick and scoop some up with my fingers and suck them in my mouth. My cock twitches as I taste it. I always wondered what his cum tasted like, I'll have to make a point of it someday to taste more of it.

While in the examining room the nurse hands Kate a gown and a cup, telling her to get undressed and give a urine sample afterwards and the doctor will be in shortly to see her. She gets undressed and slips on the gown, noticing that cum is now running down her legs. She hurriedly goes to the bathroom. Once there she can't help but to draw a finger to it and taste it, moaning as she tastes another mans cum, wondering if she got pregnant from him. She cleans up the best she can and fills the cup, walking out and setting it on the table, continues to the exam table and jumps up on it, sitting there waiting for the doctor to come in.

Her thought of wonder are interrupted by the sound of the door opening and the doctor walking in. A tall man and very well build, attractive and youthful looking, "Hello Kate, I'm Dr. Kennedy. I'll be filling in for your regular doctor today." Her heart slowly begins to race as she knows deep inside that when he examines her that he'll find a cunt full of cum. She becomes flush with embarrassment as the doctor begins to ask her to lay down. She stammers from her mouth, "Doc, doctor, I think maybe I should do this another time, you see uh," her face growing more red by the minute, "I had sex with my husband and in my rush I uh...didn't have time to douche." Dr. Kennedy just smiles and reassures her that she need not worry, we can do that right here and it won't be a problem. Reluctantly, she nods her head and he proceeds with examining her. "You'll need to take your gown off" he says, so she sits up and slips it off, dropping it to the floor as she lays back down on the table.

His hands are warm and soft against her flesh, her heart races as she feels and watches his hands kneed all over her breasts from one side to the other with her arms up. Her nipples become hard and erect making her pussy tingle with excitement. "I'm sorry doctor," flush and embarrassed, still feeling the effects of the weed she smoked before. He smiles and tells her to think nothing of it as he rolls on the chair to the bottom of her feet. He gets out the stirrups from the table and tells her to scoot forward and place her heels in them. As she does she gets a huge rush from feeling more cum leak from her now exposed pussy, feeling the cum slowly tickling her asshole. She fights to let out a moan and to hide the embarrassment. The doctors eyes are fixed on her crotch, noticing what she feels leaking out.

Jokingly he says "you guys must have had a real good time," trying to relax, she stifles a giggle and says "yeah." He places one hand on her stomach and begins to slip in a finger, pressing down on her stomach as he does this. Cum begins to squirt out and drip down his finger and on to the crack of her ass, dancing over her asshole making her let out a soft moan. The hand that's on her stomach slides down some and by extending his thumb purposely rubs his thumb over her clit making her body tense up from the sudden feeling on her clit. "You have a very sensitive clit" he tells her as he continues to rub at it. Her hips begin to move slowly up and down, not even aware what she's doing, her eyes closed she only nods at the moment.

She's coming closer to orgasm, feeling the rush of feeling to her clit and just before she's about to cum he suddenly stops. With her breath shallow and her cunt dripping with excitement, she lifts her head to see the doctor undo his pants, letting them fall down around his ankles, his cock pointing straight out, pointing at her. Now coming to her senses and shock overcoming her she says "What do you think your doing?!?!" With a finger, the doctor slides it in between the lips of her hot cunt, over her clit again, making her jump a little. Examining his finger he says, "Your chart says you're at the fertile cycle of your month now and by all accounts you're a very fertile woman, doesn't take much to make you pregnant does it?" Either a nervous answer back she says "n...n...no it doesn't." She can't stop eyeing his cock. It's huge, bigger than her husbands, and his is pretty big.

Getting scared and excited all at once she stammers out the words "I think I'd better get dressed and leave now." But, he places his hand quickly down on her pussy, touching at her clit again, breaking down her resistance. Placing the head of his cock between her pussy he rubs the head up and down, rubbing on her clit at the same time. He wants to show her he has the power to make her cum even though she doesn't want too. He aims his cock into her opening and begins to pump slowly. She's trying to fight it, but, it feels so good she doesn't want it to stop even thought she doesn't want this to happen. She feels his hard cock pumping in her, slowly, inching his way deeper and deeper into tight cunt, filling her up with his thickness.

He hears her sigh and feels her cunt open up to his cock, allowing the rest of his cock to slip in all the way into her pussy. Laying there with the doctors cock impaled in her she can only submit, overcome by the sensations that are rocking her body, knowing that this is so wrong but feels so good. He begins fuck her with long deep strokes in and out of her. Her pussy hugging every inch of his cock, his hand never leaving her clit. Soon he's fucking her faster. They're both breathing heavy, approaching that orgasm that there's no return from. Panting she says, "Don't cum in me, please, I could get so pregnant from it." Pumping her with everything he's got he says "how do you know if you're not already?" Hearing him say that brings her to remember her husband's best friend's cum in her as well and with a moan all the says back to him is "ohhh God."

He begins fucking her hard and deep, moving her on the table with every thrust, his finger moving faster on her clit, her hips moving up to meet his every thrust. She's so close to cumming, she can't stop. She whimpers as she feels the head of his cock touches her cervix, pounding it relentlessly. She feels him begin to thicken and in the heat of fucking she tells him, Cum in me!! Let me feel you shoot your hot cum inside! Do it! Do it! Make me pregnant!!" With a groan he shoves his cock in her as far as it will go. She begins to cum. Her pussy convulsing all up and down his cock, hugging and squeezing it tightly. She feels his cum filling her pussy, soaking every inch of her walls, coating her cervix nicely which he opened with his cock, feeling him cum 4, 5, 6 times, shooting wave after wave of warm baby making cum deep into her fertile womb. He stays in her after cumming. They're both moaning, trying to catch they're breaths. He pumps her 3 more good times to make sure his balls are nice and drained and begins to pull out.

As he pulls his cock out of her cunt, she hears a large glob of cum hit the floor. The doctor sees her pussy, gaping open still from his big thick cock, exposing her freshly fucked pussy right in front of him. He sea's his cum leak and squirt out, there was that much of it. Pulling up his pants and going to the sink he begins to wash up, telling her that next time it might be a good idea to douche before coming in for a pelvic exam. "I'll arrange another appointment for you right now." He takes her chart and walks out, closing the door behind him. Still in a daze, not sure of what really happened, she begins to shakily dress herself. She knows it really did happen as she feels the doctors cum dripping from her pussy, running down her legs.

Just as she finishes dressing her regular doctor comes in. "Hello Kate" he says looking over her chart. "It's been awhile since I last saw you. How have things been?" A pale look comes over her as she says out loud "OH MY GOD!", with a look of confusion on the doctors face he says "Kate? Is everything all right? What's wrong?" All she says is, "I gotta go!" and rushes past the confused doctor and out into the waiting room area. She hurriedly walks towards her husband, dazed, confused. Cum is running down her legs which he notices. Her eyes all teary..."Honey, let's go home...you're not gonna believe what just happened."

To be continued? You never know.

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