tagErotic CouplingsA Difference of Opinion

A Difference of Opinion


I had agreed to meet him, still not fully trusting my own judgement, being big, in my eyes had always counted against me and I was always the first in with the fat jokes, a defence mechanism I had grown to hate.

The logistics of getting away for the day had been a nightmare, but it was all organised and should go without a hitch, the family back to its status quo by the end of the day.

My phone had been going non stop with messages. Every hour one came through telling me how much he was looking forward to it. He professed to adore women with curves, folds of stomach drove him nuts, he told me. He couldn't wait to get hold of me, to sink his fingers into my flesh. In the end I am not sure if it was flattery or curiosity that led to me saying yes, to see what drove men like this to desire women like me.

We met on neutral territory, giving me room to make my excuses and leave if necessary. The bar was almost empty and he rose as I entered the room, smiling from ear to ear and looking me up and down.

"Hello, can I get you a drink?" He said.

"Yes please, an orange juice." I replied, desperately wanting something stronger.

He made his way to the bar and I watched him as he went. Older than me but not by much, his hair greying but all in all, in good shape. I stopped myself suddenly, I was in no position to criticise anyone. I turned my head away.


Standing at the bar, he gave the order and turned to look at her. She was conscious of her size trying hard to melt into a corner and not get in anyones way. He had spent almost three months talking to her, trying to persuade her to meet him, telling her how sexy he found her, she had the most lovely face and looked younger than she actually was. He could not wait to see what she was like under her clothes. He picked up the drinks and made his way back to the bar.

"Here you go," he said, putting her drink in front of her and sitting down.

"Thank you," She answered quietly, smiling nervously.


Small talk passed between us and I started to relax and become the way we were on the phone and online to each other. The jokes made, the laughter slowly starting to flow. He was actually very sweet and I could see what originally drew me to him. His eyes never stopped moving over me, my face, what he could see of my body. I watched the watcher, fascinated.

I finished my drink and sat while he finished his. Putting his glass down, he stood and held out his hand, automatically I stood and took it. Blushing, I smiled as he tightened his grip. We walked out of the pub and over to the hotel next door, he had obviously already checked in because he led me through the door and up the stairs, stopping outside the room door.


Her hands were shaking as I walked her to the room I had booked. She was so nervous I had to wonder if she had really done this before as she had professed to have done. I wracked my brains to think how I could put her at her ease as I unlocked the door. Taking her hand again, I led her into the room and to the bed.

She stood and looked at me. Suddenly looking as though she was ready to bolt. I took both of her hands in mind and gentled her.

"Its ok, you are allowed to be nervous," I smiled.

"Does it show that much?" she replied.

"Just a little, don't worry." I answered her and kissed her gently. She responded immediately and I pulled her into me, feeling her squash against me. Sliding my hands around her, I grabbed a handful of each of her ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze. She broke away yelping and giggling, her cheeks reddening again. I laughed.

"By the gods you have the fattest, sexiest arse I have ever seen"

"Well fat is right," she said almost scathingly.

"OK, now listen, you can be as embarrassed as you want but I don't want to hear that again, OK?" I said, "You really have NO idea how sexy you are, have you?"

She stood, bright red and nodded mutely.

"God I wish I could make you see you through my eyes."

She opened her mouth with a quick retort and shut it again when she saw the look on my face.

"Sorry," she mumbled.

"Its OK. Oh honey," I said exasperated, "to me you are glorious, every single inch of you, your thighs, the folds of your stomach, the dimples on your arse, your wonderful big arms, god I cannot wait to be wrapped in those, your cute, sexy face with your double chin. I want to kiss and lick and bite every bloody inch of you, I want to loose myself in you." I looked up to find her looking at me as though I had two heads. I smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, its how I feel.

She let go of my hands and sat on the bed, her head down looking at her knees.

"I see none of that." She whispered.

** I knew I was shaking as he led me to the room, I had no idea why, I had done this before, admittedly not for a long time though. As he opened the door and led me in, I was suddenly filled with the need to leave. He took my hands before I could make my excuses.

He told me it was ok to be nervous, I was surprised that he had noticed, I though I had hidden it well and more or less told him. He laughed and kissed me. Every thought left me except for the one in my mind that went: wow, feels nice.

I was brought out of my thought as he pulled me in, I was so conscious of my excessive stomach and boobs squashing against him, his hands slid over my hips and he suddenly grabbed two handfuls fo my backside tightly, making me yelp and giggle, turning red again.

He then made me redder by telling me that I had the sexiest and fattest arse he had ever seen.

Ever ready with a retort, I threw in a flippant remark about being fat. My defence mechanism working overtime. His reaction was immediate.

He told me that he wanted no more remarks about my size. I was suddenly ashamed of myself, I wished I could stop myself but having done it for so long it was like a safety blanket I could not let go of.

He said that he wished I could see me through his eyes, I bit back the ever present comment, my mouth ready to deliver as I saw the look on his face and apologised.

He sighed and looked down at my body as he described how he felt about me. My head down and my eyes shut, I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me as he described my thighs, stomach, backside and arms, telling me how he wanted to lose himself in me, he wanted to kiss me all over, to lick me and bite me. As he described, I looked at him incredulously, I could not believe anyone with any sanity could feel this way.

He looked up as he finished and saw the look on my face. He smiled and shrugged, "its how I feel" he told me. Stunned, I let go of his hands and sat on the bed unable to look at him.

"I don't see any of that," I whispered desperately trying to see what he saw, trying and failing.

** I pulled her to her feet and kissed her again, wrapping my arms around her, willing her to understand. She felt so good against me, soft and warm. My hands started to wander, unable to stay still, wanting to feel her, undress her, touch her. I wanted to push my fingers into the folds of her soft skin but most of all I wanted her to know how sexy she was.

Very gently, I slid my hand under her top and up her back as she wound her arms around my neck, her kisses becoming more intense as the need in her took over.

My fingers trailed over her skin, making her shiver and moan and I moved them around to the front of her, trailing my nails, making her stomach quiver and her breath catch, her whole body trembling as I traced patterns over her skin.

I slid my hands out and started to undo her top, our lips still playing, tongues exploring. As I undid the last button she dropped her arms from my neck and I slid the top from her shoulders to ripple onto the floor.

Pulling away from the kiss, I looked down at her, her breasts encased in red, her bottom lip between her teeth, again conscious of herself.

I bent and kissed the top of each breast, her head going back slightly, her beautiful big body shivering, a low moan leaving her. I continued to kiss her body, her shoulders, her arms, her neck and finally her face. Her chin, her cheeks, her eyes and back to her full lips, my fingers tangling in her hair, pulling on it, her head tipping back as my need took over.

My free hand moved down her back, making her shiver and press into me further, until I reached her bra fastening. Taking my hand from her hair, I unclipped her bra and slid the straps over her shoulders, lifting her breasts to remove it then letting them drop from the cups to fall down and rest on top of her stomach.

I pulled away from our kiss and looked down.

"Oh Fuck." I whispered breathlessly, looking at the most beautiful pair of dusky pink nipples.

** He smiled at me and held out his hands again, dragging me to my feet and wrapping his arms around me as he bent to kiss me. His mouth felt so good and I quickly lost myself in the sensations I was feeling.

His hands started to move over me and that small voice in my head kept screaming to leave me alone, please don't touch me, please don't remind me of what I am trying to forget.

I felt his hand slide under my top, his fingers touching me so lightly that it made me shiver, I tried to ignore the small voice and wound my arms around his neck, my need for his kisses overtaking me. His nails left small trailing scratches over my back and stomach making my entire stomach quiver and twitch of its own accord, making me suck in my breath as he moved his fingers in patterns over my upper body.

I continued to kiss him as his hands moved to the buttons on my top and he undid them. As he reached the top button, I put my arms down and he slid the top off my shoulders.

He pulled away from our kiss and looked down. I was glad I had worn the red bra, it encased my best asset quite well. He lowered his head and kissed across both breasts, making me moan, my head going back slightly, my body trembling, one hand on his arm as he kissed across the top of my shoulders and up my neck to my face.

I shuddered inwardly as he kissed my double chin. He moved to my cheeks and eyes before finally coming back to my lips. I moaned as he wound one hand into my hair pulling my head back, his lips hard on mine, his tongue insistent in my mouth, my cunt getting an immediate flood of juices. His other hand moved down my spine making me shudder again and press harder into him, my breasts on his chest until his hand reached the fastening of my bra.

Releasing his hand from my hair he moved down and both hands unclipped my bra and slid the straps down my shoulders. He lifted my bra cups and tipped my breasts out to land with a soft slap onto the top of my stomach.

He pulled away from our kiss and leaving me breathless, looked down. He drew in his breath and watching my breasts, swore.

I smiled.


She had the most beautiful nipples I had seen in a long time. Unable to resist, I sat on the edge of the bed and turned to face her. I kissed each of her breasts in turn, lifting them and kissing underneath them, the smooth silver lines under each one, made by years of wearing bras, the almost invisible stretch marks, the top of her stomach where they rested, drinking in the smell of her, warm, comfortable, sexy.

Taking each breast in turn, I suckled on her nipple first, then ran my teeth across them, rolling them, sucking them in, pulling and teasing them, her back arching to offer them to me, her hands on my head and shoulder.

Still paying homage to her, I slid my hands around her waistband and gently pulled her trousers and pants down. She kicked off her shoes and stepped out of her clothes, I added them to the growing pile.

"Stand back, I want to look at you."

She went red but did as I asked and stepped back three or four steps. I watched in wonder as her body swung and rippled when she moved, god she was so incredibly sexy. I sat and looked, mesmerised by her, the contours of her body, from her shoulders down to her ankles, all the bumps and creases, I was going to kiss every single one whether she squirmed or not, damn I hoped she squirmed.

My eyes moved up to her face, she was not looking at me, she was looking at absolutely nothing, just staring. As I looked closer I noticed her hands balled into fists, her toes curled up and realised how hard it was for her to be admired so closely, I vowed that by the time she left me, she would hold her head up high and enjoy doing it.

"Come here," I said gently.

She stepped forward again and I took both of her hands, leant forward and kissed her wide, smooth, expansive, beautiful belly.

"You are so beautiful," I whispered into her stomach and looked up. She was blushing again, unable to take the compliment, looking anywhere but at me.

"Come and get on the bed," I said and she moved towards it, immediately trying to make for the shelter of the blankets.

"Oh no you don't. I want to see you. On top honey." I said. She never said anything but lay on the bed on her side with her knees drawn up.

I got undressed as she watched me, the sight of her body making my cock twitch as she unconsciously licked her lips. I wasn't sure whether it was the thought of what was going to happen or nervousness.

Shedding my last piece of clothing, I got on the bed and lay full length next to her.


He breathed deeply and let his breath out slowly, moving to the bed. I was still unsure of myself and what this lovely man thought of me. He sat down and turned to face me then he leant forward and kissed my breasts, god his lips are so soft I thought and I let the sensations of his lips take over as he lifted them one by one and kissed underneath them. Alarm bells and panic threatened to set in as he started kissing the lines under my breasts, wondering where he was going next as he moved around and kissed my stretch marks, and the top of my stomach. I bit the panic down and tried desperately to relax.

He moved back to my nipples and sucked on them one at a time, taking them between his teeth and biting down on them, pulling them, the sensation making me moan, my back arching involuntarily to offer him more of me.

As he continued to play with my nipples, his hand slid into my waistband and slid my trousers down over my bum. I kicked off my shoes as my trousers and pants fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. He bent down and moved them to join the rest of my clothes.

Straightening up he looked at me and told me to step back so that he could look at me. I bit back a refusal and took three steps back wanting to wrap my arms around myself and hide.

He sat and just looked at me. Looking at every single inch of me, from my shoulders to my ankles. I felt so uncomfortable, I looked at anything I could rather than look at him. Every inch of me was squirming, my fingers balled into fists, my toes curled.

He held out his hands and I gladly walked towards him and out of his mental picture frame. He leant forward again and kissed my expansive stomach. I squirmed as he told me I was beautiful, I really did not take compliments well and blushed beetroot red every time one was uttered, now was no exception.

He told me to get on the bed and I saw the opportunity to hide. I made for the bed and went to get under the blanket. I was stopped by his low rumbling voice telling me to lie on top of it. I lay down on my side and pulled my knees up, trying to minimize myself.

As I watched he got undressed, slowly revealing a not unpleasant body, a body that fitted its age but was by no means unfit. Finally he was naked, his cock swinging gently and I watched as he lay on the bed next to me.

** I moved in close to her and wound my leg around hers, holding her hand as I watched her face, she lay with it on her other hand, her beautiful blue eyes, flecked with gold, watched mine, a small smile on her face.

My fingers moved gently across her skin, making her shiver and sigh, her body quivering as I touched her. She closed her eyes and as I moved my fingers over her hips she moaned and a massive shiver went through her. She opened her eyes and giggled.

"OK, you found a weak spot," she smiled.

"Oh yes? Got many of them?" I replied.

"Now that, would be telling." She answered, laughing.

I kissed her and moved closer until I could feel her stomach against me. I slid my hand around to her backside, absolutely torn between grabbing handfuls of her and simply touching her. In the end I decided simply to touch her and listen to her sigh, relaxing, hoping that I was putting her at her ease.

I trailed across her nipple, watching it harden, her back arching slightly. Cupping her breast I lifted it to my mouth and circled it with my tongue, she continued to moan. Uncupping her breast , I moved my hand down her body, trailing over her stomach and hips, sliding around and across her mound, shaven and smooth.

She rolled onto her back and parted her legs slightly, allowing my fingers to slide across her lips and dip in between them.

Her arms wrapped around my neck and she moaned into our kiss, as my finger tip found the top of her clit. Gently circling it, there was an immediate flow of juices from her, coating her lips, making my fingers slide deeper.

She opened her legs wider and raised her hips towards me as I kissed her deeper and harder, wanting to take her now, holding back until the time was right. My fingers pressed harder as I rubbed her clit, needing her to cum for me. Her moans became deeper as she squirmed under my touch, one of her hands finding purchase on the bed, the other on my hip. Her orgasm overtook her and she broke away from our kiss, I roamed her face and neck, placing small kisses as her orgasm slowly subsided.

She sighed and opened her eyes.

"Hello again." I said. She simply smiled.

** He moved into me and wound one of his legs around mine, holding my hand as he watched my face intently. I wanted to look away but his hazel eyes held my blue ones and I just could not stop myself from being drawn in. Bemused I watched him with a small smile.

He broke the hold on my fingers and trailed his hand across my skin, so lightly I could barely feel it but enough to make me shiver, my body quivering as he passed his fingers over my stomach and hips, my eyes shutting as I melted into the feel of him, my breath catching making me moan. Suddenly he hit a sensitive spot and I shivered and squirmed involuntarily. I opened my eyes and giggled, telling him he had found a weak spot. He smiled and asked if there were any others, I knew my body was covered in them but I told him, it would be telling.

He kissed me and moved in closer still until I could feel his stomach against mine. I wanted to move back but he slid a hand around and over my backside, gliding over it. I relaxed to his touch, I could live with this all day I thought, it felt wonderful as my muscles started to unwind.

My fingers moved back to my nipple,. I moaned and arched my back as he gently played, cupping it in his hand and raising it to his mouth. He circled it with his tongue, the warmth of the wetness on it making me moan again, my wall starting to crack and crumble as he paid attention to me.

His hand left the warmth of my breast and his lips held my nipple as it fell gently. I felt his hand touch my stomach again and I quivered, the voice in my head screaming not to touch, not to draw attention to it. He gravelled over my hip and around the front of my stomach to brush across my freshly shaven mound. I moved onto my back, opening my legs slightly. I could feel him as his fingers slid across my lips and dipped into my wet cunt.

Lost in the kiss of him, I wrapped my arms tighter around him as his fingertip found the tip of my clit. It was like being hit with a bolt of lightening as he first flicked and then circled it, my cunt immediately wet, his fingers sliding deeper, I surrounded myself with the feeling of surrender, of want and need as I could feel the wetness making my lips slide along with his fingers.

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