tagLoving WivesA Different Kind Of Revenge

A Different Kind Of Revenge

byRob Conner©

Jim Nelson sat on the sofa waiting for his wife of sixteen years to come down the stairs. She had just come home from "working late" again, for the third time this week.

The bad thing was this was less than the usual for the last seven months. Late hours, multiple out of town trips and "Girls Nights Out" happened all too regularly.

That combined with the less sex, and then no sex for three months screamed that something was wrong with his marriage to Clara.

Jim loved his wife, but he wasn't brain dead either. It didn't take long to figure out that she was cheating on him with her boss Jed Allan.

The affair had started on an out of town business trip to Chicago. They had been going at it full throttle ever since.

The nasty comments and lack of affection had started along with her lack of interest in him or their marriage told the tale.

Most men would be chewing at the bit to end the marriage and kick the cheating woman to the curb.

But Jim Nelson wasn't most men.

He had a strong belief in right and wrong and most of all he hated to fail. Divorce would mean admitting failure and also breaking the vows he made before family, friends, his priest and most of all God.

Just because Clara had broken hers, didn't mean that he was going to do the same.

Plus that would give her what she probably wanted, an easy out. Not on his watch.

Call him stubborn. Call him a want a be martyr. But he believed that it was his duty to make her pay for her sins.

And he knew just what to do that would hurt her the most.

A life sentence in a loveless marriage.

As she came down the stairs he thought, "What a beautiful woman!" She used to be beautiful inside and out. Now just a pretty shell of what she once was.

"All right Jim what's so important that you just had to talk about it now. I've had a long hard day. Unlike you." She sneered.

"Have a seat, Darling." Jim said in a pleasant tone. "This discussion will be life changing."

"Okay, to start with. We're going to discuss household finances."

"We agreed that I would handle the everyday expenses and that the majority of your check would go into savings. That hasn't been happening." He said

"You haven't put a dime in the savings account for the last year. Not one red cent!" he exclaimed

Clara started to say something, but Jim snapped "Shut up. Let me finish."

"Either your spending has gone haywire or you're squirreling money away in another place. I believe it's the latter." He said

Reaching into his open briefcase on the coffee table, he pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to her.

"This how we will break down the payment of bills from now on. The mortgage and the utilities along with any necessary repairs will be split 50/50. We can buy our own groceries. You will pay your car payment and insurance and you will get your own health insurance. I'll pay my own car expenses and health insurance." He stated

Clara looked at him in amazement. "There's no way I'm paying half the mortgage and utilities. You make a lot more than I do."

"Tough luck. Take some of that money that you've been spending on your boy friend and use it to pay your share." He stated

To continue, I've cancelled all the joint credit cards. I used the money in savings to pay off the balances. I divided the remainder of the savings in half minus the last year's deposits which were all mine and opened a new account for you in your name alone. I also closed the joint checking account. I opened new accounts in my name alone in another bank." He said.

Clara finally seemed to catch her breath. "What the hell do you mean "My Boyfriend"? I don't have a boyfriend." She shouted.

Jim reached into his trusty briefcase and removed a large envelope which he threw to her.

She slowly opened the envelope and looked at the contents.

Inside were at least a hundred pictures of her and Jed in dozens of positions having sex. All were time and date stamped.

She knew she was stone cold busted. Her marriage was about to come to an end.

"I'm sorry Jim. I never wanted you to find out like this. I hoped it would run its course and you would be none the wiser." She said in a shaky voice. "I know you don't believe it but I do still love you. I never wanted our marriage to end."

Jim looked at her and shook his head.

"Did that statement come out of the cheaters handbook? That's what they all say when they get caught. Same old crap!"

"No! It's true. I do still love you! I just needed something different, something new. I still value our marriage." She cried.

"You loved me right, while you disrespected me on a daily basis, stopped all sex between us for the last three months and only "Mercy Fucks" for months before that, spending my money on your boyfriend. Doing things for him that you wouldn't do for me. Oral, anal, swallowing his cum. Things you said was too disgusting to do for me."

"You loved me your ass! All you loved was that I was paying the bills and taking care of the house while you played slut for your lover! Fuck you!" he hollered

Looking her in the eye, he said. "Guess what? It's time to play the piper." "Clara looked at him with tears in her eyes and asked, "Are you leaving me? Kicking me out?"

Jim stopped for a moment and got control of himself, before he answered. "Remember our wedding vows? I know you forgot the part about forsaking all others, but the rest included in good times and bad till death do us part."

"To me that's just what they mean, till death do us part. There will be no divorce. Ever." He stated.

"But there will be big changes, the money being one, your attitude another, our sex life the last."

"Clara relieved that he wasn't divorcing her, said. " I'll never see Jed again I swear. I'll quit my job and find another somewhere else, if you want me to. Anything you say, Jim. Just tell me and I'll do it, any kind of sex, anything. No matter how kinky. My body is yours to use as you please."

Jim laughed. "You can keep on screwing Jed forever for all I care. And as far as sex goes I'm going to make other arrangements. I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole you whore. The thought of you touching me makes me sick."

Clara, shocked asked, "Then why are we staying together?"

"Because I figure the best way to punish you is to keep you in a loveless marriage for the rest of your life." Jim answered

She answered, "This is a no fault state. I can divorce you. I'm not staying with you under those conditions."

"Wrong answer there, Sweetcakes. Here's why. If you try to divorce me, I'll kill everyone in your and Jed Allan's family. Then I'll cripple you and that shithead so the rest of your lives will be pure agony." Jim explained

"And if you try to have me arrested or committed, I've made arrangements for it to be done anyway." If I die, be it accidental or naturally it will happen. You better hope I live a long life. If I'm injured severely, it will happen." Jim explained

"I'm the only one who can stop it from happening. The only one." He said

"Now here are the rules. We will still sleep in the same bed. When others are around we will be that loving couple that we were before you became a whore. You will never disrespect me again. You will pay your fair share of the bills as I've written on that sheet I gave you. You can have sex with whomever you want, including Jed Allan. But you must be discreet." Jim stated.

"But a word of advice about you and Allan, people in your office are starting to talk about you two. You both have a morals clause in your contracts. If your big boss finds out you both could be out of a job. I'd advise you to cool it for awhile." Jim advised.

"Now I think I'm going to bed. It's been a long busy day." Jim said

"Tonight you can sleep in the guest room if you want, but only tonight." He added as he headed for the stairs.

"Sweet Dreams honey." He said

Clara watched as the man she thought she knew walked up the stairs.

"My God, what have I done to him to make him such a monster?" she asked herself.

"What am I going to do? Is there some way out of this mess?" she thought. The first thing she decided to do was to end it with Jed Allan. That's what got her into this mess in the first place.

Jim was right. People were starting to talk and neither of them could afford to lose their jobs.

Plus the shine was starting to wear off the affair. It was becoming boring and she had begun to feel cheap. The affair was about to reach its natural end anyway.

Neither she nor Jed loved each other or planned to leave their spouses. It was all about sex, which in all honesty wasn't really that good. Jim was a much better lover and better endowed.

What a dumb bitch she was, giving up her marriage for lousy sex.

Clara decided that she would be the best wife she could be under the circumstances and try to win Jim back. She hoped he still loved her, at least just a little.

The next Monday, Clara Nelson sat in her boss's office during the lunch break at work. Usually at this time they would be having sex on either his sofa or his desk.

But that was before last Friday night when she learned that her husband and knew all about their affair and his response to it.

She was going to tell Jed all about it and what she wanted from him.

"So Jed that's the story." She said. "And before you ask, yes he means every word. If you would have seen the look in his eyes you would have believed him too."

"What do you want to do? I could call my lawyer. Maybe we can have him locked up or something?" asked Jed

"Pay attention Jed! He said it was set for automatic if anything happened to him, death, illness or injury or commitment. He has all the bases covered."

"He's the kind of guy who does things for people without a thought to what was in it for him. People that he barely knows become life long friends who will do anything for him. It's just his personality. I also know that when he was younger he ran with a tough crowd." She said.

"So it could be one of a thousand people, maybe several different ones. But there is no doubt in my mind that what he promised will happen if we try anything." She stated.

"But the main thing is I feel so guilty about what I did to him and our marriage. He didn't do anything except try to be the best husband in the world." She said "And I thanked him by shitting all over him and turning him into a cuckold, spending his money on my lover and cutting him off from sex."

"All for lousy sex." She sighed

"What do you mean lousy sex?" Jed asked "You said I was the best lover you ever had."

"Sorry Honey but I lied. You probably are the worst I've ever had. Jim is a better lover and better endowed. You were just different. Along with the thrill of cheating and thinking I was getting away with it." She told her old lover.

"But as Jim said, it's time to pay the piper. I intend to do just that. I'm going to be the best wife that he'll let me be. I'll do anything he asks, no matter what it is. I just hope I can get him to love me again." She sighed

"Of course we are through. Jim was also right when he said people were starting to talk." She said.

"I'm giving you my two week notice. I have four weeks vacation coming. I'd like to get paid for two and use the other two in place of notice." She said

"Where will you go? Don't you need to work?" Jed asked.

"Susie Anderson has been trying to get me to work for her for months. I called today and she said I could start at the first of the month. More money and no late night's weekends or travel." answered Clara.

Jed sighed. "Okay. I call Human Resources and payroll to get things started."

He smiled and asked, "How about a quickie for old time's sake?"

"Are you an idiot or what? He had pictures of us in this office having sex. I'm not about to press my luck!" she stated

Clara didn't tell him that Jim said he didn't care if she had sex with Jed. She decided that she really didn't like him and wouldn't have sex again with him for a room full of cash.

All she wanted was to leave this mess behind her and get on with her life as best she could.

After cleaning out her desk, getting her check and saying goodbye to the few friends she had left at the office, she stopped by the store and got food for supper. She decided that she would start off on a good foot and cook for her husband. Something she hadn't done for awhile.

One of the many things she hadn't done for awhile.

But she had to start somewhere and cooking dinner seemed a good a place as any.

When Jim came through the door at his normal time he smelled his favorite dinner cooking, roast and mashed potatoes. Wow, this was a surprise.

He thought Clara would sulk for a least a month or two before she accepted the situation.

Clara walked in the room wearing shorts and a belly shirt.

She smiled at him and said, "Hi love. I've got your favorite meal cooking and bought a bottle of your favorite wine. Dinner will be ready in thirty minutes, time for you to shower and change if you want to."

Jim almost said something nasty about not being her love and telling her to stick the food up her butt. But she had gone through a lot of trouble and she appeared to be trying to make the best of the situation. So he decided to try also.

"Okay Clara. I need a good shower after the day I had today. I'll be down in twenty." Jim said. "Dinner smells really good."

He patted her on the shoulder as he walked by.

Clara was very surprised. She thought he'd cuss her and leave the house. But he was pleasant and complemented her on the food. Maybe there was some hope after all. The friendly pat on the shoulder is what surprised her the most. He said the thought of touching her made him ill.

All she could do was hope.

After his shower Jim came down and sat at his normal place at the table.

Clara brought the food out and set it on the table.

She asked, "Jim would you mind pouring the wine? I have it breathing on the sideboard."

They sat down at the table and enjoyed their meal as they had in times past, but not in the last six or eight months.

The food was delicious and Jim told her so.

She smiled and thanked him. She then proceeded to tell him about her day.

"Jim, I quit my job today. I also cut it off with Jed Allan. I got another job with Susie Anderson starting at the first of the month." She said

He looked at her and said, "That's fine if that's what you want to do. I don't care about Jed Allan but I have to say I'm not sorry that you broke it off with him."

Smiling he said, "Tell me about your new job."

Inside Clara was glad that she did what she had today.

"Susie has been trying to get me to work for her for awhile. But I liked my old job so I put her off." She said. "But this one pays more, very few late hours and weekends and no travel."

"The only problem is Susie is sometime temperamental and tends to fly off the handle at little stuff. But we discussed it and she said she would try to calm down and that I would ignore her outbursts if possible. That was how I got more money." Clara smiled.

"That's good. I'm glad you found something so quick that you liked." Jim answered.

Clara said, "It also gives us more time to work on our marriage."

Jim started to speak but Clara cut him off.

"I know Jim. You said our marriage was going to be a way to punish me. But I thought about it last night and realized how wrong I was and how badly I treated you."

"I know you probably hate me and you have every right to do so. But I decided that I'm going to do everything I can to be the best wife that you'll allow me to be. I'll do anything you want, anything. I'll take what you're willing to give me." She said

"Today was the start of a new day in our marriage. Cooking dinner and getting your favorite wine were small steps. If you had cussed me and thrown the food on the floor, I would have taken it without comment. That's what I deserve. But your pat on the shoulder and your kind words made my day. As I said Jim, I'll take whatever I can get." She said looking at the floor.

He looked at her for a minute thinking about what he was going to say.

Jim spoke," My first thought was to tell you I wasn't your love and to stick your food up your ass. But I decided that you were trying to make the best of this situation and maybe I should do the same."

"Your news about a new job with fewer hours was also nice. Part of me wonders why you didn't do it before, but you can't change the past. I also liked the fact that you cut dickhead Jed loose even though I told you that you could continue to fuck him." Jim explained.

"I have no idea where we'll end up but if it means less friction and a better home life I'm all for it. But don't think all is forgotten and were like we were before. That if it ever happens is a long time away. But your actions today make me feel a lot better." Jim stated.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. She said, Thanks Jim. I know I have a long way to go but thanks for letting me try. Like I said I'll do anything for you."

"But can I ask one favor, Please? Will you hug me for just one minute? She asked

She got up and walked to his chair. Getting up he hugged her tight and felt her heart racing.

Maybe there was hope for them after all.

End of Part One.

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No where does it say these are true stories, why do some people want to make them real. Enjoy the free stories some are better than others but, all are free! The writers are brave enough to submit thesemore...

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Anothe phyco husband. She had Stockholm syndrome he will kill her one day.

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Just needed to cook a roast for dinner

Great information to share. If you get caught cheating all you gotta do is cook your guy a roast and all is forgiven. Who knew!

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Unfinished as of 12 Jan '18.

1 star without an ending.

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Just don't like stories where nothing or little happens to the interloper! He should have gotten fucked up big time!

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