tagErotic HorrorA Dish Best Eaten Cold

A Dish Best Eaten Cold


How I hated him, I hated him enough to even damn myself. From my birth he had always been there and had taken from me my pleasures. Stolen my fortune. As I grew he took from me those women who I had taken an interest in. What is more I was considered a friend to this vile, bullying man.

Then one day I determined upon my revenge. I read long and hard till I came upon the perfect revenge upon this condescending ape. Many a night and day I planned and learnt the skills that I would need. Each day that I would smile into his hateful face and watch him despoil and destroy those about him. His laughter would cut into me yet I would laugh with him.

A year to the day of my resolution to strike down my enemy I was ready to commence my plan. I was clever a word here and a sentence there. I tempted him and waited. Oh he quickly came to me and invited me to dinner. Alcohol flowed and he tried to be clever yet I was cleverer and set my trap carefully.

Haltingly I described the woman I had found that she would only meet from behind a wall. How I could be pleasured by her from behind the wall never knowing what my angel looked like. Still I knew she must be the most beautiful and virtuous of women. In short I sounded like a love-sick fool.

He must have wanted to laugh at me but merely smiled his wickedly sweet smile and nodded at my statements. Two days later I took a cab to a run down tenement that was deserted. I knew he followed me and I made sure that I brought him to the wall that I had described so vividly. I stayed there speaking softly and sweetly and waiting for my revenge to happen.

Leaving I saw him hiding behind a wall and I left with a jaunty air and smile on my lips. No doubt he would wait until I was gone and so I left. Carefully I made my way to a place behind the wall and listened as he charmed my lover. He would hear sweet words to his questions and laughing he asked for the pleasure of her.

Musical laughter greeting his question and ever forward he thrust his cock through the hole in the fence. How he loves his cock I thought as I saw it thrust forward. Long slim fingers touched it caressed it and made it grow. Precum dripped from the head and was caught in a soft tender mouth that blew on his cock. The fingers pulled him closer to the waiting lips and his balls rested against the edge.

He grunted now as the lips slipped over his hard flesh and teeth teased him as they slid down his cock. The fingers wrapped firmly about the balls and base of his cock as he felt the lips slip back and forth over his cock. A soft sucking mixed with his grunts and cries of pleasure and the mouth slipped over and away from his tense cock and the balls were milked.

He screamed with pleasure and his balls tightened and cum shot through his cock into the mouth. A mouth that milked and drained him. A mouth that slipped down the length of his cock and over the sac of his balls.

A mouth full of razor sharp teeth that slashed and cut away his cock as it held him hard against the wall. It snapped shut with a reassuring hiss as his creams stained the air of the empty building. Clever fingers sowed skin together and inserted a gold spigot in place of his severed cock so that he could piss.

There were no longer screams now merely whimpers that ended as morphine sent him into a deep slumber.

They found him later and he was mad of course. A eunuch this man who had ruined many a young woman. How his so-called friends laughed at his loss and he lost his money. He even came into my tender care and I would treat him like the poor creature he was keeping him locked away from an uncaring world and teaching him the joys of being a submissive woman.

Late at night I would caress my lover, that creation of brass, iron and soft rubber that had taken his cock at the apex of his pleasure and delivered it up to me that day. I smile as I use my soft leather purse for change.

It is special and I always tell people how it was the sac that carried the balls of an obnoxious predator. Yet even more pleasurable is the memory of that night.

Did you know that when the Matadors make a kill of an especially courageous bull they eat its testicles and cock to give them his strength? I ate well that night.

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