tagLoving WivesA Dominant Wife

A Dominant Wife

byEnglish Bob©

"A woman without her man is nothing"

Punctuated reads:

"A woman: without her, man is nothing"

Daniel Jackson most certainly agreed with the latter statement. It hadn't always been like that though, oh no. Over the past twenty years, Jackson considered that he had conquered the business and technological world. A senior VP for a multi national company, he had struggled up the corporate ladder from humble beginnings. He had the benefit of little formal education and had worked and schemed hard to attain his current level of status.

He had always been a little unsure of women and, as most of his earlier years were spent working long hours at the office, most of the females that he encountered were also employees of the company. As his career unfolded and his level of seniority developed, Jackson found himself supervising many of the female office workers. He treated them all much the same; they were there for the purpose of his delegation - to make his job easier - and he used them as he would any other business tool. But he did manage to get to know a few of them a little better - on a personal basis. He could recall several Christmas parties where he had kissed and occasionally fondled one or other of the secretaries or clerks in the privacy of his office. One occasion particularly stuck in his memory.

It had been at a retirement party several years ago. At the time, Jackson had employed a tall, leggy brunette as his personal assistant. Her name was Maria and as much as Jackson was wary of her presence, he could do little to stop himself ogling her classic features and large voluptuous breasts. It seemed to him that Maria had been wearing lower cut blouses recently, almost teasing him with brief glimpses of her creamy skin or the lacy white bras that she habitually wore, but he was far too professional, far too frightened, in fact, to ever take the situation any further. It was Maria, as it was with the limited amount of other women whom Jackson had been with, that made the first move. In the relative darkness of a secluded corner of the general office she had pulled him close. Her breasts crushed against his chest and her lips locked with his in a passionate embrace. As soon as his own lips responded, Maria almost dragged her boss into his private office. She blouse was open in a second and with a little encouragement, Jackson's hands went straight to her tits. As she directed his movements, he squeezed and manipulated her engorged nipples while she moaned and squealed her obvious delight. It seemed to Jackson a reversal of roles as Maria moaned her instructions to him. Her voice was becoming more excited, her breath coming in short ragged gasps as she demanded his continuance. As she approached her orgasm, Maria suddenly pushed him away and jumped up onto his desk. Her skirt was up around her trim waist in a second and, spreading her long legs wide, she pulled the gusset of her damp panties to one side revealing a perfectly shaved pussy.

"Eat me" she demanded, "eat my pussy, Mr. Jackson. You know you want to and I can't wait any longer! Do it now! Come on, eat me out!"

As if in a different world, an unfamiliar submissive world, Jackson fell to his knees and began the most enjoyable task of licking his personal assistant to orgasm. Her high heeled shoes drummed on his back as her climax overtook her. She shook, she trembled, she called him the most obscene names he had ever heard and as Maria flooded his face with her juice, Jackson creamed his shorts without even being touched. The experience with Maria and several other girls that worked for the company, taught Jackson one thing: He needed to be dominated in his love life - he needed a woman to take charge.

It was later that he met Talia, the woman that was to become his wife. Female executives were by now becoming far more prolific in the company and Talia came with extremely impressive credentials. Although, essentially, Jackson was still her manager, Talia made it perfectly clear from her first day at work that she was a strong, dominant woman who demanded to be treated with the respect that her position deserved. This was clearly a different type of woman and Jackson fell in love with her at first sight. Over the following months a relationship developed between the couple. Jackson was delighted that Talia always seemed to take the lead whenever they made love, and they had known each other for less than a year when she proposed to him.

Over the years their relationship developed further. Talia was more than happy that she had found a man who would so willingly submit to her every fantasy and desire. She bought her husband hand and ankle cuffs, collars and leashes and other products to facilitate his submission. For Jackson's part, he was happy to indulge in any of his wife's fantasies - if she was happy, he was happy.

It wasn't until the second year of their union that Talia first broached the subject of introducing another person to their bedroom. At first Jackson was surprised and a little hurt that she would want another slave besides himself. Talia explained that no other person could take his place as her ultimate submissive. She wanted a lover on her own terms - one that she could treat as an equal. Inevitably, Jackson willingly agreed. Talia already had an idea who she was going to invite to share her bed and a date was set.

The day of the encounter finally arrived. Talia had taken the day off to go shopping and prepare herself while Dan Jackson went to work as usual. The day was uncomfortable for him. Constantly his mind returned to thoughts of what was to happen later. Who would be the third person? Would he, Jackson, be able to hear the sounds of a stranger making love to his wife as they grunted their ecstasy? Would Talia prefer the stranger to him? It was impossible to concentrate on his work and he was pleased when 5pm finally rolled around and he could justify leaving the office for the day. On the way home in the car, Jackson's mind was still vivid with pictures of his wife lying naked with an unknown man plunging his large tool into her vagina. He was faintly surprised to discover that, while his mind had been working overtime, his body had as well and he now sported a throbbing erection beneath his suit trousers. It was dark as he drove and, for a moment, he considered the idea of masturbating. Thinking of the dangers of doing this on a busy highway, he quickly pushed the thought to the back of his mind, shuffled in his seat and pressed his foot a little further down on the throttle. Fifteen minutes later Daniel Jackson pulled up into the driveway of his house.

As he settled himself in the lounge with a glass of brandy, Talia was nowhere to be seen. She could not be seen but she could certainly be heard. The sounds of her voice were coming from the spare bedroom and were the sounds of a woman engaged in the throes of sexual excitement. Jackson shivered slightly. It was not cold in the house, but to hear his wife's voice in such a situation; loudly exclaiming the obvious virtues of her lovers penis, had the hair on the back of his neck standing up. Should he climb the stairs and greet them? Should he stay and listen? Should he leave and let her enjoy her lover? The questions just swam through his mind. Almost on cue, his thoughts were answered as he heard his wife's voice.

"Danny? Is that you? Get up here right now, slave! See how I should be fucked properly!" Jackson was quite used to his wife demeaning him - he thoroughly enjoyed it! But in front of another man? He wasn't sure at all. But he was certainly not about to cause displeasure to his wife, his Mistress, so quietly and with foreboding he ascended the steep stairs.

As he swung open the door to the spare bedroom the words of greeting stuck in his throat. He was not sure exactly what he had expected to find, but it was certainly not this! On the bed in front of him lay Talia, naked but for a pair of black seamed stockings. Assaulting her prone body was not one, but two muscular strangers. Both men were tall and fit looking. One had light, almost blonde hair whilst the others head was covered in thick, black tresses. Both had large, thick cocks and were using them expertly on Talia: blondie was between her outstretched legs and thrusting his weapon solidly into her gaping vagina, while black-hair was stuffing his wide tool deep into her mouth. Jackson stood open mouthed and simply stared at the scene before him. If his earlier erection had subsided at all, then it was certainly back with a vengeance now! A towel lay beneath Talia's bottom and, from the state of its soaked appearance, it seemed that the three of them had been fucking for some time.

With a groan of satisfaction black-hair suddenly pulled his cock from between Talia's lips and began to ejaculate thickly. Long white ropes of cum splashed her face and blonde hair, eventually running in meandering rivulets over her cheeks and chin to drip obscenely onto her breasts and stiff nipples. Talia coughed and spluttered slightly as the semen entered her mouth. She began to push blondie away from her pussy causing him to remonstrate and indicate his throbbing and, as yet, unsatisfied cock.

"No baby, my cunt's too sore now. But don't worry, we'll find something for you to put it in!" she said with a wink. "Get over here, my slave, I need you to lick my swollen pussy and make it feel good!"

Jackson recognised his cue and, a little reluctantly in front of the leering strangers, began to strip his clothes off. He knew how his wife wanted to be eaten, and him being naked whilst doing it was almost a prerequisite. Once his clothes were shed, Jackson climbed up onto the bed and between his wife's naked thighs. He looked down at her hole. It was wide and dilated, she had obviously been fucked several times by both of the big-cocked strangers. Slowly, Jackson peeled back the silky lips of her labia. A blob of semen oozed out and touched his finger. Not quite knowing what to do with the sticky liquid, he quickly brought his finger to his lips and sucked the fluid from the digit. He was surprised by the taste: salty, but not at all unpleasant. He repeated the procedure and scooped up a little more and sucked again. The taste was definitely growing on him, he thought. But Talia was becoming impatient.

"Come on, slave, eat me! Eat my wet pussy! Make sure you get all of that lovely cream out with your tongue." He obeyed her command and began to slowly lave his tongue up and down her swollen slit as she continued. "Mmmmm...oh yes...that's a good boy!......I've been fucked over and over this afternoon......oh yes...just there..mmmm that's right.........David here has even fucked me in my ass! What do you think about that, my slave-slut?"

Jackson flinched when he heard his wife's words. He had never been requested to perform that service for her, but it did sound good! It also sounded interesting to experience it from her perspective as well - to be on the receiving end, so to speak! As if reading his mind, Talia spoke again.

"I think that David is in need of a final release now. I want you to make him feel wanted, Danny. Take him into your ass. Let him fuck you while you lick my clitty.....I want you to do this for me."

Even if Jackson had a mind to argue there would not have been enough time. With his head positioned and held firmly between his wife's legs and his naked ass in the air, he was in the perfect submissive position. He felt an extra weight on the bed as blondie climbed on, and then, for the first time in his life, Danny Jackson felt the hot flesh of another man's cock at the entrance to his butt. Talia was moaning and bucking in the throes of yet another tingling orgasm as he heard the man spit and then felt slick fingers pry open his nether hole. He felt frightened and not a little apprehensive, but if his Mistress so desired this, he would endure it.

A sharp stab of pain from his rear preceded a groan of agony that escaped his lips as he felt the initial inches of blondie's cock enter his back door. He screwed his eyes tight shut and sucked hard at Talia's swollen clit as the stranger began to work his length inside. Deeper and deeper the invading phallus probed and Jackson found that his whole body was being pulled back onto it with muscular hands around his waist.

"Don't fight it," he heard his wife's whispered voice, "just let it happen, the pain will soon go and you can enjoy the sensation!"

On her instruction, Jackson took a deep breath and tried to relax his muscles. He was surprised at how quickly Talia was proved correct; the pain began to diminish almost immediately and was replaced by a warm luxuriant feeling. Jackson groaned deeply into the wet folds of Talia's pussy as he began to accept the ass fucking. His face was coated with her juices now and as she pulled away slightly he opened his eyes and could see the mixture of her vaginal fluid and the male seed that oozed from her hole. He could also see black-hair standing over his wife with a renewed erection that he was slowly working backwards and forwards in his fist as Talia caressed his large hanging testicles.

The pain had now completely vanished as blondie began to fuck his ass with long, practised strokes. The blonde haired stranger groaned and moaned his delight at how tight Jackson's rear entrance felt as he began to drive his penis into him with longer and harder thrusts. Jackson was keeping his eyes firmly on black-hair and Talia as the other man jerked himself towards another climax. Danny felt himself looking forward to the dark haired man's release and hoped that some of the thick liquid would come his way. He was not to be disappointed. With a groan of unbridled ecstasy the man pulled back hard on his foreskin and allowed a jet of semen to fly from the tip of his cock and hit Jackson squarely in the face the liquid running down and pooling on his lips. Danny considered that cum tasted even better direct from the source and lapped at the mess around his mouth eagerly. As he swallowed and swallowed black-hair's continued discharge, Danny heard blondie gasp from behind him. His butt felt suddenly stretched as blondie's cock swelled in preparation for his climax and within a second Jackson experienced the full force of the orgasm as blondie lunged into him, burying his tool to the hilt and emptied the contents of his balls deep inside Danny's hole. The force of the man's orgasm caused Danny's cock to twitch wildly beneath him. His balls tightened and he knew what was about to happen. With his ass still full of cock, Jackson felt his whole body shudder and release his pent up tension. His cock spurted and spurted leaving a pool of semen on the bed sheet and Danny collapsed in exhaustion.

Jackson awoke a few dreamless hours later with a burning sensation in his ass. The two men had long since departed and Talia was sat on a chair by the bed with her legs spread, her fingers working feverishly on her engorged clit. As Danny's eyes opened and his vision cleared, he was just in time to see his Mistress bucking her hips in a self induced climax. He tried to reach behind him to locate the cause of the burning sensation but found that he was unable to move his hands or feet.

"Don't try and move, baby!" he heard his wife gasp as her orgasm subsided, "I've tied your wrists and ankles and put a butt plug in you. You looked so sexy and helpless, I just had to bring myself off while I looked at you! David and Roy both said that they enjoyed their day with me, with us. It's strange - neither of them are gay, but they both fucked you without a second thought!"

"Both of them? I thought it was only the blonde guy, er, David that did me?"

"Well, he did you first! After you passed out, Roy asked my permission to fuck your ass as well, and after the wonderful orgasms that I enjoyed on his cock, I could hardly refuse such a simple request could I?"

Jackson nodded slowly and lovingly as he watched the juice trickle from his wife's open and used vagina.

"But what about the plug? Why did you do that, Mistress?"

"I want you to get used to it, my slave. I have promised our two new friends that they can use you whenever they wish - with my permission, obviously - I want you to become accustomed to having a large object thrust into your ass, I have another friend who is even larger and I don't want you to get damaged. I have lots of plans for the future!"

Daniel Jackson closed his eyes and, not for the first time, thanked his luck for having such a wonderful and perverse wife.

- The End -

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