tagGroup SexA Dream Cum True

A Dream Cum True


I was sitting at home with Pugsley (my Pug), and it was cold and raining outside. I decided to start some dinner - Filet Mignons sounded good when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find you standing there with an umbrella, long coat and 6 inch heals. We left the umbrella outside and I invited you in. I asked if I could take your coat, but you said you wanted to leave it on for a while as you were still a little chilly.

We sat down on the couch and you snuggled right up next to me and placed your hand on my inner thigh. I put my arm around you and began to gently kiss your neck - behind and below your ear. You let out a little moan, so I knew you were enjoying it. My lips moved around to lightly brush across yours. We kissed - softly at first until our tongues touched. Our tongues began to intertwine as our kisses became more and more passionate.

I moved my hand to inside of your coat to discover you only had a sheer lace bra on with matching panties. Now I really knew what you really wanted. I stood up, grabbed you by your hair, tore off the coat and brought you into the bedroom where I threw you on the bed and tied you down. Next came a ball gag and a blindfold. I didn't want you to see what was going to happen, and I didn't want to hear any complaints (we did have a safe word though).

Right in front of you I called two of my buddies and told them I had a cheap little fucking cum slut spread eagle on my bed who wanted to be tortured and fucked. You tried to complain a little so I slapped your face and told you to shut the fuck up. The guys were on their way.

As soon as I hung up, I grabbed a paddle and began to spank your tits and nipples. I wanted your tits to be the same color as your nipples so the paddling got harder and harder. While one was being paddled, I was squeezing the other and pinching and pulling the nipple. First one tit then the other. Once your nipples were hard, the clamps went on and I started to paddle your pussy and inner thighs. I used my free hand to put clothespins on your tits around your nipples. Each one made you cry out a little more as the pain began to increase. I tied all the clips together so they became a zipper.

Next came the clit clamp and clothes pins all around your cunt. About that time, the guys showed up and immediately got undressed. One guy pulled out your ball gag and shoved his cock down your throat causing you go gag a little. At one point, he shoved his cock all the way down then plugged your nose so you couldn't breathe. He pulled his cock out since you were coughing and gagging. When you caught your breath, he shoved it right back in and continued choking you out.

The other guy grabbed some candles and we lit them while you were being face fucked. We ripped the zipper of clothespins off your tits causing you intense pain and you screamed out as loud as you could with a hard dick shoved down your throat. We began dripping hot wax on your tits and nipples - both at the same time. When your nipples were completely covered with wax, I used a paddle to slap it off you so we could drip some more directly on your squirming body.

While all of this was going on, the guy that was face fucking you was about to cum. He was still choking you as he shot an enormous of hot cum right down your throat. You were coughing and gagging and started to spit it out, but he forced you to keep your mouth closed and swallow everything like a good little cheap whore. You finally let out a little wisp of air as if you were going to be able to breathe, however, we had other plans and another cock was shoved right back down your fucking throat.

More wax was now being dripped on you. First on your hard red nipples, then on your inner thighs. Your pain was obvious, however your cunt looked like it was getting wet from the enjoyment of the pain. From your inner thighs, hot wax started to invade your clit. The hood over your clit was pulled back so the wax dripped directly on the ever hardening little pink joy of love. Each drop made you scream out in pain. No longer did the wax on your nipples hurt since your clit pain was so much more intense.

Once your clit was covered in wax, I decided the best way to remove it was by punishing it with a riding crop. First on your inner thighs, then your pussy, followed by directly on the clit. It was a successful way to remove the wax and punish your completely swollen piece of flesh at the same time. You were so sexually stimulated and turned on at this point that your cunt had small droplets of natural lubrication dripping out of it. I knew you wanted to cum but that wasn't going to happen yet.

The throat fucking continued and I decided to suck and bite your clit as I was munching on your soaking wet twat. I'd lick your pussy for a while -- slow and deep with my tongue then I'd move to your clit. I was licking it, then sucking on it and finally nibbling it. I grabbed a 9 inch dildo and began inserting it into your pussy, while still using my mouth and tongue to increase your level of excitement. You were meeting each thrust of the dildo as I was slowly moving in and out of your pussy. I stopped for a moment, only to grab a set of large vibrating anal beads and forced them in your ass. Once they were all the way in, I went back to work on your clit and cunt with my tongue. The dildo was moving a little deeper and faster with each stroke. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Your cunt was begging for more and more as your body was arched trying to get the cock as deep inside of you as possible. I stopped licking your clit and replaced my mouth with a little bullet vibrator. You were screaming and moaning as each thrust of the cock would find it way deep inside of you. You were now begging me to let you cum, but you were having a difficult time getting the words out since the cock in your mouth had just exploded with another load of hot sticky cum.

Just before you reached a climax, I pulled the anal beads out as well as the dildo and removed the vibrator from your clit. You cried out since you were only seconds away form an extreme and intense climax. You now new that we had just left you edging and wanting. Too bad bitch -- you got to wait until I'm ready for you to cum -- this would not be your decision.

When your level of excitement had slightly subdued, we started back up with you. This time it was my turn to shove my cock in your mouth. You wanted us to remove the blindfold so you could see what was happening, but being the cheap little fucking whore that you are, your desires were denied.

Your legs were untied, only to be brought up over your shoulders and tied to your hands. In this position, your pussy was spread wide open and your ass was up off the bed, exposed to its upcoming punishment.

While I was shoving my cock as deep in your throat as I could, I was also choking you until you almost passed out several times. I was also slapping your face for being a bad whore. You kept complaining and begging us to stop, but your moans and wetness were evidence that you were actually enjoying the punishment your body was receiving. One of the guys grabbed a whip and the other one a paddle. Your tits and nipples were being punished with the paddle while your ass, the back of your thighs and clit were receiving similar punishment with the whip. As your tits were getting redder, your ass and thighs were developing welts across them from the riding crop. Your clit was also experiencing punishment from the crop. Just when you thought you had reached the peak of pain, I put a drop of Tabasco on your clit. At first you didn't feel any pain but after a few seconds, the pain began to increase until you were begging us to help you. An ice cube on your clit seemed appropriate now. It was first rubbed on your clit, and then inserted into your cunt, along with several more, Additional ones were shoved deep in your tight ass.

When I felt you had finally reached your peak level of pain and stimulation, I figured it was time to let you have you climax. I untied your legs and one guy managed to squeeze underneath you so he could have access to shove his huge cock in your ass. The other guy got on top and began to pump your dripping wet cunt. Slowly at first, then increasingly faster and harder. I knew you enjoyed having your pussy pumped, and I also knew you would love to have your clit stimulated at the same time. You were now being fucked in all three of your holes. I untied your hands so you could hold a vibrating bullet exactly where it brought you the greatest pleasure. We were all shoving our cocks in and out of your holes and you were bucking like an untamed animal to meet each thrust. Your screams and moans were getting louder and louder and I knew you were about to cum. I shot my load down your throat and just as you started to cum, I increased my squeeze on your throat to multiply your level of pleasure. Both guys came, filling your holes with their hot cum just as your climax began. You were screaming and grabbing hold of the bed as your climax increased and continued for a longer period of time than you had ever experienced in your life before. You ended up having several orgasms in a matter of a few seconds. Your body was quivering and twitching for several minutes as the guys got dressed and left. Once the were out the door, I laid down beside you and removed your blindfold. I held you and cuddled with you until we both fell asleep.


My greatest fantasy and dream had just come true -- I just had the most exciting experience of my life with a lady that is nothing short of a goddess and a queen. When I woke up in the morning, I found I was actually sleeping in my chair in the living room. It all had been a dream, but that was okay. It was so real I felt it had really happened. I know the chances of this fantasy happening are less than slim, but dreams sometimes do come true. I can continue dreaming and fantasizing - After all, having a dream about you is better then having physical sex with anyone else.

I hope you enjoyed this story. I definitely enjoyed writing it.

All my love,


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