tagGroup SexA Fantasy Fulfilled In San Franciso

A Fantasy Fulfilled In San Franciso


On a recent trip to San Francisco, I was able to help a new friend fulfill a fantasy. The way it came together was quite serendipitous and this is the way it happened.

I flew in to San Francisco on Tuesday from Atlanta on a Delta flight glad to be returning to a city where I had spent a good deal of time on a previous assignment several years ago. This is a great city and a visual treat at every turn starting with the San Francisco skyline and the Bay capped by the Golden Gate Bridge. The sun was shining brightly as I entered the city in my rented car. The city looked stunning and I marveled at how beautiful it was with the sun shimmering on the slightly choppy Bay waters.

I drove to one of my favorite hotels, The Donatello near Union Square. It is a fairly small hotel with less than one hundred rooms and it is very elegant and luxurious. I checked in to a very lovely and politely trained woman in her early thirties. After checking in and before I got to the elevators, I received a call on my cell phone and stopped in the beautifully appointed lobby to take the call.

The call from a client was a bit tedious so I sat in a plush chair and spotted a lovely blonde woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She had long, blonde hair, blue eyes and a low cut blouse and short skirt. She smiled at me knowing that I was checking her out while talking on the phone. She kept crossing and uncrossing her beautiful and fit legs. I have always had a weakness for nice legs and hers definitely got my attention.

As I listened to my client drone on and on about a sticky issue, I could not take my eyes off of the lovely female form in front of me. And the way she kept smiling at me I was not sure if she thought she might know me. There was no one else around so I was certain she was smiling at me. And the way she kept showing off those lovely legs, I was beginning to get a boner.........a bit uncomfortable in the hotel lobby.

Once I concluded my call I hung up but stayed in the chair long enough to check email on my cell phone while keeping an eye on the lovely young woman across the lobby. I could not resist the urge to walk across the lobby dragging my roll on suitcase. As I approached the lovely woman, she smiled at me with beautiful and perfect white teeth. She was even lovelier as I got closer.

As I approached her chair she pushed her skirt down just a bit as I said, "Hello, my name is Jack. What's yours?"

She extended her hand while remaining seated. This caused me to lean down a bit allowing me a view down her low cut blouse revealing her lovely and perky 34C breasts. She appeared to be about 5 feet, 4 inches and a petite 115 pounds. She was very fit and perfectly proportioned.

She shook my hand firmly and said, "My name is Marie. It's nice to meet you."

I asked her if she was staying in the hotel and she told me that she only came in for a drink while waiting for someone. She also told me that she lived and worked in San Francisco. She was 24 years old. I have two sons older than she is.

As I sat in the chair next to her I checked her out again. She seemed too lovely to be real. Her lovely smile, tight fit body and soft intelligent tone of speaking captivated me immediately. Even though I am old enough to be her father, I was totally charmed by this elegant young woman. I found out she was married with no children and very smart.

I suggested that we get a drink and took my bag to the bellman so he could take it up to my room. We walked to the bar and both ordered a glass of white wine. After all, it was still early in San Francisco so the single malt scotch could wait until later.

The more we talked, the more enthralled I became. Marie was smart, sexy and sassy and had an air of self confidence that I found very appealing. We talked and laughed easily and were soon talking like old friends in spite of our age difference. I found myself touching her leg gently and she responded by touching my hand or arm as she spoke.

After another glass of wine the conversation took on a sexual overtone. She told me that she liked older men and then quickly smiled and said, "I probably should not have mentioned that."

I asked her if she found me attractive and she told me, "Yes, I think you are hot." She smiled and pushed her skirt down again. It was a losing battle and I was glad. Her legs were lovely.

I must admit I was flattered hearing such a statement from this lovely young woman. No one had said anything like this to me in a number of years.

Finally I asked Marie if she would like to come up to my room while I changed clothes. She agreed and we took the elevator to the top floor where we entered the delightfully furnished room with the king size bed. I remembered why I like the Hotel Donatello so much. The ten foot ceilings added to the luxurious feeling of the room.

Marie took a seat and I asked if she wanted something to drink. She asked for water and I took a bottle from the small fridge and handed it to her. As I did, she stood up and pressed her luscious body against my chest. I kissed her deeply and she melted into my arms. Her perky young breasts felt wonderful against my chest.

We spoke not a word as I slowly pulled her skirt up while kissing her. Soon my hands were on her bare ass and I kneaded her very fine and fit ass with my strong hands. She began unbuttoning my shirt and in short order we were both naked. As we climbed into bed she told me she had never cheated on her husband before but somehow she was attracted to me and trusted me from the first moment she saw me in the lobby. It was quite flattering.

We pulled the down comforter down revealing 1,000 count sheets. They appeared to be Egyptian cotton, soft and white. We crawled under the sheets and embraced passionately kissing each other deeply while our hands roamed all over each other's bodies.

I quickly moved my mouth to Marie's lovely breasts sucking and biting on her erect nipples. What gorgeous tits. My fingers also found her hot, wet pussy and she was already dripping wet. I inserted first one then two fingers into her and she rewarded me with a gushing climax.

Marie grabbed my cock and stroked my rock hard boner into a pulsing python. I was so horny it took all my will power to move my mouth down to her totally shaved and dripping wet pussy. It smelled divine and tasted even better. As I stuck my tongue into her wet slit, Marie moaned and climaxed again and again. I ate her pussy like a man possessed. She grabbed me by the hair and moaned, almost a scream, as I continued my assault on her love box. She continued to reward me with hot, wet climaxes as she enjoyed my oral ministrations. I was proud of my performance.

Soon I crawled up her lovely frame to meet her soft, wet lips. We kissed passionately again as she sucked her love juice from my lips and tongue. She whispered in my ear, "Fuck me now, Jack. I need your cock in me."

I stuck all 7.5 inches into her in one swift move. She was so wet I sunk all the way to the bottom of her very tight pussy. It was obvious she had had no children and she felt incredible. Her pussy wrapped around my cock in a perfect fit. We soon found a rhythm and were fucking furiously within minutes. It took every bit of my will power to delay my climax but I was about to explode. Marie continued to raise her sweet ass off the sheets while I pulled her legs into the air and over my shoulders reaching as deep as I could inside her.

Soon I told her I needed to cum and she begged me to pull out of her so I could cum on her tits. It was impossible to do so and I exploded into her pussy with spurt after spurt of hot, white cum. It briefly occurred to me that I might get her pregnant but that thought was quickly lost as she kept her tight vagina wrapped around my throbbing cock. I kissed her again thinking how much I liked this woman I had only met a couple of hours ago. She was a truly delightful woman in every way and a marvelous fuck.

We laid in the king sized bed for several minutes, drinking water and continuing the warm afterglow of hot, passionate sex. Marie was not only lovely to look at but an engaging conversationalist........smart, witty and fun.

She leaned in to kiss me and asked if I would like to do her a favor. Of course I said yes (I would have said yes to almost anything she wanted me to do after our wonderful time in bed).

She thanked me for giving her so much pleasure and she told me that for some reason she really trusted me...............something about her first instinct and impression. She said, "I have always wanted to be gang banged but it is something my husband would never allow me to do but I really want the excitement of being fucked by several men knowing that as soon as I finish with one there would be another and another. And the thought of all those men cumming inside me or on me just makes me so fucking hot I can't stand it. Would you help me do that while you are in town?"

I was both surprised and flattered and told her I would have to do some research. She asked how long I was going to be in town and I told her at least three days as I had business meetings and a trade show to attend. She said, "Perfect..............will you help me?"

I said yes and we agreed to get together on Thursday night with details to be worked out over the next couple of days. She promised to come by the hotel to blow me or fuck me any time I wanted to leading up to Thursday evening. I must admit I really didn't see this one coming but then things always happen when you least expect them to.

She told me she needed to go and we exchanged phone numbers as she got dressed. I simply put on the hotel robe and watched her freshen herself and put on her clothes. She looked so sexy and hot with or without clothes. I was definitely looking forward to the next few days.

My mind raced as I tried to figure out how I was going to arrange for Marie's fantasy to come true. My only contacts in San Francisco were business related and I could not jeopardize those relationships. What to do?

Suddenly I remember that an old friend of mine lived in the area and I had not seen him in years. He was an All American Water Polo player and played on a couple of Olympic teams. I knew he would know some stud water polo players who might want to have some fun.

In case you are unfamiliar with water polo, most guys who play are around 6'3" to 6'5" and very studly. They are lean and very fit and love to party. They are among the most fit of all athletes as their sport is very demanding and they expend a huge number of calories in the pool making their torso and legs lean and muscular.

I called my friend and caught him on his way home. We exchanged pleasantries and I told him about my very unique request. He laughed and told me that his wife, not to mention his three children would not allow him to participate but he would call a couple of guys from his water polo club.

Over the next two days, Marie came by the hotel and gave me a blow job on Wednesday and we fucked for two hours the same afternoon before she had to go home. We agreed she would "save herself" on Thursday as we knew the evening would be full of action.

Sure enough my friend was able to connect me with a water polo player who graduated from Stanford and played on the Olympic team. His name was Jim and he was able to recruit 5 additional water polo players who could be available on Thursday evening. We agreed to meet at the hotel in the bar at 7:00 PM. I gave them special instructions and wanted to insure we were all in agreement before going up to the room.

Thursday afternoon arrived and Marie called to make certain the gang bang was on. She was excited and had created an elaborate story for her husband. I did not ask what she told him. I really did not want to know. I did find out later that Marie told her husband that she was going out with a couple of her girlfriends for a "girl's night out" and she was going to spend the night with her friend.

I told her to be at the hotel at 6:30 PM and come straight to the room. I gave her specific instructions and told her to pack a bag with some special items included. Marie's fantasy was about to be fulfilled.

At precisely 6:30 PM there was a light knock on the door. I opened the door to find the lovely Marie attired in a short cotton skirt and a low cut blouse. Both the skirt and the dress were kind of an off white color and she looked almost angelic with her blonde hair and adorable facial features. However, I knew better.

Marie entered the room with her overnight bag and after a sweet kiss and embrace I poured her a glass of wine. We went over the schedule and I asked her if she had followed my instructions. She had douched, given herself an enema and brought some very sexy lingerie for the evening. She also picked up some KY jelly and a couple of her favorite toys. We agreed on a "safe" phrase in case she was uncomfortable with any situation with the boys.

Around 6:55 she went to the bathroom and changed into a sexy and bright red bra which accentuated her perky breasts. She also put on a matching red thong which covered her shaved labia. On top of that she put on a black see through negligee. She topped off her outfit with four inch red high heeled shoes that accented her muscular calves. She looked incredible. I poured her another glass of wine and went downstairs to meet the guys. I asked her to "hide" in the bathroom once I had the guys in the room. I wanted her to make a dramatic entrance that would set the tone for the evening.

Once in the bar I quickly found the water polo players. They were not too hard to spot as they were all tall, fit and handsome. They were all drinking beer and were eager to start the fun. Water polo players are among the best partiers in the athletic world. They work hard in the pool and play hard on land.

We went over the rules which included telling the team that if she said, "I have never been to Hawaii" they had to stop what they were doing. Or if she ever said no to any action, they had to honor her wishes. They were totally cool with the rules. We headed upstairs with testosterone oozing from every pour of the athletic group of young men.

I knocked on the door so Marie would know we had arrived. Once inside there was no sign of her and I ushered the team into the spacious room. I had asked each of them to bring their Speedo suits with them and they had worn them under their clothes. They stripped off their garments and stood in a line beside the bed with nothing on but the Speedos.

Anyone who has ever seen a water polo team knows that they wear about the skimpiest athletic uniform of any sport. Moreover, they always sport large bulges in their suits as it is hard to hide anything with that small amount of fabric.

I went in to the bathroom and found Marie nervously finishing her wine. I asked her if she was okay and she assured me she was ready. I had her wait a few seconds while I went into the main room and announced, "Gentlemen, meet the lovely and talented Marie."

Marie strolled into the room looking as sexy as any woman I have ever seen. She was the picture of confidence as she walked up to the line of athletes. We had agreed that she was not interested in a "slam, bam, thank you ma'am" kind of evening. Marie wanted some familiarity and personal time before fucking. She walked up to the first man in line. She extended her hand and said, "Hello, I am Marie."

He politely shook her hand and told her his name was Michael. She stood on her toes and kissed him deeply on the lips. Marie moved down the line with the same action...........a handshake and kiss on the lips as the men introduced themselves......... Brian, John, Sean, Peter and Chad. They ranged from 6'3" to 6'6" and they all had six pack abs, short cropped hair and rugged good looks. Each man was sporting a bulging package and Marie made sure she checked out each of them as she moved down the line.

Marie stepped back from the line of athletes and admired the view. She asked the men to take off the Speedos. They all complied revealing six long and lovely cocks many of them already in a state of arousal. Michael was acting more or less as the spokesperson for the team and asked Marie if she would return the favor.

I turned on the CD player and Marie began a sultry and sexy dance as she stripped off the negligee revealing her toned and tan body attired only in bright red bra and thong. The view was having an immediate impact on the men as they all massaged their impressive cocks to various states of hardness.

Marie continued her dance slowly peeling off the bra to reveal her lovely breasts which she cupped in each hand as if to offer them to the men. At this point all cocks were at full attention and Marie was almost salivating at the view. She knew they were all for her and she intended to receive maximum pleasure from the evening.

Finally Marie kicked off her heels and hooked her fingers into the sides of her thong. She slowly slid the thong down her legs and kicked the red patch of fabric in the direction of the line of men, who had not moved from their positions. Brian caught the thong with his hand and promptly hung it on his impressive cock. It was show time.

Marie looked each man up and down and moved slowly towards Brian who was still wearing the red thong on his 8.5 inch and very thick cock. Marie took the thong off his cock and flung it on the bed as she reached up and kissed him deeply. She wrapped her lovely hand around Brian's cock and she stroked it lightly while the other men gathered around the couple locked in the embrace.

The water polo team could not keep their hands off of the luscious body of Marie. Hands roamed to her impressive butt, large and lovely breasts and all over her legs. Soon she pulled Brian by the cock to the edge of the bed. She sat down on the bed and pulled Brian into a standing position in front of her. She looked him up and down and then took his stiff cock into her wet and waiting lips. She started sucking the entire length of his cock vigorously as she stroked the base of his cock with her hand.

Chad and Peter moved to either side of Brian as Marie sucked his cock with gusto. She reached out with each hand and took Chad's impressive 9 inch member into her right hand while her left hand was wrapped firmly around Peter's thick 8 inches.

Brian started moaning after only a few minutes of Marie's excellent cock sucking and soon he spewed a white hot load of spunk down Marie's throat. She was determined to swallow every drop and she did. Brian pushed forward with his hips and Marie took every inch of his cock deep into his throat as he emptied himself into her.

The other guys started laughing and making fun of Brian for cumming so quickly. He responded by saying that they would soon find out what an excellent cock sucker Marie was and she would make them cum in short order just as she had with him. They laughed and called him a wimp. Marie was thrilled and moved to her right to take the next cock in her mouth.

After sucking Chad and Peter to a noisy climax Marie was ready for some cock. Michael was on the bed caressing Marie's back and butt and he was clearly ready for action with at least a 10 inch pole pulsing and ready for action. As he lay back on his back with his love pole sticking straight up he pulled Marie on top of him and she quickly lined up her shaved pussy with his waiting cock. The gang bang she had fantasized about for so long was about to happen.

Marie was soaking wet but her pussy was so tight that it took some time to slide all the way to the bottom. All the men in the room, including me, watched in awe as she took every inch of Michael's enormous cock. After several minutes Marie was comfortable enough to start moving slowly up and down.

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