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A Few Things I Like About Literotica


This is my 20th contribution to Literotica; my first in quite some time. I thought I would use it to evaluate my experiences with Literotica, both good and bad. The website has become a part of my daily routine. I have read some wonderful things here; some very exciting material. But I have also read some of the most God awful stories ever written. I don't read across the spectrum of all the categories. Who does? I don't think I have ever been tempted by the gay male, lesbian, non-human, BDSM or Sci-fi sections. No rip on them but they're just not my style. I love mature, first time, erotic couplings, loving wives and occasionally incest taboo.

To get my attention and to get the blood flowing where it needs to go, a story needs dialogue. Your characters can never be fully developed until and unless you allow them to tell at least part of the story. Mere description of what they are doing just doesn't do it. If you want your characters to be believable, give them the gift of speaking. If I find the title enthralling, I will click on it, and then scan the story. If it is without dialogue, I go back to the menu and start over. I find stories without dialogue boring.

Realism is another requirement. I want to read a story that appears, on the face of it, to be plausible. Make the people real. Most men don't have a 9" dick and your character, in most cases, doesn't need one to make the story hot. When you describe a woman, she cannot be thin, 110 pounds with a bust size of 40DDD. 40 is descriptive of the chest size and no woman with a 40 inch chest is going to weigh 110 pounds. 32DDD is unlikely but possible in this situation. If I can't close my eyes and visualize your characters, you have introduced them to me inadequately. Make them real and I'll relate better. Make them real and your story will flow better. The image in the reader's mind should be real, not a cartoon.

I love voters, people who have read my stories and take the time to tell me how they liked them. Most of my stuff does fairly well, but I am often surprised at how few people take the time to vote. It takes just a moment. Still, despite the fact that my readership is approaching a half million, I have only been voted on around 750 times or less than 2/10 of one percent. I invite each of you reading this to go to my submissions page, read one of my stories and vote on it. I love the feedback, good or bad. It would be appreciated if you took a little more time and send me feedback. Tell me what you liked and what you didn't. All the Literotica authors appreciate your input. Your critical insight will make us all hone our skills for the next story.

Most of what I write is autobiographical. Sure, I change names for obvious reasons and change some of what happened to make a better story. I have met a lot of wonderful women in my time and a lot that were not so memorable. Literotica gives me a way to catalog and archive my memories and to share them with anyone who is interested. When I was a cop, it was common wisdom that a cop "gets more ass than a toilet seat." That was largely true at the time. Birth control pills led to the sexual revolution and my life was timed perfectly to take advantage of it. But even then, in the 70's and early 80's, there were unmistakably two very different groups of women: those that would never fuck you because you were a cop and those who would love to fuck you because you were a cop. Fathers always loved their daughters dating cops. They felt she was safe; if they only knew.

When certain phrases begin to crop up in story after story, I get turned off. One that comes to mind Is "ropes of cum." I'm guessing I have seen that very same phrase used in hundreds of stories. Trite, over-used phraseology eventually wears on me. It's the same with exaggerated claims. Most men cannot cum five times in an hour. On a good day-when I was 25-I might be able to cum five times in a single day. I have no memory of having done so, but I hold out for at least the possibility that I might have. No man cums in sufficient quantities to fill a coffee cup. Yet, we still see stories of guys who are able to cum that copiously. The idea is to make the reader relate to the story and gross exaggeration does not help.

I have no desire to be the grammar police, but when you submit a story to Literotica, you should proof read it. Misspellings and grammatical errors are acceptable in a chat room, but in a published story they are not acceptable. Variations of words that sound the same but have very different meanings are particularly grating. The word "their" implies plural possession. "Their going home," makes no sense. Correctly stated, it would read "They're going home."

One final item for your consideration is the issue of stories that go on forever. If your story is in Chapter 17, you have zero chance of me reading it. When I come to Literotica, I'm not looking for a novel. When I first started publishing my stories, I did a two chapter series entitled "Thank You, Officer." Looking back on it, I think I should have combined the two into one longer story. Since then, all my stories tend to stand along, even when they have recurring characters, like Sunny and Bobbie. I must admit, there was one story that was successful in, as I recall, 13 chapters: Montana Summer. That one was very well- written and very well-received. But that has been the lone exception. Most of our works are about getting laid or some kind of single sex act. That can generally be told in one story. All the characters can be introduced, have their fun and the story concluded in one chapter. If you publish Chapter 17 today, how tedious it must be for the reader to figure out what is going on. No thank you. I'll take my reading in small doses.

That's pretty much my thoughts on Literotica, the good and the bad. I want to extend an invitation to anyone who cares to do so, to read a few of my submissions, vote and or comment. If you want to contact me directly, it would be great. If my stories help you get off, I'd love details. If they turn you off, I'd like to hear that, too. My Literotica experience has been very positive. I am constantly amazed that stories I wrote five years ago, continue to be read today. Hundreds of times every month, readers continue to click on my old stories. I hope they live up to expectations.

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