tagLoving WivesA Filipino Married Woman's Story

A Filipino Married Woman's Story


Dear Literotica,

Just late last night, I've found my hubby's latest copy of our Philippine-issue FHM magazine (Actress Patricia Javier as covergirl) which turned out to be quite sexy for me and reading the page on Confessions, I was awakened with my suppressed desire to send this article. Since I can remain anonymous and the sender's name is altered, hence this true story.

You see, while I've already pushed forty, I believe I'm not the kind whom you expect to be a naughty kind of married woman because if you could see me, I'm the lady with a good image look: charming, cheerful, respectful and approachable. But modesty aside, with my height at 5'4", weight at 125 lbs. and a confirmed whistle-bait figure of 37-26-37 to boot will surely not slip past anybody's attention, male or female. My thick black hair (which got partially dyed, who wouldn't nowadays?) flows down just above my waist and with my smooth skin, shapely and tapering legs, still taut and raised butt have complemented my pretty face and that really makes me feel very sexy and that feels great.

I work as a lawyer here in Metro Manila while dear hubby who is a civil engineer, concentrates on his family-owned business. When we got married in our middle 20's sometime before, he went to law school in the evening to satisfy his growing desire of academic enhancement. Just like any other marriages struck down with boredom, jealousy, insecurity and maybe ritualistic sex, I fell prey (courtesy of a lady lawyer friend) to the premeditated advances of an influential local politician whose marriage was well on the rocks.

This affair of mine was not really sexually desired as I was younger then and after getting lured into it, I got awed with the presence of said powerful political figure who provided me the missing attention which I was looking for. My eldest child then was only three years of age when we started doing it and even well into my fifth month of pregnancy of my second child, he gave me the feeling of being wanted (which I wrongly thought now) by saying all those comforting words that were wanting from my hubby. As any woman for this matter would readily agree, this issue on pregnancy and feeling bloated, heavy and not sexy made us feel very unwanted and then, here comes this smooth talker who just did otherwise.

We did not practice safe sex since I was into pills before turning 30. He could freely let loose of his orgasms without fear of me getting pregnant. How lucky this guy was to have skin-to-skin with me. Whether or not I enjoyed the same was relative. It is of course unrealistic for me to declare that I also did not enjoy the same because even if he was not a performer, but there are times where my young and sexy body would naturally betray me during those sessions, and ergo! I also achieved orgasms.

My hubby by the way is five-foot nine tall, relatively good-looking who is also intelligent, witty, physically fit and well-endowed, a caring father too and confirmed sexual animal. He gives me utmost sexual pleasure and always makes it a point that I cum first before he releases his load. He loves to eat me in different positions. Sex with this guy is almost 90% I should say. He is also kinky but during those times, I preferred not entertaining his own thoughts of sexual variety to enhance sexual gratification or compassion.

With such attributes and sexual attitude, I believe he has bad habits too but the impetus of my affair was attributed not by those perceived thoughts but clearly, for my not being broad-minded and sad to say, wrongly-placed vanity. I can't say anything bad against my hubby, but the party who went astray and became naughty here is my dear me.

Back to those illicit escapades, while hubby was at the law school after his work, the guy would pick me up from the office or through somebody, get banged for two to three hours and brings me home before hubby gets back from school. While the sex is not really satisfying since there is neither lust nor love to it, but it went on for about three years but intermittently at that, because of usual altercations which commonly become violent sometimes. When I gave birth to my second baby, I called it really quits as I thought then that it was verily wrong and I have to extricate myself earlier, as most if not all cases like these would end up disastrously. I love my husband and family and why would I wait for that, right?

We continued treating ourselves as friends and went on with our lives and unknowingly sometime on the mid-90's, just as I've thought that my naughtiness was over, I got involved anew with another man whose mental and physical attributes were rated by other women as "just so so" or not impressive, except of course his upper body (his lower body has a relatively-sized tool but very hardworking in sex courtesy of those daily workouts that provide him endurance) which manifested muscles in the right place.

At first we were just friends because we work out together at a local gym with his wife and my friends after work, but unexpectedly, the day-to-day activities had brought us closer together and before we knew it, we were already doing it. He was from the South and had moved up his business here and part of my services as his lover was offering help to the business whenever problems arise by using my stronger connections.

While this affair was shorter in period, but the number of times we had sex with was higher. Dear hubby had just resume his law school days and was out again until nine or ten in the evening (sometimes even past midnight as he goes out with friends) after work and during his absence and while hubby thinks I was at the gym working out, we would slip out and do it in any motel near us. He loves to join me in the shower and had sex therein also. He made me perform oral sex but unknown to him, I don't perform that good, so he instead gave me the usual wonderful 20-second after-cum shivers when he goes down on me. In effect, he was successful in giving me those temporary moments of sexual bliss.

Later, just like in the movies, when he became physical as I had started warding off his advances because I then realized again that sex was really not the issue here and worse, he and his wife were just using me, we nonetheless parted but remained as friends. His family had long transferred back to the South and I don't intend finding ways to get in touch with each other as I had considered such affair not only a mistake but a nightmare.

Both affairs considered as big mistakes in my life, I had never thought that because of my misplaced vanity again and still feeling that no man could never catch my attention as I was still a looker, I got duped (because of stupidity and trustworthiness I guess) by a lawyer friend who invited me to accompany him to a client somewhere in Cavite City and he told me that I could be of help because the issue needs a "female mind" to solve the same. Unknown to me, this bastard had other plans for me.

He instead brought to me to a 3-star hotel at Pasay City and me, apparently taken aback and wanting to keep my composure, I went inside with him for that usual "we'll-just-talk-inside" stuff. I very well knew that even if he is a friend, I nonetheless got challenged when he told me nothing will really happen as the situation calls only for talking about "certain issues". I should have gone out of the room if I really disliked the idea of getting banged by him. I was wrong in my disposition as I stayed with him and even entertained the conversations leading to my seduction. Did I really intend to cheat again this time?

But things went out of hand and very soon, we just did it. His advances made me weak as he found my initiatory weakness in sex, this so-called passionate kissing. One thing led to another and there I was, spreading again my lovely legs to accommodate him and virtually ignoring the ill effects of cheating my husband. I went down on him and let him eat me too, but it was unsatisfactory. I couldn't remember if I made him use a condom as I only allow my husband to penetrate me without the rubber as he was adept in withdrawing his tool prior to orgasm, no matter how powerful it could be. The sex was however a failure as there was resentment in me. Feeling guilty thereafter, I vowed not to do this act again. We still see each other as we run into the same circle of friends, lawyers and otherwise, but hanggang doon na lang (read: up to here only).

Just last year and feeling happier with my family after those unwanted (pala) escapades, I was caught in another unexpected imbroglio when a very close lady lawyer friend of mine who was seeking for a higher position in the government needed my help to convince that "politico" for such designation. While we were successful in getting his nod albeit feeling very reluctant to be in the company again of said figure because I knew him to ask for something in return, I was unwittingly used by my friend and perhaps or just maybe, in conspiracy with her, I was brought to his townhouse somewhere in Makati City and again, I was so helpless since he brought back into my thoughts our former relationship. The sex was once again very unwanted and quick. After which, I vowed not to be with this guy again and cursed my friend for taking advantage of my friendship with her.

All told, I now had sex with four guys including my husband or four men in my life. From the looks of it, I had made comparisons in terms of performance, size, satisfaction and degrees of passion, lust and love. And while I believe that I'm not alone in this situation, I purposely sought deep spiritual assistance and just last month, I contemplated on confessing to my husband about these affairs. I had plans of going out of the city for a weekend at a resort with him. While this confession thing would either come out good or bad, but I'm nevertheless committed to do the same. I've been emotionally suffering inside and getting paranoid for the past years.

Seeing the goodness of the person of my husband, I can't understand the fact that why does it take for me to be the party to cheat on him when it was expected that men are the ones who are likely to do the same. Since I could no longer tolerate such infidelity, I finally decided to reveal to him even if he ventures into the details, sexually or otherwise. Although it would be embarrassing for me to divulge the details as it would be painful for him to hear the details, but what can I do if after all, these details are just minor acts compared to the major ones which I did in the past – getting penetrated by other men other than my husband - sideways, doggie style (my favorite), missionary, on top and the like.

The latest movie "Unfaithful" of Diane Lane, Richard Gere and this newcomer gorgeous hunk lover had virtually broken the camel's back. My dear hubby had innocently watched it first and made me watch later (innocently too). I didn't know how to properly react then as he was saying "Mommy, ang daming babaeng tinamaan nito talaga!" (read: Mommy, many women will become guilty of this!"). So, I immediately had at the back of my mind that he already "knew" about those affairs but just made himself suffer in silence, but ewan ko ba? Parang alam na niya or pwedeng hindi rin niya alam (read: I don't know? As if he already knew or he could be unaware thereof also."). With his equal knowledge in law and knowing the intricacies of the same, I just declared once and for all that this has to stop and I must do something to save our marriage and keep my family together.

Siyanga pala (read: By the way), years ago and prior to this declaration, I was always going out with lady friends who have their respective naughty stories to tell. A successful businesswoman who maintains a constant relationship with a male business partner; a pretty and well provided kept woman who gets to see her lover at least once every two months; another self-employed businesswoman who had an intimate relationship with another friend; another friend who got widowed and still missing the loving arms of her late husband who died of illness, finally succumbed to the whims of another married man; and that lady lawyer whom I earlier cursed for such caper. These ladies and their respective close friends whom I also know of and get beso-beso with, are also of the same kind and mind you, I just hope that my hubby will not realize on why I was always seen in the company of these wayward women and as you well know the old adage goes, "birds of the same feather, flock together".

But that was the past as I personally shunned away from this group when the situation became a circle of controversy when one had commenced to launch a black propaganda against the others and vice versa. Soon, pandemonium broke loose and the group disintegrated. Luckily, the issue which I got involved in was not made as one of the issues.

Here at Metro Manila, our lady lawyers' association is not spared from these kind of stories as among my acquaintances, these involve the kinds where (1) a government lawyer had an affair and sired the son of a non-lawyer; (2) another government lawyer who, prior to her present job, got involved with a guy and the relationship was so emotional and lasted for almost six years; (3) then there is this sexually pre-occupied lawyer who, just after a period of two years of marriage, deliberately got herself involved with another lawyer-businessman; (4) another pretty lawyer and yet single got involved with her lawyer boss; (5) a local prominent political figure who, after filing an annulment case against her husband, was very well into multifarious affairs with different men; and there are still many others whom I believe their illicit sorties or stories had fortunately, not yet reached the chizmiz grapevine . . . like mine.

Literotica, by the coming weekend and through my initiative, me and hubby will be at Tagaytay City for a breather of three days and I just hope again that things will come out smoothly and not the worst scenario which is always feared most.

I also would want to spend most of my time with hubby and knowing him to be always sexually-oriented, I still have doubts on permitting myself to go deeper to the kind of sex he persistently tells me about and which he finds very satisfying. I'm talking about the use of sex toys and this getting popular practice of anal sex.

Speaking of anal sex, I've read over the net that out of ten American women, seven of whom are confirmed to be into this. If this is so, I can't help but wonder why can't Asian women, Filipinos in particular, enjoy likewise, di ba? Since hubby had already introduced to me the unexplainable sexual bliss of anal licking and the attendant extreme pleasure that goes with it, I must admit I greatly enjoyed the same, then I believe that the red light must now turn to green. At any rate, since his tool was my very first, then with the ever-increasing passion I always received from it, then it might as well be my last and only one also.

Sincerely yours,

The Legal Beauty

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