tagLoving WivesMy Girlfriend's Mom Shrieked

My Girlfriend's Mom Shrieked


This is the story of a teen who suddenly becomes aware of the allure of his girlfriends mom. Of a boy/man who struggles with the feelings this woman ignites within him. And what about his girlfriend's dad, a man who's always treated him like a son? And why does this inexperienced lad become so excited at the thought of taking another man's wife?

This is a Loving Wives Category story. It's approximately 3 LITEROTICA pages long. It is a stand alone story but I am hard at work on a sequel.

All sex described involves human beings 18 years old and older only.

1 -- 3:18 p.m. May 27th 2008

"Tommeeeee!" my girlfriend's mom shrieked as I lifted her high up into the air. But her eyes were smiling in excitement as she looked down at me from above. She thought I was just playing a game.

"Stop it," the thirty-six year old, still pixie cute face ordered between giggles as I threw her up in the air and then caught her in my arms, one arm under her knees, the other supporting her back. Unbidden one of her arms snaked around my neck to steady herself.

"You're bad, soooo bad," she accused with a broad smile on her lips, lips that were just inches from mine. I couldn't miss seeing the excitement in her eyes. Her short blond hair seemed to be sparkling.

"It's you who's been bad Mrs. Wright," I answered as I flipped her up and down in my arms. Her other arm circled my neck as she tried to hold on.

"I'm not... and don't you dare drop me," she ordered. She still thought we were playing. Were we?

"You're as light as a feather," I said as I tossed her upward again, amazed that this adult woman was as easy to handle as her daughter. In fact easier! When she came down the arm that had been supporting her legs found itself under her skirt and touching her bum.

"TOMMY! I'll fall ... you shouldn't--"

"I'm very strong Bonnie," I said as I used her given name for the first time even while realizing how easily I could handle this woman, how light she was in my arms. Stop, that's enough one part of my brain ordered.

"Bonnie? It's Mrs. Wright to you young man," she instructed, but the smile was still on her face. I could feel a breast, one significantly fuller than her daughters, pressing against my chest. The blood was flooding into my penis.

"In fact you've been so bad Bonnie that you're going to have to be disciplined," I said as I moved backward until I felt the sofa in the Wright's den hit the back of my legs. I sat down with her still cradled in my arms. Don't do it you idiot my sane side advised.

"I'm not bad," she said with a sexy pout. This woman, who'd been teasing her eighteen year old daughter's boyfriend for the last three months, still had a teasing, even challenging look in her eyes. She didn't yet realize that today she was going to pay for the little game she'd been playing.

"You're just a little tease, aren't you Mrs. Wright?"You're fucking crazy, don't do it, I admonished myself silently as I looked down at the body that had increasingly invaded my dreams in the preceding weeks. She's Kristine's mom you idiot I thought as I lowered her until her bum was sitting atop the bulge in my pants. "Yes, a bad little girl who needs to be taught a lesson. What do you think Bonnie's punishment should be?" I asked her.

"You're not funny Thomas Campbell," she said but in a tone that indicated she was quite happy to be held in her daughter's boyfriend's arms. To feel his penis arching upward against her bum. "Let me go," she ordered as she started to try to free herself. I simply held her a little tighter as she writhed in my arms.

"What did Bonnie's daddy do to her when she was a bad little girl?" I asked with a smirk. My cock, now huge, was throbbing under her wriggling bum.

She tried to use her adult voice, her mother's voice, "That's enough now, stop it Tommy! I'm serious." In answer I simply flipped her over so that her rear end was sticking up and inviting my next action. My right arm flashed through the air.

"Did daddy spank his little angel when she was bad?" Twack!

"Ooowwww!" My arm lifted and fell a second time. Then a third. "Are you craaaazy?" she yelled back over her shoulder. In answer I grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up until I'd bared her rear end and the skimpy, red lace fringed, bikini panties that hardly covered it. You fool echoed in my head. Too late now!

"DON'T!" An order. My hand fell again.

"Nooooooo!" The woman who'd so easily been able to cow me cried. There was a desperate tone, a fear now in the wail that echoed around the room. I quickly stripped the soft panties from her loins. My hand fell again. On her bare bum.

"You've been a bad girl Bonnie, very, very bad," I said as I ran my hand caressingly over one firm cheek and then trailed it down her crack.

"It hurts... and I wasn't bad," she complained.

"It's supposed to Mrs. Wright, you were a very bad girl," I answered as my hand rose and fell five times in succession. Hard blows. The sharp slapping sound of my palm landing on her ass sounded like rifle shots as they echoed around the room.

"Bastard!" she moaned between groans. My middle finger found the puckered hole and I tentatively pushed the tip in.

"DON'T," she ordered but I knew I'd broken her. In fact I almost couldn't believe how easy it'd been. The woman I'd dreamed of for weeks but had been in awe of, now bent and trembling in my lap. I slid my finger farther down her crack and then under. Her slit was wet. A married woman's pussy. I pushed my finger into another man's property. Penetrated her. She groaned.

"Please, it's wrong, so wrong, don't Tommy," she begged. Which only earned her five more sharp blows. She had to know I meant business. She cried out each time my palm landed. There were tears in Mrs. Wright's eyes when I finally pushed her off my lap and down onto her knees between my legs.

"I swear, you'll never see Kris again," she threatened as she sobbed. "I'll tell Greg, your parents... the police... yes I'll report you ... you'll go to jail..." There was a wildness in Mrs. Wright's eyes as she raved.

"For spanking a bad woman?" I had one hand in her short blond hair as I talked, holding her so she couldn't escape. "An innocent high school boy seduced by a sex crazed married woman?" I knew that I couldn't stop now -- I'd already gone too far. I knew that all our futures depended on me completely breaking her.

"I didn't seduce you ... you're a monster," she accused.

"A poor boy made to do dirty things by his girlfriend's mother."

"I did nothing," she denied.

"I'll tell the police how you touched me, my penis."

"That's disgusting," she answered as her eyes flicked downward to my cock which was clearly outlined through my pants.

"I'll tell everyone that you said that your husband couldn't satisfy you. That you said his cock wasn't big enough for you."

"LIAR!" she yelled.

"That you said you craved my cock, my big cock. I'll tell them that you watched Krissie and I when we made love--"

"You're sleeping with Kristine?"

"As if you didn't know! I'll tell them that you told me that you were better than your daughter, that you could show me things, do things for my big cock--"

"Shut up!" she hissed.

"That you loved big cocks in your cunt."

"That's disgusting. I don't! You're just a boy."

"That you liked to be spanked," I continued, ignoring her outburst. "And then when I'd done what you'd asked, after I'd spanked your naked bum--"

"STOP!" she howled. There was desperation and tears in her blue eyes.

"That after I'd spanked your bum until it was bright red you slipped down off my lap and then knelt between my legs. That you touched me through my pants before you lowered my zipper and pulled my penis out."

"I won't, never," she declaimed as she looked up into my eyes.

"Yes, I'll tell your husband that you said it was much bigger than his, much nicer, that it felt soooo good when it was inside you," I said as I undid the button at my waist and then lowered my zipper. She watched as I lifted my rear and quickly pushed my pants and boxers down my thighs.

"Oh my gawd," Mrs. Wright moaned as my freed penis slapped angrily upward against my stomach.

"How his wife kissed its head before she slipped her hungry lips over it."

"I won't!" she insisted, then added, "no one could swallow it."

"Krissie can," I lied.

"Krissie sucked you? All of it?" There was awe mixed in with her disbelief.

"Yes," I said as I reached for her left hand. Once I'd captured it I pulled it toward my shaft.

"No," she said as I forced her fingers to open and then placed them around my penis. My other hand pulled her head towards the drop of precum that was precariously perched on the tip of my cock. For second after second her eyes flicked from my penis to my eyes and back.

"I'll tell my parents, and the police, that you said that you loved sucking high school boys. That I wasn't the first."

"You're a monster," she accused, then seconds later her tongue flicked out and captured the precum just as it was about to drop.

"Kiss it," I ordered as I released my hold on her hair. Freed, she did nothing to escape!

"You're forcing me, aren't you?" she asked as she looked up into my eyes. I knew she wanted to.

"Yes Mrs. Wright I am, now lick it."

"You'll spank me again if I don't, won't you?"

"Hard," I promised as I moved my hand back onto her head. Then slowly pulled her forward.

"I can't stop you can I? You're too strong." I nodded in reply as her lips tentatively reached to kiss my cock. Then her tongue darted out and slowly and moistly circled my cockhead.

"I hate you," she hissed.

"Krissie's better," I told her as my penis was engulfed.

And then my cell phone rang. My hand tightened on the back of Bonnie's head, holding her in place, as I pulled the phone from my pocket and flipped it open. Mrs. Wright's tongue was still working as she looked up and watched me.

"Hi hon," I said after recognizing the caller. "Where are you anyway? I've been waiting for you for like twenty minutes." I'd put a peeved off tone in my voice. Her mother's tongue continued to swirl around my cockhead.

"I'm sorry, our practice just ended," my cheerleader girlfriend answered down the line.

"We've gotta get that school project done," I chided as I watch her mother try to swallow even more of my penis.

"Are you at home?"

"No, at your house, your mom let me in. She fed me some cookies and then started questioning me."

"She did? About what?"

"You know, mother's questions. I've been getting the fifth degree. She wanted to know what we've been doing ... whether we've been doing it," I said as I pulled her mother even farther down on me.

"She wanted to know if we're doing it? Oh my gawd! What'd you say?"

"I told her that her daughter's a sex maniac ... that you never leave me alone. That you're always touching my cock. I told her you love to suck me, that we fuck at least twice a day," I answered in a teasing tone.

"Hah! You're the sex maniac," my girlfriend accused. "Where is she anyway?"

"She was hungry ... she's getting something to eat," I told my girlfriend as I watched her mother struggle to get more of me into her mouth.

"She can't hear you can she?"

"As if," I said with a laugh. "Hey Mrs. Wright, I'm going to fuck your daughter when she gets home from cheerleading practice." I winked down at her mom.

"Shut up you idiot, she might hear you," my girlfriend cautioned down the line. Her mother, her eyes angry and boring into mine, was now bobbing up and down on my shaft. Her daughter had never got as much in her mouth. I could feel the pressure building in my balls and knew I was close.

"Besides Tommy Campbell," Krissie added, "we don't have time to make love today... we've got homework to do."

"We'll see," I said ominously as my cock bucked and sent a thick strand of cum deep into her mother's throat. Then I snapped the phone shut as the spasms of ecstasy that were shaking me propelled my cream into Bonnie's mouth. "Ohhhhhhhh fuck," I cried as my cock continued to spit my sperm into her sucking mouth.

"You're a pervert," Mrs. Wright finally spat out after I'd finished. A sticky strand of my spunk hung from a corner of her mouth and down across her chin.

"You're the one sucking her daughter's boyfriend's cock," I answered.

"I hate you."

"Do you want to watch us?"

"Watch what? I want you to go home ... I never want to see you again."

"Liar," I laughed. I knew I had her where I wanted. The rest would be easy.

"You're a horrid boy," she hissed.

"I'm going to leave her bedroom door open when she gets home. She'll tell you we're going to be studying. I'll put her on the bed so you'll be able to see her in the mirror ... she won't be able to see you. You can stand in the hall in the dark and watch us."

"You're crazy. What's happened to you? I won't watch ... I'll tell her I don't want you two alone in her bedroom. I don't want you dating Krissie any more."

"You want me for yourself, don't you? You want me to fuck you."

"Don't talk dirty, you used to be a nice boy," Mrs. Wright hissed.

"She'll be home soon, you better wash your face," I told her as I slowly stuffed my cock back into my pants. "Your saliva, the saliva you slobbered on me, will pave the way for me, lubricate me as I fuck your little girl," I promised.

2 -- November 2007, Six Months Earlier

The Wrights liked me. In fact they always had. They'd been elated the day their daughter told them she'd dropped her old boyfriend and was going out with me.

Growing up together on the same suburban block, children of two men who were business partners, children of couples who'd become best friends, I think it had always been assumed, or at least hoped for, that Kristine and I would go out together when we grew up. From the time we'd been five year old kindergarten students we'd heard the comments from our parents and their friends, the, 'oh don't they look so cute together' kind of stuff. And we'd genuinely liked each other. Played and laughed together all our lives.

But of course, once we'd reached the boyfriend/girlfriend stage, as the hormones were exploding in our young bodies, we'd rebelled. For four years we'd resisted, warily watching the other even as we explored our awakening sexual desires as we dated others.

But there was always a certain sexual electricity between us as we grew older. A just suppressed hunger that was continually fueled by the daily interaction between our two families. No matter whom we were dating we were always aware of who the other was seeing, dating, fucking.

Then one day six months earlier we'd both stopped pretending. As eighteen year old high school seniors we were finally ready to admit the truth. It had just taken one question from Kristine. "Where's Jacqui?" she'd asked, referring to my current girlfriend, after she'd run into me in the school hallway late one afternoon.

"We broke up," I answered on the spur of the moment, a completely untrue statement. At least it had been until I'd uttered it.

"You have?"

"She dropped me, said I'm not good enough for her," I said.

"Yeah right! Is she craaaazy?" exploded from her lips. I casually shrugged my shoulders. Then a suspicious smile crossed her lips. "I'll bet it was you, you dropped her, didn't you?" she accused.

"There's this other girl ... I keep thinking about her," I stammered, pretending. I hadn't planned any of this but suddenly knew where it was going.

"Who? Gwen? April? Liz?"

"She's smarter than Jacqui. Cuter. Better looking. More fun to talk to. Smarter. Sexier."

"Who is it?" my curious neighbor couldn't help asking.

"She's got a boyfriend," I said, a touch of sadness in my voice.

"Does she know? Did you tell her? If she knew she'd--"

"She'd what?"

"She'd be lucky," my friend said wistfully.

"She has great breasts too."

"She does? Great how?"

"Uh huh. And she lives on my street too."

I could see the wheels turning as Kristine ran through all the possibilities on our street. "No she doesn't," she finally announced with absolute confidence.

"She's tall ... beautiful long legs ...blond hair ...hangs right down to her waist ... the prettiest blue eyes ... funny little nose," I said as I ran my eyes slowly over Krissie's body. "I dream of her all the time."

"A funny nose?" There was a grin now on Krissie's lips. She knew.

"Uh huh. Great nipples too."

"You've never seen my nipples!"

"You were about four, you didn't want to keep your bathing suit on—"

"Ha, Ha!" She was beaming.

I grinned back.

"So, do you want to walk home together?" she finally asked after seconds of silence.

"Where's Will?" I asked, referring to her then current beau.

"I broke up with him ... just today," my neighbor lied as she took my hand in hers.

"Good," I said as we started to walk down the deserted hallway. It had been as simple as that. By the time we arrived at her house we were going steady.

Her parents and her younger sister had been in the Wright kitchen working at preparing dinner when we'd marched in twenty minutes later that afternoon. Her family was always happy to see me and welcomed me warmly. Mr. Wright, who had no son of his own, was especially happy any time I dropped over.

"Can Tommy stay for dinner," Kris asked her mom.

"Of course he can," Mr. Wright answered happily, the prospect of a dinner table conversation with another male present irresistible.

"Oh, by the way, we're dating now, Tommy and I that is," Kris said simply. Both her parents' eyes opened wide in surprise.

"Oh my gawd," her little sister Mandy blurted, then added as she ran from the room, "Wait til Gail hears this." Gail, my younger sister, was her best friend.

"Finally," Mrs. Wright said, an unbelievably wide smile on her lips.

"Have you told your parents?" Mr. Wright asked me as he shook my hand. If I had asked him at that second if I could marry his daughter he would have said yes.

So my parents and sister were summoned to join us for dinner, and they were as delighted as the Wrights.

And when Krissie's little sister asked between courses, "When are you two getting married?" everyone at the table looked at us expectantly.

"Hah, who knows, I may not even like him. Besides, next year when I'm in college I won't be dating high school boys," my new girlfriend said dismissively. But no one at the table was fooled. It was just a question of time as far as they all were concerned.

The next day we'd made love for the first time. And we hadn't stopped in the six months since. It was better than great. We both knew we'd been made for each other. For both of us it was different from anything we'd ever experienced before. So much fucking better!

It was love. And sex. Great sex. We were both happy as we planned our future life together. We both wanted kids. We'd even discussed getting married as soon as we graduated. Why wait we'd both asked ourselves.

So what had brought me to a point where I'd wanted her mother? Why had I taken her over my knee and spanked her? Why had I forced her to her knees and made her service me with her mouth? Suck my cock.

It's not easy to explain. Something happened, something changed in the way I looked at Mrs. Wright. She'd always been just a neighbor, an adult. My mom's friend, Krissie's mom, dad's partners wife. Just another adult.

Had I ever thought of her in a sexual context growing up? Looking back I realize I must have, she was a beautiful woman. But if I did, and I don't really recall it, it was just background sexual noise that was drowned out by the sexual feelings I'd had for the more legitimate and likely targets of a horny teenager.

Was it her fault? Certainly she hadn't planned anything. She hadn't set out to seduce her daughter's boyfriend. She'd been happy with her life, with her husband. But a subtle change had occurred in her attitude towards me. Something happened in the weeks after I'd started dating her daughter.

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