tagLetters & TranscriptsA Flame in the Night Ch. 02

A Flame in the Night Ch. 02


You (female) asked me what my fantasy is. Well, let me try to explain it:

I say yum, yum. My sexual sweet tooth can be satisfied rather plainly. It's getting orally sexed. And like that, ... that's my fantasy wish!

So there it is, in a nutshell. Receiving head, and plenty of it--that's my happy, pie in the sky, storybook ending. Hence, what more can I tell you? Well let me say, for me it's better than chocolate and oh-so totally erotic. Furthermore, when a woman gives a man this kind of pleasure, it's sort of like she's giving him a gift. Like it's a special gift she can give to her man to make him feel important, and make him feel lucky, perhaps, to be with her. In some ways, then, his ego gets pampered and he no longer feels like he's missing out on "the good life" because he knows he's already gotten some of that goodness from her.

Although in itself this sexual charity may incorrectly be mistaken for love, it's not love, obviously. Rather, it's an acknowledgement she cares meaningfully about his physical need and proves it by pleasuring his lower anatomy. So when he sees her face go down on him, almost automatically fireworks go off and there will be euphoric images dancing around in his mind. And why not? Her face is pretty, her hair is feminine, and her lips are spongy soft and seductive. Next, after she clutches his beloved organ and sinks it into her mouth, she sucks him and plays his piece like it's a precious musical instrument. Then, like the portrait of a hilly vineyard or a beautiful scenic garden--it's so easy on his eyes. And like the sounds of tree leaves bustling in the breeze--it's soothing and comforting. Little by little, she works on his rangy riser until her cockamamie mischief gets too much for him to bear. And like a spider attending her web, she sits on the tip of his world--and patiently awaits the pungent infusion of her incoming meal.

Therefore, what's wrong with this obsession? It's simple, yet satisfying. I imagine feeling like a king attached to the queen--sucked to the seam on my Jimmy Dean. And yeah, I could also add 'oh what a dream' but let's not overdo the rhyming. Besides, this is my point, I hope you see: it's so sexually gratifying to me--but yet, that type of endearing service, served freely and openly, can be difficult if not impossible to find.

So, do you have sympathy for me? Do you understand why I've made this plea? If not, let's explore my BJ fascination further, and be really specific. In my opinion, "hot" is an especially quick suck-off where I come in her mouth unexpectedly or--more interestingly--if I come while I'm still mostly soft because my balls got vastly excited and suddenly wanted to ejaculate. Just imagine it like this: I'm sound asleep. Then quietly, she sneaks up on me and starts sucking my gland as I'm limp and dreaming. Now that's sexy! That's hot! Or if she can manage my cum, as it splashes into her mouth, well, that's what I call sexual bliss. And still even better, she stays on my limber noodle and continues with the sucking. She works on my stick until eventually I come--again and again. You might think, then, that I get nightmarish dreams for being saturated with juicy, juicy blowjobs. Well, you're right! Because the way I see it, that's a scorching hot head trip.

Furthermore, I'm not ashamed to admit how I'm malnourished and starved for those savory, tender licks. The diagnosis is aptly appropriate as I can't seem to shake having those nasty cravings. All day long I thirst for her charming suckings, so as fate may have it, I'm jinxed and get just the opposite. But all that endless lusting might fade entirely, if only I had a generous honey to service me some sugary kisses. However, ladies like that aren't a dime a dozen. So, until I catch her, that prized and wonderful catch, my one and only yellowtail fish, then I'll stay hungry for an abounding dish of girlie-girlie cock sucking.

But beyond the remarkable physical pleasure, watching a gal giving head is also mentally satisfying, as well. Shall I continue and add more? Okay, but I'm warning you, reviewing this might get me really, really horny. So, straight out, and by all means, I'd prefer it be my banger getting all the attention. But let's say for argument sake, it's not. To see a woman's feminine smirk on a man's masculine bone, this face-to-dick meeting is kind of lewd, but it's also sensual and idealistically raw. Whether it'd be on film, in picture, in art, or even live and in-person, having her face on his private place is sexy and kinky and, yes, even a bit entertaining. Then to witness cock sucking, is like having a show with a very personal focus: you see it, you watch it, and you somehow believe that you're a part of the action. It's all a mirage of sorts, how the mind plays tricks and the body gets fooled into wishing some of that frisky, amorous petting is actually happening to you. Hence, even if you don't get it directly from the source, if you merely look at a chick who's sucking a dick, well, a little dab of that might suffice in a pinch, if you need a dash of that seasoning.

And let's not forget the moment of truth, when a man releases his orgasm. It's not that easy to describe, when the stuff shoots outside, why this too is erotic. But at that special time, as a man loses control of his member, his prick is exposed to his nerves and that opens him to a rainbow of superlative pleasures. So he feels everything, when she accepts his gooey cum as he spurts erratically into her lips. Ah, that's a hot picture and a really great touch, even if it's a bit filthy and crude to spew all that mess at her. Still, overall, it's steamy and satisfying. And not surprisingly, that just happens to be what I like.

So accordingly, now that I've described my paradise, I hope you comprehend my objective. Indeed, consider yourself taught and well schooled for what I'm expressly craving. However, to be a good pupil, put into practice the important things you've learned, else the valuable education might simply be wasted. Thus, here and now, show me some courtesy and demonstrate your interest with active participation. Oops, just a second. I gotta get my grub ready. ... Alright, here it is. Now take this and suck it!

Bury my bulge down your mouth, and work the tip of the head, as well. Then feel my spryly coil as it swells and presses into your gullet. Come on babe, show me your pretty face on my stem and let me admire the fairyland view down below. Ah, wrap around my substance, and make it throb and get it really, really firm. Mmm, work it babe, work it. Paint me with your tongue and continue to kiss it. Then go back again and play with my bone: Suck it. Taste it. And stroke it.

Afterwards, if you're still chipper and have a pleasant mood, you can giggle and moan as you're blowing. Truly, I dig those gingerbread amenities. Those luscious, buttery, gobble-gobble distractions turn me flush and get me high spirited, to boot. Only, please don't tease me for too long because I haven't that kind of patience. I want more, and I need you to give me what I'm lacking. So, don't delay it any further. Open wide, and hitch your face to my woody.

Oh, that's good! I like it so much. Make me humble. Make me squirm. Suck my rod and puff my nuts with fluids. Let nature take its course. And, like an old and flooding timber dam, surely I'll have to bust.

Okay, then. If you're ready for this, I'm ready to give. Just do me a favor and show me those beautiful, sexy eyes! Ooh, yeah, I think you've gotten my plan. I want those twinkling star-like peepers chatting with me. I need to read their thoughts as they're saying, "I'm giving you just what you want." So, deliver the message! Communicate it all with your looks. Oh, how I enjoy beholding your stare--especially, and even more--with my knob finely secured between your lips.

Man, it's getting hot in here! Plus, your looking-right-back-at-me sort of leer is filling me with awful romantic troubles. Wholly-milking-zonkers! You keep encouraging me with your come-hither glances, making it all too easy to slip up and lose my grip. Ah, there, you've got me-- Shit, fucking shit! My levee's deteriorating and bowing with pressure.

And like that, ... my balls pulsate and quiver. And thick, pearly cream goes hurling into your trap.

Baby, that's it! I feel it tingling on the tip--and all the way down my man-flute. Argh! It's too sensitive now, now that I'm coming. But, your tongue keeps nagging me and flicking away on my overly ticklish ending.

And like that, ... I shoot it again! I shoot it over, and over, and over.

Oh, sweetie! It looks so dreamy, as it dribbles out from your yap and onto your chin. Girl, what a load I gave you! I see it bubbling on your tongue. I see it clinging to your lips. Whew, that velvety ooze is circulating and gathering around in your mouth, making your grin look stunning.

Wow! I can't believe there's so much inside there. Wow, wow! I still can't believe it. You swallowed it!

And like that, ... you let it all go down in a gulp.

--end of chapter two--

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/06/18

Two way street

I am the Woman you are looking for...because it's always in the eyes...and yes, I swallow , BUT know that I expect the same from you...lift me up and suck, nibble, tease then plunge in and fuck me tillmore...

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