tagLoving WivesA Good Wife Tempted

A Good Wife Tempted


My wife came home from a party very hungry for sex. I woke up with her tongue wrapped around my cock and her fingers masturbating me. She sucked me deep into her mouth and I neared a climax. "Don't you do it. Not yet." She moved quickly to her knees above me and lowered her breasts to my lips. I sucked the quarter sized nipple; it was already erect with passion. Her long black hair covered my face.

"I'm going to fuck you to death," she hissed in a whisper. She plunged down, her pussy swallowing me whole. "You're not in deep enough, Scott. Tonight I need you deeper, bigger," Cyn declared as she pressed down hard on me trying find another inch or more to fill her.

"What is this all about," I wondered silently. I lifted her off the bed with a thrust of my hips trying to give her all I had. I exploded in her.

"Not yet, Scott," she demanded. But it was too late. I had disappointed her.

She used my semi-hard penis to work on her clit, to keep herself moving toward a climax. I wanted to please her. It had been a long time since she had so urgently wanted sex.

I rolled her on her back and my fingers went into her pussy, my thumb caressed her clit.

Cyn and I are past 40. Our sex life is good but now with long recesses when little happens for weeks. She is often not in the mood. We have two teen-aged daughters. There is no sex if they are in the house. Cyn worries they will hear us. Its usually just an excuse. Seldom much passion to our love-making. We've been married 20 years. I guess a low key love life is typical at our age.

But she was hot tonight.

She was fucking my fingers hard as I masturbated her. She turned to me and slid her tongue deep between my lips, fucking my mouth. I tried to keep up with her, to regain my passion so I could satisfy her. After a minute more, she whispered, "Sweetheart, let's use that big dildo you brought home that time from New Orleans."

Now this surprised me. It must have been 10 years ago when I shocked her in bed with that huge oversized black cock that I had purchased from a dive in the French Quarter. I had tried to use it on her that night ten years ago instead of my penis(without her knowledge). She knew something was different...for one thing it is huge--10 inches of hard cock. She sat up and turned on the light. Seemingly scandalized, and certainly embarassed, she had examined it thoroughly. Curiosity got the best of her. She flipped its switch, felt its vibrations; she flipped the switch to the next speed and watched the extended thrusting feature of the cock head adding another inch to its length. She didn't get angry, but she got up and got rid of it. She didn't want it in the house. "Its so obscene. What if the girls saw it?" She told me I must have lost my mind.

But it had turned her on that night because she fucked me aggressively, long and hard, to multiple orgasms.

So now I answered her. "I wish we did still have it...your heat could melt it tonight," laughing gently again as I said it.

She quietly lifted my hand from her pussy and walked through the dark into the bathroom. When she returned beside me, she put my hand on the thick dildo and made me grip it. She had kept it all this time. Had she been using it over the years? She had slickened it's full length with something, maybe KY jelly. Her voice husky, she whispered, "I want every inch of it."

I recovered from my astonishment,as she guided my hand (now holding the massive dildo)to the lips of her soaking wet vagina. "Cyn, that must have been one helluva party tonight."

"It was. It was." She pressed on the back end of the dildo; it began sliding through my fingers into her pussy. She sucked in a breath of air and held it. "MMMMMMM...Touch my clit softly as he goes deeper. Turn on the low vibration." She was still controlling the inch by inch penetration. She spread her legs as wide as they could go. "Stay on my clit." I obeyed and listened to the hum of the vibrator pleasure her. "Watch your wife being fucked." From the moonlight, I did watch her pussy stretch around that cock and slowly gobble every inch. "Best fuck I've ever had," I heard her say as she hunched the big cock.

"Fuck me, Scott." My own cock was rock hard again so I thought she meant for me to make love to her so I moved to mount her. "No Scott, fuck me hard with this big lover you brought home to me." I turned up the vibrator to the higher speed and the extender muscle of the dildo began thrusting inside Cyn. I pulled 6 or 7 inches out then slid him back in much faster than before. Her hips rose and eagerly took the whole monster with ease. Another minute or two brought her to a shattering climax; her orgasm lifted her hips high off the bed as I plunged it once, twice, a third time into her straining, exploding cunt. Finally her hips collapsed onto the bed. "Leave it in me for awhile," she told me. "Its divine."

Ofcourse the entire performance surprised and amazed me. Now I was hoping for another chance to make love to her. So I affectionately and lightly scratched her abdomen, her ribs, her breasts. I kissed her lightly, lovingly. She said nothing. But I knew she liked it; she always liked soft scratching of her skin. The dildo remained buried in her pussy, now turned to the low vibrating level, the thruster turned off. She enjoyed the soothing sensations the dildo and I delivered.

Cyn had been a virgin when we married. I never felt the virgin's barrier; her pussy always felt intensely hot, wet, soft, and very large, too large for an average-sized penis to fill until she neared climax; then the walls of her vagina became rock hard and squeezed the cum from me...at least on those occasions when I lasted that long I felt I could match her. Typically, that hot, soft bottomless pussy felt so good that I couldn't prevent my premature explosion. In those days she teased how "You boys can never hold it." Just joking banter and teasing.

As she enjoyed the lingering feel of the dildo and my soft scratching of her smooth skin, I asked very quietly: "What happened at Robert's party?"

"Sure you want to know?" she answered slowly after a moment passed. "I still can't quite believe it myself."

Now I really wanted to know. I have tried to get Cyn interested in sex these past few years by sharing fantasies with her when we did occasionally make love. At first, she didn't catch on. Afterall, I'd ask her questions about her past sexual exploits with boyfriends. I finally got her to share a few stories with me. She had dated several boys in high school and college for extended periods, one guy for her entire freshman year. Her denials finally relaxed enough to tell me about make-out sessions in high school, allowing some boys to pet her breasts. I finally learned that one had lifted her dress and caressed her pussy over her silk underwear. He found her clit through the silk and excited her enough to spread her legs. For the first time, a boy's fingers entered her pussy; he finger-fucked her pussy to a climax.

At a swimming party at a nearby lake her senior year in high school, after everyone else had left and the sun dropped, the same boy had taken off his bathing suit. He made her touch him. She liked it. He got her in the water and got her suit off too. His penis moved on her clit and opened her pussy lips as they kissed. He tried to fuck her. She wanted to but was frightened. So he didn't. Instead she let him teach her how to masturbate a man. It was her first time to have a man's sperm in her hands. After that she did that with three other boys she went steady with in college. She admitted as we made love that she really liked manhandling a penis to orgasm and watching it ejaculate. "Something deliciously sexy about it," as she put it.

None fucked her. I asked her intimate details. Were they bigger than me. "Seen one, you've seen them all," she had answered. I assured her she was wrong about that. She told me that one guy had really been thicker than anyone else. But Cyn quickly reassured me none were any longer than me. "Maybe thicker, but not longer. And the head of your cock is big." Was she trying to re-assure me? It was a relief. But I know ofcourse that my dick is 6 inches, maybe a little more than 6 inches. Enthusiastic, but average in size.

Over these past 3 years our sex talk needed to escalate to add spice to our love making. I graduated to asking if she had ever fucked her boyfriends. After early denials, she found out how to excite me. As things heated up, she would tease, "Wouldn't it hurt you if I admitted I let them fuck me."

"Did you?"..."Maybe"..."Who? Which ones?"..."You'll think Im a slut. Do you want your wife to be a slut? Would you like it if I told you everything I did with those boys?"..."You know I love penises"..."Penises; more than one?"......"Yes. I loved fucking them. Even on first dates. I loved spreading my legs for those boys and taking their cum."

By the time the conversation got that far, I always climaxed inside her. I just couldn't handle it. She was making it all up, I knew, but it worked. It was so amazing because I have always been the jealous type. But I loved the wild fantasy.

Then the sex talk graduated to asking her what she'd do if another man now tried to kiss and touch her. Or fuck her. Would she commit adultery? She had a ball teasing me with all this. "Maybe I already have," she would answer. "Who? Who?" I'd beg.

Her typical answer: "Sure you want to know? I don't think you could handle it." I'd cream in her at the very suggestion and Cyn would just laugh and tell me how pitiful I was. I'd laugh too and tell her I'd never trust her again. Satisfied with this horseplay and good sex, we'd fall off to sleep. Unfortunately those sex sessions were too rare. But great fun when they did occur.

So that brings me back to our conversation this night after Robert's party after she had awakened me with a blowjob, surprised me with her aggressiveness, then pulled that giant dildo from her hiding place that was still humming quietly in her recovering pussy.

"What happened at Robert's party? Something turned you on."

"I don't know if I can admit it all to you." She pressed her lips against mine and kissed me. "Its not fantasy."

I felt a stab of jealousy in the top of my stomach...the same place you get butterflies when you fly over a steep hilltop in a fast car. What's happened? An early twinge of fear tightened around my groin. My penis stiffened involuntarily. "What happened?" I plunged into the abyss. "Who was there?" My second question backed onto safer ground.

Robert and his friends were at least ten years younger than us. He was a friend of one of Cyn's friends at work. It was a barbecue and swim party; 4 or 5 couples were coming. I knew none of them. I had met Robert a couple of times and did not like him very much. Too full of himself. A little too loud. I had begged off because I needed time in the office. Cyn's girlfriend and her husband picked her up. Cyn jumped in the car wearing her conservative navy blue 2 piece bathing suit and a cover-up, carrying a little bag containing a change into casual clothes. I presume she had panties in there; she hasn't worn a bra since college. Cyn has lovely, firm, upturned breasts. A tanned slim body with lovely legs. That had been the last I saw of her until she awoke me later after the party with that delicious blowjob in the middle of the night. I had never before been awakened that way but I highly recommend it.

Cyn explained that it was a fun party. Everyone was attractive and personable. Lots of small talk, joking, drinks and great music. She told me a little about each couple. Robert's date was pretty and nice. There was Sean. And Dean. A light skinned bright young black man with his wife. There were others whose names she missed, more people than she expected. Robert's girlfriend had left around eight because she was going home that night to visit her parents an hour away.

They had gone swimming early on. They had danced a little to the music, especially the oldies. Some danced inside in the living room, some on the patio. A slow one came on, An oldie--"Lay your head on My Shoulder, whisper in my ear--Babyyyy".

"I fell in love a hundred times in high school to that song," Robert told Cyn. "Let's dance." When they went into the dark living room to dance among the others to the slow tune, they were still in their bathing suits. The conversation was nice. She was pleasantly at ease from the alcohol and warm evening. He danced well. Close, an arm around her waist, one hand lightly on the skin of her hip where his thumb played with the lip of her bathing suit panties, his other hand holding hers pressed between their bodies beside her breast.. She liked him. He made her laugh. Their knees and the length of their thighs touched as they danced.. Their tummies touched as they danced. Their cheeks were together while he talked to her...all about his teen-aged years, college, how he'd never married but he would some day.

They danced numerous dances. Cyn became aware of the thickness of his penis pressing into her pubic area. He had an erection. Harmless fun. She aroused him. A compliment to an older lady. She let him press deeply against her. His penis pressed against the opening to her cliteris which was protected only by the thin silk fabric of her swimsuit bottoms. Did he know how squarely on target he was? Her clit was aroused. She gave him the benefit of the doubt.

She told me she even joked with him boldly, "Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" He laughed and apologized. "Can't help it. Just a red-blooded American."

"That's what I'm worried about," she bantered. She noticed the other couples had left them alone. He dropped his hands to her rear and pulled her gently but tightly into his cock. She could feel his warmth. His cock was rubbing her clit. She felt fire between her legs. Her pussy stirred to the stimulation.

"See nothing to worry about," he laughed.

"Feels like there is a lot to worry about, Buster." They laughed and moved their bodies off center so that his right thigh and knee replaced his cock, his leg now between her legs, her bare thighs holding his bare thigh as he pressed his leg against her pussy. "Is that better?" He asked.

"Worse." But she enjoyed the dance. Let him have his fun; she'd be gone in a couple of hours.

She felt an excitement at his boldness and her flirtatious response. His cock felt very, very large. She thought about me, her husband and how her teasing brought me to an easy climax when we were making love. Now she really would have a true story to tell me. Another man making moves on my wife. Cyn allowing him to be so bold. Feeling his cock on her clit. And she wanted more. She felt a wild thrill run through her.

Then Robert kissed her as they swayed to the music. She tightened up but relaxed after a second. She opened her mouth for his urgent tongue. The kiss became wet and sloppy and passionate. He was fucking her mouth and she let him. She was sucking on his tongue like a penis. She gave his tongue a thorough blow job as he filled her mouth and excited her lips. Both his hands pressed her from behind onto his penis. He surprised her. She suddenly realized his cock was out of his bathing suit and slightly entering her pussy, her silk bathing suit acting as an elastic prophylactic. She felt the urge to fuck. She opened her legs for him. Then his hands entered the back of her bathing suit and cupped her buns. A finger pressed her anus. Then entered the back of her wet pussy.

She held him in her arms, wanting him to fuck her right then and there. The excitement gripped her. Then Cyn tried to gain control of herself.

"I pulled his hands out of my bathing suit," she told me. "I couldn't believe what we were doing. But he was still kissing me. He held my right hand and brought it down to his cock."

Lying beside my naked wife as she confessed all this, I felt sure she was going to tell me they fucked right there in his living room. Or in his bedroom. Jealousy and lust battled in my balls. I was in danger of silently ejaculating as Cyn spoke. I struggled to control myself.

"You want to know more?" Cyn asked me. She kissed me again. She took the dildo out of her pussy and put it my hand. "That's what he felt like in my hand. Enormous beyond belief."

"I masturbated him. His hands went under my top and he massaged my breasts while I masturbated him. I wanted to see his penis. I wanted to suck him. But all I did was masturbate him. When he came, I pulled his bathing suit up to catch the mess. We kissed for awhile. His penis pressed against me. Still big. I finally told him we had to stop. Everyone would miss us. I went out and jumped in the pool. He came out a few minutes later in a different bathing suit and started cooking the steaks."

"Then you came home?" I asked her hopefully.

"Well no. I changed into my shorts and blouse to eat supper. I couldn't believe what Robert and I had done. After all these years of marriage and children. I tried to stay away from Robert so no one would suspect us. I wanted to go home to be safe. I had no way to leave. Then we all went with wine into the living room. Everyone laughing and joking. Maybe half the party had gone home. I guess I was a little drunk. Most of them were playing cards. Robert was in the middle of that group. They finally invited us to play. That's when I learned it was strip poker. Ofcourse everyone joked like it wasn't serious. Like it was teasing. Like a dare to play. So I went along."

"I did ok. Lost my shoes. Then one of my earrings. They all booed and said earrings didn't count. But I got away with it. I couldn't believe the guys. Sean lost his sandals, his shirt then his bathing suit. He just took it right off. His wife left the room to go swim. She was angry with him."

I asked Cyn why she didn't leave too when Sean's wife stepped out. She took a moment to answer. "I wanted to look at Sean. He was uncircumsized. I had never seen that before. He saw me looking at him. I watched him becoming erect. I just didn't leave. Oh Scott, I liked looking at him. He knew it too."

"Then I lost again. They wanted me to remove my blouse or my shorts. I had no bra. They didn't know but I had no panties on either. I tried to quit but they protested I had already lost. That I hadn't quit when Sean lost his pants. I had stayed around to see him. To see his penis. It was true. That was exactly why I stayed. Sean told me to be a good sport. "Look at me. I'm being a good sport." He looked down at his penis and so did I. Everyone laughed.

Sean walked up to me and told me he'd help with the first button to give me nerve to strip. I closed my eyes. He opened the top button. He pulled my blouse away from my chest and looked inside my blouse. "Beautiful!" They all laughed again.

"Now you open the other two buttons and take off your blouse for us," Robert instructed me. With my eyes wide open, I unbouttoned the second button. My blouse was now open below my breasts. I was hanging out of my blouse. They cheered. Then I began opening the last button."

Robert spoke up. "Cyn can keep her last button. She doesn't have on as much as the other ladies."

Then Robert lost his bathing suit too. He was so big. He has a nice build but such a big cock. Its thick and its long. I wanted to go dance with him again. There were six of us left. Four guys and two women. Two of the men nude. Scott, it was so exciting. Outrageous. Other than you, it was the first two cocks I've seen in almost 20 years.

She kissed me. Then asked me, "Mad at me? Jealous? What?.... I'm sorry." She kissed me a long wet kiss and whispered in my ear. "I wanted to fuck them both." Her hand caressed my hard penis as she admitted this to me. She couldn't resist teasing me. She squeezed my balls and said with a sexy smile, "They were both bigger than you, especially Robert. Your wife was just doing what you've been telling me to do."

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