A Guy Story Ch. 03


It seems that one of the overwhelming favs of you two or three or 40,000 or so fans are the two Guy Story stories. So in that never ending desire to please, here's another installment to drool over as Mark is led around like a slut by that wicked TV slut Brandy- - -hope ya love it!

After the all night session with Brandy, her brother and god knows how many horned up guys I was sore and felt so awful and nasty. When I got back home and to work it seemed like everyone must have known what I'd done (even though I knew that was a silly idea) and were looking at me, laughing behind my back, whispering about me. Like they could see some mark on me that said I was a fag cocksucker.

My wife kept asking me if anything was wrong as I seemed to be acting differently towards her. And of course there wasn't anything "wrong" so to speak. We still fucked like minks - - -minks with kinks as we were into dildo and vibrator play like crazy. We'd go out clubbing and I'd get all hot and worked up seeing hot guys and girls and then come home to fuck her like an animal. One night we were into hot and heavy sex with E and poppers. We'd fucked once with me cumming in her and were off to the races again. She had taken this big fat 9 inch strap on dildo and was making me suck it. Telling me what a cock whore I was and how she was going to cum in my mouth. I was jerking my cock while she fed me this big dick and was waaayyyyy far away in fantasy land. She pulled it out of my mouth and moved between my legs and started rubbing the head all over my cock and balls and asspussy. I was moaning and sliding my hand up and down my dick when she stuck a few fingers into me and then unceremoniously stuck the head into my cunt and started pushing it in and out.

"Take that big cock you little slut. My husband the fag. Loves having a big dick fuck his face and ass. Bet you're gonna cum buckets you bitch!" And as she said that I shot a big spurt of hot white cum that hit her tits. She rubbed my cum all over the head of the dildo til most of the cum was on it. "Open wide you bitch! Eat my cum!" She said as she fed me the head of the dildo with all my cum on it. She was holding my cock squeezing it as she cum fucked my face and it made me so hot that I ate all my cum and swallowed. We'd never done anything like that before.

Later on we were sitting on the patio talking and she asked me how hard I fantasized on sucking cocks and getting fucked- - -for real. And of course I denied that I'd ever had a "real" thought about doing it, that it was all a fantasy. We went back and forth like that for a few minutes when she said "I'll tell you a truth if you'll tell me one too."

"What kind of truth?" I asked.

"A sex truth. Something you don't know about me and something I don't know about you and I don't mean that you jerk off looking at porn on the net or something like that. A real truth. Something that you think might either turn me on or turn me off." She looked me in the eyes when she said all this and all I could think of was that now would be a great time for our child to wake up so I could get out of this gracefully but no such luck.

"OK. But you have to go first gutsy girl."

"I'll tell you two." She said. "First, when I was a junior in college I let five guys fuck me in a gang fuck scene."

I was totally blown away by this. Carla is 32 and an attorney. Semi big time. Very conservative in most ways other than in our bedroom. I would never have guessed that she'd gang fucked five guys. Never.

"What do you think? Does that turn you on or off?" She asked.

"I don't know what to think. I'm not sure." I said back to her.

"Well then does it turn you on or off to know that at that gang fuck that these guys were all doing shit to each other as well as to me. Sucking each other's cocks and when my holes were all full fucking each other's asses. And I loved seeing that and being a part of it." I was so hot listening to her tell me all this. "So what's it do Mark? Hot or turned off?"

"Well in a word or two- - -I guess it's pretty fucking hot. I'd have loved to have seen you all covered in sweat and cum." I told her.

"Now tell me a sex secret baby." She said as she leaned over and rubbed my thigh. This was that moment of truth thing for me. No guts no glory and all that. So- - - -

"Well, I did pretty much the same thing as you except with eight." I said looking down at the ground.

"What do you mean with eight? Girls? And where and when was this?" She asked.

I took a deep breath and said "Actually it was with seven guys and a transvestite. And it was in Vegas- - - -last month. But it's not like you think!" I said as I backpedaled furiously. "The TV was a prostitute and the rest of it just happened!"


The next thing I know we're on a plane going to Vegas for the weekend!

We got there and checked into our suite at the Palms (I figured on splurging for this little extravaganza). All Carla could think about was my calling Brandy and setting something hot and nasty up with her. We weren't even unpacked and she was on me to call her. So what choice did I have? I called. She was there. Lo and behold she remembered me. Go figure. I told her that I had my wife with me and that the two of us wanted to get into a scene like when I was there last month. I told her that we wanted Brandy, her brother and how many more guys or TV's whatever she could round up for a hot nasty cum party.

She called me back an hour or so later and told me that she had another girl like her as well as her brother and seven guys from UNLV. That's seven plus two is nine. We negotiated a price which was kind of a formality as Brandy wanted to get into this as much as we did. We set up a time for later that evening at our place.

We were both antsy for the rest of the day and early evening. We smoked a little pot and drank some to take the tension edge off but we were constantly feeling each other up every chance we got. Finally ten pm came and we were so fucking ready! I had on black silk lounging pants and that's all My cock was in that semi hard state so it was clearly outlined through the material. Carla had on a red silk oversized top on with a black leather thong. Two buttons undone- - -one at the top and one at the bottom.

There was a knock at the door and I know we both jumped. "Last chance to pull out baby." I said to her as I got up off the couch.

"The only thing I want to pull out is some guy's cock from your ass so I can lick it." She replied. I forgot to tell you- - -Carla's 5'8" and 140. Natural darkish blonde. 36 C. Puffy lips and a long clit that loves getting sucked like it was a cock.

I walked to the door and it was Brandy, her brother Billy and two guys that she introduced that I instantly forgot- - name wise that is. We walked into the room and I introduced everyone to Carla who was sitting curled up on the couch. We all fixed drinks and one of the guys had a nice glass bong in his little accessory case. So of course in no time the room was thick with dope smoke. Brandy had taken off her coat to reveal black knee high boots with black stay up hose. She had on a pair of red and black panties and a matching red and black bra concealing her gorgeous 36's. Billy excused himself and went into the bathroom just as there was another knock on the door. Carla got up (every eye on her of course) and let three more guys in. More drinks and smoke and then started the removal of clothing and some touching and feeling. Carla was sitting in between two guys both massaging her thighs ever higher up. Brandy had her hand on my cock through the silk of my pants and I was very hard now. Carla's head was back and someone put a pill on her tongue and kissed her pouring liquid from his mouth to hers. X.

Someone else came over to me and gave me a pill of it. And someone else passed me a sniffer of amyl nitrate. I looked over to see my wife with a guy on his knees next to her on the couch feeding her his dick into her red lipped mouth. The other guy next to her had his fingers buried in her sopping cunt. Her arms just kind of hung there. "Your girl's a real slut at heart Marky." whispered Brandy into my ear. "You want me to really get her hot and nasty?"

She had my cock out of my pants and was stroking it. "Oh fuck yeah. Fuck her up for me baby." I whispered back at her. She got up and went over to Carla. She stood over her and pulled the side of her panties open so her 7 ½ inch dick could get out. She leaned forward and started kissing Carla around the cock she was sucking. Whispering and talking to her. Telling her to suck the cock harder. That she was a little rich bitch cock whore. Shit like that. There was another knock at the door so I walked over to it with my pants all tented out and let in the final two guys. Both of them reached out and gave my dick a squeeze as he walked by. I walked back into the main room and sat down to watch my wife get ravaged by Brandy and two guys. Just then the bathroom door opened and Billy came out. He had on black heels, black hose held up by a garter belt with suspenders. There were these brief little crotchless panties and his big cock was sticking out of them dangling as he walked towards me. His blonde hair was slicked back and he had on some sort of dark red lipstick. God he looked so fucking hot. He walked over to me and stood in between my legs with one of his hands on his skinny hip and with the other he held his fine cock out to me.

"Cmon bitch. Time your cunt wife sees you like you really are. Cocksucking whore." I reached out and touched his dick and he seemed to walk into me crawling over me sliding his hot silk legs over me til his dick was in my mouth. Just in my mouth pulsing there while I slavered my tongue all over the head moaning around it cause I loved it so much.

Brandy held on to Carla's head and "forced" her to look at me while I sucked her brother's fat cock. "Look at your cum slut husband bitch. He'll suck all the cum in the room tonight. So you better hurry and get your share Carla!" And with that she shoved her cock clit into Carla's gaping cunt while the guy fucking her mouth cried out and blasted hot cum into her mouth cunt and all over her face as well. Billy was now sliding his cock in and out of my mouth fucking me and telling me what a wicked boy I was. I felt a mouth on my own hard cock. Felt it sliding up and down on it while a hand fondled and squeezed my balls. Squeezed to a point that it hurt so good I moaned around Billy's knob. Some greasy oiled fingers were going in and out of my ass fucking me getting me ready for more. "Now look at your cummy wife Mark." Said Brandy as her brother pulled away from my mouth.

Carla was being held up by two guys. She was naked except for the leather hood over her head. It had two eyeholes and a nose hole but where the mouth was instead there was a big 10 inch dildo sticking out. Two guys moved me onto a bed on my back and held my legs back over my head. My asspussy, cock and balls were totally exposed. Some guy was taking crisco and smearing it on my ass sliding his fingers in until he had four inside of me with ease. I was moaning and gasping for breath. The two guys holding Carla forced her to her knees on the floor and shoved her forward so that the cock sticking out of her mouth slid into my ass. It was huge but my cunt was so hot it just sucked her into me. Brandy leaned close to me and told me that there was a six inch cock on the back side of the one that was in me and that it was lodged in Carla's mouth. She was sucking the cock that was fucking me.

I could hear guys saying how hot this all was and felt some guy get on the bed. He just got over my face and jerked off a big hot white load of cum on me. Brandy was holding the back of Carla's head and was shoving the giant dildo into me. A guy got behind Carla and pulled her up fully on her knees and then sank his cock into her pussy. I could hear muffled groans cumming from her as she got fucked and fucked me. I was pulled off the bed and away from her big cock. The guy who did it bent me over the arm of the couch and powered his cock into my ass. I was moaning and crying from the intensity of it but then someone sat down and scooted so that my face was in his lap and his cock was in my mouth. He held my head and pumped it up and down on his dick while the other guy plowed my pussy.

Carla was now on her back on one of the beds with the cock mask still on. She was sitting on a guy who's dick was in her ass while another guy had his in her pussy. A third guy was sitting on her face going up and down with the big dildo buried in his ass. The guy pounding my cunt screamed as he pulled out and shot cum all over my hole, cock and balls. The guy in my mouth held my head really tight and erupted cum into my sinus cavities making it cum out of my nose. I was gasping for breath and cum was bubbling in my nose. Another guy was licking it up off of my face while another slapped my face with his cock and then let loose a stream of hot pee all over me. Billy came over and grabbed my hair from behind and pulled my head back as he slid his fat dick into me. "I've fucked four guys and that fucked up slut wife of yours tonight Marky. You're still the best piece of ass here!" He growled at me as he fucked in and out of me. "I wanna shoot it in your ass you faggy little boy bitch" I squeezed his dick with my ass muscles and milked him as hard as I could. He was roaring in my ear telling me what a whore I was and how much cum he was going to give me. I was pushing back at him and squeezing him. He grabbed my hips and pushed hard and I felt hot cum shoot into me. Hot enough to make me cry out. I looked up and Carla was sitting on the couch with guys on either side of her jerking them off as she watched me. A guy just walked over to her, stood in front of her jerking his dick and when he was ready to cum she leaned forward without ever letting go of the cocks in her hands and took his hot cum blast in the mouth and on her face. Then leaned back and got what she could with her tongue.

I went over and stood in front of her with my ass towards her and leaned over. I squeezed my asscunt muscles and felt Billy's cum leak out around my hole and some rand down my thigh. Carla leaned forward and attached her mouth to my pussy hole and sucked Billy's cum out of me. Just as she did this the guy on her left said he was going to cum. She got him to stand and jerked his hot cock off onto my hole. Three or four spurts. She worked his cum into my ass with her hand while another guy came up to me and stuck his dick into my mouth while I was bent over. He just held my head and sawed his dick in and out of my mouth cunt while Carla worked four of her slender fingers into my cum drenched ass. "Oh baby!" Cried Brandy as she watched Carla fuck me. "You can get the whole thing in that pussy hole tonight. Fist him. Make him your bitch!"

Carla had worked her thumb in and from there it was an easy slide for her hand to get buried to the wrist in me. She had her hand turned over inside of me and was rubbing my prostate with her fingers. Jerking it off while the guy in my mouth was shooting off inside of me and I was swallowing thick hot cum once again. Someone pulled my cock back between my legs to Carla could get to it. She sucked on the head while she fisted me and I groaned as I felt cum well up inside of me and cum blasting out of my dick hole into her slut mouth. It felt like it was pouring out of me. That hot feeling where it's so thick it almost hurts to cum. As I shot she jerked her hand out of me and took my dick in both hands. She was swallowing as fast as she could but some oozed out of the corners of her mouth. Brandy pulled her away from my dick and frenched my cum back and forth between them as I collapsed face down on the floor. Some guy stood over me and peed on my ass and balls. Once more finally came shooting onto my ass trying to get the cum into my gaping hole. Still one final guy slapped Carla's tits back and forth and then erupted cum out of his dick onto her face and tits.

And then they all just left. Brandy told me to call her again the next time I was in town and kissed both of us good night.

I looked around at the mess of a room and at my hot bitch wife all covered in piss and cum. "This what you had in mind baby?" I asked her as I held her slick body next to mine.

"I can't wait for the next time." She replied as she passed out.

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