tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Harem Fantasy Ch. 07

A Harem Fantasy Ch. 07


After exercises the next day I was hot and achy, but I wanted to be alone. Lucius and Morganna were both eager for my company but I left them in the tunnels. I followed one past plants and bronze sconces, past drawings of people older than history itself.

I stopped to ponder our ancestors, the beauty of their uniform honey skin, their large dark wigs, their kohl-lined eyes. We knew little about them, only the remnants of their religion survived in wild nomadic tribes like Morganna's, not even their literature was readable. The words were symbols, indecipherable, though many experts had tried.

I followed a painted story across the bricks until my nose caught the scent of water. Lots of water, and indoors. I emerged into a large underground cavern filled with an immense pool.

Columns that supported the heavy floor above us came down into the water and at one end a warm spring supplied the pool. The bottom and sides were tiles of all manner of blues from nearly purple to nearly white, mingling like the wild south sea.

I heard movement and stopped, wondering if I was allowed there. Of course I was, a voice in the back of my mind said, I was the second. But deep in my bones, I did not feel it, I still felt like a child in the city.

Cassipe swam from behind a pillar and my heart stilled. His naked body was magnificent in the torchlight, his long, smooth muscles rippling as he swam. Behind him his hair trailed, moving with the current he made, and the image was the most beauteous I'd ever seen.

No one else was about. I stripped quickly and dove into the pool, gliding beneath the surface until I crested by his legs. Above the water Cassipe stood with his arms folded, his expression something indefinable.

"Virtal," he nearly whispered.

"Cassipe." I reached for him but he jerked back, stepping awkwardly in the deep water.

"Virtal, to touch is forbidden."

With my tutor I felt more than ever like a child, and the tears burned in my throat, my eyes. "The queen hates me, I am forced to defend myself against a jealous woman, and the men are making power plays to be my consort. How could this be my life? How could you, of all people, the one person I trust above all others, have brought me here?"

I burst into tears much to my shame and he brought me into his arms. Cassipe looked around and dragged my floating body to a dark corner behind a column.

"Virtal it is your destiny and mine, we have no choice. But know that if I knew the new queen was...what she is, I never would have brought you here."

He stroked my wet hair and let me cry on his warm shoulder until the tears were gone. Slowly his comforting caresses became something more, something darker, and when I looked into his eyes I saw my longing reflected there.

"Cassipe-" I began, but he cut me off with a kiss. It was a kiss of love, not of need, mere lust, power, or loneliness. It was something great and earthy that moved between us, and my need was great.

Between us I felt his staff rock hard, and his hands found me wet and aching. Both of us looked around, knowing the act was forbidden, a death sentence to us both, and when we heard silence, he slipped inside me slowly.

As he moved inch by inch I stared into his eyes breathlessly, and when he was seated I smiled. "I've missed you so much."

"We must be quiet," he said against my lips.

He moved out, sending shivers along my spine, ad sank back in bringing burning heat in his wake. With the water moved quietly around us with his gentle movements and he repeated the action.

I was lost to the slow drugging pleasure of my teacher, and grabbed at him, smashing my lips to his to hide my moans.

We built for an eternity, the sweet slow burn of ecstasy growing, and then I felt his body tighten in warning. I found my peak with him and we moaned softly into each other, shuddering in pleasure.

Quickly I lowered my legs and he pulled away, and we used the water to cleanse our bodies of each other's scents.

"Virtal, we cannot do this, or we will be killed."

I pulled him down to me and kissed his lips softly. "It is worth it to feel your love, for you to feel mine."

He turned away from me then and hauled out of the water. I watched him dress slowly, relishing even that pleasure, and he glanced back at me with a nod before leaving.

I watched him go, but to my sinking heart I swore I heard two sets of footsteps leave that hall.


The next night I did for the second time as Lucius had cautioned me. The Queen greeted the first moon with bloody scratches all over Marxim, and his hands jerked in mine, his eyes pleading.

I healed him slowly and slightly so as not to overshadow her, blessing the goddess in my mind for her protection.

When it was over she bowed at the balcony to the subjects below, delighting in their adoration. The others held their breath, waiting to see her mood, but she turned with a smile.

"You may all go, save you Virtal, and you, Marxim."

He sat up and gave me a pitying glance as the others left. Morganna, Missiply, and Lucius all cast me glances of empathy and I found my nerves swell.

When the room was empty save us three the Queen belted her long robe. "Fetch my private stock, Marxim, and have them bring the chest."

I felt his heart sink and his body cool, but he obediently bowed and jogged off to the men's harem.

"You are to watch, Virtal, for tonight you will see what a true queen is made of."

"Yes, your highness," I said with a bow.

"Find a comfortable seat by the altar. I do not want you to miss a moment of this."

I sat as bidden worrying at what was to happen. Cassipe was in her private stock, and I wondered if someone had spied us and revealed all to the queen. I wondered, with good reason, if I would live to greet another moon.

Marxim returned with the three men, all of them carrying a large wooden chest which they set before the altar. As if they were dancers they all scurried to set places, fanning out in a close line before the queen, dropping to one knee, their heads bowed.

Marxim was still naked and bleeding in some spots, the other men wore loose white tunics, long, belted at their waists above bare legs.

"On both knees," she commanded, and opened the chest as they did so.

She withdrew a wicked looking whip, the kind I'd only ever seen used to drive bulls to market. I bit my lip and trembled in fear as she snaked it back and forth across the floor, letting loose a sickening slithering sound.

"I want you all naked."

The three robed men quickly shed their clothes and kept their heads bowed, hands clasped behind their backs.

"Why aren't you hard? Rise, Marxim, and step forward."

She walked behind them as the bowed men closed the gap Marxim let. She raised the whip and whirled it around her head, picking up speed, and then with a horrifying sound cracked against the backs of the kneeling men.,

I gasped and she jerked her narrowed gaze to me. I schooled my face quickly, though terrified. I knew from the sound flesh had been flayed open but no man had moved or made a sound.

"Prepare yourselves," she said and obediently all three used their left hands to stroke their limp cocks to life. How could they, I wondered desperately, in the wake of such pain.

"Faster!" She commanded and whipped the dark haired man on the end. At the ugly crack his rhythm faltered, then sped up.

"You, take him," she ordered the brown haired man in the middle.

On shaking knees he and the brunette turned, and I saw something I had never dreamed of. He slid his cock into the other man's anus, and as it was dry the other man whimpered.

The queen whipped his thigh for that and I saw a blossom of blood there to match their backs.

"Very good," she said as the other man began to pump, bloody trails on his cock from where he tore the other man's flesh.

"Marxim, being me the irons."

Marxim picked up shackles from the chest and brought it to her. With a flick of her hand she motioned him away, and when he turned his eyes met mine. The plea for rescue was clear but I had no idea what to do.

The queen bound Cassipe quickly, and then threaded her spiked fingers through his glorious hair, jerking him to a straight position. "And you," she purred, "please me or they die."

As she walked around Cassipe's look to me matched Marxim's, but then her hips blocked my view. The sounds of his tongue in her pussy echoed the disgusting wet sound of blood lubricating the other mens' fucking.

Marxim and I held our breath as the queen stood stock still, eerily silent. I knew what Cassipe's tongue could do and marveled that she could do so. With her back turned Marxim reached his hand out to me and I stared for a moment before raising my own.

The whip came around and flayed open his arm as she laughed, evilly.

He whimpered and returned to his stance as her laugh changed into a cry of pleasure.

She turned then, and her cold eyes bored into mine. "He is lovely, isn't he?"

I froze, unsure of who she meant, or if I should answer, and her expression turned to disgust. "Then leave us child, the adults want to play."

With horrible guilt I rose but her hand stopped me.

"Marxim, give her the cat. Virtal, take a woman to your bed, and use it. Taste the dark pleasures."

Marxim handed me a small whip not more than a foot long with many tails, all of leather. Once I had it I ran, sobbing, and just outside her doors Lucius caught me.

"Virtal! What's wrong?"

I grabbed him and hugged him tight. "It was horrible! I can't even describe it. And now the queen says I must use this evil instrument on a woman."

He took it from me and hugged me back. "Hush now, I will show you how this can be true pleasure, not the queen's sick desire."

I pulled back and looked up into his eyes, nodding in trust. And I knew I had chosen my consort well.


Missiply, Lucius had told me, was as knowledgeable about the "cat o' nine tails" as he, and now all three of us stood in my room. Missiply was pale and blonde, like her sister, her body lithe with muscle honed from training and no actual battles.

She eyed us warily and then smiled. "Lucius is your consort. You've chosen. Oh, Virtal, you've chosen well."

She hugged me then and out breasts pressed together, giving me a stirring of lust in spite of the horror I had witnessed.

I pulled her back but kept my hands on her arms, she kept hers on mine. "The queen says I must use this on you."

She shivered at me, her eyes darkening with lust. "And Lucius will you teach her?"

He nodded, and Missiply stepped back and stripped quickly. "Please," she said to us both, and knelt on all fours on the bed.

Lucius stepped forward. "Virtal, move it softly at first."

He cracked it gently on her buttocks, leaving barely and red marks, and she moaned in ecstasy and want. He repeated the action, again and again, increasing the tempo and strength until she was writhing seductively on the bed.

Lucius and I were already naked, and his staff proved how much he enjoyed this power, and I myself found I was breathless at it.

He stopped and she collapsed, groaning, her hand buried in her pussy. Lucius gave me the whip and turned around the brace his hands on the wall. "Practice on me, do as I showed you."

"Yess," Missiply hissed, and rolled onto her back to watch.

Nervously I took the small whip and applied it with flimsy force.

"Do it harder, and jerk your hand back just as it touches," Lucius said with a patient smile.

I did as bade and it worked. I repeated it until the action felt comfortable and then, like him, built up strength and tempo, until Lucius jerked against the wall, panting.


I did, and when he turned around his erection was huge and darker than I'd ever seen. "Now her," he said with a deep husky voice.

Missiply lay back, groaning in near orgasm. "My pussy, Virtal, do it on my pussy."

I gulped as she spread her legs, her pink cleft glistening, her hands fisting the sheets on either side. The first slap made her gasp, the second and third made her arch.

I found myself high on power, relishing the speed of the whip as it met her wet pussy with a slap. Behind me I glanced and saw Lucius stroke himself, his eyes burning into me, and I turned back with renewed violence.

I was shocked and pleased when she found her peak with the mere touch of the whip, and when it was over I sagged, my arm aching.

I heard pots and jars clank on my vanity and saw Lucius smear cream on his cock.

"Come here," he said desperately and jerked me into his arms, facing away. He slid into my ass slowly, filling me inch by aching inch.

When he was seated his hands came around to pinch and roll my nipples, whispering into my ear, "Well?"

"Well wh-ahhh, at?"

"What would you have her do now?"

I looked at Missiply, still dazed with pleasure but eyeing us hungrily. "Lick me," I said, and winced at the echo of the queen's earlier actions.

Missiply scrambled off the bed and sank to her knees, pressing her hot mouth against me.

We were all hot, keyed up, and Lucius began to fuck me hard. With her sweet tongue caressing my clit I built quickly, and Lucius' cry of pleasure hastily followed mine.

We came down, panting, and Missiply gave me a gentle kiss and then hugged my legs, pressing the side of her face to my thigh.

"Virtal!" Suddenly my curtain was parted and Marxim stared at us.

No one moved, but I felt myself blushing. "Yes?"

"The queen demands you heel us, me, and her stock."

"All right." I nodded. Missiply grabbed her clothes and brushed past Marxim as Lucius pulled out.

"May I wash up in your bath?" he asked.

I grabbed him close, holding his head down towards mine. "Yes. Will you stay with me tonight? I don't want to be alone after...what I see."

"Of course," he agreed, and placed a kiss on my forehead that had nothing to do with lust.

I let him go and wrapped my robe around me, belting it tight. Marxim watched us with jealous eyes, and as I brushed past him I wondered, for the thousandth time, just how twisted this destiny was.

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