tagBDSMA Harsh Teacher

A Harsh Teacher


In a nondescript hotel room, the middle-aged woman, dressed in a jet black cat suit and 4" black patent leather heels, draped herself over the back of a chair, taking a wide stance and supporting her upper body with the chair. It didn't occur to her how strange these actions would seem to someone unschooled in the dynamics of submission and Dominance. Rather, her deliberate vulnerability revealed the depth of her need to submit. Her submission included her need for the experience of pain. Submission offered her the opportunity to serve the Master, and provided the pain that she did not flinch from through the Master's strokes that had yet to come.

When the strokes began, the submissive thought the strokes seemed a bit harder than usual, but attributed the feeling to the fact that it had been more than a month since the submissive last had been disciplined. All too soon, however, the strokes were being laid on with Master's belt, rather than the cat-of-nine-tails, and the strokes were hard that the submissive's knees buckled from the pain. The submissive continued to hold her position, even when the Master began speaking words more painful than the strokes from his belt. The words that Master said, speaking softly and calmly, wounded the submissive deeply, far more seriously than the belt he wielded with such efficient power.

As the strokes continued, the submissive's conscious mind united with her subconscious and all the other aspects of the submissive's personality that were offered up in Master's service. The unified essence of the submissive's personality felt the physical pain of the strokes, and processed them as discipline. Even more, the submissive experienced the fullness of the more severe pain that echoed throughout her being when the Master the submissive attempted to serve was disappointed. But, as the discipline continued, the submissive left behind her regret at failing to serve as the Master preferred.

Instead of holding focus on failure and disappointment relating to her submission, the submissive tried to go to an unfamiliar place - into the mind of a Dominant with a serving submissive. The submissive's mind and heart struggled to comprehend the disappointment the Master felt when the submissive failed to find new ways to serve the Master. The submissive tried to understand how the submissive had failed to ensure that all of Master's needs were met, and thus served.

Although the physical pain was the harshest yet inflicted on the submissive by the Master, her emotional pain was nearly overwhelming. The submissive cringed when imagining the Master's belief that the submissive cared so little that it was possible to fail to serve the Master totally and completely, including by unpacking and arranging Master's medications to be ready at hand to ensure his health. Despite the submissive's love of Master and eagerness to assist the Master in every way possible, the submissive knew that her actions that night had fallen far short of that ideal. Once again, as had happened so often before in her submission and service, the submissive felt the pain of her heart breaking. It seemed the norm that the submissive's pride in her service would be shattered by an ill-considered gesture or an unthinking lapse in judgment. The submissive, through the painful and difficult punishment session, appreciated how often the submissive failed to understand the Master's viewpoint. The submissive now began to understand that, although the Master's perspective is so distant from the submissive's, full service to the Master required understanding the Master's perspective on submission.

Tears fell as strokes continued; the pain causing the tears was not physical, but emotional pain. Submission meant taking on the Master's pain, even pain inadvertently caused. And, as always, pain visited upon the submissive by the Master caused the submissive's cunt to lubricate and raised the submissives' sexual tension to multiple orgasms as the pain took over her body.

The submissive continued to brace her body on the back of the chair, feet widely spread, and welcomed the heat and pain in the submissive's ass and thighs as atonement. Whilst the submissive rued the failings and their punishment, the submissive's sexual juices overflowed her cunt. Those juices were wicked away, dampening the thighs of the cat suit, down past the submissive's knees. The submissive recognized the dichotomy of submission and service: the submissive is less than -- not the center, not the focus - but must see service in perspective to the One who is greater than, who is the center, and the focus of all the submissive does. Service to the Master expands to fill every moment and every thought.

The submissive could not escape the feeling of failure, recognizing that the terrible pain in the submissive's ass and thighs was not enough to compensate for falling short. The submissive's feeling of failure wasn't diminished by the knowledge that the submissive's love for the Master was absolute. The only ease from the submissive's pain was the submissive's understanding of the lessons brought by that failure. The submissive now realized to the core of her being that the submissive's service required initiative, a seeking out of ways to expand service and submission. The submissive knew this understanding would improve the service offered up to the Master. The submissive stood firm as the strokes continued, reveling in the hope that the Master would be pleased with the submissive's growth in submission.

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How many times is the phrase "the submissive"usedOveruse

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