A Hickerman Party Ch. 01


Bill, tries as hard as he can to keep up with her as she thrusts her hips up at the end of each of her contractions. He also feels her pussy tightening around his cock with each one. But now his stamina is failing. He gets her through the orgasm, but as she is finally able to open her eyes he slows down his pace and the strength of his thrusts. Lowering his head he kisses her, driving his tongue deep into her mouth, attempting to send his passion for her via his tongue as he had just been doing with his cock.

Angel grabs his head and returns his kiss with passion of her own, her tongue fighting for possession of his mouth. Kissing deeply and passionately they continue to fuck, if not as wildly as before.

“Jeff, put down your plate and watch these two.” Tonya demands of her husband. “Will you just look at them, fucking like a pair of rabbits.”

“I’ve been watching.” Jeff retorts. “They’re hotter than hell.”

Others that have gathered around to watch, murmur like comments or nod in agreement. Tonya exclaims, “They’re fucking hot alright.”

Bill just fucks her slowly as they continue to kiss. Angel can feel another orgasm starting to build slowly as the head of his cock continues to drag across that special spot deep inside and as his length rides over her clitoris on each withdrawal. After a few minutes of this, some of Bill’s strength returns. He clutches at her shoulders, pulling her tight to him and with his renewed strength drives his dick in deep and hard with short, quick thrusts. That orgasm that was just beginning to build a moment before, suddenly overwhelms her. Her head jerks to one side. Her eyes clinch tight. She bites her lip and jerks uncontrollably with each shudder. And the crowd goes wild.

After the cheering subsides, Tonya turns to Jeff with a whisper, “We’ve got to get them over to the house some night. I got to have some of that kind of action.”

“Well, the nights young.” Jeff predicts, “We might even get some of that yet tonight.”

“Are you kidding.” She returns skeptically, “They’ll be too tired for anything else.”

“Good, makes our chances of winning the initiation better.” Jeff always tries to look on the bright side of things.

Bill is able to fuck her like this for maybe a minute. Every muscle in his body is taut in an attempt to pull her as close to him as possible and he focuses every effort on moving his hips in and out of her as fast as he possibly can. They are short little jabs, exerted at almost jack hammer speed; but they do the trick, as Angel gasps for breath between each spasm surging through her body. Her head is flailing back and forth and although she moans and screams in rapture, the sounds are totally unintelligible.

Angel shows no sign of coming down from her high. As long as Bill keeps fucking her like this, she knows she will continue to cum. Unfortunately, Bill cannot maintain this intensity of fucking her for all he is worth for very long. After about a minute he begins to tire and returns to the long slow strides of earlier. Again he finds her mouth and although still panting, he kisses her with passion and a lot of tongue. Angel feels the orgasm waning, the seizures cumming further and further apart, until gone altogether and her breathing becomes more relaxed.

Once she feels more under her own control she adjusts her thrusting to meet his steady, long slow plunges. She returns his kisses with more urgency, driving her tongue into his mouth as well. All the while she feels that wonderful feeling hovering at the base of her spine and deep down in her pussy, just waiting for the next onslaught to bring it to the surface again and take her over the top.

Bill keeps up his own slow methodical pace, controlled and steady. The need to cum only faintly in the background. He enjoys just fucking her and really enjoys hearing her scream her passion when she cums. Slowly one stroke at a time, still kissing her with passion and exchanging tongues, waiting for his strength to return, waiting to make her cum again and again, who knows how many times. They have done this so many times before, not uncommonly for as long as two hours. Sometimes even longer.

After maybe five minutes this time, Bill’s strength finally returns. Again, as before, he clutches at her shoulders, pulling her tight to him and with his renewed strength drives his dick in deep and hard with short, quick thrusts. For a second time, that orgasm that was just hovering there deep in her pussy, explodes, immediately taking her over the top with no build up at all. She throws her head back hard into the couch as the first spasm rakes her entire body. Her eyes are clinched tight. Biting her lip, her face becomes contorted, while the rest of her body convulses in time with her spasms.

The mesmerized crowd cheers again, all wondering how long this can go on. Couples are arm in arm. Some men are hanging over their wives, fondling their breasts. Some ladies are stroking their man’s cock. Others are rubbing their own focus of sexuality. But, all are hot from the scene unfolding before them.

With-in a minute, Bill’s strength is sapped again and he returns to his slow, gentile thrusting. He pushes himself up on his arms, holding himself high above her and smiles with that smirk, that let’s her know he is doing all this on purpose, that he is in control and that he might keep her cumming like this all night long.

Very softly, Angel begins to say, “Fuck me, Babe… Come on Babe,… give me that big,… fat,… cock of yours…. Give your cum…. “She continues, softly, while people murmuring in the back of the crowd are asking, What’s she saying? Did I hear that right? Is she saying what I think she’s saying? What’s going on know?

Angel continues a little louder and in a more sultry voice, “Come on Babe. Give me that cock. Spit your fire into me. Give me all your,… hot,… creamy,… cum…. Come on Babe,… fuck your whore…. Fuck me like a common street whore…. Take me…. Satisfy yourself… Give me all that cum.”

The words stimulate Bill, he begins to thrust a little harder, a little deeper, as she continues her pleadings, “That’s it Babe…. Fuck your slut…. Drench this slut’s pussy with cum…. I want, Bill…. I need your cum, honey…. Cum on, fuck me…. Take me…. Take your whore…. Give this hot bitch what she deserves.”

Bill’s thrusting becomes more urgent as he picks up speed, do to her urging. Angel keeps pleading with him using the whore and slut terms and even bitch, over and over again. The words are having their effect. Bill’s cock is harder, his need is peaking. However, with deep self control he puts her urging pleas out of his mind. He regains control of his pace slowing back down again. Still in control he manages to overcome his urgent need to fulfill both hers and his more basic animal instincts.

Once that feeling has past, in spite of Angel’s continued, louder pleas for fulfillment, Bill once again for the third time clutches her by her shoulders, pulling her tight to him and with renewed strength drives his dick deep and hard into her wanting pussy. Again with short, quick thrusts, he brings that orgasm that was just perched, weakly down deep in her hot cunt, back to the surface. Another strong orgasm explodes, immediately taking her over the top as before. She throws her head back hard into the couch as the spasms again rage through her entire body. Her eyes are clinched tight again. Biting her lip, her face becomes contorted, while the rest of her body convulses in time with her spasms, just like the previous two times. Again the crowd is amazed, cheering and clapping with excitement.

After maybe only 30 to 45 seconds he has to rest again. He slows down and then stops completely. Using the same muscles that cause the cum to spit from the end of his cock, he jerks his wand deep inside her. Over and over again. Each time, Angel squeezes her eyes shut even tighter and shacks her head to one side or the other. The first couple of times it feels great to her, like a one spasm orgasm. But soon it becomes too intense, too sensitive, almost irritating. But, he has no remorse. He keeps it up as she continues to thrust her head to the side and bite her lip, each time he does it. Finally, she screams, “Stop!... Too much!... You’re so bad!...” Stopping he smiles down at her and resumes his slow rocking thrusts into her swollen pussy.

Angel just closes her eyes, enjoying the nice long strokes. As the head of his cock bumps against that magic spot and each long withdrawal rubs across her sensitive clit, she feels those feelings again building deep down inside. She enjoys it for a little while longer, but knows unless she does something to gain control, he can just keep her cumming and cumming time after time.

“Hey, Babe.” She starts off softly again. “You feel good…. I love that big, fat cock of yours…. It fucks me so, soooo good….” Crooning on, softly, “You like fucking my pussy?... You like stuffing if full of your big, hot cock?... You like fucking me?”

Bill nods his head each time, while again those standing around are asking each other what she is saying. They want to know what is happening and staring at the couple they want to know what is going to happen next.

“Come on Babe.” She cajoles him a little louder. “Fuck your baby…. Give it to me…. Give me that big, fucking cock full of cum…. Fill my hot, pussy full of cum…. Fuck your whore…. I’m your slut, Babe…. Give your slut, what she deserves.”

“Damn she’s hot.” Someone from the crowd shouts. A few others clap or whistle in response. For the first time Angel really becomes aware that so many people are watching. For the moment it is just a passing realization. She’s on a mission now. She’s got only one thing on her mind and that is to get her pussy full of Bill’s cum.

“Oh, yeah! Babe!... Come on!... Fuck me…. Fuck this slut good…. Pretend I’m just a whore…. And fuck!.. This whore!.. hard!... Take me you bastard!... Come on, Fuck me!”

Deep at the root of his cock, almost back deep in his ass, he can feel it starting. He knows he has to stop moving immediately, or it’s all over. But he can’t stop. He slams his cock into her hard and deep. Long deliberate thrusts, coming faster and faster.

“Oh, Yeah!....” Angel squeals, delighted. “That’s what I wanted!... Fuck your bitch!... I’m a bitch in heat!... Give it to me!... Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your whore!... Give me a cunt full of cum!”

He feels his cock contract and bulge in her pussy. Angel feels the growth and smiling up at him knows the control has changed hands. She knows she has got him right wear she wants him and shortly she’ll be getting all that hot, wonderfully creamy cum that will cool her needs. “That’s it!... It’s mine!... Your fucking whore!... You’re going to fill me with cum!... Yes! Oh yes!... Give it to me, Babe!... Your slut needs a cunt full of cum! ” She continues to entice him, so he won’t attempt to regain his control.

His cock jerks inside her a second time, as he grabs her shoulders and pulls her up tight against him, driving himself into her with a force she hasn’t felt so far today. Pulling back he contracts for a third time, and thrusts deep down inside her. With the fourth contraction, the hot, creamy solution spits from the end of his cock. She can feel it hit against the entrance to her womb. Then she feels a second burst and a hint of the third. After that she just feels his cock pulsing and pumping inside her, filling her with copious quantities of her favorite juices.

The crowd also sensing that he is about to cum, starts shrieking and clapping. Angel can hear them, but Bill is oblivious this time.

Gasping, now with his eyes shut, head thrown back and his face all contorted this time; Bill continues to try to thrust in time with his contractions, cum spilling out and filling her pussy full of that hot cream she wants so desperately. “Augh!... Aaaahhhh!... Ooohhh!... My God!... Ooohhh!... Aaahhh!.... He gasps over and over again, struggling to maintain some kind of rhythm, but he is all out of control. He drives in deep, but can’t pull out. Finally he pulls back some, but can’t drive back in right away. He falls forward on her and is able to jab it in with a series of three quick thrusts, but then has to rest. Again he jabs at her erratically, all the time gasping for breath.

“Oh, God!... Yes!... that’s it!” Angel exclaims, a little orgasm of her own starting to build. “Fuck me!.... Fill me!... cum!... Yes!... Cum inside me!... That’s it!....” and her little orgasm subsides, not able to grow without Bill’s normal and continuous strokes.

“That’s good.” She says, her voice becoming soft again. “Deep breaths. Calm down a little. Long, deep breaths.” She sooths, still feeling his cock pulsing a little down inside her. She also, all of a sudden becomes totally aware of the crowd clapping and cheering around them. For a second she almost panics, then grows red with embarrassment

Bill is still gasping, his head and shoulders are collapsing slowly off to her side, his head now buried into the cushion of the couch. He still tries to thrust now and again, but has very little control. His head is spinning and he feels as though his peripheral vision is coming and going although his eyes are still closed. His orgasm was so powerful, he can hardly breath, panting to try to catch his breath.

Angel’s preoccupation with the crowd is averted now as she realizes Bill is hyperventilating. Her nursing instincts take over. She ignores the crowd and resumes coaching him,. “Come on, long deep breaths…. Deep breaths.” She tries to work her way out from underneath him. His cock rolls out of her first, all glistening and starting to soften a little. As she works her way clear, he rolls onto his side still panting, but not as bad, as she continues with, “Come on Babe. Take deep long breaths. Are you okay?”

“Oh, yeah!” he says dreamily. “Just a little light headed.” Picking up his head, he smiles at her, rolling over on his back. His still shiny, semi-rigid cock rolls with him and then flops across his stomach. Another cheer and round clapping goes up from the crowd. With a sheepish grin on his face, Bill sits up and sort of bows. Turning to Angel he says, “I think we were a hit.”

Angel turns red again, but before she can respond, Tonya jumps up and grabs both their arms, saying, “Hit, hell! You two were so fucking hot! And you girl, with all that slutty talk. Well!” Pulling on their arms she drags them up off the couch. Turning to the crowd, she holds an arm from each of them high into the air as if they were champions. And those in the crowd that haven’t started to return to their own seats, clap and whistle and cheer.

Angel now turns crimson and with her free hand tries to stuff her breasts back into her blouse and smooth down her skirt. A knot in her stomach develops as she thinks of all the things she said. She had never, ever talked like that in front of anyone else other than Bill. And then only enough to help him get off. She knew how much that kind of talking turned him on and made his cock swell and cum. But know, she had done it for an audience and hoped no one out there knew her.

Bill turns red as well, his dick just beginning to droop slightly, but he makes no attempt to put it away. His shirt is unbuttoned and his pants are still down around his ankles. Some time during the melee he had lost his sandals. Embarrassed as well by the reaction of the crowd, he also feels proud of their performance.

As the applause begins to slacken and people turn away, Bill pulls his arm from Tonya, and bends over to retrieve his pants. Angel finishes fixing herself up, while Bill tucks himself in. However, before he can get his still semi-rigid dick back in his pants, Tonya turns to him, grabbing his wand, and scolds, “Oh, don’t put that away. We were just getting acquainted before you two went wild.”

“Well, I think I need a break and our food his probably getting cold.” He protests.

“Screw the food!” she glares and slides down to her knees in front of him. “And nonsense about needing a break. I can have him hard and ready in no time.” Maintaining eye contact and with a wide appreciative smile on her face, she kisses the end of his cock, letting the head slide slightly between her lips. She drools a little bit on it and rising back up a little wraps it between her huge teats. “See, I told you so.”

Angel in the mean time had completed arranging her clothing and rummaged through her purse. Now she grabs Bill’s drink off the table and turns back toward him and the bouncing boobs around his cock. She hands him another little blue pill and the drink. “I think it’s time we got something to eat.”

Without the slightest hesitation he pops the pill, simultaneously turning towards her and pulling his cock out from between Tonya’s breasts. Tonya almost falls forward on her nose, her mouth a gap. Bill bends over, pulls up his pants, saying, “I think you are so right.” Arranging his own clothes as he walks over to the table, he bends over picking up plates for both Angel and himself.

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