tagInterracial LoveA Holiday with My Sister

A Holiday with My Sister


It was our mother who won the holiday for two as the prize in a newspaper competition. Because my younger sister, Tara, was a bit depressed, she gave us the opportunity to spend two weeks in the Caribbean.

Tara was only three months past her eighteenth birthday. Like me she was a blond but less curvaceous due to my greater age. I was fifteen months older! And I was getting to be quite proud of my tits, hips and ass.

"Just make sure Tara enjoys herself, has a good time - and you have a good time too," our thirty-eight year old mother told me, without specifying what she meant by a good time.

Unlike her I knew why Tara was depressed. Her long-time boyfriend had chucked for not being 'kinky' enough for him. She told me they had only fucked three times and he had not given her much chance to learn how to please him, especially after she rejected the opportunity to give him a blowjob.

"I would have done it but I didn't know how and I didn't want him to think I was naïve," she told me. She had rebounded into the arms of a Moroccan fellow who wanted her to marry and to go back to North Africa with him provided she didn't mind being wife number three! Then last week, she met a guy who courted her with flowers and chocolates until she let him fuck her and then he disappeared, being interested only in a one-night stand. The last two guys had never even bothered to make her come, which had contributed to her feeling low. She had never indulged in masturbation and swore she never would, which I thought was silly and old fashioned. But I didn't argue with her about it.

After the long flight to St Lucia, Tara was suffering from jet lag. She went to bed in the hotel room to sleep it off. Meanwhile I took off to tour around the island in a hire car that was small, old and had been inexpertly repaired. However it got me round the island and by mid-afternoon I was on a road which sloped down into Castries, the island's capital. I pulled over into a lay-by to take in the view. Ten minutes later, the car refused to start. I did what any nineteen-year-old blond would do under the circumstances. I opened the bonnet, or hood, and gazed uncomprehendingly inside. It works like magic!

Within two minutes a car drew up. It was a vast old American model covered with chrome. The driver was a handsome black man who asked if he could help.

"I can't seem to get it started," I told him.

"Is it a hire car?" he asked.

"Yes, it is."

"Then it would be best to ring them and let them sort it for you. If you try doing anything yourself, it will give them the excuse to claim you've damaged it and they'll try and charge you extra," he advised me, "Why don't you get your papers for the car and we'll ring right away."

I sat in the car beside him and handed him the folder.

"We'd better go to that parking spot a little further down."

We turned into it and he got out his phone. He found the telephone number, "Damnit! The battery's flat!" he seemed genuinely annoyed.

"I only live half a mile further down, and if we go there we can use the house phone," he suggested.

I wondered of this was a ploy to get me alone in his house, but I was attracted by this friendly, helpful man, assisted by the fact that he was handsome with a deep well modulated voice. I agreed to his suggestion, trying not to sound too eager.

As we pulled up in his driveway a few moments later, he turned to face me, took my face in both hands and kissed me very gently. His tongue flicked across my lips and I felt the hair on my neck tingle.

Suddenly he stopped and moved away.

"I'm sorry! He apologised, "You're so beautiful and desirable I just couldn't resist the temptation to kiss you."

I laughed. I enjoyed the compliment.. and the kiss.

"No need to apologise. I enjoyed that kiss," I said laughing.

He smiled back and moved towards me again. He kissed me. This time I opened my lips and met his tongue with my own. I felt a thrill going up and down my spine as the kiss became harder and deeper. He had one hand round my shoulders, the other pulled at the buttons of my blouse. He slipped his hand in and cupped my tit, his fingers then searching out my nipple through the satiny material of my bra. I felt on fire with desire. I would have let him take me right there but he said, "We'd better go inside and make that call before I get totally carried away."

As I did up my blouse, I asked him what his name was.

"Raoul," he replied, "What are you called?"

"Hi Raoul, I'm Ellen," I told him.

We went into the house, and Raoul called the hire people. They said they would be around in two hours. Raoul then made a pot of tea, produced some biscuits and we sat chatting amiably across the coffee table. I found myself becoming a bit impatient.

Where had that passion I had detected in the car gone?

I stood up, rounded the coffee table and sat beside Raoul on the small settee he was using. It mimiced the situation in the car. I took his hand and said,

"Now Raoul, where were we?"

He smiled , "It was always up to you, Ellen. I didn't want you to feel cornered."

Then he took my face in his hands and kissed me in the exciting way he had in the car. He soon had his hand inside my blouse, caressing my tits. It felt good to me.

Things were definitely looking up! His fingers circled my nipple with a continuous gently action making me feel very excited. I don't think I'd ever wanted sex with anyone as much as I did with Raoul just then. My hand moved onto his lap, feeling the outline of his cock in his jeans. My other hand took his from my breast and guided it down my body till it reached the hem of my skirt.

Raoul knew what to do next. He ran his hand up under my skirt, along my thigh until his fingers probed the gusset of my panties, a spot that was already getting damp. He eased the material aside and slid his middle finger into me. It felt delicious. I wanted to reciprocate. I unzipped his fly and extricated his cock from his jeans. I lad my head on his lap. I massaged his cock, then stuck out my tongue. I stared to lick round the head. Where there was some precum. It tasted strange, a sort of musky, manly, sweet and sour taste I felt I could get to like very easily.

I closed my lips around his cock head, taking him into my mouth.

Within a few minutes, Raoul cried out, "Watch out, Ellen honey, I'm coming!"

I thought, 'In for a penny, in for a pound' and just kept on working his cock . Suddenly he shot his load of cum flooding my mouth and throat. It made me swallow vigorously to keep it all down. The pleasure I got from bringing him on combined with the finger-fucking he was giving me brought on my own orgasm. I moaned just as his last load hit my throat. I gagged slightly, his cock slipped out and the cum went all over my neck, bra and blouse. We both laughed. I held him close, so his cock leaked over my bra and soaked into my tits.

"I'm sorry to get you so messy," he said.

"Never mind, Raoul. The girl who hasn't had lots of cum stains on her undies hasn't lived! Anyhow, it's all tomorrow's dirty washing! Have we got time to go to bed and fuck properly?" I inquired.

"We certainly have. Are all English girls as sexy as you?" he asked.

"I expect so, when and if they get the chance," I replied.

He pulled me up. We walked arm and arm into his bedroom where we had fun helping each other undress. I pushed him down onto the bed on his back. I climbed on and straddled him. He offered me his beautiful black erection. I took hold of the stiff, sticky cock and held it against my cunt lips. Then I gratefully lowered myself onto it.

I wanted to shout and scream with the joyous relief I felt as my black lover's huge stiff prick inched its way ever deeper into me. I leaned forward and kissed Raoul passionately, open mouthed, loving the way he was making me feel; so abandoned to the delightful pleasure of fucking him.

In Raoul's bedroom there was a long mirror hung on one wall. When I looked into it I saw a shapely nineteen year old blond happily impaling herself on the cock of a big handsome black stud. The contrast in our skin colouring was so extreme it excited me and I started to come.

Raoul encouraged me, "Good girl! Come on my fucking cock, you gorgeous bit of cunt!"

Without letting his cock come out of me, he rolled me over until he was on top of me. I opened my legs as wide as I could, making my cunt as open to him as possible. He was thrusting in and withdrawing at high speed now.

"Well, I just hope you're on the pill, Ellen," he said, "'cause I'm coming and shooting my spunk into you right now!"

"Oh! Yes! Raoul, come in my cunt. I want your spunk filling me," I heard myself say as I came again on my own account. I'd never been fucked so well.

As he shot his last load of cum into me, he slipped out, rolled off me and we relaxed together for a few minutes, getting our breath back.

Then I told Raoul, "What else would you like to do? I'll do anything you want. You can take me however you fancy; any sort of mucky fucking you want to try."

"Ellen, my little slut, you've got an ass to die for. I'd love to get my prick up your asshole and fill it full of cum."

I laughed, although I wasn't sure how this was going to feel. I'd never tried anything like it before. I got onto all fours. Meanwhile Raoul got a blob of butter on his finger and eased it into my asshole. Then he got his cock into me as well. It was stressful to start with but soon he had his cock into my hole as far as it could go. Then he pulled me over on top of him, holding me by the tits., facing the ceiling.

"Hello! What's all this then?" a strange voice asked.

"Ellen, this is my brother Cal," Raoul informed me. I felt flushed and exposed but there was no way of concealing what we were doing from Raoul's well built dreadlock-wearing younger brother.

"Is it a private party or can I join in?" Cal inquired.

"I don't see why not," Raoul replied, "What do you think Ellen? Its all up to you."

"Aagh..." I caught my breath, 'Could this be really happening to me?' I thought. But I was mesmerised as Cal stripped. His cock sprang free and caught my attention. I had thought his brother's eight-inch fuck pole was big but Cal's was at least an inch longer and even thicker. It was a stiff, gleaming, black prick of exciting possibilities.

Fortunately Cal interpreted my hesitation as assent. He climbed over me.

"You sure are a scorcher, Ellen," he told me, positioning his rampant cock so the head was touching the lips of my cunt.

He drove his wonderful cock into me all the way, his curly black pubic hair entwined with my uncut blond bush.

He kissed me.

"How does it feel to be the cunt in a cunt sandwich?" he laughed, as he and his brother took turns thrusting into my cunt and asshole. I was almost delirious with pleasure, awash on a tide of sexual ecstasy such as I had never even imagined before.

I came in no time at all and soon had my asshole and cunt full of their cum.

"It's the best fuck I ever had," I gasped.

Then the telephone rang.. We disentangled and Raoul answered it.

"It seems they can't deal with your car until tomorrow morning," he told me, "I guess you might as well stay here tonight."

Then I suddenly remembered Tara. I'd forgotten all about her. I told the brothers I had an eighteen-year-old sister back at the hotel.

"She can come up and stay here too," Cal suggested, "Look at the hotel bills you'll save."

I hesitated. Raoul interpreted, "I don't think Ellen wants her kid sister involved with us, Cal."

Cal looked at me, "You say she's eighteen. Have you got a photo of her, Ellen?"

I went to my purse and pulled out a recent picture of Tara and me together. I stood there naked between two nude black men and held out the photo.

"Eighteen? She looks more like fourteen!" Cal exclaimed, "I'd sure like to get my cock into her."

He looked at me, "You must want to shield her from men like us. But you shouldn't, you know, Ellen. You've had a good time here this afternoon, haven't you?"

I nodded.

"Well you shouldn't be a 'dog in a manger' about it. Your kid sister is just as entitled to a good time as you are. You can't tell me she wouldn't benefit from some good, innocent, healthy fucking from Raoul and me. It can't do her any harm and might do her the world of good. "

"Yes, Ellen. Be good to your little sister. Let's bring her up here for the next few days if she agrees, " Raoul said to me.

I thought there was something in what they said. I didn't really have the right to deny Tara the delicious spasms of ecstasy I had enjoyed for myself. Our mother had told me to make sure Tara had a good time after all.

I took a deep breath as I gave in,"Okay! Let's phone her and get her up here."

Raoul and I drove down to collect Tara while Cal stayed to tidy up the place.

When he saw Tara, Raoul said, "Hello, I'm Raoul and you must be Tara... wow, you're beautiful!"

She was too. She wore a pale blue dress held up by a couple of slender shoulder straps. They crossed her shoulders nowhere near the shiny white satin bra straps. I realised that my sister was wearing her new expensive sexy-looking bra for the occasion.

Sitting beside me in the back of the car, Tara asked me how I'd met Raoul and Cal. I gave her a quick rundown, leaving out what happened after the first phone call. At the brothers' house, Cal had done a good job of clearing up. After the introductions, Paoul put on some music. Then Tara and I had a pina colada each while the men had a beer. Then we passed round a joint which made me feel a bit hazy. Cal put on some West Indian music which we danced to, Cal with Tara and me in the arms of Raoul.

I can't quite remember what I expected but I was surprised how quickly Cal got down to business with Tara. He knelt in front of her. She giggled as he pushed her dress up to her waist and buried his face between her legs. She began to pull his head into her as she whimpered and came with a shudder. Then she laughed, pulling him up and

kissing him.

Raoul was busy undressing me as well as himself. He stretched out on the bed on his back. I lowered myself onto his familiar cock, facing away from him so I could watch Cal and Tara through the open door.

I saw Cal pull Tara's dress up over her head. He also pulled off her panties with her help. Then he lifted my beautiful blond sister and lowered her carefully onto his big stiff black cock. I thrilled to see it begin to enter her cunt. There was a sharp, "Oh!" from her, then an, "Ah!" another "Oh!" finally a long, "Aaah!" as Cal got his cock all the way into her willing wet cunt.

Slowly at first, he began to fuck her and I was delighted to see the smile on her lovely young face as his thrusting motion stared to bring her on. His cock was going in and out steadily as she came with a gasp of pleasure. Laughing she kissed him several times. Tara was obviously pleased at the way things were going. I felt glad I had agreed to bring her up here for a good fuck.

Cal rolled her over without removing his cock. He leaned forward to kiss her open mouthed. His black dreadlocks mingled with her blond tresses. Her legs were wide open giving him all the access to her body he needed. He began thrusting his cock into her harder and faster. She started to come again just as he began shooting his cum into her welcoming cunt. It was so nice to see them come together as they grunted and moaned their orgasmic chorus. Cal's cock was ringed with white sticky froth as his strokes eased off.

I turned me on just watching, Raoul too. His hands were around my tits and I was humping his cock. Like Cal and Tara we came together. Raoul squirted his cum into me for several strokes. It made me feel how lucky I had been to meet him. When I recovered sufficiently to take an interest again, I was surprised to see my sister lying across Cal's body in position sixty-nine. Dressed only in her bra, an expensive satin and lace affair that she kept on because she thought her tits were too small, Tara was eagerly trying to swallow Cal's cock. Her work was vigorous and enthusiastic. I was astonished and delighted at her change of attitude to cock-sucking. I heard Cal tell her he was coming. She ignored him, keeping his cock in her mouth.

As he came she began swallowing as fast as she could. But just as Cal squirted his third load of cum into her, she gagged slightly, the cock popped out and Cal's cum ended up all over Tara's best bra.

She laughed and rubbed it in, "Perhaps it will make my tits grow a bit!" she joked good naturedly. I felt so proud of her success in overcoming her phobias and taboos as well as working so hard to please Cal. He was a gentle man, a kind fucker and I felt grateful to him for giving my kid sister such a good time. They were good for each other, as indeed, Raoul and I were.

For the next few days we didn't leave the house. We did change partners now and again. We also had a couple of orgies between the four of us. I particularly loved daisy-chaining. Tara would suck Cal's cock, Cal would lick my cunt, I would suck Raoul's cock and he would bury his face in Tara's cunt. When we had all come we would change round. It was all good clean fun.

By the time we started going out to restaurants, discos and to the beach, it was time to think of going home.

When the time came, Raoul and Cal drove us to the airport in the south of the island.

They saw us off with kisses and, on our part, some tears. We had not declared our love; we all thought of our liaison as something very transient. Just a holiday romance. And it had been a wonderful holiday.

As the airliner pulled high into the clear blue sky, Tara and I smiled at each other through the tears. Being good obedient daughters, we had done exactly what our mother had told us!

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