tagNovels and NovellasA Hunter's World Ch. 02

A Hunter's World Ch. 02


Her parents had died over two and a half years ago, and had left her a modest amount of money and a safe full of family jewels, heirlooms and weapons. Good old mom and dad.

Her father had been assassinated; shot in the back of the head and her mother had dropped dead from a broken heart. Her blood boiled and her rage grew at the thought of some coward shooting her father from behind. Although she would be inclined to, and like to, blame demons for her father's death, it unfortunately had had the stink of humans. Demons were too proud to pull such a dirty trick as shooting a man from behind, especially such a respected man. They were honourable – and the term is used loosely - enough to fight face to face in an even battle. There was no victory in trickery, only dishonor. Not to diminish their hatred for her father and their desire for his death, but they did respect what an excellent warrior and fair opponent he was. Her father had single handedly dispatched over half the rogue demons, who had dared enter into the human realm, for the last 25 years. It was unheard of for a hunter to survive that long, let alone kill as many demons as he had; hence, the respect.

Aless, however, received very little respect from the intruding demons. They snickered at her as she approached. A mere female attempting to take down a demon; they thought it comical, until they were lying in a pool of their own blood and guts, breathing their last breath.

Aless hated reliving the past, because there wasn't one damn thing she could do to change it. So, like her cigarette butt, she tossed the memories aside, favouring to look ahead as she sought a new path. Hunting demons paid very little, to no, money and the demand just wasn't there these days. Things were quiet, too quiet. She was at a point now where she was hawking her family's valuable heirlooms to afford suitable protection and weaponry. She sighed inwardly as she slowly walked along the sidewalk. She scanned the crowds of people, looking for something out of place.

Demons have the ability to take human forms, but they are usually big for a normal human and their eyes are pools of silver. However, she wasn't just looking for demons these days. Humans were now included in the focus of her wrath. She still hadn't discovered who was responsible for her father's death but she would never stop looking, so long as there was a breath left in her body. Finding the humans was like finding a needle in a haystack. They were tricky and backhanded. Demons, on the other hand, were simple. Sometimes she almost felt like she hated humanity more than the demons. These days it was open range to all evil; human and demon alike. So long as their souls were deeply and darkly tainted, she felt no remorse in killing them.

She didn't see any irregularities in the crowd, only the typically self absorbed mass of people dancing around each other, doing their best to politely pretend like the other doesn't exist. The dance of life she called it. It wasn't until she rounded a corner that she noticed something that piqued her interest. She felt the faint hum of strong emotion and tried to focus on the source. She narrowed it down to the broad back of a large man who, right as she saw him, rounded a corner. He had been with a cute young woman, who looked to be no more than 22. It could be a demon, lusting after not only the girls sex but her life source, or it could just be two people running off to screw. Either way, the emotions had been so powerfully projected, she had to check.

To explain. Demons have a great amount of power. They are very strong, fast and agile, making them dangerous opponents. They can also shift shape or matter (not easily mind you), read and slightly control minds, conjure power – what we usually call magic – and pass through the realms. When a demon is in the human realm, they emit a much higher and more easily detected amount of emotion and power. Not to say humans are not capable of emitting such high levels, but it is just very rare and usually still means bad things are about to happen; except for orgasms.

She learned that sexual release creates such a strong emotional and powerful release that it would be like a shock to her mind and read at the levels of a powerful demon. She had learned that the hard way, when she busted in on a few teens taking part in an orgy, expecting to find a large seasoned demon. Boy, was that awkward. For everyone involved. At least they had been enjoying themselves. She knew that because it had felt like a room full of demons dancing a jig in her head, from the power levels it had been emitting. Some one had sure as hell got off, but it hadn't been her. It had never been her. She had never known the intimate touch of another person. It was too difficult to not see their souls as she touched them- most were dirty.

She was only able to see into the mind and souls of humans. Demons, she could only sense their souls and detect their emotional and power outlet. Good or bad, weak or powerful. As well, she was able to match them in battle. She did not and could never possess their strength, but she did possess cunning, grace and speed, on her part. She was also blessed with the gift of intuition; knowing when to step, when to dive, when to hit and when to run. This had always been her best defense against all enemies. She was unique, aside from being the only known female hunter, in many ways from all the other hunters. Each family had certain skills that made them unique, but very few possessed multiple skills. Most were unable to harness and control what powers or skills they did have. Aless had another advantage as well - she had been trained by her father.

He was the best in their history, and had been the most sought after trainer. But, when he had learned that his own daughter had become a hunter he had focused all his time and energy on her. Aless had been the last descendant for her branch of the Hunter family. Everyone just assumed that the power would end with her father, the last male heir. It had come as a shock to everyone that her father's skills passed on to their female child; and, that she was to become a hunter herself. Many had argued that she would not be capable; or, that her father was insane for putting his daughter's life at risk, and she would surely be incapable of fulfilling the hunter's duties. However, she had trained, fought, survived and proved everyone one of them wrong. She was strong, smart and powerful. She was her father's daughter.

Aless rounded the corner, where the couple had gone, and found it led into a dead end alley way. Great. Not good. She couldn't see anyone, so she started walking silently down the alley trying to catch any movement or sound. She found neither, but did notice a heavy steel door slightly ajar. It was the only other possible way out of this alley, other than way she had just come, so she quietly stepped through the doors threshold and followed her prey. She knew that she had chosen correctly, when she began to feel the humming in her mind. Paydirt. She suddenly heard a squeal come from down the hall. She froze listening for anymore noise to indicate where they were.

Unexpectedly the squeal was followed by a giggle. Aless frowned. Demons did not often evoke giggles from young women, more like screams of terror and pain. She shook her head, frustrated. Sex. It must have just been two young lovers jacked up on passion; but, that just didn't sit right, it didn't feel right. She was positive this was a demon, but why no death, mayhem and carnage yet? After standing, motionless, listening for an endless amount of time, Aless determined – by the moaning and panting taking place close by – that it was just her being paranoid. She began lightly tip-toeing away from the passionate lovers hiding spot, when she heard a whispering voice. It was barely discernible, but her hearing was highly sensitive. It was a light, melodious and angelic voice, whispering. To her.

"Alessandra, come and get me." The voice was taunting her, and it was coming from the direction where the lovers were hidden away. "I will bring you pleasure, you have never known. If, you can find me."

"Yeah right. You wish. I will be the one taking pleasure when I find you, in killing you." She retorted, not realizing she had spoken aloud.

She immediately covered her mouth with her hand, preventing her from making any more noise. She heard his melodic laughter, at her response.

"You are partially correct, my angel. I do wish. And, you will be taking pleasure, but not how you imagined." His voice carried as a whisper to her ears. "I am done with this one now. I have taken what I need. Are you ready to come and find me?" he taunted her again.

A growling noise began in her throat, as her anger increased at this demons juvenile teasing. Obviously he had no survival skill or intelligence; or else he wouldn't be taunting her. Aless threw caution to the wind and flew at the door, of the little lovers hideaway. When she crashed through the door, she found the young woman asleep, exhausted but alive, and splayed naked on an old dirty desk. She was breathing, there was no blood and no missing organs. Weird. She had never encountered a Demon who could resist a human's blood, especially when in the throws of passion. And, even more odd, the girl looked happy; not like a girl who had been taken or forced against her will. Could it really have been a Demon, she asked herself.

"Yes" the answer whispered gently into her ear, but from who or where she didn't know.

"Get the fuck out of my head, asshole" she yelled, knowing full and well that her tormentor would hear her. Loud and clear.

She tried reinforcing her mental blocks, but they were as strong as they were going to get; which meant that he was a very powerful Demon. Just great. She needed to get out and away from here, and contemplate what she had just witnessed and learned.

With little effort, Aless dressed the unconscious woman, and maneuvered her into a fireman's hold. Straining slightly to carry the extra weight of the woman, Aless tried to decide what to do with her find. Ditch her at a bus stop? No. Put her in a cab and send her off? No. Damn it. She hated the demon even more now, for making her responsible for another humans life. Where would be a safe place to ditch her until she came to? A movie theater! Dark, safe, and open at this hour. Someone would eventually find her if she didn't wake up. She turned right at the end of the alley, heading to the big monstrous theater which was – luckily for her - only a few blocks away.

Alessandra left the theater, pleased with her choice, and crossed the street.

She began walking aimlessly, again. She had nowhere to go. She could find a hotel, using some of the money from the pawn shop, but she needed that for weapons. To sleep or not to sleep, that was the question. She knew she needed to rest a moment at the very least, so she ducked into a small ambient café that catered to the late night party goers. She managed to find a vacant comfy old wing-back chair nestled in the back corner of the café. Relieved for the moments respite, she sighed as she flopped back in her chair. She sat unmoving, with her eyes closed for a full five minutes before she was interrupted.

"Can I get you something ma'am" A nasally voice asked her.

She opened her eyes and found a middle aged, rough looking woman hovering over her.

"Yes, I will have a large café au lait please." Aless barely got out before the waitress disappeared into the crowd again, lost among the other humans in the café.

She resumed her previous position, with her head back and eyes closed. She relaxed like this for another ten minutes before the waitress returned with her order. She sat in silence as she sipped her hot drink. She needed somewhere to go;and, somewhere safe, where she could sleep. Home was no longer an option, since she had had to sell it. It had been hard, but it hadn't hurt as much as she thought it would. It had not been the house that had made it her home, but the people in it. With out them there, it just felt like a big expensive empty house. The money from that had run out quickly. She had had to bribe many people to get information about her father's death, and it still hadn't got her anywhere.

She rubbed the bridge of her nose, while she searched for a solution, when the name suddenly came to her.

Taggart Reichmann.

Who was he and why did her father trust him, and only him.

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