tagLoving WivesA Husband's Memory & Fantasy

A Husband's Memory & Fantasy


The lights are lit dimly, candles burn here and there. Incense, the smell of lavender and the thick scent of something more. She lays on the king-sized bed naked and warm. A towel underneath her. Her husband kneels over her, warm oil between her back and his fingertips. He slowly massages her gliding his hands up and down her back. Taking ample time he coats her body lightly and her skin shines, glowing in the candlelight.

He cannot ever remember seeing something so beautiful before him. His touches awaken sensations in her. She turns over as he again lovingly caresses smooth oil onto her tummy. He loves her figure. She is incredible. Warm hands surround her swelling breasts, her nipples under his hands feel so sexy and he feels his cock begin to stiffen. His fingers tease her neck delicately and begin, slowly meandering down her body, over her delicious breasts, along the shape of her ribs. At her tummy his hands spread wide trying to feel as much of her smoothness. She tells him to taste her pussy as she spreads her legs for him. He blindfolds her and then settles himself between her thighs, she cannot see him gazing at her pussy, her full lips swollen with anticipation.

He feels the heat coming from her crotch and smells her pleasure. His fingers touch her pussy lips and she feels them coaxed to the side. A hot tongue gently laid against her most intimate place. He is hungry and licks her fully from bottom to top, spreading his warm the between her legs. Thumbs massage her lips as his tongue laps again and again between the place where her legs come together. Each time bathing her trembling pussy with glistening love. Her hips making slow circles on the bed. He see that she so desperately needs more. Kisses on her clit, soft and loving, ever-so-slightly tugging her flesh into his mouth, and then more insistently as he sucks her deeper inside.

She’s breathing heavily, soft moans escaping her. Letting the warm syrup he has in his mouth go, he watches as it drips slowly over her clit, running down over her hole. He sees her pushing there and knows she can feel the wetness as it lubricates her completely. She cannot see his cock, hard against his belly, swollen and full. How he worships her, adores her. His fingers pressing against the top of his shaft lowering his sensitive tip to her. It nestles against her hole, smooth and warm. She is so wet that he slides inside her entirely in one motion. His body lays against her, his hips slowly thrusting, breasts sliding against his chest. She understands he is taking his pleasure inside her. His strokes are strong and deep, she arches her hips to him allowing more of his sexy cock to deeply touch her. Then he is sliding off her. Her pussy emptying, she whimpers in protest. She feels her crotch throbbing.

The darkness and heat wash over her. A strange man is kneeling between her legs in her husband’s place. He has been watching her husband fuck her and is very excited. He’s completely hard and the tip of his cock brushes her pussy. The glans gently press against her, spreading her open. She tilts her hips wanting more inside, as he slowly moves between her legs. Deep inside she feels his tip pass the pleasant spot where her husband’s comes to rest, when he is throbbing and spurting inside her. She squeezes his thick shaft tightly, welcoming it as his body settles on top of her. His smell is unfamiliar as is the feel of his body slowly making love to her. She hears her pussy slurping hungrily at his cock as he moves with slow deep strokes inside her. Each time his hips softly bump her own, his warm, hot cock lingers deep within her slowly throbbing. Her moans reach his ears and he can no longer hold back. Softly groaning, his body pressing against her, he begins to cum.

His cock rhythmically jerking as she feels each hot spurt. His slippery cum coats her as his cock works his sperm back and forth. Her cunt sucking at him, forcing every drop from his delicious penis. He lays there exhausted. She feels his cock soften inside, the warm sticky cum oozing out around it. He moves up off her and again she is alone. Hot and flush she feels the bed moving again as someone climbs in with her. This man is heavier and she can feel his enormous presence. He too has been watching all of this, and now he wants her, so badly. Large strong hands lift her by her waist and turn her over. Hands and arms pull her up onto her knees, and spread her legs apart.

She’s surprised at how easy it was for her to be lifted by him, to be spread, and she moans deeply in anticipation. Arching her behind she surrenders completely to him. She feels his glans wet and enormous, as he rubs himself against her pussy. Up and down her, the delicious knob touching her seemingly everywhere at once.

And then he nestles it against her opening, pushing slowly against her. Her pussy opens wider as he slides inside her ever-so-slowly, introducing her to new and exotic feelings. A powerful wave of desire courses through her as the head of his penis pops softly inside. She makes uncontrollable sounds of pleasure as he inches his fat cock further into her body. The friction and heat are incredible. She finds herself pushing back against him, wanting him deeper. He fills her slowly, coaxing wave after wave of pleasure from her. Her loins and belly become one with his cock, stroking, massaging in this deep, intimate way. Sounds of wet, hot sex escape their crotches.

His cock touches her everywhere, gliding tightly against her pussylips, plunging deep inside her. Cock muscles and throbbing veins massage her clit, tugging it, sliding endlessly over it as he buries himself between her legs. His hands around her waist, he pulls her to him faster, harder and deeper. His breathing quickens as does hers. She feels his heavy balls deliciously slapping against her as they fuck.

They come together as she rocks back and forth against him, her pussy squeezing and massaging her delicious friend. He cannot hold back and falling forward on top of her, he reaches his climax. His penis thick and virile, his sperm exploding inside her, filling her belly, overflowing and leaking from her in thick, white, steamy gobs. She cries out wildly feeling an ocean of heat and pleasure inside her tummy.

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by Anonymous03/29/18

All in all

Great plot. Would like it better if it was told by his wife.

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