tagGroup SexA Knock At The Door

A Knock At The Door


"Oh, hello! What are you doing here?" You said, surprised to find me at your door.

"I've got a present for you."

"What's that?"

I stepped away from the door, and another man stepped in. "I'm Casey."

"Oh," I said. "I guess I meant presents."

Into the doorway stepped another man. "I'm Brian."

You stepped back, amazed. "I don't know what to say. Come in."

After a little small talk, you asked, "So, what is going on here?"

"Well, we've talked enough about your deepest fantasy. Ready to make it a reality?"

As you looked at the two men sitting on your couch, "I don't know what to say."

But you were thinking, "This looks interesting." Both men were good looking, about 6 feet tall and muscular. Casey had brown hair, and Brian was blonde. Both were dressed casually.

I stepped behind you and started rubbing your shoulders. "You like your presents?"

Your mind was racing, and at my touch you could feel your blood racing, the heat inside you starting to rise.

"Yes, I do. Are you joining the party?"

"I want to see you enjoy the party."

"I'm sure it will be a good show. So, guys, tell me about yourself."

"Well, beautiful," said Casey, "I just love everything about women. Love showing them a good time. And I like to be a little dominant, so watch out."

"Oh, you sound so threatening. And you, Brian?"

"I like doing anything to make women cum."

Still standing behind you, I reached around you, kissed your neck, and started unbuttoning your shirt. "Want to unwrap your presents?"

You stepped toward Casey and Brian, running your hands down their chests and to their belt. Casey kissed your cheek while Brian kissed your neck and began unbuttoning your shirt further.

Your body reacted to their touch, your blood warming, your fingers tingling. Brian pushed your shirt off your shoulders and kissed them, Casey reached behind your back and deftly unhooked your bra. It fell away from your breasts and Casey supported one in his hand, cupping your beautiful chest. You shook it off your arms and began kissing Brian's mouth, your tongues mingling. Casey slipped behind you and reached around your waist, unhooking your belt and unbuttoning your pants. You reached down Brian's chest, down to his crotch, feeling his already rock hard cock.

Brian stopped kissing you and whispered, "you are gorgeous, sexy thing," into your ear as he kissed your neck, then the top of your chest, then taking one nipple in his mouth he began swirling it slowly with his tongue. Casey's hands slipped your pants down over your hips, then as the heat in your crotch began to surge, he stepped around you and began kissing you. "Very gorgeous," He hissed into your ears.

You ran your hands through both of their hair, looked at me, and said, "Thank you!"

Then you stepped away from them, ran both hands down Brian's chest, and started undoing his pants. "You are sweet." As you let his pants fall you let his cock fall free and took it into your hand. With one hand you reached back, turning toward Casey, and undid his pants, and reached inside to brush his hard cock as well. "And you are trouble."

Stroking Brian's cock slowly you watched them shed their shirts and slip their pants and underwear to the floor. Then you took Casey's cock into your hand as well, both of them fully erect. Casey's hands covered your breasts. Brian gently traced his fingers up the outside of your thigh. The feeling of touching two hard cocks at once made your blood boil and you could feel wetness growing inside you.

Kneeling, you looked at me. "You sure you don't want to join the party?"

"I'm fine watching you."

"Pity. Because here's where I want to put your cock," you told me, as you turned to Brian and slipped his hard dick into your mouth.

He moaned in pleasure as you tickled the head of his cock, and then slipped it all the way into your mouth, cupping his balls, working Casey's shaft at the same time. You looked up at Brian, then felt Casey's hands brushing your hair back. You looked at me, slipped away from Brian's cock and inserted Casey's.

Sucking deeply, you felt his cock harden even more, and some precum started to slip out of him, the saltiness coating your tongue.

You released his dick from your mouth's grip. "Don't blow too soon, tough guy."

"I won't," he said, reaching down and picking you up in one smooth motion. "You're coming before me."

He threw you backwards into your couch and put his hands on your knees. Brian leaned down, placed two fingers on one of your breasts and started massaging the nipple. He leaned to your ear."After he eats you out, I'm going to fuck you."

As Brian turned his mouth to your other nipple, Casey spread your legs open and pressed two fingers on your clit, gently circling it. "My, you are wet."

"I know!"

He put one of your legs over his shoulder, leaned closer to you and inserted two fingers inside. You inhaled and flattened your head backwards against your couch. Almost immediately, you felt like an orgasm was ready to burst out of you. Casey pulled his wet fingers out, slid them over your clit, and then back into you. As his fingers worked inside you, his tongue pressed against your clit. You looked down your body, amazed at the feeling of one tongue on your nipple and one covering your pussy. You spread your legs wider, bucking into Casey's face and finger. As his tongue flicked across your clit quickly, then slowly circled back down, you felt and orgasm coming -- your energy was surging to your crotch and squeezing against his fingers.

"OH MY GOD!!!" you screamed.

As the orgasm hit you, you tilted your ass upward, pushing harder against Casey. He gripped your butt and squeezed firmly, pulling you into his face more. Brian licked your nipples more furiously, rubbing them against yoru teeth. Your body shook, feeling like an explosion was bursting from your insides outward. Your body shook and quivered, and you placed one hand on the back of each of their heads.

"OOoooooohhhhh ......."

Twisting your lower body, you felt the sensation pass and your energy sap. You fell back into the chair. Casey looked up, smiling.

"Told you. Now lets get to bed. My turn."

The three of you stood, and you took both of their cocks in your hands as you turned toward the bedroom. "Can't forget to bring my toys," you told them.

As you entered the doorway of your room, Casey stepped in first, and Brian swing behind you, squeezing your ass and pressing his cock against you. Casey sat on the bed, moving in a little. You approached as well, then Brian stopped you, reaching under you to circle one finger against your soaking wet clit, then spreading your pussy lips while pushing behind your knee with his other hand.

Casey had one hand on his cock. "He's going to fuck you now. You can have this back once he's in."

"Oh yes, please, fuck me, Brian."

One foot on your bed and one foot on the floor had you spread open perfectly for him. Brian's big dick slipped into you perfectly, and you felt your wetness flowing around him. You lowered your head, feeling him thrust against you, feeling it surge through your whole body.

Brian thrust against you gently but deeply, and you reached for Casey's hard cock as he slipped toward you. You looked at me, settled in a chair against the wall.

"You like seeing this?" I nodded and blew you a kiss.

You took Casey into your mouth, enjoying the size and girth of his cock. Between your filled pussy and mouth, it almost felt as though an orgasm was bouncing through your body, unable to decide where to come out.

You licked and sucked on Casey, timing it with Brian's thrusts. Soon you could feel Casey growing within you, almost on the verge of cumming in your mouth. But you could barely notice because of what Brian's cock was doing to your pussy.

Arching your back you pulled off of Casey's cock, now leaning against Brian.

"Harder, stud! Fuck me! Make me scream."

"I like your mouth. Keep talking," said Casey.

Brian obliged, thrusting against you harder, squeezing your ass. Casey slid down the bed toward you, so he could hold your breasts in his hands and you could rest your head on his leg.

You gritted your teeth as another orgasm built up. As your pussy started to tighten you clenched on Brian's cock, "FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!!"

Then the orgasm hit you and you grabbed Casey's leg for balance, quivering with your whole body, sweat breaking out all over you.


You collapsed against Casey and pressed against Brian, heaving massive breaths, trying to keep your feet after a second draining orgasm.

"Get up. Sit in my lap," said Casey, his hard cock brushing against your cheek and ear as you laid in his lap.

Brian slipped himself out of you and you stood, crawling onto the bed.

Casey grabbed your face and kissed you deeply. "No," he said. "Turn around and sit in my lap."

You did as he asked, pushing up onto the bed. Brian steadied you, and Casey held his hands on your ass, positioning you so that he could enter you. You slipped over his cock easily, wetness spreading. The electricity surged in your body as you felt your second cock of the evening inside you.

"Ohhh myyy ......" It was as though you could cum again.

"You like that?" If anything, Casey was bigger than Brian, and you felt your pussy stretching from the different angle.

Casey thrust against you as you braced your arms against his chest. Your ass bobbed, bouncing off his stomach.. Just as it was starting to feel like another orgasm might hit you, he slowed. Brian was stepping onto the bed, his hard cock glistening from the orgasm you just had with him inside you.

"There's room in you for another, I think."

You looked at him in surprise. Two cocks at one time?

"Lets try."

Brian smiled. "Either I won't fit or it will be the most intense thing you ever feel."

He leaned in and started rubbing the tip of his cock against your clit. The circling on your moist lips, combined with the way your vagina was stretched from Casey's cock at an odd angle made the wetness increase. Suddenly you absolutely needed them both inside you.

"Put it in. Both of you fuck me."

Brian squatted and guided his cock inside you, stretching your pussy to the limit, a huge pair thrusting against you as one. Brian's mouth returned to your breasts, making your body surge in pleasure. Having two in you was a little painful, but felt so good at the same time. Your pussy became even wetter as you looked down at the two bodies working to make you cum.

Suddenly it was all too much, you had to cum. They were pumping against you in rhythm, a massive pressure inside you. Brian's body was pressed against you at an angle that rubbed your cit as well, making it all the more intense. Your wetness was welling up, another orgasm was there.

"CUM IN ME!" you yelled.

Almost on cue, one of the men obliged. You could feel cum pumping inside you as your body quaked, you felt Casey shift and heard him moan. "AAAAHHHH!!!" you screamed, and as your orgasm was at its peak, as your insides tightened against the two cocks and your body strained, you felt Brian's cum flowing inside you as well.

"Ohhh myyyy!! OOOhhh Myyyy!!!" you yelled as the three of you collapsed and rolled to the side. Both men pulled out of you as your legs shook, and you then rolled to your back, pulling them close to you. Casey kissed your neck and laid his hand on your hip, Brian pulled your head into his chest.

You lay there, feeling drained, enjoying the heat of your three sweaty bodies pressed together.

Your eyes were closed and you lay there for several seconds.

A finger brushed one nipple. Casey's, you thought.

A hand pressed between your knees. You opened your legs, and that hand slipped further up, against your clit.

You smiled, eyes still closed. These guys didn't quit!

A rock hard cock slipped into you. Your pussy throbbed and clenched yet again. Fresh wetness ran through you.

You opened your eyes ... and saw that you were being fucked by me.

"Oh my.. Welcome to the party!"

Relishing the feeling of my cock, you looked up at me. I smiled and continued thrusting against you, reaching down to press your clit with my thumb.

"Consider me dessert."

"Oh, you are! Quite a treat!" you said, pushing against me.

Your pussy wrapped against my cock, feeling to you like it was clenching even tighter than usual after having been stretched out minutes earlier. Brian and Casey both had their tongues on your nipples, and you looked down at them, back up at me, and started feeling your energy build.

"You are going to make me come again!" you yelled.

The orgasm hit you harder than ever, your clenching pussy made the sensation flow across your entire body. You exploded in ecstasy, screaming; "YES YES YES YES!!! Until your throat was dry. The orgasm was so strong that you heard rushing in your ears and it seemed everything would fade away. When you came back, you were surprised to see two mouths still pressed against your breasts and me still thrusting my cock inside you.

You collapsed. Casey and Brian leaned back. I pulled out of you, and climbed up. You reached to my cock, and at your touch, I exploded in orgasm. My cum fell across your chin, throat and chest. Three long blasts of my semen fell across your body, and you watched as my cock kept throbbing, pushing more out. You felt my warm cum across your body, a total contrast to the cold sweats you felt on the rest of you, but similar to the wetness between your legs, where the cum of two other men mingled and dripped out of you.

You placed your hand in my cum and spread it across your chest and your chin, Enjoying every sensation you could feel. The bodies of the men beside you, your hypersensitive nipples, the coolness of your bare stomach and legs, the sweat between you, the moisture and full feeling between your legs. You exhaled deeply, sinking into the mattress.

"I'm a mess," you said. "It feels perfect."

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