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A Lesbian Writers Self-Introduction


My name is Michelle White a sexy business woman who happens to also be a lesbian. My lifestyle choices don't derive from an abused childhood or a bad experience with a guy but rather from natural selection. I've simply always found myself more attracted to women than men. Because of my career I choose not to be publicly open about my sexual preferences but at the same time I'm not afraid of who I am either. It's just a smart career choice.

My first lesbian experience is something I will save for another story submission. I can tell you however that it was an awesome experience and something that I'll never forget. If you're ever confused about your sexuality never hold back. Explore yourself and what feels comfortable to you. Never hold back because of what someone might think and never do something you don't feel comfortable with. I have always been an exploratory kind of girl and that will never change. It's what adds spice to life.

I take good care of myself and workout at a local gym before and sometimes after work. Taking care of my body is really important to me. I'm caucasian, measure 5'9" tall and weigh about 125lbs. I have a tight body and like to keep myself well groomed. I shave my pussy and will sometimes create fun shapes and patterns in my pubic hair. Most of the time I leave a 1/2 wide landing strip. Many women can become embarrassed about their body but I embrace mine. My nipples are big and dark. When I'm really cold or turned on my nipples can extent 1/2" from my breast. My areola are a little above average in size and dark in color. I'm a 34C.

I enjoy feeling sexy and like buying clothes, lingerie and toys that help make me feel extra special. I have been referred to as a lipstick lesbian by many of my past girlfriends. Lace, satin, and silk all turn me on but I get turned on the most from other women who know what they want and aren't afraid to take it. At work I'm aggressive but in my private life I'm passive. I enjoy having another woman "take me" and do what they want with me. It's the balance in my life.

I normally go for other women who I find attractive like myself. Growing up I would have normally felt competition with these kinds of women but grew into a submission role where I let other women dominate me. I have been with a few butch women and a few hard core dykes before but those relationships rarely last long. I'm drawn to them for their aggressive nature but usually grow disgusted with their lack of personal hygiene. I feel most comfortable with other women who care for their bodies as much as I do.

I primarily wear thongs, g-strings or no panties at all. Sometimes I'll wear a pair of sexy boy cut panties but usually only when I'm feeling a little frumpish. When working I'm usually wearing heels with pantyhose, tights, or stockings. Depends on the outfit, how I'm feeling and the season. I always dress professionally and rarely wear short skirts. I'm the CEO and COO of a company and need my attire to reflect professionalism. I enjoy wearing and seeing other women wear short skirts but I simply can't get away with it due to my position at the company. I know it doesn't sound sexy but I wear suits most of the time and either a skirt or dress slacks. What most people don't know, however is that I often wear garter belts, and sexy lingerie under my suits.

I love soft passionate touches, kisses and romantic settings. During foreplay I enjoy pairing up my nipples to my lovers as if it connects us in some special way. Rough sex isn't always on the forefront of my sexual desires. I like it slow and sensual but I'll have my moments when frustrated with work where I'll become a dominate bitch. That is when it gets a little rough.

Playing with toys is something that I really enjoy. Lately I bought myself a strapless dildo but have yet to try it out. I am in between relationships. As you might expect I find it difficult to keep a long term relationship because of my career.

I consider myself a little bit of a freak. My sexual interests involve just about anything except a man. After a fair amount of romantic foreplay I enjoy having my ass played with, sharing all kinds of kinky toys with my lover and rubbing my pussy against my lovers. (I've heard this referred to as tribbing or tribaldism). I also fantasize about lactation and nursing - weird but very private and hott. There is something abut nursing off of my lover naturally that feels so intimate and deeply spiritual. I love eating pussy and having my pussy licked. There are many other things that I enjoy but some things are left private. You'll just have to read about them through my stories.

I hope to write a few erotic stories about my life for your pleasure. Some of these stories will be real life events while others will simply be my erotic imagination running wild. I'll let you decide which is real and which is not. I'll never reveal the difference - it's part of the fun. Write me or comment on my stories. Your interaction with my stories is what will determine if I continue to write.

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