tagGroup SexA Lesson Learned

A Lesson Learned


Sari crept around the corner, her feet making no sound on the concrete. She peeked up over the windowsill into his bedroom and gasped audibly at what she saw there. Ben, the love of her life lay on his back; eyes closed in ecstasy as a longhaired blonde performed a slow grind on his lap. She wanted to scream at them. She wanted to turn and run. But instead she sat and watched in horrified fascination as this girl did things with him that she never even dreamed of doing. She saw the expression on his face change with each stroke from the girl's hips. Saw her spine arch with pleasure as Ben slipped a finger between them. Sari couldn't hear the words he was saying but could see his lips moving as her hip adulations quickened. When at last his eyes open, Sari gasped again. There in his eyes was an expression that she, who thought she knew everything about him, had never seen. The pure and naked lust there was obvious, even to her inexperienced eyes.

As the couple on the bed prepared to climax, Sari slipped away, unable to watch any longer.

She ran to her car, no longer caring who heard her. She sat behind the steering wheel, trying to sort out a mix of confused emotions. Tears stung her eyes and anger made her grip the steering wheel with white knuckles but it was the other feeling that had her mixed up. The dull throbbing between her legs perplexed her. It's not that she didn't know what it was from; she'd most certainly found herself turned on whenever she and Ben were making love. But this was different. Why would seeing the man that she loved fucking another woman have such an effect on her?

Trying to banish the erotic images in her head, she started the car and drove to the nearby bar where her best friend, Cat, was sure to be. She shifted in her seat, trying to get rid of the ache but the tightness of her jeans rubbing against her clit just intensified the feeling.

After a quick face check in the rearview mirror, she went into the bar and looked around for Cat's curly head. She surveying the room a few times, she finally spotted her friend tucked off in a corner with a guy Sari had never seen before. They were involved in some rather serious face sucking. She stood next to the table and cleared her throat loudly but it was drowned out in the noise from the band playing on the stage.

"Um Cat? Can I talk to you a minute please?" she said, an apology in her voice.

Cat pulled her mouth away from the stranger's and looked up at Sari in surprise.

"Hey kiddo...what's up? Have you been crying?" she asked after getting a better look at Sari's face.

Scooting off of her companion's lap, she got up and looked at her in concern.

"Hey Stan. Why don't you go get us all a beer?"

"It's Ken."

"Yeah, yeah...whatever. Two Coors Light ok?" and with a shrug at Sari, "What can I say? He's cute. So tell me what's going on?"

They sat down and Sari poured out the whole story, being sure to omit her reaction to it. She watched Cat's eyes for her reaction but didn't see what she thought she'd find. This obviously didn't surprise her.

"Sari. You know I love you don't you?" After getting a nod of agreement continued on. "I've told you before. A man needs more in bed than a woman to lie beneath him. He needs a participant. I'm not surprised that Ben went looking for more. He loves you. I have no doubt about that but he's not getting what he needs from you."

Seeing Sari's face stiffen for a rebuttal, Cat held her hand up to stop her.

"I'm on your side sweetie. He's an asshole for cheating on you. But if you aren't giving it to him, don't you think he's going to go where he can find it?"

Sari's shoulders sagged in defeat. Cat reached out and grabbed her hand.

"Come with me girl. We are going to fix you up."

Sari allowed herself to be dragged across the crowded, noisy room to a more private area in the back. She looked around the room and almost laughed at the cheesiness of the décor. Beaded curtains covered the walls, purple shag carpet on the floors, and red tinted lighting. She went and sat down on the plush leather couch.

"I'll be right back okay?" Cat said as she closed the door behind her.

She leaned her head back and listened to the muffled music from the bar. Instantly images of Ben and the mystery slut sprang to mind. This time she didn't try to push them away. She let them wash over her. The throbbing came back full force. Her nipples tightened and tingled. Without really thinking about what she was doing, her hand drifted and idly began to pluck at them through her thin tee shirt. The moan that issued from her throat snapped her back to the present.

The door opened and Cat walked back in with a bottle of tequila and a couple of shot glasses. Sitting down beside her friend, she poured them both a shot. Sari wasted no time in downing hers and asking for another. The effect was instantaneous. A warmth that seemed to start in the pit of her stomach spread throughout her body, relaxing her. The door opened again and in walked a man Sari had seen around the bar before but whom she had never met.

"Come on in Jon. Jon, Sari. Sari, Jon. Jon's a good friend of mine." she explained.

He took the seat next to her and stuck out a hand. She took it in hers and gave it a weak shake.

"Nice to meet you Jon."

She turned a questioning look at Cat who grinned devilishly.

"You want to keep Ben?"

"Of course I do." She said, accepting a third shot of tequila.

"Well then darlin' you are just going to have to trust me okay?"

At the feeling of Jon's strong fingers massaging her neck, she jumped.

"One more shot I see." Cat said as she refilled Sari's glass. "Me and Jon here are going to teach you to loosen up. I just thought the tequila might help this first time."

She downed a shot for herself and set the bottle aside. Taking Sari's face between her hands she begin to slowly lower her head for a kiss. Sari tried pulling her head away but Cat looked deep into her eyes and said, "Trust me kiddo."

She allowed Cat to touch her lips to her own. She was surprised at the electricity she felt coming from her friend's kiss. It was no more than a brush of skin but the effect was white hot. Jon's hands continued to massage her neck, encouraging her to loosen up. One of his hands slipped around to her chest and cupped on of her plump breasts in his hand. His thumb found her taunt nipple and slowly circled it as Cat's tongue begin to gently pry her lips apart.

Sari felt dazed in a haze of alcohol and desire. She allowed her friend to dip her tongue into her mouth and again was surprised by the force of the feeling of it. She brushed her tongue along Cat's lips ever so lightly and felt a jolt when a deep moan emitted from her throat. Both of her breasts were now being cradled in Jon's hands. She found herself anxious to feel him touching her bare skin and pressed hard against his hands to show him what she wanted. Cat's long fingernails were scraping their way up and down her jean-clad thighs. Sari's legs fell open in wanton invitation. Jon pulled her onto his lap so that she could feel the evidence of his desire pressed against her ass. He pulled her away from her kiss and claimed her lips for his own. The taste of whiskey and cigarettes played on her tongue. He quickly rid her of the tee shirt and bra until she was topless and trembling with need in front of them both. Cat's head dipped down and took one of her nipples into her mouth. She suckled at it hungrily while he twisted and pinched the other one. Sari's head fell back onto his shoulder, exposing her neck to his bite. His teeth were gentle on her at first but as her moans increased in volume, he bit down harder and harder. She thought for sure he would draw blood soon but kept pushing her neck persistently into his mouth. She didn't recognize the sounds of passion coming from herself. Never before had she felt so on fire.

Her hands reached out blindly in front of her and found the soft flesh of Cat's chest. She was rewarded with a gasp as her fingers grazed the hard nipples poking out through the fabric of her shirt. Cat quickly joined her in being topless. She kneeled on the couch in front of Sari and guided a nipple into her waiting mouth. Cat's fingernails dug sharply into her scalp as she moaned her name. Sari felt a warm, wetness between her legs that just begged to be touched. She ground her hips down on Jon's hard cock and wished that he were buried deep inside her. Feeling more bravery than she ever had before in any sexual situation, she disentangled herself and stood before them. They watched her as she kicked the shoes from her feet and unbuttoned her jeans. She slowly lowered the zipper and worked her fingers down into her sopping panties. The first contact with her sensitive clit caused her to suck in sharply and tense up.

Both Cat and Jon watched her intently as she began to work her fingers in and out of herself. As turned on as she was, Sari could have easily pushed herself into a mind-blowing orgasm while they watched. Instead she stopped herself just short of one and pushed the jeans over her hips and onto the floor. She stood in front of them more naked and exposed than anyone else had ever seen her.

Bringing her wet, musty fingers to Jon's mouth, she traced his lips with her juices. He licked at them and groaned with the desire to taste her more intimately. She helped him to undress as Cat rid herself of her pants. Sari reclined on the couch and pulled Jon over to her. His hard cock was there, level with her mouth. She studied it for a moment. The tip glistened with precum. She'd never had a cock in her mouth before and felt a moment of apprehension before leaning over and licking it off. His moan was enough to keep her going. She opened her mouth, relaxed her jaw and allowed him to slip himself into her. Her legs had fallen open, revealing her juicy pussy to the world. Cat lay down between them and began to lightly lick the dewiness away. Sari's lips closed over his hardness and began to suck at him with clumsy, unsure suction. He wound his fingers in her hair and gently guided her head up and down his cock, showing her how he liked to be sucked.

Cat pulled her clit into her mouth with a sudden movement. The unexpectedness of this caused her to suck Jon deep into her throat. He gasped so loudly that Sari was sure she'd done something wrong. The loud passion-filled groan that followed put her fears to rest. Her legs folded around Cat's shoulders and she pressed her pussy up and up...looking for sweet release. Cat was happy to comply. She pulled the tiny nubbin between her teeth and flicked her tongue against it. Sari's head fell back in ecstasy and Jon's cock slipped from her mouth. Seeing the closeness of her orgasm, he bent down beside her and began to work her nipples over roughly with his mouth and fingers. Her body bucked on the couch as she came harder than she ever imagined possible. She screamed out with the strength of it.

Her body collapsed onto the couch. She felt spent. Cat kissed her overly sensitive clit and flicked it once playfully with her tongue. She was rewarded with another gasp. Cat stood up and pressed her body to Jon's. His fingers dug into her ass cheeks as he pulled her tight against him and kissed her deeply. Sari watched with fascination as he worked a finger between her cheeks and flicked at the little bud of sensitive skin hiding there. He worked the finger inside her causing her to buck against him. He laughed throatily and withdrew it.

Cat whispered something in his ear and after another long kiss; he crossed back over to Sari. His cock was straining for release. It looked huge to her and when he positioned himself between her thighs, she wondered if it would fit. He grabbed her legs and pulled her down completely on the couch. Then in one swift motion he was inside of her. The momentary pain his entry caused was quickly replaced by a feeling of completely filled. She felt herself grow wet again as he worked himself in and out of her.

Sari was so preoccupied with the cock fucking her that she didn't notice Cat's approach. Without notice or warning, Cat was straddling her face. Sari again found herself stupefied. Her arms were pinned to her sides by Cat's thighs so she had no choice but to employ her tongue. When she didn't begin to pleasure her right away, Cat pressed herself closer to Sari's mouth. Tentatively, she flicked her tongue across the glistening lips in front of her. Cat moaned loudly. Jon temporarily forgotten, Sari gave herself over to giving enjoyment to her friend. She licked at the cunt in front of her as eagerly as a kitten with a saucer of milk. Cat's hips begin to move against above her in rhythm with Jon's cock inside of her. Remembering how great the attention Cat paid to clit earlier felt, Sari focused her attention there. She mimicked Cat's actions and felt her rear up with her climax. Jon slid his cock in and out of her faster and faster. His fingers dug into her thighs as he fucked her harder. Cat slipped off of her and kneeled down beside them. She worked her fingers between them, determined to give Sari another orgasm.

Jon was past the point of noticing. His eyes were closed and his head was thrown back. The sounds coming from him were guttural.

At Cat's touch, Sari hips rose up, taking even more of Jon into her. She ground her hips against Cat's fingers and his cock...letting them push her closer and closer to falling over the edge. She felt a numbness work it way through her body. Her spine ached upward and for a brief moment she could see the blonde from earlier. This was enough to do it. She screamed out as the climax racked through her. Jon's voice mixed with her own as he came. He collapsed on her in exhaustion.

Cat crawled up and looked her in the eye. Grinning, she gave her a smacking peck on the mouth.

"See I knew you had it in you."

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