tagBDSMA Letter To My Fuck-Toy

A Letter To My Fuck-Toy


Making Her Mine: The Idea of It All

Part 1: Submission – Blindfold

Fuck-Toy is taken to a sheltered apartment, quietly led through the stairs and is undressed by the look in her Masters’ eyes. She is wearing her proper uniform, only her heels, a collar and leash, and the waist chain, under the tan topcoat tied with the sash of the garment. Her pussy is shaved, and her nipples are erect, as she has traveled to dinner and to a pornographic theater in this state of near nudity. Since she slipped into his Cadillac her pussy has been self-lubing since they began driving and she has tried very hard to avert her eyes from him.

Her Master is wearing a black suit and a black silk collar-less shirt. He tells her to begin by licking his shoes, and pulls her face to the floor, setting one foot on the back of her head, using his toe to control her placement about the opposite shoe. As she laps at the leather, he begins removing his clothing, his blazer and the shirt slip off and onto the floor next to her. From there he orders her to lie on her back and play with her pussy, and notices that she is already wet. When he sees this, the Master tells his Fuck-Toy to just watch him undress and hold her thighs apart, pulling the ankles and letting his gaze fall on her pussy and ass hole.

She does this, watching his flaccid cock rise slowly, and become engorged with boiling cum creeping through the veins and out of the heavy, full scrotum. Her pussy begins to bubble and froth, making more juices appear at the surface, creating a slippery sheen on the mound of the pussy lips. The clit shines like a shiny marble at the top of her slick pussy lips. Her Master pulls out a black mask, putting that on, and telling her to get on her hands & knees, over the bed. She tries standing, but he tells her to stay on her hands & knees, and leads her over with the leash, tugging and keeping his pace faster than hers’. She is nervous, noticing his cock bouncing and becoming harder with each jump of his muscular thighs. He tells her to place her hands on the edge of the bed, gripping the mattress and begins stroking her hair and back, the goose bumps spotting her smooth soft skin. Without warning, a fast pal slaps her ass, making the round soft flesh jump and jiggle with the impact. Fuck-Toy is frightened and excited, and feels the collar tugging her delicate flesh under the chin and making her gasp with fear as he controls her pleasure.

But she is still gasping and moving with the volatile explosions occurring in the pit of her stomach, and leaking gently out of her pussy with slippery sexual syrup. She expels a soft moan, biting her lip to keep control of her emotions, and to keep her Master from knowing how much pleasure she received at that moment. She knew if he knew, he’d stop, treat her nicely, and give her the most boring sex she knew existed on the planet. As she thought about this, her pussy felt a slim invader crack the fissure of her lips, entering her slowly and with delicate gestures.

The finger began pumping her slowly, making her squirm and gasp…then it exited her just as quickly. She mewled like a kitten, and her Master moved behind her, slipping a silk blindfold over her eyes, covering them and making the room and her place with her Master dark again. He hisses at her, remind her who is in charge of the relationship, and begins to spread her knees, opening her more to him as her skin rubs on the carpeting of the bedroom. The pain is exquisite, and she is calm, the eye of a storm, of pleasure and pain. Another fast slap! –And she is calm, whimpering with the fear of what might not occur.

Two orgasms had slipped through her body, and she needs more. She feels his beefy fingers sliding over her round, flaring hips; grasping them gently and making his cock lewdly bounce under her clit and the dripping pussy lips. Another breath, and she feels the cock slipping over the outer lips of her pussy, making itself a home in here silky tunnel. The helmeted head breaks past her swampy surface, entering her and making her smile with the initial fucking from her Master. She feels his hot, steaming breath on her shoulders, making her nervous and excited at the same time. Another bit, and the cock fills her sexpot again, making her warm and tingling with need and desire.

Part 2: Subjugation – Sodomy

Fuck-Toy is feeling the cock riding her delicious pussy and making the meat thicker and longer, as her Master humps her harder and deeper. She is happy that her Master is happy, because that is what she lives for now. His cock is sunk deep into her pussy, her fingers gripping the edge of the mattress, her face contorted with pleasure and pain. Her Master has been pulling her clit with sharp, gripping tugs, his fingers wrapped around the clit, trying to rip it away from her body. When the elasticity is at it’s maximum, and Fuck-Toy is whimpering, her Master let’s it go, then grips her hips, riding her like a saddled beast.

She can feel the cock growing fatter and thicker inside her body, the veins being squeezed uncontrollably by the hypersensitive pussy. But he’s not happy; her Master is seeking a new pleasure, and that would be in the tiny ring over her delicious dripping gripping pussy: her rosebud of an asshole. She has fear quelling in her tummy; that’s been unexplored for a while, and already her Master’s cock is bloating and growing bigger with each stroke inside her swollen, wet pussy. She grinds back, trying to unintentionally make him cum inside her.

But a fast hand wrapped in her hair keeps her from trying to fuck him again. Fuck-Toy gasp, her nipples aching to be touched as the ride in mid-air, hard as diamonds and tasty as freshly picked cherries. A quick hand hits her terrified young ass, the smooth round cheek jumping, and her knees moving to almost leave the floor. A bite made her return to the small apartment where her Master had lead her for his pleasure; he whispered in her ear that she should begin begging for the exquisite pleasure of the approaching sodomizing.

Fuck-Toy began shifting, her body convulsing, fear and pleasure taking over her body. A bit of leakage began seeping through the folds of her pussy, and her Master took this as a sign of her pleasure in being opened anally. His humping of her pussy continued at a faster pace, more slippery love juices from Fuck-Toys pussy smearing the rigid, throbbing cock without ever a thought as to why he was lubing his cock with her juices.

She was panting and gasping and smiling and whimpering all at the same time. But this was not her right as a Slave, as a Fuck-Toy...only to derive pleasure once her Master had taken his pleasure, so long as she asked permission. He whispered for her to ask for an ass fucking and the words suddenly rose in her throat and exited her lips. Her perverted Master told her to now beg for it, and she began whimpering, crying and making a shameful disgrace of herself, crooning her Master into slipping his cock deep in the recess of her asshole.

A breath passed and her pussy was now gaping with an emptiness and need; her clit was pulled and twisted again, and she felt the stirring of her stomach, the orgasm just another touch away. It did not matter if the touch was brutal or loving: it was the touch, the contact she needed, and that would be everything for her pleasure and satisfaction. Without notice the cock head hit the rosebud of her crinkled asshole, sitting at the dark, forbidden entrance. Fuck-Toy felt her Master there, opening her slowly, prolonging the agony and uncontrollable pleasure.

She wanted to push back on her knees, letting the cock slip deep into the recess of her untouched asshole, and tell him to fuck her harder and deeper and quicker. But she knew if she did, she’d never see him again. She held her breath, calming down, waiting patiently, and seeking the pleasure of this touch and warm, intrusive fuck. Then without warning the cock pulled at the outer ring of her asshole, making the exit an entrance as her Master plowed into her like a tank rolling over a small house. The cock entered her without a single slowing, nor did it stop till the balls of her Master flapped against her clit, the rhythm a solid answer as to how Fuck-Toy’s asshole was to be ridden: quickly, like a pussy.

She grimaced as the cock proceeded to bang her senseless, fucking the opening brutally. She felt an inner calm as the brown-eye was battered senseless, the opening jumping and opening with the intrusion of her Master’s desire for her body; every sense, every touch, every part and every opening is now his, not hers. His fingers stabbed into her hips, as the fucking became more creative, the cock spinning in the opening of her ass fucking.

Fuck-Toy felt the first, then the second, and suddenly a third orgasm making her face contort and open wide, a mask of total pleasure in this sexual surrender. She was his, and none others’, and would serve him any way he wished, at any time and in any manner, no matter how perverted or painful. Fingers slipped into the locks of her hair as she felt the cock digging deeper into her asshole, and her Master saw the faces of pleasure she was making at feeling the orgasms shake her body. He slapped her ass, plowing into her asshole as hard and deep as possible, only to inspire more orgasm in her young, tender body. Fuck-Toy knew what would be next, and the total climax of this night: her Master’s absolute pleasure.

Part 3: Control: Riding Her Torso

The last turn of events occurs as she gasps with the powerful climaxes she has immediately. She is frightened and excited beyond belief, cumming and making her body tremble with the pleasure of this meeting. Her Master is indeed a pervert and a disciplinarian and a rather fine torturer, but she is dealing with the idea of what is to come next now that’s violated every part of her womanly desires and pleasure. He whispers his command into her ear, stuffing the thick meaty cock into her asshole once again.

She is scared and ready, but unsure of herself. Her Master has told her to ask for something, and though the pleasure of her ass fucking is incredible, she wants more. Fuck-Toy wants his essence, his power, his liquid fire, and he is telling her to beg for it. She is biting her lower lip, her teeth a silent protest at giving herself willingly and without question, but she has to be sure he’s a real Man, and truly ready to Master her, body and mind and soul. She protest, saying that he has to cum in her asshole, and she refuses to give him what he wants, and what she knows she craves in her heart and for his total domination.

She gulps, awaiting the unseen disappointment, and the eventual abandonment by this wanna-be of a Master. Fuck-Toy knows there will be pain with the gaping and violation of her pussy and tender asshole, but she knows a woman who will be able to nurse them both back to her sexual peak so that the next contender is able to truly put her body to the test. Suddenly, she is pulled upright by the collar, correcting her; her Master shouts for her to ask for his final desires. She feels the cock pulled at an angel in her backdoor, and her body is responding with a series of goose bumps and the tingling of another orgasm.

Her Master slaps her ass, calling her a bad dog, a nasty Fuck-Toy, and his alone; no one else may EVER have her again. She finds herself spinning in the air, her asshole suddenly empty of cock, and her legs splayed to open her body to this wonderful controlling Master. To keep her from fighting, he saddles her body, her arms under his thighs, pinning her to the floor. He is stroking his cock is like mad, the lube and the small stains of her back door on his cock. A towel is made of his handkerchief, wiping the shit and engorging the cock to menacing proportions. Fuck-Toy is his slave, lover, Fuck-Toy, property, cum jar, and his alone unless he chooses to share. That is how a Master earns his slave; when she does what she refuse to do, she is no longer her own, but his.

Fuck-Toy clenches her teeth, trying to keep him from spilling his seed in her mouth-watering face, despite secretly needing and hungering for it. A reach, and Fuck-Toy finds her pussy being invade again, by fingers and a rubbing, fast and watering, making her body shake and squirm, another string of orgasms moving into her hips and stomach, and making the body need him badly, desperately. Her Master is quaking uncontrollably; the orgasms flipping her body and making it tremble with pleasure and pain.

This is a true dominating Master, ready to make and take and break a slave for his will and for hers’ to bend with desire. Fuck-Toy is sweating hungry for his seed, begging for it to be blasted over her open mouth. She begs again, promising to keep it from scattering all over the place and making a mess anywhere but in her mouth. Her Master strokes, a few pumps later and her face is sizzling with the pleasure of being covered in his cum, her tongue out and desperate to lick and drink his warm, sweet, stick cum up, the last of her physical tremors stopping as she notices her sweat-covered body and the smile on her Master’s face. She knows that she now belongs to him and him alone!

(The end…for now!)

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