tagRomanceA Love Affair Between Two Cultures

A Love Affair Between Two Cultures


It started very innocently. A writer receives a compliment from a reader. However, there was something different about this reader. She seemed very sensual and forthcoming in her comments. They corresponded back and forth. The more they e-mailed the more details they gave up about themselves. Soon they were exchanging pictures.

That is when he saw her true beauty, of not only mind but also her physical self. She was Malaysian, 5 foot 4, tiny body, small breasts lovely small tight butt. But what captivated Carlos was her smile. She had a radiant beautiful big smile surrounded by a small nose, large cheekbones and captivating black eyes. She has long black hair down to her waist.

What captured Mazlina was that Carlos was the total opposite of her husband. Her husband was a typical Malaysian, small. He was about 5 foot 6 145 pounds. Carlos was a beast of a man. 6 foot about 245, pounds all muscle especially his cock. He sent her a picture that she could not get out of her mind, It showed a cock that was about 8 inches long but it was so thick about 7 inches in circumference.

The e-mails began to take a turn, they became much more sensual and erotic, and soon they were making love through their e-mails. It got to the point that whenever Carlos made love to his wife he was thinking of Mazlina. In addition, whenever Mazlina was making love to her husband she could not keep her mind off Carlos.

Their love affair intensified through their e-mails, and when Carlos marriage started to fall apart Mazlina was a special comfort to him. She was always there for him even though she was thousands of miles away. If not for the fact that they lived so far away from each other they might have taken the next step and met.

Carlos eventually got through the break up of his marriage. Now she needed him more than ever, she had caught her husband cheating on her, and even though she had an internet romance with Carlos it was not the same as what her husband had done. She had never physically been intimate with another man. Her husband was caught red handed in the arms of another woman.

She was overwhelmed with fear; she was 26 and felt all alone. The only comfort she had these days was from a man she had never met. The more he was there for her the stronger she grew. She finally realized one day she deserved better. She started divorce proceeding and finally received her divorce exactly almost one year to the date she met Carlos online.

More than ever, they both had an overwhelming desire to meet. Carlos finally convinced her to fly to the US at his expense. After all, she had no more ties and he sent her a return ticket so she could be assured that if she did not feel comfortable being with him she could return to Malaysia at any time.

The day finally came and Mazlina boarded a plane for the US. To say she was nervous was and understatement, She had never flown outside her country and to top it off she was flying to meet a man she only new through his letters.

Carlos was just as anxious, for months he dreamed of Mazlina now the day had arrived. Would she be everything she had claimed to be? Would she like him too? All the insecurities came boiling to the surface as he watched the plane arrive and the passengers disembark. He kept looking through the sea of people departing the plane. He did not recognize any of them. Finally, the plane was emptied. Had she changed her mind?

Then he saw her, she must have been hung up with her carryon. She was even more beautiful than he had seen in her pictures. She was searching the crowd, and then their eyes met. They both smiled, they walked toward each other. He was even more handsome then she had seen. The photos did not do him justice. The closer she came the bigger he got. He was so big.

As she reached him, there was no awkward moment. It was if they had known each other all their life. She reached up to him and he bent down. He picked her up in a big bear hug and they kissed for the first time. A sweet short kiss. His lips seemed so gentle. Hers were so full.

It was hard to believe that this was the first time they met. As they looked into each other’s eyes, they each saw in each other their soul mate. The year they had spent corresponding her revealed all their inner feeling and in an instant, it had become painfully obvious that they were meant for each other.

As he let slide down his body, she felt just how big he was. Right down to the bulge in his pants for which she smiled internally.

Carlos had imagined many things but was before him was like a delicate flower. So beautiful and sexy.

“I can’t believe you are finally here”

“I can’t either; I have been wanting this for so long”

“Mazlina you are even more beautiful than the pictures you sent me.”

“Carlos don’t make me blush.”

“But you are”

“Does that mean you will do everything you promised in your e-mails?” She gave me a wicked smile as she said this that sent shivers down my spine.

“You have no idea love. Come on let’s get out of here and let me show you the town.”

Carlos took her everywhere, but she didn’t see anything. She couldn’t keep her eyes off him. He was talking but she was to busy daydreaming to be listening. He continued talking all about how wonderful, his city was and how he was going to taker her everywhere. But all she could think about was how wonderful he seemed. She had waited so long, and here before her, was her dream man. He finally realized she was staring very intently.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

She held back a tear. “Nothing sweetheart, I am just so happy right now.”

“Wow I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. Just take me home.”

“Okay sweetie.”

He drives her to his home. Carlos is not rich but he does okay. As they drove up, she wasn’t expecting him to have such a nice home. Carlos helps her with her bags and as they approach the door he puts them down, opens the lock, and picks her up so quick it startles her.

He carries her across the threshold and as they walk in, he leans into her and kisses her passionately. He slowly puts her down but they continue kissing. He finally pulls away. They smile with that knowing look only lovers have for each other. He brings in all her bags and shows her around his home.

They finally get to his bedroom and she loves what he has done. On the wall above the bed is a banner that reads. Mazlina my love welcome home. She is so taken but she barely has time to react when he whisks her into the master bath that has a Jacuzzi with candles all around.

He smiles at her and says. “Just like I promised. Every candle I light shows my love for you.”

“My God you are the sweetest man I have ever met.”

“Well thank you darling, now come here.”

As Mazlina came to him, he picked her back up and as he carried her, they kissed passionately. He walked over to the bed and laid her down gently. He lay next to her and they continued kissing. Her hands roamed over his impressive physique. His chest was large and hairy. Her former husband had been small and hairless. She found Carlos so sexy.

Carlos hands were playing with her long luxurious hair. Then he moved them to her face. As they kissed, his hands held her face ever so gently. Her hands had moved down to his tummy. Her kisses were becoming more intense a she remembered what she had seen in many of the pictures he had sent her. Carlos was also aroused.

His hands had by now moved down her neck, then sliding down further until he was caressing her breasts through her blouse. Her breasts were small and firm with a very erect nipple that he was toying with. By this point Carlos looked down and saw her tiny hands undo his belt, pull down his zipper and slide down below his boxers. Mazlina’s hands were now caressing his pubic hair. Then it happened her hand had touched his cock. Her hand jumped out.

“Oh my god Carlos you’re so big. You’re too big.”

“Don’t worry baby I promise we will go as slow as we need to.”

“I don’t know. I knew you were big from your pictures. But I never expected you to be so big around.”

“I promise you Mazlina. I will not do anything to hurt you.”

“Okay baby I will try. Heavens knows I been dreaming of this night for a long time. But please go slow baby.”

“You have my word.”

Mazlina’s hand slid back down and grasped his cock. She had to see it so she pulled her hand out got of the bed and started pulling his pants off, then his shorts. As she started, pulling the shorts past his bulge his cock sprang out and Carlos heard her gasp again. Mazlina could not believe how much bigger his cock was then anything she had ever experienced. She was scared and excited at the same time. But somehow, she also knew she had nothing to worry about because Carlos was so sincere and gentle.

Mazlina was mesmerized as she stroked the cock to even bigger dimensions. Pulling the skin back and forth, watching the head disappear and reappear. “You like what you see?”


Carlos pulled her hand away. “Baby you’re getting me to excited.”

Carlos pulled her up on the bed and slowly started to unbutton her blouse, kissing each new area of her skin that was exposed. First between her breasts, then all the way down to her belly button. He then lowered her skirt and he slowly took of her panties.

He saw the prettiest and darkest patch of hair covering her lips. He kisses her as he slowly turns her on her back. He reaches over for the warm oil he had earlier left in the bedroom, pours a little on her back as he bends over, and kisses the back of her neck. He starts massaging the oil in, rubbing it all over her back. Going to lower and lower until he is rubbing the top of her small butt.

She gasps as his hands rub the top of her cheeks. His hands are so big they cover her entire butt. His hands don’t linger, they move down to her feet and he massages her toes. Letting his oil soaked fingers massage between her toes. She then feels something wet and warm. Carlos allows Mazlina’s big toe to slide into his mouth. He licks her big toe. He feels her squirm.

“Oh my that feels so good”

He continues licking her big toe deeper into his mouth, sucking it in deep. She only can imagine that she will try to suck his cock the way he is sucking her. He then abruptly drops her foot and Mazlina feels more oil being poured on the back of her legs. His hands rub the oil in, going higher and higher up her leg. He is now massaging the back of her thighs. She is getting so wet, the higher his hands go the wetter she gets. The anticipation is driving her wild.

She then feels his fingers rubbing her inner thighs. She feels him gently coax her into separating her thighs. She then feels his hands getting closer and closer to her pussy. She flinches as she feels his pinky graze one of her lips. She is so wet that her juices are pouring down her legs. Then it happened, his hand found her pussy, his finger slides in easily. She is overwhelmed, she never thought anyone could look so big and menacing and be so gentle.

Carlos flips her over and raises himself up to kiss her. They kiss deeply as his hand makes love to her. Carlos kisses his way down to her breasts, licks it all over, and flicks her nipple just before gently biting it. His mouth continues moving down, licking her belly button and then the top of her pubic hair. His tongue licks all around her pubic bone and thighs without licking her clit or her pussy.

He is driving her mad with passion. She then finally feels his tongue glide over her clit and she thrust up to meet it. She grabs the top of his head and drives his mouth into her pussy. His tongue licks the inside of her pussy, curling his tongue and hitting her “g” spot. She reaches back and grabs the bedposts as he drives his tongue deeper into her pussy.

When his mouth gently starts to suck her clit, Mazlina has a mind-blowing orgasms. Her hips rise of the bed, her knuckles turn white from grabbing the bedposts so hard. And her legs quiver as she cums harder than she has ever cum before.

She yells as she cums. “Oh my godddddddddddd. OHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!”

Carlos sucks her pussy harder as she cums. She lets go of the bedposts, grabs his hair, and smashes his head to her pussy.

“Oh yes don’t stop.”

She starts to rub his hair as she comes down from her orgasms. She sees Carlos smiling at her.

She feels slightly embarrassed. “What”

“I am so happy that you’re here I can’t help but smile.”

She blushes and Carlos moves up to her and kisses her. This is the first time she has ever kissed a man after he went down on her. She had always been repulsed by the idea. But with Carlos, it seemed so natural. They both shared her juices as they kissed. She reached down and grasps his cock. She rubs his cock back and forth. She then turns him on his back and starts to lick down.

Making her way down to his stomach. She stops licking, grasps his cock in her small hand and looks at it. She sticks her tongue out and licks the head. She lets his cock enter her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the head as her tiny hands massage the rest of his cock. His hands play with her long hair. She can’t stand it anymore she wants to feel his cock inside her. She moves up to kiss him as she continues to stroke his cock.

She raises one leg over him and points his cock straight up at her pussy. She then lowers her pussy until it is touching her lips. She rubs his cock all over her clit and lips. Back and forth, she rubs his cock then she aims it at her pussy and puts the head in. They both gasp.

She did it so slow and methodically that the head of his cock feels the warmth of her pussy. She feels her pussy expand to take the head in. She lowers her body and allows another inch to go inside her pussy. They both love every moment. He grabs both her hips and gently pulls her pussy down to devour his cock. She has never felt fuller. Her pussy is so wet and she is so horny that she takes his entire cock deep inside her without pain.

She starts to bounce up and down on his cock. Going faster and faster as their passion erupts. She bends down and Carlos licks her nipples. She then kisses him and as they kiss, she feels her body responding. Her body starts to quiver and she starts to cum again. Carlos feels her cumming and he explodes inside of her. She can feel him erupt. His cum is so hot. She feels it explode deep inside her pussy. As they both come down from their orgasms, they continue kissing.

She is not getting up. She enjoys the feeling of his cock inside her and doesn’t want to give it up. They continued kissing while he rubbed her butt. They were both getting aroused again and she felt his cock growing inside her, he was getting hard again. He flips her over and starts to fuck her nice and slow. She puts her hands on his butt and squeezes his cheeks as he fucks her. She wraps her legs around the back of his thighs to pull him in deeper.

Carlos starts to fuck her faster. His cock is driving deeper and deeper into her pussy. Fucking her faster and faster. She is thrusting her hips back into him. Wanting to posses every inch of his cock. Their pace is getting faster. He is now lifting her tiny body of the bed as he fucks her hard. They are kissing and she feels his tongue go limp. He is cumming inside her. She feels his cock throbbing in her pussy. She pulls him in deeper.

After he cums inside her, he continues to fuck her as her orgasm hits and her tongue goes limp. He is kissing her passionately as she cums on his cock. Finally, her body goes limp as she falls back, exhausted. He continues to shower her with kisses. She looks at him and for an instant; they are gazing into each other’s eyes and into each other’s souls... She feels complete. Making love to the man that she has always dreamed about.

He starts to pull out but she grabs his ass.

“Ohhh please don’t leave me.”

“Okay love.

He rotates onto his side, still inside her, he pulls her on top of him and they fall asleep.

He wakes up first. He is caressing her hair, contemplating what had occurred in the last 24 hours. She slowly opens her eyes.

“Good morning sleepy head.”

“Hmmm Good morning.”

“What do you want to do today? Want me to show you the town.”

“Can we just lie here all day?”

“But of course darling.”

The next 5 months flew by so quickly. She never used her ticket back to Malaysia. She moved in with him. Now her 6-month visa was coming up and she was worried. She didn’t know what she would do if she had to go back.

Mazlina was reading her e-mail as Carlos lay in bed.

She thought.” That’s odd why do I have an e-mail from Carlos.”

She opened up the e-mail and what she saw made her burst into tears. Carlos had snuck up behind her as she read the mail.

On the screen, it said. “Mazlina My love. Will you marry me?”

As She turned to look at him he was there holding an opened box with a beautiful ring inside.

“Yes Yes Yes”

I love to receive feedback and your suggestions and please don’t forget to grade the story.

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