tagNovels and NovellasA Master's Ring: Book 02

A Master's Ring: Book 02


Book II: Outside The Shuuraku Gates

=====Chapter 21=====

A couple of weeks later, Doris Alex and I were having lunch when Alyssa sat down at our table.

"So is there trouble in paradise?" she asked with a mischievous smile, stealing one of my fries.

"Excuse me?" I asked curiously.

"You and the girls," she said as her smile turned wicked. "Is there trouble in David's love nest?"

"Alyssa," Doris Alex whispered dangerously.

"Oh come on! It's different with you," Alyssa said turning up the wattage on her smile. "I know you're banging David, but you're also smoking Dr. Ryan so David was always sharing you."

I sat back and crossed my arms. Alyssa turned her eyes on me.

"Now, I've always seen Rachel with David somewhere behind her, almost like he's watching over her or David with Melisa beside him," she said raising an eyebrow. "But recently, it's been Rachel and Melisa with no David to be found anywhere near them."

"Why does my sex life fascinate you?" I asked tilting my head.

"Dahhling, I just need Rachel out of the way to hop into bed with you," she said standing up. "But if Melisa's ditching you too, even better."

"You'd have to go through me then," Doris Alex said quietly. Alyssa turned to her.

"Is it like that now?" she asked quietly.

Doris Alex shrugged.

"You'll find me a harsher task-mistress than Melisa," Doris Alex warned.

"Yeah, but you're more my type," Alyssa said reaching over to stroke a curl of Doris Alex's hair. She finger-waved a goodbye to us and walked out. Doris Alex looked after her thoughtfully.

"You should fight for her," she said finally.


"Melisa," she said shaking her head and turning towards me. "You should fight for her."

"I didn't know I had to."

"Rachel is trying to draw her away from you."

"No, Doris Alex," I said. "Melisa is drawing away from me."

"Only because you won't bring her back," Doris Alex insisted.

I shrugged.

"You have to say yes when I ask," I said. "But that doesn't mean you're hoping I'll ask."

"Melisa belongs to you. Pull her back!" Doris Alex said harshly.

I stared at her.

"I'm sorry, Brother," she whispered looking down.

"Melisa feels something for Rachel that has nothing to do with me," I said. Doris Alex slammed her fist on the table and looked out the window.

"Funny," I said. "Part of converting a Sibling is giving them the choice, isn't it? Melisa never had that."

"She made a choice!" Doris Alex insisted.

"When her father put his hand on her, he made a choice. She ran from that to us," I said. "Leave them alone, Sibling. Melisa has choices to make."

"You could lose her," Doris Alex said looking at me hard. I smiled and touched her face gently.

"And now you'll tell me I could also lose Rachel."

"Rachel is NOT a Sibling."

"If Melisa walks away, she was never one either."


I seemed to be the only one that did not take Melisa and Rachel getting closer as a reason to panic. To be fair, Professor Ryan only looked slightly concerned. It was the Siblings whose anxiety grew by leaps on a daily basis.

I knew Brothers did not let Brothers walk away, but the Siblings acted like it was not an option for one of them either.


"Aren't you going to something about Melisa?" Dr. Lawren asked.

I hit dead center at the small of her back with a perfectly placed sting of the crop. I liked that spot on her body; it made her wriggle attractively against her bonds.

I bought the crop and bondage gear myself. I checked it every time I visited for cleanliness. It was her job to make sure they were perfect and ready in case that was what I wanted. I only had to walk out one time when the pieces were slightly out of place in their case for Susan to be diligent in her duties afterwards.

She was handcuffed to a stand in the middle of her living room. I preferred to tie her to the bed, but I wanted her fully spread and standing that day.

I placed the crop an inch to the left of center.

"She's supposed to be converting Rachel," she said. "Not the other way around."

An inch to the right.

"Fucking little twit! She doesn't even know how to seduce a non-Sib."

An inch below.

"God! You're not even pissed about it."

An inch above.

"I would have LOVED to fuck you and Jason at the same time."

I placed the crop dead center again. I walked around front and smiled at her a second before bringing the sting of the crop down on top of her bellybutton. Her eyes burned, and she cursed me. I stared into her eyes until she silenced.

A half-hour later as the crop caressed her clitoris, she came screaming my name.


"People are talking," Michael said as he led me through the frat house. "The Taus that are staying over the summer are finding the situation fucking funny."

I raised an eyebrow as I turned towards him. The work on the house had gone well. It would definitely be finished by the end of the summer. I was pleased: money did make a difference when you wanted things finished on time. I wondered if I could get in a visit to the sorority house before I went to dinner.

"Want to walk over the Sorority house?" I asked him.

"David, the Greek rumor mill is going ballistic. The Taus are making fun of this whole thing."



"You really need to get past this fraternity bullshit, Michael. Who gives a shit what the Taus are doing? If I have to think about any of them specifically, I'm going to dissect him to figure out why I find that particular Tau so fascinating."

Someone laughed behind me. I turned to see a couple of the other fraternity officers standing in the room.

"Don't you guys think this room needs to be bigger?" I asked.

The chapter room was too small I thought; only half the brothers would be able to gather inside.


"Do you know what you're doing, David?" Professor Ryan asked me after class.

Rachel and Melisa had rushed out. They separated the work load for the final project into two sections. I was responsible for one and they were working on the other.

"Yeah, I mean the project is pretty easy compared to the some of the others," I said looking at my notebook.

"I mean with your First," he corrected.

"I didn't think that title would apply anymore," I said curiously.

"A First is always a First, Brother," he said with a warm smile of remembrance.

I nodded.

"Melisa's not a normal Sibling," he said carefully. "Like I've told you, she might need special handling. I wish the Siblings had found a way to indoctrinate her without involving other Brothers. It really would have been the best of all worlds."

"I'm not a normal Brother," I said, just as carefully.

He nodded.

"I think it's better to let Melisa decide whether the white ring is really something she wants to live her life by," I explained.

"You think that's what this is?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No," I said honestly. "But that explanation keeps the Sibling buzz to a minimum."

He looked shocked before he breaking out into loud laughter.


"Can we take a timeout?" Rachel asked.

I put my book down and nodded.

"What's up with you?" she asked staring at me.

I looked at her confused. I thought she meant for us to take a break from putting our final project together, obviously she meant from our lives.

"I don't get you," she said, almost on the verge of anger.

"What's not to get?" I asked even more confused.

"You and Melisa," she clarified for me.

"Ahh..." I said.

I had not expected Rachel to bring it up, especially with Melisa asleep on the couch a few feet from us.

"You're possessive, David," Rachel said studying me. "But you haven't said or done anything, and I know Melisa hasn't slept with you since we started... you know."

I smiled and shook my head.

"Fucking!" she said annoyed at me.

"You two are fucking?" I asked with feigned innocence.


"Come on, Rachel," I teased. "That's like fantasy number 2. You have to give me time to adjust."

"That's only fantasy number 2?"

"It couldn't be number 1, I'm not involved."

Her teeth clicked as she snapped her mouth shut.

"I thought you felt something for her," she said looking a little hurt by my flippancy.

"Are you really worried that I don't feel something for HER?" I asked before opening my book again.

------ That is not to say that Melisa's growing closeness with Rachel did not have negative effects on my life.

Uncrested Siblings range pretty far to avoid the taint of monogamy with any Brother. Until Rachel, Melisa would have been considered extraordinary in her faithfulness. After the shine on me as a new Brother faded, the other Siblings returned to more normal behavior patterns. Most of the times they were nowhere to be found, and only the fact they lived with me or lived nearby in the case of Dr. Lawren made getting sex less of an annoyance than it was worth. Doris Alex assured me that it would be easier once classes started, but the summer made road trips popular among Siblings. Our class was brutal so it kept Melisa, Rachel and I close to school, but even Dr. Lawren skipped a few classes as the summer waned.

I was somewhat surprised to hear from Janet. She called to say she would be moving back early and to ask if she could hole up in my house while the Sorority house was finished. I told her that it was the last week of our class so three of the house residents would be intolerable. If she could deal with it, I was fine with her staying over though.

The class would end a week and half before the beginning of the fall semester and the Greek houses were set to be finished that weekend.

"Are you going to keep your promise?" she asked.

"That day?"

"That hour!" she whispered hotly.

"If that's what you want," I said.

"Maybe not," she said reluctantly. "My parents are going to want to see the house I'll be staying in while the chapter house is finished."

"I can play nice for mom and dad," I replied.

"You play nice?" she asked.

"Very nice, but you'll have to reward me."

"You seem playful."

"I'm being ignored around here."

"Ahh... the last mad scramble of road trips to score some Brothers," she said laughing. I laughed with her.

"You've gone through it before?" I asked.

"I had the whole summer to scramble," she admitted. I laughed again.

"Are you sure you don't want me to give you a week or two to recover?" I asked her.

"David, don't fuck with me like that!"

"Hey, you're the one bringing parents."

"Yeah... well, they think they're paying for college." she said.

"What?" I asked.

"I didn't tell them about the Sibling scholarship fund."

"That's fucking bad," I said laughing.

"They can afford it," she said with a little guilt in her voice.

"I think someone has earned herself a spanking," I said half-jokingly.

"Really?" she asked seriously. I sat up.

"Is that something you want?" I asked.

"Is it something you want to do to me?"

"You have a really nice ass, but I think I'd like to spank it while I'm fucking you from behind."

"Maybe I can ditch the parents..."

I laughed.

"Can I ask a question?" she whispered.


"How could you be ignored with Melisa living with you? She's not the type to make Brother road trips."

I was silent for almost a minute.

"I'm sorry, Brother," she whispered with obvious trepidation.

"Melisa and Rachel have become involved," I said softly.

"Oh," she said.

I waited.

"I don't understand," she said.

"It's sort of an exclusive thing."

"That's impossible! We can't... Siblings can't..."

I had nothing to say to that.

"You're living in the house, right?" she asked.

"It is my house now."

"David, that's impossible. Rachel isn't even a Sibling."


My announcement, about Janet spending a week with us before school started, got mixed reactions.

Melisa looked startled and bit her lip painfully while looking at me. Doris Alex clapped her hands together happily. Michael winked at Doris Alex and smiled smugly. Rachel looked happy while she looked at Melisa, and then worried as she caught the glances flying between Doris Alex and Michael.

"Is she going to stay in one of the other rooms?" Melisa asked. Doris Alex coughed to force a lid on her laughter.

"I doubt she'll leave David's bed," Michael said. "It's not like he's been using it for more than sleep the last few weeks anyway."

I shook my head and closed my eyes leaning my head back on the couch. I fully expected Michael's cattiness to be replied in like.

"Is she going to stay in one of the other rooms?" Melisa asked again.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Doris Alex and Michael were looking at me with wide eyes and holding their breath. Rachel was sitting next to Melisa holding her hand. Melisa was staring at me; she had asked the question of me.

"Yes," I replied. "I'm going to fuck her a lot."

Doris Alex and Michael let the air out of their lungs loudly.

"Asshole!" Rachel said angrily to which Melisa nodded.

Rachel looked like she was going to explode but was stopped when Melisa patted her forearm. Rachel turned to look at my First. Melisa's eyes bored into mine.

"Enjoy her," Melisa said.

I raised an eyebrow.

"You seem to like the type," Melisa said with too much challenge in her voice.

I nodded and stood up.

"David, this type of behavior is intolerable," Doris Alex said standing up and looking at Melisa angrily.

I put my hands behind my back and waited for Doris Alex to look at me. She sat down hard as soon as her eyes met mine. I smiled at her warmly. I turned to Melisa and Rachel. I looked at their locked hands and smiled with humor at the tightness of their grip. I turned and walked into my room.

Locking the door seemed appropriate.


Rachel took the opportunity to do what she could to expand the gulf between Melisa and me.


"So what do you think this is about?" Melisa's dad asked, sitting down next to me as I had lunch at the overpriced cafe.

I looked at the woman that sat down next to him. Melisa's mother was beautiful; taller and stockier than Melisa, but she had the fine china quality that I liked in her daughter.

"What is what all about?" I asked.

"Melisa and Rachel?" Melisa's mother said. I nodded and thought about it.

"If I had to venture a guess," I said looking into her green eyes. "I would say Rachel doesn't like sharing my interest."

Melisa's mother stared at me for almost two minutes. She nodded finally and got up.

"Come on, dear," she said taking her Brother's hand and leading him out of the cafe.

Alyssa sat down as soon as they walked out the doors.

"You're not really arrogant enough to think this is a grand Rachel scheme to get you back to only wanting her," she said picking up my sandwich and taking a bite.

"Actually, I am arrogant enough to think that," I said. "But you could help me prove it."


"We go back to my place, and act like we're together now," I said. "It's only fair to warn you that lots of sex is required to make it credible. You'll enjoy every second of it, but I believe in full disclosure so that women know what they're getting into."

"Thank you, but I don't see how that would prove anything."

"If the two girls all of a sudden become fascinated with you, then I'm right."

"And if they don't."

"I hear lots of sex is a wonderful numbing agent for a broken heart," I replied with a smile.

"David Feather, heartbroken?" she asked archly.

"It might be worth it to find out," I said thoughtfully.


"Doris Alex would look awesome in black leather playing mistress to your slave."


"Whose mistress?" Doris Alex asked sitting down. Alyssa nearly jumped out of her chair.

"I was just telling..." I started only to have Alyssa cover my mouth with her hand.

"Alyssa, what's the big deal?" Doris Alex said with a chuckle. "Resign yourself that someday the three of us are going to fall into the same bed at the same time, and we're going to be very naked."

"What's very naked?" I asked.

"Take my word for it, David," Doris Alex said staring at Alyssa. "There's naked, and there's VERY naked."

Alyssa looked mesmerized by Doris Alex's eyes. The Sibling had perfect timing and leaned forward to steal a kiss from her victim. I noticed Melisa and Rachel walk in and freeze at the door. I turned to look at them. It was the angriest I had ever seen Melisa.

She was staring at the back of Doris Alex's head as the redhead deepened the kiss between her and Alyssa.

=====Chapter 22=====

I was lying on Doris Alex's bed when Hurricane Janet struck the shores of my house.

The situation with Melisa and Rachel was looking like I would have to get involved, but I needed to consider my options. Rachel was getting obnoxious, not in an unfriendly way but as if she wanted to test my control. I always thought blondes should do as they please, but Rachel was getting dangerously close to unpleasing me. Some of it was the stress of the final project, my part was done, and neither girl appreciated not being able to criticize the quality of my work even though I finished before them. I got the feeling the greater part had to do with my lack of reaction to the two of them being together though.

The door opened and I looked towards it. Janet walked in wearing a white button-down shirt and jeans. I was naked and half-hard from the memories of a night with Doris Alex.

"You really meant on the hour I got back, didn't you?" Janet asked looking hungrily at my dick. I got up from the bed and walked towards her.

"David, my parents are downstairs," she said hurriedly as I approached.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and used my body to press her to the door.

"Oh, God!" she whispered as my mouth came down on hers.

Janet kissed hotly; her mouth opened seconds after we touched, and she invited the invasion of my tongue. I grabbed the front of her shirt and ripped it open. She groaned and pressed against me. I pushed the bra out of my way and palmed her plump breasts. She melted downwards, and I had to hold her up with the pressure of my body pinning her to the door. Her tongue fought its way past mine to enter my mouth. I sucked on it while I pushed the shirt down her arms. Her hands grabbed my hips and she tried to find a grip by which she could draw me closer. I pulled her forward long enough to grab the back of her bra in my hands and snap the clasp. She broke the kiss and raised her arms so that I could take it off her body.

I pulled her against me, and she moaned rubbing her stomach against my hard cock. I always woke up horny, but I was close to raging from wanting to be inside her. I picked her up, turned around, and walked to the bed. I dumped her on top of it and put my hands on the waist of her jeans. We fought against each other's efforts to remove them. She wanted them off, and I wanted them off, but we both wanted to be the one that took them off.

We were not accomplishing our goal so I put my hands on her waist and leaned down to take a ripe nipple into my mouth.

"Oh, Jesus!" she said harshly.

I transferred my attention to the other. Her hands became desperate to get her pants off. I had to give her room so I backed away. She looked shocked at the loss of contact but recovered realizing the opportunity it gave her. She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down her hips. She kicked off her shoes and pants. I got between her legs as she put her hands on her panties. She pushed at my hips to get me away so she could finish the job of disrobing. I refused to move and reached down to grab the crotch of her panties. I pushed them aside and grabbed my dick. She looked at the point of our impending joining with lust. I guided the head of my dick to her pussy.

Janet steamed.

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