tagBDSMA Moment with Master

A Moment with Master


It was a Saturday morning and surprisingly I had caught Master alone. The other girls in the tavern were no where to be found. I stood in the shadows a moment, watching him prepare for the busy day ahead. For some reason I was up early. There really was no reason for it as the tavern wouldn't be open for business for many hours and there weren't any pressing chores. As I stood and watched him silently I wondered if this was just my chance to have a moment of his time. We hadn't really had any time alone since my bath. A soft smile creased the curve of my lips as I tiptoed up to him, slipping in behind him in a silent surprise as my voice whispered into his ear ... "Good morning, Master."

He must have heard my approach or sensed my presence because suddenly I felt his strong hands grab hold of me and pull me quickly before him, throwing me to the ground upon his furs. His body was suddenly on mine, pressing me into the ground and the softness of his furs as he kissed me soundly, and the rumble of his voice surprising me almost as much as the kiss. "Morning girl," he replied with a grin.

My reflexive gasp at being grabbed unexpectedly was followed by a low moans as I reached out to pull him close, arms and legs tangling with his. I drank deeply of his kiss before a wicked grin slipped out over my parted lips. "Well now," I said, "that's what I call a good morning." I was rewarded with his grin as his fingers curled into my girlish piggy tails that he so adored, pinning my head back while his lips raped mine. All I could do was whimper helplessly beneath the onslaught as my lips were crushed beneath his. My tongue darted out as if to welcome him in, begging for more as my arms slid around him to pull him closer. Our legs wove together in an attempt to meld together as one.

I could feel Master's weight shift to his right hand as his left one reached up to maul at my soft breast. I couldn't help but arch up involuntarily to his palm, my slave belly lurching as the raging inferno within was stoked like licking flames. Our tongues wrapped together and I desperately tried to draw his in deeper. The silks adorning my body were ripped from between us with a strong hand before I felt his left knee deftly separate my thighs to gently bring his hard leg to rub right into the growing heat there. My gasp slipped into the warmth of this mouth before rumbling into a purr that reverberated through the collar adorning my neck. On leg bent reflexively as I opened myself up to his heated caress.

Master continued to rub me with his knee and thigh in deliberate sweet motions as his hand reached up to cup my breast. An involuntary shudder rippled through me as his thumb made deliberate contact with my nipple in a rough caress, stroking it into an achingly tight peak beneath his passes over my willing flesh. I writhed beneath him helplessly as his tongue explored me only as a man would explore his property. My whole body was threatened with the consumption of the inner fires that raged beneath soft willing flesh that bent to his expert hand and my fingers slid boldly, almost possessively over his flesh. The panting of my breath washed over his exploring tongue as wanton hips began an enticing rock against his leg.

Master came up for breath only long enough to lean down and lick my aching nipple to make it wet. My eyes closed, arching up into the heat of his mouth before his fingers began to toy with it ... tease it into submission. The inviting curve of my lips parted beneath my panting breath as I writhed deliciously. His fingers were causing my belly to jump. But he only continued to rub the swollen petals of my cunt as his hand curved possessively over one breast only to pinch my nipple as his tongue caressed the inside of my willing mouth.

My audible whimpers resounded through the room as long nails dug into the upper portions of his strong arms, arching up wantonly as I silently begged for more. I gasped softly as he shifted, rolling to his right side as his mouth lazily moved to my right breast, not wanting to leave it out of this exquisite torture. My body was open and exposed to his gaze and ministrations as his hand slid down my trembling body to nestle between my shifting thighs. I wanted to turn in his arms but couldn't help but relish his mouth and hands as they began to explore the most sensitive spots on my body. Delicious shivers raced through me as his mouth covered the high erogenous zone of my breasts, taking it into his mouth and tonguing every part of it before finally settling on its aching tip. His left hand moved to insert a finger in as far as it would go into the shifting moist depth of my pussy, beginning to stroke back and forth as my fingers curled around his arm as if pulling him deeper and closer to the depth of my need.

I felt his right hand curl beneath my head to grasp tightly to my hair, emitting a soft cry of both passion and longing as he held my head still, trapping me beneath the ministrations of his stroking. A shudder of desire resulted in a pool of honey guiding his way through heated folds as his thumb rested on the swollen flesh of my clit, rubbing it as my eyes closed, relishing this moment with him ... the power he had over my body ... the way my body was instantly in tune with his perfectly. When his tongue flicked over my nipple, a ripple of desire shot through me like a charge of electricity that seemed to run from my nipple all the way down to my throbbing pearl. That only spurred Master to speed up his hand and curl his fingers back and upwards towards that fleshy wall that throbbed for his attentions. I cried out as my hips began to roll in wanton circles, thrusting up as if trying to match the speed of his hand. My breast seemed to swell in his mouth when his teeth bit down on the tip. His breath was hot upon my body as I tried to thrash in his strong hold, crying out as my teeth tore into my lower lip, slave belly shuddering in desperate want.

And then he leaned into me, his body pressed into mine as his hand buried itself in my drooling cunt. His mouth moved up to mine only to thrust his tongue deep inside as his voice growled out that one command that I had been waiting for ... "Cum now, girl."

That's all it took. I moaned helplessly as his mouth claimed mine possessively, my body shuddering at those simple but profound words as his strong fingers thrust deep into my collapsing walls. My nails bit into his hard flesh as the beginnings of hot, sweet nectar began to flood over his stroking digits. My shuddering was uncontrollable, my body trapped beneath his as I cried out in desperate relief. "Oooohhh Master ... yes! Please!"

"Now girl!" he grated out into my mouth.

I cried out, silver tears slipping out from beneath long lashes held shut as I arched up almost viciously against his hand, cumming spasmodically over his fingers. My swollen labia trembled against his palm as my mouth opened slack. A low moan slid from the depths of my collared throat as he continued to stroke me. I trembled helplessly as his head moved to lie upon my shuddering belly, another spasm rocking my body as I tried to relax amid small tremors that continued to send my belly rumbled. Despite myself, I was unable to still the shuddering as I gasped for breath.

Finally my eyes opened to gaze down at Master's head that lay so contented upon my belly and shaking fingers moved to slide into the tresses of his hair. He gifted me with a smile as his left hand continued to slide gently in and out of my weeping slit. A soft moan was my response as his fingers still continued to erupt both trembling and small spasms throughout my flesh, unable to stop the shudders as his cheek rested on my heated belly. My fingers slowly tangled in his hair, stroking and reveling in the length and texture. I loved Master's hair.

And then his voice broke the silence of the still morning once again in a soft rumble. "Good morning, girl."

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