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A Mystery for You


Sally Carr could not have been more excited. She would graduate from high school in a little over a week. At the moment, she was bouncing along in her father's old Green Ford pickup on the way to interview for a job as the secretary to Mr. Jonathan Webster, attorney at law.

She was wearing her Sunday finest, a dark blue dress, with a high white collar, and long sleeves. A friendly girl, who was very popular at school, she was not worldly, since there was scant money at home for more than the necessities of life. Seldom had she been out of Salem county, and then only with her parents, or one of her ten sisters.

In fact, to her, working in the town of Salem was going to the city. Mr. Webster's office was on the second floor of a dowdy, old brick building with the year 1893 shown on the roofline. When she opened the door to his office, she was greeted by the soft hum of a window air conditioner, as well as a large overhead fan spinning lazily overhead.

The door to the inner office was open. At the desk sat Mr. Webster, she presumed. He spoke, "Yes, may I help you?"

"I'm Sally Carr. I'm here to interview for the job that you advertised in this morning's paper. I phoned. You said to come on in."

"Oh, yes, Miss Carr. You got here in a hurry. Please come in and have a seat."

Jonathan Webster, a short, slim, middle-aged, prematurely-white haired attorney, put on the front of the folksy, dapper, religious, salt-of-the-earth citizen. He was married to the former Mildred Ward, and served as a deacon for his church. Oh, but there was much more to Jonathon Webster. He had a crafty, nefarious side of him when it came to sex. In addition to several kinky sexual fantasies, he was fond of seducing young women, such as Miss Sally Carr, who he hired after a short interview.

Sally was to start the Monday after her graduation. That night was the graduation prom. Her date was Herbert Brown, a big easygoing guy with a crooked grin, bushy blond hair, which never seemed to be combed. Most girls who knew Herb thought of him as a lovable puppy dog kind of guy who would do anything to please a girl. His daddy owned Brown's Hardware, and it was at the store that Herbert would go to work, as soon as he had his degree in his hand.

They had been dating now for five months, long enough for Herbert to be damn curious as to what was in her bra. He dreamed of exploring her crotch as well. Other than hours of hot kissing, the closest he had gotten to explore her was twice when she had let him lay between her legs and dry hump her, when she was wearing dungarees.

After the prom, six couples drove in three cars to Danny Winter's camp on the Delaware River. It was the first time that Sally had consumed anything stronger than beer. The music was soft, romantic.

There were a lot of emotions at play for Sally that night. Two weeks before something had happened that had stirred her sexual interest to a fever pitch. She had gone to the movie theater; only to find that the movie she and her friend Mary Jo Farnham had come to see was sold out.

Upon returning early to her home, she heard a strange squeaking, and knocking sound from upstairs. Peeking into her parent's bedroom, she observed what millions of other children have seen. Her Mom and Dad were having sex. Daddy's ass was furiously pumping up and down. Her Mom was panting and moaning. They stopped. Her Dad pulled his cock out. On his knees, he pressed forward to kiss his wife. Sally could see his cock dangling, still full sized. She was amazed. He put all of that in her? She wondered. She tiptoed to her room. That night, she put her finger into her vagina to feel its size. Since, she had taken a long look at the crotch of every boy that she was near.

Now, with Herbert on this warm spring evening, after an evening of dancing, holding him close, she hoped that he would dry hump her tonight. Under her dress she wore sheer silk panties. She would find out if he had something as big as her Daddy had hanging down there.

The lights were turned down low. The other couples disappeared into the bedrooms, out onto the porch, and into the cars. She and Herbert went to the beach. Herbert put a blanket down. Her gown was strapless, so fit her bosoms tightly. She was not comfortable when he lowered her to her back. Besides, she did not want telltale wrinkles on the back of her dress. So, she whispered to Herbert, "Unzip my dress, I'll take it off."

Herbert's brain may have dulled by booze, but his cock got the message that her clothes were coming off. He trembled with excitement. In the light cast from homes across the river, he could make out how large her boobs were, and how sheer the fabric was that separated him from a real live pussy.

The booze was just now fully hitting Sally. Sally melted into Herbert's arms. There lips connected as they suck-face, as they had done many times before. Both were aroused. She ran her hands from his neck to his head, while grounding her body against his, while they lie side-by-side. Herbert's hand ran up her midsection to slide under her bra. In one fluid motion, he lifted her bra above her breasts, and grabbed one of her tits in his hand, pawing it roughly. She let him, offering no resistance.

Sally was rolled onto her back. Herb shifted to the side, so that he could play with her tit, while still suck-facing. Herbert was going mind blowing, trembling, blue-balled, fucking, crazy. This was the night! Unless the gods got very ugly, very soon, he was going to get laid.

He dropped his hand and took off his pants. In a flash, he was between Sally's legs. Immediately, he started to dry hump her.

Sally's eyes opened wide. She could feel something big down there. She sensed that he was naked from the waist down. In a bold move, she lowered her hand to feel his cock. She didn't know what to expect. What she found was warm, with baby-skin-soft, more than a handful, and now stiff as her Daddy's had been. Herby pulled her panties off. In doing so, he raised her legs in the air, which caused her to loose her grip on his cock.

As her legs settled back down, Herby settled between them. He ran the end of his cock around, as well as up and down her slit, searching for her hole. Where to hell is that damn cunt hole? He thought. He was trembling and so aroused that if he didn't find it soon, he would cum on her ass. Bingo. He found a hole. Boom! He thrust his ass forward. His cock slid into her tight pussy, just as he cum. He gave her five hard thrusts, like she had seen her Daddy do.

They lay joined, suck-facing, tity-pawing, body-grinding for the next two hours. Herbert got hard three times, coming in her each time. For Sally, she found out why her mother welcomed her father bouncing his large body on her. She liked this.

She started her job for attorney Webster. She had excellent typing skills, and was a quick learner, so he was pleased no end, especially when he contemplated that he got two for one, a good secretary, and a girl with a hot body he hoped to be fucking soon.

By the time he made his move two months later, after treating her like a queen by buying her flowers for her desk, candy, and being very friendly to her, she had enjoyed several long fuck secessions with Herbert. There were times at work, when Jonathan was out or occupied with a phone call that Sally would finger fuck herself thinking of her next date with Herbert. Their dates now consisted of immediately finding someplace to be alone to fuck.

At the Hardware store, Herbert walked around with a hard on most of the time.

One Friday night Jonathan asked Sally. "Sally, I am driving across the Delaware Bridge to Wilmington to check out some new office furniture. Would you care to go along?"

Normally, she would have demurred so that she could be with Herbert. But not tonight. He and his father would be gone for the weekend to go on a goose hunt. So she replied, "I would love to go."

"We may be out late."

"My folks think that I might stay over at Mary Jo's."

A more experience woman would have seen what was to come, but not Sally. They went to a large furniture place. Ate dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, and then Jonathan took her to the Blue Room lounge at the Holiday Inn. When he had succeeded in plying plenty of booze into Sally, Jonathan left her briefly to go to the front desk to rent a room for the night.

Sally sat blinking her eyes, tossing her head, her face lit up with a silly grin. Everything was wonderful, after all. She was in a big city having a jolly good time, more shitfaced than she realized, with her boss, who was smiling like crazy.

He took her hand, leading her towards the door, she thought. Instead they got on the elevator. Sally leaned against him as she inquired, "Where are we... Going?"

"You will see. We will have a good time."

"Okay." She said still with the crooked smile on her face.

Jonathan's cock was fully erect pushing his pants out as they walked to room 312. Sally got a puzzled look on her face when he walked her into the room. He eyes opened wide, as he lifted her sweater over her head and released her bra, allowing both to drop to the floor. She turned her head to look at them, like she was thinking. How did they get down there? Slow? You bet.

Jonathan had been busy. Her skirt and pantyhose were around her ankles. His hand found her snatch, his finger her pussy. With slight pressure, she lost her balance, which allowed him to lower her to her back on the bed. He finished removing her clothes. Not a word had been spoken.

Her mouth was agape, her eyes on him, as he took off his clothes. Her mind was processing this event. He was old enough to be her grandfather, and he looked the part, what with his white hair and thin out of shape body. Until now, she had not thought of him as the bearer of a cock, much less that he would have any interest in putting it into her. In body size, he was half the man that Herbert is. As his stiff cock came into view, she was surprised to see that his cock was as large as Herbert's.

Strangely, it never entered her mind to say no. Nor was she swift enough to consider all the implications of fucking someone other than the man who she would end up marrying, especially a boss who most assuredly would want to continue fucking her for as long as he was her employer. None of that was one her mind. What was on her mind was Jonathan's cock, which was now hovering above her pussy, as he opened her legs.

She spread herself, while lifting her now wet pussy up, so that he would find it easier to enter her. Closer and closer the head of his cock was to her cuntal sheath, that of a young girl whose passage has never been the scene of birth.

Jonathan all but swooned as her cunt barely opened to allow the entrance of his long, hard cock deep into her womb. Unlike Herbert, Jonathan, who was a heavy drinker, would not cum soon. His sinewy body would drive his cock from side to side; now low, now high, always banging at her cervix. Her tits flushed with excitement, sweat coated her body. Her cunt had time to swell, gripping his cock even tighter. Her little ass was humping at his now, wanting all that he could give. His white hair mattered not. His age mattered not. What mattered was his hard cock that was driving her out of her mind. Now! Now! "Aaaaaaahhhaaaa. Aaaaaaahhhaaaa." She shrieked, while shuttering through her climax.

He would take her twice more before he had his fill. He gloated in the darkness. The stage was now set for his greatest fantasy. Jonathan knew of a swinger's club in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, just an hour from Salem that was the domain of the Rich and Famous from the Philadelphia area. You had to have an invitation, which he did. You also had to have a female, which until now, he did not. Now, he had a juicy, young female. One that would generate a lot of attention, he was sure. Of course, he was not sure that she would consent to go if she knew that what kind of club it was. But, why tell her? Just go, when the time was right. If she got fucked? Good. If she said no, tough shit. In the meantime, he would find rich socialites to fuck.

For the next month, Jonathan fucked Sally a couple times a week. Herbert had his time with her later in the evenings and on the weekends. Sally still had not thought of her arrangement as good or bad. It was what is, at least for now. She was nineteen. Who looks past tomorrow at nineteen?

Jonathan waited for his shot. When Sally mentioned that Herbert would be away with his father for a week of hunting for deer in Pennsylvania, he knew that this was his moment.

"Sally, there is a roaring, hot, club up in Cherry Hill that I have heard about. Why don't you go home and change into some classy casual duds and meet me here at eight. We will go spend the evening. What do you say?"

If all Jonathan wanted was to fuck, Sally reasoned, he knew that he could do it right here and now. So, if he wanted her to go to this club, then it must be for a wild entertaining evening.

"Sound like a good time. See you back here at eight."

Jonathan was beside himself. He had a ticket to fuck one, two, maybe three, hot, horny, socialites tonight, or so his friend had told him when he was invited.

While Sally was gone, he phoned his friend, Don, one of the owners of the club. Jonathan figured that he needed to tell Don about Sally, so that if she gave anyone who came on to her any trouble, that it could be smoothed over. Most swinger clubs operate with the understanding that no one has to swing with anyone, if they are not in the mood. This club was different. These were hard core swingers, who arranged kinky adventures for the members, like having a woman go to another bar, wearing a sexy outfit, with the understanding that all she can say is, "I would love to."

"Yo, Don, Jonathan here. Hey buddy, a very attractive young girl and I will be coming up there about nine. I need to give you some input about her."

"I like what I'm hearing. How young?"


You said attractive. On a scale of one to ten, how hot is this one?"

"Body and face a seven. Her pussy is a ten. Don't come any tighter."

"We will take care of that."

"She has agreed to come, but has no idea what goes on there."

"You're an asshole, Jonathan." Both laughed. "I suppose that you have been fucking her, and now you are using her as a ticket to fuck some Philly strange?"

"I knew that you would understand, old Buddy."

"What is the key here? What did you do to convince her to let your shriveled-up, old, ass get between her legs?"

"Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. Then stick it in before she has a chance to think about it."

"Okay, Jonathan. Here is the play. We have a social hour starting at nine. For the next hour we have contests and games to loosen people up, and let the booze do its work. Some of the gals are declared winners of this or that, which leads to some sort of adventure. I'll make sure that she is a winner, so we can set up an adventure for her."

"Simply wonderful my friend. I knew that you would have a solution for my problem."

"Better yet, Jonathan, I'll make you a winner too."

Sally wore a low-cut, black velvet dress. It was new, and short. The mounds of her breasts were in view, tempting a man to consider the size of what was hidden. She was new to three-inch spikes, but she wore a pair tonight, giving her legs a classy look. Her hair was up in a bun.

Once at the club, he sat chatting with Sally at a small table. There was a womanly quality about her that Jonathan had not seen before. Having a lot of sex will do that for a woman, Jonathan surmised. Had he been smarted, he might have considered exactly what he sought tonight that would be better pussy than what was sitting across from him sipping on her drink, as many men cast sideways looks at her. Jonathan recognized those looks for what they were. Each thought that Sally would make a fine fuck.

Don had stopped by chat for a moment. He spoke to Jonathan, but looked at Sally. Don had been at this for several years, but no man is so jaded that he is not attracted to young, good-looking pussy.

Jonathan guessed that there were at least seventy people in attendance.

By nine, Sally was a happy camper. The silly games were fun. Some were risqué, such as when five men and five women were blindfolded, and were tasked with finding their date by feel.

"Okay everybody. Time to pick the Queen for the night. Each of you gals write your first name on a piece of paper. We will put it in a hat and then Al will pick a name out to be the Queen. Dan noted the location of Sally's piece of paper. While he was walking around he slipped it into his hand. When he gave the hat to Al, he palmed Sally's piece of paper to him.

"Into the microphone, after making a show of picking a winner, Al declared, "The Queen for tonight is... Sally!"

Sally looked at Jonathan. She never dreamed that she would be chosen for anything. "What do I do?" She whispered to Jonathan.

"Whatever they say. Have a good time."

Two of the ladies came up to Sally. "Come with us over behind the curtain." They said.

Once behind the curtain, the older women called Betsy said. "Take off your clothes. We have another outfit for you."

Drunk, reluctantly, Sally parted with her clothes.

She was outfitted with a luxurious red cape, trimmed with gold trim, which extended to just above the floor. An elaborate Gold metal crown was placed on her head. She inspected herself in the mirror. It was very becoming. "Follow us." She was told.

When she walked out from behind the curtain, the crowd stood to cheer for her. There were many comments that she could not hear.

Don spoke into the microphone. "The queen will now retire to her chamber."

After she had left, Don continued. "I have arranged for Bart Johnson to be her first."

Several of the women said, "Wooo, hooo!"

Don added, "We have another first time woman in the adjacent room, which you all can see from the one-way mirror room. Billy Snyder will ride her." Another round of "Woooo, hoooo," could be heard.

"Lastly, since Jonathan Webster is the escort of the Queen, he shall be placed in the King's chair." Several of the men snickered, which disturbed Jonathan.

Half the group paraded into the viewing room. Two men had each of Sally's arms. Her robe was stripped from her. Sally was tied, spread eagle on a huge round bed, covered by fire engine red sheets.

Jonathan was grabbed, stripped naked, and tied in the King's chair. From behind him a naked man appeared. "I'm Bart Johnson." He declared as he brought his cock to within inches of Jonathan's eyes. Jonathan had seen longer cocks, and thicker cock, but never a beet red, angrier, looking cock that was now just under his nose. Bart Johnson appeared to be forty to forty-five, tall, and had skinny legs. Jonathan would soon learn that Bart was very nimble in using his ass to power his cock from side to side, while driving it in and out of Sally.

Jonathan looked down on Sally. She was snow white, her breasts not yet engorged, as they would be soon. Her bush hid her small slit, which would soon be agape, leaking hot cum. Jonathan begin to tremble. Did he really want Sally fucked by several men? Perhaps this was not such a good idea after all?

Jonathan had no idea why he should care what was to happen to the woman in room two. At the moment it was empty.

"Where is Jonathan?" Sally asked Bart when he approached her bed.

"He is sitting behind that one-way mirror. He is going to sit there watching as I and at least five other men fuck you. What do you think of that?"

Loudly, Sally called out, "Jonathan?"

Jonathan answered, "Yes, Sally, I can hear you."

"Jonathan, they have me tied. Help me?"

Bart licked her pussy, with long laps starting at the bottom of her pussy slit.

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