tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA New Baby Sitter

A New Baby Sitter


I'm happily married and I have three children under the age of five. I love my wife and we are sexually compatible and enjoy a reasonably full sex-life.

I'm actually a bit more interested in sex than my wife, and she doesn't really mind if I get a bit elsewhere at times, as long as I'm not blatant about it. However, she would object strongly to me hunting for a bit on the side. Her attitude seems to be if some silly girl throws themselves at me, it's their own silly fault if I occasionally stop and catch one.

All in all, I am content with my way of life.

Recently our baby-sitter moved, and we had to go and find another one. Karen was recommended by friends, and after interviewing her she seem to be a reasonable choice. She was eighteen, quite pretty and seemed to be sensible.

We hired Karen, and she sat for us a couple of times, proving to be quite efficient. The third time we hired her was different.

Karen arrived as scheduled, Simone and I gathered our things and we left. We were due at a dinner and meeting and expected to be out until midnight, and we had informed Karen of this.

We had our dinner and then the meeting finished early. Everyone seemed in agreement and it all went very smoothly. So we headed on home, arriving there about ten.

The first surprise was that the front door was unlocked. The wire door was closed but the main door was standing open. I frowned at this, as it was not what we expected. We walk into the hall and there's this youth walking down our hall, aged about nineteen. He jumps when he sees us, ducks past and is out the door and running as if he were at a track meet.

Simone and I look at each other, and then I shrugged and closed the main door. We started down the hall and I was about to call out to Karen when I heard her voice.

"Hurry up, Billy," she called. "I have a surprise for you."

My wife and I look at each other again. She mouthed "Billy?" thumbing in the direction of the vanished track star.

"Probably," I murmured. "Let's see what his surprise is."

We walked quietly into the lounge room, and there's Karen. She has stripped off and is bent naked over an armchair, legs spread and pussy on display.

She must have heard something because she giggled. Without looking around she said, "Well come on. You won't get an invitation like this every day."

Simone put her hand down and felt my crotch, quite certain I'd have an erection. She wasn't wrong. She was slightly annoyed though. She promptly undid my zip and pulled my erection out and patted it.

Karen must have heard the zip because she giggled again. "Quickly before I change my mind," she called.

Simone stepped back and indicated that I should feel free to proceed. What could I do? As Karen said, I wouldn't get an invitation like that every day.

I stepped forward, placed my cock against Karen's eagerly waiting pussy, and drove fully into her with one rough thrust.

Karen shrieked, apparently not having expected such an enthusiastic response. She shrieked again when I reached around and greedily latched onto her breasts. Very nice breasts they were, too. I was most impressed by them.

I suspect that the suit I was wearing and the nice cufflinks she could see when she looked at the hands mauling her breasts tipped her off that it wasn't Billy bonking her.

She gave another horrified squeal and was twisting and turning, trying to see who was behind her.

Now that I had a proper grip I started pounding her pussy, taking my time but making each thrust hard and heavy so her pussy knew I was there.

Karen is squealing and wriggling, trying to determine what went wrong and why someone unknown was making free of her sex.

Now my wife came strolling in to walk around where Karen could see her.

"Karen," she murmured, "so good of you to offer my husband some relaxation like this. It's that time of the month for me, and I know the poor lamb has been feeling frustrated."

That was news to me. We'd had a very torrid time before getting up this morning, but who am I to argue with a woman?

Karen had frozen when Simone had appeared. That is, she'd frozen as much as you can when you're bent over with a large male buried inside you and trying to batter you to death from the inside.

She gaped at Simone in shock and seemed to be trying to speak.

Simone however just blandly carried on. "I'm sure that the amount we pay you doesn't normally cover little extras like this. How much do you normally charge fathers for this sort of service?"

Karen was frantically shaking her head, apparently not knowing what to say, and probably finding it hard to concentrate on anything but the cock that was so thoroughly stirring up her insides.

Simone was still gently goading the poor girl, wondering out loud if she should ring Mary and ask her what Karen usually charged for sex, since Karen seemed too busy on her self-appointed task to answer.

Karen finally found her tongue and was frantically yelling, "No, stop," but whether she was addressing me or Simone I couldn't really tell.

Choosing to assume that she was talking to Simone, I kept happily driving into her poor battered pussy. It wasn't all that battered, now I come to consider it. When her attention had switched from her horror at finding someone unknown bonking her to her horror at finding Simone there, she had relaxed her pussy, which promptly went into automatic mode and was bouncing against my cock in fine style.

Suddenly seeming to realise how enthusiastically she was responding to my cock, Karen's attention tried to switch from Simone to me, failed and it must have seemed to the poor girl that all she could think of was that cock in her, bouncing her in fine style.

Karen suddenly gasped loudly and her breath started coming in quick short pants as her climax started building around her. I flicked a look at Simone and she was smirking. She flipped me a 'go for it' gesture, and I slammed even harder into Karen, releasing my seed and her orgasm. She shrieked again as she came, then seemed to sink against the chair, sobbing for breath.

Simone looked at Karen, still bent naked across the chair, then with an evil smirk she went across to her odds and ends cupboard. She pulled out this wicked little paddle that she would wave at the kids sometimes.

"I always knew I'd get to try this out, sometime," she said.

She waltzed back to where Karen was now trying to stand up, her eyes on the paddle.

"No, don't move yet, Karen," Simone sang. "I'd like to explain something."

Then she was standing by Karen, swinging the paddle.

There was a large smacking sound and a scream, followed by a few more loud smacking sounds and matching screams. At that point I moved in and remove the paddle from Simone's hand. I didn't want her to get too carried away.

I lifted Karen to her feet, and wiped her eyes, stemming the tears.

"What my wife is trying to say is that when you babysit, you are in a position of responsibility. Little things like admitting strangers to the house and leaving the main door open are irresponsible acts that could lead to unfortunate consequences. As you may have noticed. If we are to continue to use you as a baby sitter you will need to be more careful in future. Understood?"

Karen nodded. I glanced across at Simone. "I think we should give her a second chance. I don't think she'll make the same mistakes again."

Simone nodded. She frowned at Karen and then told me that she was going to bed. Would I be so kind as to pay the girl and run her home.

I nodded, and suggested to Karen that she might like to get dressed before I saw her home. Karen turned scarlet, having apparently forgotten that little detail in all the excitement. I went with the Simone to our bedroom, finding Simone almost staggering she laughing so much.

"Oh, god," she said. "If you could only have seen her face when I walked in while you were screwing her. She thought she'd died and gone to hell. And that scream when you took up her invitation, instead of Billy." She started laughing again.

Driving Karen home, she finally raised what was on her mind.

"You raped me," she said.

"Not really," I pointed out. "I walked into my lounge room and a naked girl asked me to help myself, so I did. You never got around to saying no."

"I screamed," Karen snapped pointedly.

"Yes, I noticed. Women often do when I take them."

That shut her up for a moment.

"I hope you don't think that you can do that sort of thing again," she stated.

"I don't see why not," I told her. "We both enjoyed it. As long as you get permission from Simone, I'm sure we can have another friendly encounter."

That shut her up. I'm not sure whether she was planning to never babysit for us again or wondering how to approach Simone for permission for another encounter of a close kind. Time will tell.

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Hilarious ending !

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Are you kidding me

This was amazing!!!

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