A New Dawn Ch. 04


Thanks again all for the feedback I'm getting from these stories of Tom and Dawn, sorry this one's taken so long to get written. A couple of you have made requests so I'm going to try and make some of you happy with this story. As always, enjoy...

After their little escapade in the office toilets, Tom and Dawn had decided to be a bit more careful at work. As enjoyable and exciting as it had been for both of them, it wasn't worth risking their jobs over. Besides, it just meant that it was all the more pleasurable when they finally got home together and could act out what they had been imagining all day.

Both knew that the other truly loved them, and this made their relationship even stronger. That's what it was now, a relationship. It had started as two people who just loved having sex, but now they felt like a real couple, going out to movies, for meals and all the other things that a couple do. It was on one of these nights out, after a particularly good meal that Dawn suggested doing something different.

"Let's go to the place we first met tonight," she said as the walked down the street arm in arm.

"Isn't it a bit late to be going to work?" Tom laughed.

"No silly," Dawn giggled, slapping his arm. " I mean the bar where we had our first night out together."

"Sounds like a good idea," Tom replied smiling. "Its only early, and I feel like showing off my beautiful girlfriend."

Dawn kissed his cheek lovingly. "You old smoothy, you know how to flatter a girl don't you? I had another idea though"

Tom grinned, curious. "And what would that be?"

"Let's pretend we're not together, and you can chat me up, like you did before. It'll be fun."

"Why would I want to do that? I already have you, and I have no intention of letting you go."

"Well if you don't fancy it..." Dawn began.

"No, no," Tom said with mock strain in his voice. "If it'll make you happy..."

They both laughed and hugged each other tightly.

"It's only 'round the corner," Dawn said, still laughing. "I'll go in first and you follow me in a couple of minutes."

"OK," said, kissing her lips. "Don't get up to anything you shouldn't before I get there."

Dawn returned his kiss and with a wink walked around the corner and out of sight. Tom pushed his hands into his pockets and waited. After what felt like an age, he checked his watch and wandered around the corner himself and down the street toward the bar. Inside it was quite busy, being a Friday night, and he quickly scanned the room for any sign of Dawn. He couldn't see her anywhere so made his way to the bar and ordered a drink. Sipping his drink, he looked around the room again. Still no sign of Dawn, maybe she had gone to the toilet. Thinking of this, he remembered their time in the office toilet, and he smiled to himself.

"Hello Tom," said a familiar voice directly behind him. He spun on his stole to see Julie, another of his co-workers from the office.

"Hi Julie," said Tom, surprised to see her. "What are you doing here?"

"Just getting drunk on a Friday night, like everybody else," Julie giggled. "What about you?"

"Oh the same," Tom lied. This could get awkward. Although Tom and Dawn were a definite item now, they had decided that they wouldn't tell anybody at work if they could help it. It was a terrible rumour mill and Julie was one of the worst gossips there. Looking over her shoulder he could see Dawn, and realised that she had spotted Julie too. It looked like Dawn plan had gone out of the window. Instead of signalling Tom to leave as he had expected her too, he was surprised when she walked straight over to them.

"Hiya Julie," Dawn smiled, giving her a big hug. "Fancy seeing you here."

"Hi Dawn," said Julie, hugging her back.

"I see you've found Tom already. Has he bought you a drink yet?" Dawn asked.

"You didn't give him a chance," Julie laughed. "Are you two out together?"

"Well you know how it is Julie," said Dawn. "We were talking at work earlier and both of us had nothing to do tonight, so we decided to go out and have a few drinks."

"Is that right?" Julie winked.

Tom was in shock. He wasn't sure what Dawn was up to, but he knew that by ten Monday morning, everybody in the building would know he and Dawn had been out together, from the MD to the cleaning lady.

"There's a table free over there," said Dawn, de-railing Tom's chain of thought. "Why don't you join us Julie?"

"Sure, I'd love to," replied Julie. "I'll just go and get my things from over there, join you in a minute."

As she wandered off, Tom just stared at Dawn as she led him to the table.

"Change of plan," Dawn whispered, grinning.

"I thought we weren't going to tell anybody at work?" Tom hissed. "They'll all know by Monday."

"Then we need to do something to stop Julie saying anything don't we?" Dawn replied, still grinning. "Just follow my lead and trust me."

Tom didn't have time to say anything as Julie rejoined them. As she moved to sit down, Dawn moved out of the way and said, "Here Julie, sit in the middle."

The night wore on, with the three of them getting increasingly drunk, or at least, that's the way it seemed. Every time their glasses were empty, Dawn insisted on going to the bar to get more. For every single Tom and she were drinking, Julie was drinking a double. After a while, Julie announced that she had to "powder her nose", and wandered off in the direction of the toilets. Dawn moved closer to Tom and kissed him.

"I don't think getting her drunk will do it," Tom laughed, resigned to the fact that their private lives were going to be a lot less private from now on.

"That's not the plan," Dawn grinned. "How would you like to see more of Julie?"

Tom stared at Dawn, not quite sure what she meant.

"How would you," Dawn continued. "Like to see Julie naked, and just begging to be fucked by the both of us?"

Just the thought of this made Toms cock stir in his trousers, but he was also worried. "Are you serious?" he gasped. "What if she's not into it? It could cause a load of shit for you at work, you know what a gossip she is!"

"Well," Dawn replied. " I already know she's into you. Some of the girls were talking about guys they'd like to fuck in the office."

"And what about you? She might not be so keen on that idea."

"Let me worry about that," Dawn giggled. "From what I've heard about Julie, she's a really dirty slut who just loves it kinky. I think we can persuade her."

Tom had to admit; the thought of seeing Dawn and Julie together was one hell of a turn on. While Dawn was tall with fiery red hair, Julie was shorter with long, jet-black hair and while Dawns breasts were impressive, Julies were huge. The two of them together would be quite a contrast.

Dawn smiled, obviously reading his mind. "Would you like to see me fucking her?" she whispered in his ear. "Would my naughty boy like to see his girlfriends hard cock sliding in and out of her tight little cunt?"

"Oh fuck yes," Tom groaned.

"I'd better go and check on her then," Dawn smiled, kissing him on the cheek. "Won't be long." With that she was up and heading for the toilets to find Julie.

By the time Dawn and Julie returned, Tom had got another round of drinks and almost finished his. The girls slid into the seat beside Tom and Julie pressed up tight against him.

"Dawn's told me all about your plan for this evening," she giggled in his ear. "Sounds like a lot of fun to me." As she spoke, her hand slid up Toms thigh, coming to rest over his stiffening cock and he tongue flicked out, tickling his ear. "So what are we waiting for, let's go to bed!"

The three of them left the bar and hailed a taxi to take them back to what Tom was sure was going to be an interesting night. Once in the taxi, Dawn and Julie in the back, Tom in the front, the girls began to hug. Tom watched over his shoulder as Dawn cupped Julie's large breasts in her hands and kissed her passionately, their tongues fighting against each other. Tom looked over at the driver, noticing that he had adjusted his mirror to watch the two girls. He smiled at Tom and mouthed the words, "Lucky bastard". Tom grinned to himself as he turned back to watch the girls. Julies hand was now inside Dawns top, caressing and squeezing her firm breasts as Dawns hands ran up Julies stocking clad legs and up under her short skirt. Dawn broke their kiss and smiled at Tom. "Enjoying the view lover? Just you wait 'til we get home."

It didn't take long to arrive at Toms flat and Dawn and Julie walked arm in arm to the door as Tom paid the driver. Once in the flat, Julie went straight over to Tom and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. Dawn moved in behind Julie and ran her hands over her back and over her arse, pulling her skirt up around her waist and squeezing her firm arse cheeks. Julie moaned into Tom's mouth as Dawns hands caressed her, causing her to grind her pussy against his hardening cock.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, reaching down to grip Toms cock through his trousers. "Is that for us Tom? Are you going to fuck us with that big hard cock of yours?"

Tom groaned at her touch and her words. Julie seemed to like talking dirty just as much as Dawn did, and Tom loved it.

Dawn kissed Julies neck as her hands roamed over her body and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry Julie. I'm sure you'll be getting lots of hard hot cock inside you tonight, don't you Tom?" She winked at him.

Tom smiled as he gripped the bottom of Julies t-shirt and pulled it up and off over her head. Her large breasts bounced into view, barely contained within the lacy black bra that encased them. He watched as Dawns hands snaked around from behind Julie and grasped her heaving breasts.

"Mmmmm," moaned Dawn. "I think we're going to have some fun with these lovely big tits don't you Tom?"

As if in reply, Tom reached out and unclasped Julies front fastening bra, releasing her and showing her already hard nipples to the light of day. Cupping her breasts in his hands, he rubbed his thumbs across her nipples, making them even harder and causing Julie to let out a low, deep groan of pleasure. Dawn meanwhile sank to her knees and removed Julie's skirt. Her hands caressed Julies firm arse before hooking her fingers into the waistband of her tiny black g string and sliding them down her long slender legs, leaving her standing between them in just her stockings and high heels. Julie thrust her arse back at Dawn, causing her breasts to push harder into Toms hands as Dawn ran her long tongue all over the flesh of Julies arse, pulling her cheeks apart and lapping lovingly along her arse crack.

Tom stepped beck from the girls, Julie watching him the whole time as he started to undress. His hard cock was aching painfully as it pushed against the material of his trousers, fighting to be released. Stripping quickly he sat on the sofa and took his cock in his hand and stroked it, his fingers running over the head and smearing his pre-cum all over it. Dawn stood behind Julie and whispered in her ear.

"You said you wanted to taste Toms big hard cock baby," she breathed. "It's waiting for you to wrap your lips around it and suck out all that lovely hot cum. I want to see you drink it all you dirty little slut!"

Without a word Julie walked toward Tom and sank to her knees between his open legs. Moaning softly she worked her way up his thighs, raining kisses down on them as she moved ever closer to his raging hard cock. Tom threw his head back at the sensation of the soft touch of her lips on his skin. Looking at Dawn again he saw her tearing of her own clothes, leaving just her stockings, heels and panties on. As Julies mouth closed on his cock, Dawn got down behind her and pushed a finger roughly into Julies wet pussy, making her moan out loud and sending a wave of vibrations through Toms cock.

"Oh you like that don't you, you dirty little fuck slut?" groaned Dawn, pushing her fingers harder into Julie. "Tom and I are going to fuck you all night. You're cunt is going to be so well fucked you're not going to be able to walk tomorrow! You're going to be our filthy little whore aren't you?"

Tom groaned at Dawns words. She knew dirty talk turned him on, and it was always a good sign that she was hot for some nasty fucking.

"Oh fuck yes!" Julies moaned, releasing Toms cock from her lips. "I want you both to treat me like a slut. I love being a dirty little bitch! The nastier the better! Just make me cum Dawn, eat my fucking cunt, please!"

Tom grabbed Julie's head and forced his cock back into her mouth. He was in heaven! Two dirty talking women and her was going to get to fuck them both! And he was going to get to see Dawn fuck Julie, he could hardly wait.

At Julies request, Dawn buried her face between her legs, licking greedily as Julies wet pussy. Tom could see Dawns head moving up and down slightly and her hands gripping her arse, digging her long nails into the flesh. Julie meanwhile was working wonders on his cock. Her head bobbed up and down, taking his entire shaft deep into her throat as her long tongue wound it way around, making him push his hips up and try to force more cock into her pretty face. His hands fell to her head and stroked her hair, encouraging her to suck him harder and deeper. As she sucked him Tom suddenly felt her teeth graze against his shaft and bite him, gently at first, but then with more force. This was enough for Tom. His hips bucked as he felt his balls tighten and the first hot blast erupt form his cock. Julie quickly pulled Toms cock from her mouth and aimed it at herself, taking the second and third blast straight in her face. She pumped his cock hard as he her coated her skin in sticky cum, thick ropes of it dripping from her chin and landing on his thighs. She smiled up at him as she ran her tongue along his legs, making sure she didn't miss a drop.

"Fuck... your cum...tastes.... so good," she panted, finding it hard to talk as Dawn continued to eat her. Tom smiled down at her as her wiped his cock across her face.

"There's going to be plenty of cum for you tonight you dirty slut," he grinned.

Suddenly Julies eyes squeezed tight shut as her body began to shake. All the time Tom had been spraying his cum over her face, Dawn had been eagerly licking at her pussy, fucking her with her tongue, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, and it had finally hit. Julie screamed as an intense orgasm washed over her and her nails dug into Tom's thighs.

"OH FUCK!" she screamed. "You're making me cum so fucking hard you bitch! Eat my fucking cunt! YES! YES! YESSSSSSS!"

Dawn stopped licking Julies dripping pussy as her orgasm subsided and brought her hand down hard on her arse.

"You naughty girl," she scolded, her face covered with Julies juices. "I told you I wanted to see you drinking his cum."

"I couldn't help it Dawn," said Julie in her best innocent little girl's voice, her voice still coming in pants. "He just came so hard I didn't have time to tell you. I just had to take all that hot, sticky cum all over my face."

"Well in that case," grinned Dawn, "You both deserve to be punished. But first I want to lick all that lovely cum off your face, and you can lick your own off mine, you nasty girl."

Julie smiled sweetly as Dawn crawled towards her and wrapped her arms around her body. They kissed deeply before Dawn slid her wet tongue across Julie's cheek, swallowing down all of Toms cum as Julie did the same to her.

Just watching them made Toms cock begin to stir again. His hand glided up and down it, wanking himself as he watched the two of them kiss his cum between their mouths.

Julie broke the kiss and looked longingly at Dawn.

"I think it's time you got off Dawn? Tom and me have both had the pleasure, now it's your turn."

Now was the make or brake time thought Tom. What would Julie do when she found out Dawn was packing a little extra in her panties?

Dawn smiled. "You want to help me cum do you, you naughty girl? Or do you think Tom should help you?"

"Oh I definitely think Tom should help," giggled Julie. "After all, he hasn't made anybody cum tonight. At least, not directly."

"Well in that case, why don't you take my panties off for me?"

"Mmmmm," moaned Julie. "I've been waiting for you to ask me all night."

Dawn stood up as Julie kneeled before her. Taking the sides of Dawns panties in each hand, she slowly pealed them down, revealing Dawns hard, hot cock.

It always amazed Tom that Dawn could keep her cock so well hidden in her panties, but what amazed him even more was Julie's reaction to it.

"Mmmmm, what do we have here?" she drooled as she proceeded to take it in her hand and run her tongue along its length. Opening her mouth wide, Julie swallowed down all of Dawns hard cock, making soft moaning noises as she sucked.

Tom just stared, not believing how easily Julie had accepted that Dawn had a cock. He looked up at Dawn, who had a wide grin across her beautiful face.

"I'm sorry Tom baby," she giggled. "I should have told you, Julie already knew about me before we got here. I told her when I went to check on her in the toilets. Actually, I showed her, quite the little cock sucker isn't she?"

Tom just laughed. "You're not kidding! Almost as good as you."

He got up and knelt beside Julie, running his hands over her body as she sucked. She took Dawns cock from her mouth and smiled at Tom.

"Dawn tells me you're not a bad cock sucker yourself. Why don't you show me, it would be soooo hot!"

Smiling, Tom took Dawns cock from Julies small hand and ran his tongue all around the head, kissing it gently before taking it between his lips. Slowly he started to bob his head back and forth, each time taking more and more inside until her balls were hitting his chin.

"Oh fuck that's naughty," moaned Julie. "You two are just so fucking sexy. I want you both so much, my cunt is just aching for some hard cock!"

Dawn pushed Tom away from her hard throbbing cock and smiled down at him.

"You heard the slut my naughty little boy," she breathed. "Get down on your back so this dirty bitch can ride your fat cock. I want to se her wet cunt siding up and down your cock!"

Tom did as he was told as Julie threw a leg over and straddled him, slowly sinking down until her pussy lips were brushing against the tip of his cock.

"Sit on it you fucking slut!" shouted Dawn. "I want to see him split your cunt in two, I want you to fuck him hard!"

Julie sank down hard, screaming out as Tom's hard cock penetrated her, sliding down until she could feel his balls against her skin. Resting her hands on his chest she began to bounce up and down, Dawn watching the whole time as Toms glistening, pussy juice covered cock slid in and out.

"Oh fuck your cock feels so good you fucker!" wailed Julie as she rode him as hard as she could. Tom's hands rose to her heavy breasts and cupped them, feeling them bounce with each movement of her body. "That's it! Squeeze my lovely tits as I ride your big juicy cock you dirty bastard!"

Tom looked past Julies writhing body to where Dawn was standing watching them. Her right hand flashed along the length of her cock, the tip glistening with pre-cum as her other hand worked at her tits, pinching her nipples hard. She moved closer to them and pushed Julie forward so that she could move in behind her.

"I want to see what a dirty slut you really are Julie," Dawn moaned in her ear. "I'm going to have you as well!"

Dawn reached over to the bedside cabinet and pulled out a tube of lubricant. She squeezed it hard and let a large glob land on the crack of Julies arse where she rubbed it in with her long fingers before doing the same to her hard aching cock. Getting as close as she could, she started to rub her cock head over Julies arse, making her groan.

"Oh yes!" Julie moaned. "Fill my tight little arse up you bitch! Fuck my arse while I ride Toms cock, I want you both in me now!"

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