tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 12

A New Way of Life Ch. 12


Azizah smiled as she watched the young, obviously American, lady trying her best to make the shopkeeper understand what she wanted. Although she seemed familiar, Azizah could not remember how their paths had crossed. She sympathized with the young lady, remembering her own struggles with English in school, and later when she and Azman had lived with Earl and Ting as her husband learned the intricacies of managing a plant in that large organization. She also remembered her own surprisingly easy conversion to swinging once she learned that Ting had been fucking Azman for weeks before she joined him. It never failed to make her pussy tingle as she recalled the feeling of Earl's dick sliding deep inside her that first time and how good it felt. She had done it as much for revenge as need, but she hadn't guessed how addictive sex with a stranger can become.

Somehow, seeing foreigners, especially Americans, made her remember those beautiful times when she had all those lovely hard dicks in her pussy and her mouth. She could almost taste the slightly salty, and feel the syrupy texture of the cum she had swallowed then. She felt her pussy tingle at the remembrance of the delight feeling the warmth of other load of cum that had filled her pussy. She shivered involuntarily as that sensation was relived in her mind. A smile rose to her lips. Who would know if she had some of that same forbidden sex with this young lady. Azman had been gone on a business trip and she didn't expect him back for another two days. That was far too long for her to do without sex and she felt very horny as she watched the young woman. Then, in a flash of insight, Azizah remembered where she and this young lady had met.

It had only been a couple of weeks ago at the mountain resort where she and her family had spent the weekend. This was the wife of a couple who she and Azman had met over dinner. They had felt an immediate attraction, but there had only been a few moments of sensuous dancing, shared wishing, hellos and goodbyes before they had to go their separate ways. Admiring this young lady's body made Azizah realize that she was reliving her experiences with Ting. Ting had shown her the pleasures that women could give each other and brought Azizah's latent bi sexuality to a point it almost equaled her interest in having Earl and his friends fucking her.

Her thoughts gave way to a more careful study of the young lady she was watching. The high standing, gently moving breasts beneath that soft caftan she wore became more interesting as she saw the young lady bend lower, allowing more of her breasts to be exposed. Azizah felt her mouth watering as she thought of how much pleasure it would give her to suck those lovely tits. After returning home from overseas, they had been unable to risk or even have the chance to do what they had been doing with Earl, Ting, and the others. Azman had been so busy with his company and she, with trying to recollect her teaching techniques after such a long temporary absence lately, that they often had little more than couple of hours of extreme pleasure before the stress and demands of his job caught up with him and she found him snoring alongside her. Staring at this delicious looking lady brought back all those delightful memories. She found herself wondering if the young lady's blond pussy pelt would be as soft and sweet smelling as Ting's midnight black muff had been.

The tingling of her pussy wasn't to be denied. Without giving it further thought, she found herself standing beside the young lady and telling the shopkeeper what the lady wanted. At first the young woman only stood with awe as Azizah helped her finish her shopping. When the purchase was complete, Azizah held out her hand and told her that she hoped she had been of help, realizing that the young woman and shopkeeper were both reaching a point of frustration. It must have been at that moment the young lady also recognized Azizah.

"Oh, yes!" Barbara Holley exclaimed as she took Azizah's outstretched hand and shook it. "Thank you so very much." She shook her head ruefully and smiled as she told her that it was so difficult for her to understand the Malaysian language and appreciated the help. The two of them stood appraising each other, with their hands still clasped together, reluctant to turn that of a new-found friend loose. Azizah realized that the magic of the fun she had overseas had returned. Barbara blushed slightly before releasing Azizah's hand.

"I'm sorry," Barbara said. "I just recognized you from the mountain resort, but I didn't get your name that night." Azizah smiled and introduced herself before adding, "I should let you finish your shopping, now," she said softly.

"Oh, please don't go," Barbara said, looking into Azizah's beautiful brown eyes and also realizing there was a magnetism between them that shouldn't be denied. "I'll need to catch a taxi here to take my shopping home. Perhaps we can share one. We didn't have enough time to get to know each other that night and I was hoping that we would run into each other again sometime. This is a real pleasure. "

Azizah smiled. "Let me drive you home. My car is right over here and we can get better acquainted as we go."

Before agreeing, Barbara questioned Azizah to insure she wasn't going to be taking her out of her way, then agreeing. She admired Azizah's trim body as she followed her to her car in the next block. While initially more interested in Azman than Azizah that night, but she hadn't missed the look of interest that had passed between she and Azizah.

Barbara had been bi-sexual since her first experience in high school some ten years ago and it was almost a certainty in her mind that Azizah was feeling the same faint stirrings that she felt in her own body. The flickering flames of interest were fanned again when she looked over to where Azizah was adjusting her long dress and searching for her keys to start the car. She was once again transported mentally to those delightful evenings when she and her husband, Doug, had entertained other young couples to whom they were attracted. When Doug was first posted to this Asian country, Barbara thought she had lost all the good fucking she had. It had taken a few years before she found out there were people here who had the same interests. Doug loved watching Barbara clutching a woman's head and pressing her pelvis up to give her the most open access to her crotch as she sucked Doug's cum covered cock and the other woman's husband sucked her magnificent breasts. Most of the Asian couples they met had never experienced the delight of fucking Americans. The erotic beauty of watching Doug pushing his big long dick into some tiny Asian girl's tight pussy and ass really turned Barbara on especially when her own Asian partner was filling her cunt with his hot cum. Even as the eroticism of enjoying this mental image, Barbara realized she was hungry for the taste of Azizah's body and she also wanted to see how Azizah would like having Doug's big dick in her pussy. She was still lost in this reverie as she realized Azizah had dropped her keys.

"Let me," Barbara said, bending sideways and reaching beneath Azizah's thighs to pick them up. Her head was almost in the dark haired beauty's lap. She held her position for considerably longer than necessary and became almost giddy from the mixed aroma of Azizah's lust and the faint perfume wafting from between those warm, muscular thighs. As she sat back up in her seat, Barbara found herself torn with anxiety and her own lust. Without thinking, she held the keys tightly to her chest, wondering how to proceed. She had wanted to find out if Azizah would react to her touch when she had first seen her and Azman together two weeks ago. Now was her chance. Only fear of being rebuffed made her hesitate to touch this lovely Asian lady.

Azizah solved the problem for her. Barbara couldn't have known how those same lusty thoughts had flooded her and Azman's minds. Azizah and Azman had felt those urges to have both Barbara's husband and Barbara herself. Only the shortness of the time they had left and the presence of others who would have disapproved prevented them from fucking this American couple that last night at the resort. With a soft smile, she looked into Barbara's eyes that mirrored her own lust and slowly reached toward the keys dangling provocatively just above the neckline of Barbara's caftan just as they dropped between the cleavage of her breasts. Barbara's eyes mirrored her own confusion, but they smiled when she felt Azizah's hand slide beneath the soft folds of clothing and touch her bare breast.

Nothing was said. Both women were lost in the moment. When there was no sign of rejection, Barbara slid closer to Azizah. Azizah sensed she had just been given permission to explore Barbara's body. Barbara leaned forward again as she felt Azizah's hand cover her breast and she thanked whatever gods had given her the premonition that it would be better not to wear a bra today. She preferred going braless and her 36 C cup fullness didn't need support. Of course the material rubbing against her nipples kept her in almost a continuous state of arousal, and she enjoyed that too, but nothing like the feeling of Azizah's warm hand cupping her right breast and gently squeezing it as the two continued looking into each other's eyes. She couldn't help the soft moan of pleasure that escaped her lips as Azizah moved closer to her and actually began lifting Barbara's breast from beneath the soft material.

Fortunately for both, a honking horn brought them back to reality. They realized this couldn't go farther at the moment. A public street, even in the confines of the car was too open for what both realized they wanted to happen. Azizah reluctantly let Barbara's breast fall back into place before suggesting that she take Barbara home.

Nothing could have been more satisfactory to Barbara as she realized that something was going to happen. Knowing pretty well that the apartment would be empty, Doug having left early that morning to go to his job and the kids being in school, she and Azizah would have the apartment to themselves. "Yes, yes," she said almost in a whisper, "please take me home. I wanted to do this the first time I saw you, and no one is home, so we can enjoy this much more there"

Azizah hurriedly retrieved the keys from between Barbara's breasts and started the car. Within a few minutes, with Barbara showing the way, they were inside the garage, with the door closed and in a heated kiss. Barbara let her hand drift down over Azizah's mound, and then beneath her dress to find that Azizah was as wet with passion as she. Azizah was pulling the folds of the caftan aside and had her lips closing over the nipple of that sweet breast before both realized it could be even more delightful inside.

"Please, let's go inside," Barbara said very softly as she gently rubbed her fingers between the soft folds of Azizah's almost bare nether lips. "I want you." Reluctantly Azizah released her oral hold on that lovely bit of breast flesh and allowed Barbara to move around her to open the door into the apartment. They didn't get past the dining room table before Azizah pushed her back against the cool surface and resumed her sucking of that swollen nipple. This time though, she had her own hand in Barbara's scant bush and was gently fingering her as she sucked that warm flesh. Barbara clung to her head with both hands, pulling Azizah tightly to her breast as she felt her only garment being stripped from her body. Intoxicated with lust, Azizah slid lower and fastened her mouth over the soft folds of Barbara's sex, searching with the tip of her tongue for her clit.

Barbara was almost frantically tugging at Azizah's clothing, tossing the dress aside as she found Azizah's firm breasts in her hands just as Azizah caught her clit between pursed lips and began sucking gently on it. "Oh, oh," she moaned softly as she realized how close to a mind-blowing orgasm Azizah had her. She clutched at Azizah's head as her hips bucked, begging her wordlessly to continue. Then it happened. With an almost soundless scream of pleasure, she crossed her legs behind the raven haired beauty and let her orgasm peak, flooding Azizah's mouth with a soft, sweet, mist of her most enjoyable release.

"Let's go into the bedroom," Barbara finally was able to say after the shuddering release had calmed. Rising from the dining room table, she almost dragged her new found friend behind her in her need to taste Azizah's own heady juices of love. It took only moments for Barbara to pull Azizah to a point above her head and bury her face in that heady portal of love. She sighed with contentment as, finally, she could press her tongue deep inside Azizah's hot channel and feel her clit swelling as she sucked and tongued it. She could reach Azizah's breasts and soon had both hands busy squeezing them as her tongue continued the search for the source of her pleasure while Azizah's hips shuttled back and forth, literally washing Barbara's face with her juices. They went at it like they were starving. Each delicious pussy, breast and lips were sucked, licked and squeezed. Barbara was so horny she wanted everything this young Malaysian woman could give her. Azizah could only marvel at how easily the old feelings which she thought she had lost since returning were flooding her again at the sensations Barbara's tongue were giving her. Both seemed to really be testing their desire to relive them and both were succeeding. Only when both had no more energy did they lay back and try to cool down, reliving the lust that had overtaken them. Neither made a move to disrupt the pleasure they had just experienced together.

As they lay, side by side, temporarily sated, they told each other of their experiences.

"I love the full feeling of those big American dicks in my pussy and my mouth," Azizah admitted. "They shoot such big loads of cum.

"If you like big dicks, you'll love Doug's. I can barely take him and I'm sure he would just love to fuck you. I know he would," Barbara said with a smile. "And how about Azman fucking me? Would you let him fill my mouth with his cum? I know I would love to suck his dick and have him fuck me too."

Azizah laughed as she told Barbara how Azman had told her at the mountain resort when they first saw Barbara that how much he wanted to suck that lady's big tits and slide his dick into her hot pussy. "I would say that's a certainty," she said, sending Barbara into a fit of giggles. Then let's do it tomorrow night," Barbara exclaimed as she pulled Azizah atop her again while the lusty thoughts filled their heads. Barbara couldn't stop kissing Azizah even when she explained that Azman would be gone for another couple of days.

Suddenly Barbara stopped and looked at Azizah. "I can't wait that long. I want to have Doug fuck you while you eat my pussy. Why not today, now? I could call Doug and tell him that I met you and we want him to join us. I know if I call him he won't be able to resist. He wants to fuck you. He said that as soon as he saw you that night, and I want him to see you eating my pussy. That's so exciting to him."

Azizah seemed a little confused and taken by surprise at how rapidly this had become a possibility. Still, she needed to be fucked and this looked like the perfect opportunity. Shyly she asked, "Are you sure he will want to fuck me?"

"Of course he will," Barbara exclaimed. "He loves fucking Malaysian girls and seeing one of them eat me as he slides his dick into her really turns him on." Barbara turned and reached for the phone. "I'll call him right now." While Barbara was calling her husband, Azizah excused herself to go to the restroom. Undeniably she felt the tingle between her thighs that she now always felt when a stranger was going to fuck her. Memories flooded her mind as the recalled what had transpired between herself, Earl, Ting and the others while she was overseas. The memory of those thick, rigid cocks in her pussy and the silky smoothness of their cum filling her mouth made her almost weak with desire for more. The situation she had experienced in America had been totally unexpected, just as this situation was, but she remembered vividly how delightful it had become to have all those cocks filling her with their slippery cum and she found herself wanting more, more, more. Azman had been proud of the way she had joined him in their pleasures and wanted her to continue when they returned home.

When she returned to the bedroom, Barbara pulled Azizah back on top of her. She whispered. "It's done. Doug is on his way home now." The thought that in a few minutes she would again feel a strange cock in her pussy made Azizah almost week with lust and she ground her pussy hard against Barbara's open mouth.

Neither woman heard the soft footfalls of Doug's entry into their home. After not meeting Barbara and her guest in the hall, he knew where they would be. He heard sounds of pleasure coming from the bedroom. Quietly he moved to the open doorway into their bedroom and felt his cock hardening at the vision before him.

A shapely Asian lady is on her hands and knees, her face obscured by his wife's legs as they enjoy a frantic sixty-nine. Barbara is pushing her hips up to where a hot tongue is bathing her pussy as the slight Asian beauty emits soft moans of pleasure. The sight is so stimulating that Doug can't wait. He takes his clothing off and then silently enters the bedroom.

Azizah is so enthralled with the taste of Barbara's juicy box that she doesn't know, until she feels a warm wetness against her pussy, that Doug is home. Doug doesn't give her a chance to even think, forcing his dick between Azizah's juicy cunt lips and spreading them with his two inch diameter hardness. It is such a comforting and remembered feeling that Azizah doesn't object when his hands grip her waist and he slides the first couple of inches of his eight inch tool beyond the tight musculature entrance to that sweet pussy. The love of eating Barbara is equal to the pleasure of feeling a hard cock where Barbara's mouth had been only moments before.

Barbara, sensing the change in the way Azizah was eating her, opened her eyes to see Doug slowly pumping his love log into this lady who is giving her such pleasure. Her vision is obscured by Doug's slow thrusts into Azizah's hot pussy. "Isn't she just perfect," she purred as she looked around her husband's cock and into her husband's eyes, glazed with lust.

"Hi, honey," she exclaimed with a smile. "This is Azizah. I think we've found some new playmates, and I just couldn't resist."

"I'm glad you didn't," Doug replied with a smile. "This is prime pussy, so tight and so juicy." Stopping just long enough to withdraw slightly, he pressed forward again, sliding another couple of inches into the tenderness of a hot channel that welcomed him. Azizah's gasp of pleasure was muffled by the way her lips covered Barbara's hot pussy but she managed to wriggle her hips, taking more of that hard dick in her cunt until she felt Doug's big, cum filled balls pressed tightly against her ass.

She raised her head just long enough to exclaim "oh, yes, fuck me with that big dick. I love it!" before continuing to tongue Barbara's now very juicy pussy. It had been far too long since she had felt the thick hardness and length of a dick the size of Earl's cock inside her. Mixed with the beauty of seeing his wife being eaten, it was a certainty that he would fuck her senseless. She resumed her pleasuring of Barbara as Barbara's husband began pumping his length into her own welcoming pussy. She couldn't resist the feeling of fullness and big balls bumping her ass with each thrust of Doug's dick deep into her core and she realized she was pushing back to meet each of his hard driving dick's thrusts.

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