tagLoving WivesA Night Out

A Night Out


We are at the club and you spot two black guys that you think are hot. First chance I get when you go to the bathroom, is I approach the guys and tell them, excuse me my wife and I are on vacation and she has this fantasy of being with two black guys. I also tell them she said she thought you guys were hot. She does not know I am talking to you, so if your interested, what do they have to loose by dancing with her, grabbing her tits and ass and putting on the moves to see where it might lead. She is one hell of a fuck, but if it comes down to it, make sure you have a rubber and secondly make sure you please the hell out of her and you will be re-warded. Check her out when she comes back, I am sitting right over there.

I get back to the table before you do. About 15 minutes later one of the guys comes over to ask you to dance. Go for it, I say. I watch you on the floor and I watch as he gets close and grabs your ass and you smile. The other one dances with you next and he is just rubbing himself all over you until the song ends. When you return I can just see the excitement on your face. After all Troy was 6 ft. 3 in tall and Mel was 6 ft. tall with muscles and a goatee. I went to get us drinks and when I went to the Bar, Mel said you sure got a fine some fine pussy. I just said, come over and take a seat and check it out for yourself, she isn't wearin no underwear under that skirt. Troy can check it out to if you like, just beat me back to the table. I went off to use the bathroom, and then hit the bar to order drinks, must have taken about 20 minutes.

When I got back, I noticed that Troy's hand was under the table and I guess rubbing your thigh or pussy with his big black hands. We all started chatting and I figured I would get things going or at least test the waters. Give me some sugar I said as you bent over the table to kiss me. I held you there and felt your breath escape and you said someone's fingers are in my pussy and someone's got their hand on my ass. When you sat back down, I said now don't be rude, they deserve some sugar as well. I watched as you turned to Mel and your lips met, Troy reached around to squeeze your tit. Then again but by the other stud. You've got one hot lady there said Troy.

She's the best fuck I have ever had; her pussy is tight, sweet and hot. She loves to Fuck! She also can suck a dick like there's no tomorrow, right honey don't you like to suck cock, don't you like to be fucked. Well of course as long as they know what their doin! You said. How about letting us get some of that honey, Troy said. Only if my man says it's ok. Lets go babe, I said our room is across the street.

Once in the room, Mel grabbed you and began to kiss and caress your body all over. When you broke the kiss, you said to me, you can only watch. I moved to the corner of the room and sat down. "Give her the best fucking you can guys", I said. Troy turned and pulled up your dress and I saw you standing there in your naked glory with your high heels on as these two black men's hands roamed your body feeling your ass, playing with your tits and rubbing your pussy. You then got down on your knees and you unzipped their pants and out sprang to large thick black cocks. I watched your little white hands and mouth descend on their pricks as you began to blow them. What a sight!

Then you lay back on the bed and said "someone eat my white pussy". Mel went down to your out-stretched legs and I watched as his long tongue began to lap at your sweet pussy. Troy had moved to the side of the bed and fed you his massive cock. After 10 minutes, you said, "someone fuck me now". Troy jumped up and spread your legs wide exposing your pussy to these strangers as he aimed his thick black cock at your opening and began to slide in. Your moans and whimpers filled the room as his thick black shaft moved in and out of your pussy. He was good; he knew what he was doing. You could see your cum all over his cock as he pulled it almost all the way out then plunged it back in as deep as he could go. You could hear his ball sack slap against your ass. He was fucking you good for about 20 minutes until he said, I gotta shoot and he did just that filling the rubber with his black cum.

As soon as he pulled out, Mel said turn over; I gotta see that fine ass of yours. I watched him slide that big 10" cock up your pussy from behind. Troy sat next to me and I gave him a beer and he just said, you have got one hot wife man! Mel was slamming into you hard and deep as your screams echoed the room. When Mel looked at me I just made a motion to slap your ass and he did just that. I could hear you cum right then and it seemed to keep going for the next 15 minutes. I just looked at Troy and said, let's pull a train. He agreed. So when Mel pumped his cock for the last time cumming in buckets. As soon as he stepped away, Troy got behind your sweet ass and continued to fuck that sweet pussy of yours. He went on for another 15 minutes until he busted his load. You went off to use the bathroom and when you came back we were all sitting at the table. You in turn sat down and we had a few drinks talking about what just happened. They said they had to get going, so you dropped to your knees and gave them both a hot blowjob until troy came in your mouth and Mel came all over your face and tits. They gave us their numbers and said, if you ever want to get fucked again or you want your wife fucked, call us, maybe next time we can bring some of our friends.

She kept the number.

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