tagErotic CouplingsA Night with Rachel Ch. 01

A Night with Rachel Ch. 01


Author's Note: I've been debating this for some time, but I finally decided to scrub this series down and resubmit them. I've grown a lot as a writer since I wrote these and look back on these with a touch of shame. I want to give them the look they deserve. To anyone that may have read them once upon a time, I've mostly changed grammar and punctuation. There was temptation to completely overhaul, but I felt that I shouldn't. Just clean them up and be done with it. Thanks for reading.


From the first moment Rachel and I met, we were friends. She was one of the smartest people I met while I was in school, but also one of the most naturally beautiful women I'd ever seen. She had a compact swimmers body, silky blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a flawless creamy complexion. We were grad students at a large university. I'd started the year before she and my girlfriend. My girlfriend Andrea ('Drea) and Rachel quickly became inseparable.

The three of us were together nearly all the time. It was almost like I had two girlfriends. Rachel and I traveled a lot together to research conferences and different presentations. I was glad that we got along so well together, because I spent more time with her some weeks than I did with 'Drea.

Rachel had a boyfriend too, Derek. He could occasionally be a decent guy but mostly he was a self-centered prick. No one that knew them both thought he was right for her. Out of respect for our friendship, I never spoke my true feelings about him to her. I always had strong suspicions that he just kept her on the side, since he had a job with his dad's company and lived several hours away. 'Drea told me that Rachel also had her suspicions about Derek's time away from her. She didn't go into details, but she said Rachel was pretty sure about it. 'Drea also said that Rachel wasn't completely happy with her intimate time with Derek, but again 'Drea didn't provide a lot of detail.

Several times when we were together, Rachel would tell 'Drea that she was so lucky she had a strong, rugged guy like me. She would tell 'Drea I had to be like a big teddy bear in bed. She would also make comments about how 'Drea always seemed satisfied. I knew that nothing went unsaid between the two of them, but I always felt a little uneasy when she would say things like that. I knew I was as close to Rachel as I was to anyone else in my life besides 'Drea. I also knew that Rachel and I would not share the same closeness that 'Drea and I shared regularly. There were a lot of conflicting emotions about our friendship.

In the fall of our last year, Derek proposed to her and she accepted. This came as quite a surprise to 'Drea and I. He was going to take over his father's very lucrative company, and wanted Rachel to be his partner in business, and in life. I'll give him credit, that was a pretty sharp move, because Rachel was definitely one of the sharpest people I'd ever met. It bothered me more than anyone else, because we were together constantly, and she never really talked about it. When I finally talked to her, I realized she hadn't expected his proposal.

I thought I had mixed up feelings before, but it became clear to me that I was jealous that he was going to marry her. Plus, with her moving away she would no longer be a part of my life. But what could I do about it? The short answer was nothing. I reminded myself that I was already involved with a wonderful girl who was more than I could ever ask for. As the next few weeks passed I noticed that I looked at Rachel more and more. I started to think of her more when she wasn't around. I was surprised that I wasn't the only one. Several times when we were at our lab, I caught her looking at me very intently. I tried to rationalize it in my head, but it kept happening.

'Drea noticed it too. One night after Rachel had been over dinner and some wine at our house, 'Drea asked, "Are you as upset as I am that she's marrying that fucker?"

"Yeah, 'Drea. I am baby. It bothers me a lot. More than I care to admit," I replied.

"I wish I could've talked her out of it. I tried," 'Drea continued.

"You did? What did she say?"

"She said that she loved him, and she thought that they would be happy. She also really wants the opportunity to run that company. You know how motivated she is. She knows that she'll be doing it, because Derek is such a spoiled lazy shit. I just can't see why she would marry him. We've had our doubts about him, but so has she. We got into a nasty screaming match about it last week," she explained.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that," I said.

"It was pretty ugly. I told her she was making a mistake that she'd always regret. She said that she wasn't, that he was a great guy. I told her that he was a piece of shit. She really got mad. She was crying, I was crying. Then she said I was being too hard on her. She said I was trying to compare Derek with you."

"She did," I asked.

"Yeah, she said that you were the most wonderful guy in the world and that I was so lucky to have you. She said that it really hurts her sometimes to see that we're so happy. She said she felt like she was too late to catch her soul mate," she said.


"Brad, I don't know how to ask you this without it being an accusation, but has anything ever happened between you two," 'Drea asked.

"'Drea! No baby, nothing. Why would you ask that," I replied.

"From what she said and the way I've seen her look at you, I don't think I'm the only one in love with you," she said, neutrally.

"No, she's not!"

"Brad, I think she is. I know she is. She wouldn't say stuff like that. She's around you all the time. You treat her like a princess just like you treat me," she said.

"I don't know what to say."

"It's not your fault, baby. But I want to know something. Do you have feelings for her too," she asked.

"'Drea honestly, I don't know what I feel, babe. I'm so fucking confused about stuff right now. The only thing I know for sure is that you're the center of my universe," I said.

She smiled. "Where is Rach among the stars," she asked.

"I think she's pretty close to the center too."

"That's what I wanted to know. Baby, I love you so much. We have a really great thing between us. But aren't you saying that you have similar feelings for her as me?"

I didn't know how I should try to answer that one.

"Brad, I've noticed how you look at her too. It's the same as the way you look at me. You love her like you do me," she continued.

I was caught. What could I do?

"'Drea I don't know what to say."

"Babe, I'm not upset that you have feelings for her or that she has them for you. You are around her as much if not more than you are with me. The kind of guy that you are it's only natural that you would. You're too caring. You treat us both like we're angels. People at school joke all the time about your two girlfriends," she smiled.

"Really? I've thought that a few times, but nobody has said that to me," I said.

"They're probably afraid you'll punch them in the mouth. Your public demeanor can be

a little intimidating sometimes. I want you to know I'm not upset, ok? I want you to know that," she said.

"Okay, baby. I love you," I said.

She kissed me. "I hope that the time you spend alone with Rach is not as intimate as our alone time," she smiled and winked at me.

Here we were talking about me being in love with her best friend and she was making jokes. I don't know what I did to deserve a girl like this.

"No, 'Drea it's certainly not,"

"Okay. I'm glad we talked about this.'

"Yeah me too," I said.

"Come to bed with me Brad....," she suggested.


As our final year came to an end, everyone was busy with classes and final research reports. Rachel also had a wedding to plan. We weren't together as much, and that helped me to put my feelings to rest a little. 'Drea was doing her part to keep me focused on what a hot little minx she was, which helped as well.

We all decided towards the end of the year, that we needed one last night out together. We planned it for the Friday night of finals week. It was a combination graduation party/send off for Rachel, as her wedding was just three weeks away. Unfortunately, the week of the party, 'Drea got a call for a job interview. They had to meet with her the day of the party. It was a great job in the same city where I had a job lined up, so we were really excited.

We had it planned that she could fly out the night before, do the interview in the morning and fly back in the afternoon to make the party. Well, things didn't quite work out that way. She flew out the day before, but a bad round of thunderstorms closed the airport where she was at and all the flights were delayed. She would be lucky to get back the day after the party. We were all disappointed, but 'Drea told us to go ahead and have a good time.

I was going to be the designated driver, so my plans didn't really change very much other than my girlfriend wasn't going to be there. The party crowd consisted of myself, Rachel, and three other grad students Erin, Shonda and Liz. I picked everyone up about 8 and we headed to our favorite restaurant/bar. After a nice dinner and several rounds for the girls, we (they mostly) decided to go dancing. We got to the dance club and since I dance only with the aid of alcohol, I tried to blend into the shadows. This did not go over well with the girls, and I was pulled out on the dance floor repeatedly to dance with all of them. Erin, a lusty redhead, took particular delight in dancing with me, grinding against me. She was taking full advantage of 'Drea not being there.

I noticed that while everyone else was drinking as much as they could, Rachel seemed to be pacing herself to the point I thought maybe she wasn't feeling well.

Over the din of the latest dance remix, I said, "Hey Rach, are you feeling ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Why," she asked.

"I just wanted to remind you that I have the keys, so have as much fun as you want," I said.

"I know, thanks. It's just I have a lot to do tomorrow and I don't want to be too out of it."

Ah, more wedding stuff to do. I should have thought of that. A little after midnight our little party was beginning to wind down. The girls, excluding Rachel, were all feeling pretty good. When we got in the car, the things that poured from the mouths of the three girls in the back seat shocked me. I knew them all pretty well, and had talked with all of them at length. The frank talk in that car that night, was something I'd never encountered. They were talking about fucking, when the last time they got fucked, who the best fuck they ever had was. I expected that from Erin, but Shonda and Liz surprised me.

Rachel was sitting in the front next to me. She was laughing, but didn't really have much to add to the discussion. Erin started in on me about how bad it was that I wasn't going to be able to go home and fuck 'Drea bowlegged tonight. If it hadn't been dark, they probably could have seen me blush. Erin was very uninhibited, and I'd always thought she'd be a handful in bed. I'd seen Erin getting railed at a party one night. I was looking for a bathroom, when I opened a door that turned out to be Tim's, one of the hosts. He had Erin on her hands and knees and he was pounding away at her. It was quite a sight. She hadn't even got undressed; she had just lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down to her knees and let him have her. I quietly closed the door and kept looking for a bathroom.

The girls in back kept commenting on how they'd heard all about me from 'Drea. I caught Rachel looking at me out of the corner of my eye, as Erin was relating an intimate moment 'Drea and I had shared on the library lawn one night.

I'm usually hard to embarrass, but I must admit the girls definitely had me. I assumed every time 'Drea and I had sex, she'd told these girls. Then to add further redness to my face, Erin asked if my cock was as big and thick as 'Drea said it was. I was speechless. My outward signs of discomfort were not enough to slow these tipsy women down. Liz then asked me if 'Drea was exaggerating about my love for eating pussy. I decided that I might respond and see if I could turn the tables and cool this discussion down a little. We still had 20 miles to go, before I could drop the first of them off.

"No, she's telling the truth Liz. I really do love to eat pussy. It's one of my passions in life. I eat 'Drea like she's my last meal practically every night," I said.

That got a boisterous laugh out of them. I took a quick look at Rachel and saw that she was looking right at me, but she wasn't smiling. I was afraid that maybe she was offended by my crude joke, or was she envious? I glanced again at her and she had a look on her face that I'd seen before. It was the look she had when I'd caught her looking at me in the past. A slight smile broke over her face.

Shonda continued the discussion with, "So Brad, does 'Drea really let you fuck her in the ass?"

I saw Rachel gasp and then laugh.

"Yeah, actually she does. She likes it," I replied.

"Erin likes it in the ass, too," Shonda said.

Rachel turned around at that and asked, "You do that too?"

I looked in the rear-view mirror and watched Erin shrug her shoulders, "Yeah, sometimes. I've never had a big one like 'Drea, though," she said.

"You can be such a whore Erin," Liz said.

I was pleased with this, because maybe someone else would be the focus of the questions for a while. Erin took this as a challenge to tell us all about the first time she got fucked in the ass. It was a pretty hot story. What was even better, was that 'Drea had been telling Erin about anal sex and got her to try it.

Liz chimed in with, "Brad, you never told us the truth about your cock. We've shared a lot about ourselves, you should share also."

"Liz, I've known you all for three years now. You all are friends with 'Drea, I can't just talk about stuff like that. I don't even have alcohol as an excuse like you guys do," I replied.

That didn't satisfy them.

"Come on, guys are always talking about sex," Shonda added.

There were more questions about cock size and prowess from the back seat, along with a promise that what happened in the car stays in the car. I finally decided to tell them what they wanted to know.

"Okay, what do you want to know," I asked.

"'Drea says it's like 8 inches long," Shonda slurred.

"And she said she can't get her hand around it," Erin added.

"She's right, it's a little over 8 inches, and no, she can't close her hand around it," I replied.

"Wow," Erin said. "I always thought she was exaggerating. I don't guess you'd show it to us, so that we could have an independent, scientific evaluation?" That got a big laugh out of everyone including Rachel.

"No, I don't think that would be good Erin, cause then I had to explain to 'Drea why you sexually assaulted me," I replied. There was another round of laughter.

We finally got to the first house, and dropped Erin off. Shonda and Liz were roommates and lived just around the corner from Erin. After we dropped them off, it was just a few miles to Rachel's apartment.

After Liz and Shonda got out, Rachel said, "Wow, they had a good time tonight, didn't they?"

"Yeah, I think they did. That was embarrassing as hell," I said.

"They see what a catch 'Drea has in you, they're probably a little envious," she replied.

"I just wish that 'Drea hadn't told them so much about our private lives."

"That's true, but she is really happy with you. I know I would be if I was her," Rachel said.


"Oh, nothing, I just meant you're a really great guy," she said.

"Oh, okay. Thanks. Derek is a lucky man," I added. I immediately thought I shouldn't have said that, but it was done.

She just smiled and we drove quietly the rest of the way to her place. When I pulled up in front of her apartment, she asked if I wanted to come in and hang out for a while. I decided I might as well, I didn't have anyone to go home to. When we walked in to her apartment, it was apparent that a woman planning a wedding lived there. There was stuff everywhere. Her dress hung in the corner. I told her it really looked great.

She asked if I wanted some coffee or a soda or something. I told her I'd have soda if she was having one. She grabbed our drinks from the fridge and joined me on the couch. We talked a little about her plans for the weekend, and it sounded like she still had a thousand things to do before the wedding. I asked her about her position in Derek's new company and she really seemed excited. We talked about the job I already had lined up, and the fact that 'Drea's interview was in the same city. She asked me if I was going to ask 'Drea to marry me, and I told her that I was as soon as we got moved and settled in our new jobs.

"That's great," she said. She smiled, but she didn't put much feeling in it.

"Are you okay? Do you feel okay," I asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just so stressed out with finishing school and this wedding, and a new job and Derek and....," she said, her words halted by tears.

"Rachel, what's wrong," I asked. I slid over on the couch to put a hand on her shoulder to try and help calm her. She grabbed a tissue and dabbed at her eyes.

"I just have too much going right now. All the wedding planning is all up to me. It's just too much work," she said.

She reached out and hugged me.

"Is there anything 'Drea and I can do," I asked.

"No, 'Drea is already helping more than I have a right to expect, besides you two are going to have to start packing to move soon," she said.

She still had her arms wrapped around me. I put my other arm around and held her.

"You have always been so good to me. You treat me with respect, but you've always made me feel very special. You're the same with me as you are with 'Drea," she sobbed.

She broke our hug and wiped her eyes some more.

"It's okay, I feel better now. I just have to cry once a day for now, I'm afraid," she continued.

I patted her on the shoulder again. She looked at me and gave me a smile with a little more feeling.

"I'm glad you feel better. Why don't you do me a favor and sleep in some in the morning, before you get back to work. College is almost over you need to have one last play day," I said.

"Maybe I will. I hate to ask, but could you help with some stuff before you leave? I have some boxes of books to move out here from my office," she said.

"Sure, being built like gorilla is good for something", I quipped.

"You're too hard on yourself," Rachel said. "You have a very rugged build, I like that."

As is often the case with anyone that has moved books, she had packed them up and taped them shut, only to realize they were too heavy to move. With a grunt and a few groans for comic relief to get her to smile a few more times, I got them where she wanted them.

"Thanks a lot, I would have had to slide them out here along the floor. And I'm not sure I could have pushed them," she laughed.

"No problem, glad to help," I said.

"Oh, one other thing I need your help with before you go, if you don't mind," she said.

"Sure, what is it," I asked.

"I need to show it to you. Give me a second, will you," she asked.

"Sure," I replied.

I sat back down on the couch and she walked back to her bedroom. I looked on her coffee table and it was covered with lists, notes, phone numbers, reservation slips. I made a mental note to tell 'Drea that we were going to elope. I expected that Rachel would be right back, but she was taking her time. What did she need me to do?

I heard Rachel's bedroom door open. I turned to see what she needed me to look at. I was shocked to see Rachel wearing a beautiful ivory lace corset with garters, white stockings and a matching thong. I was speechless. She looked unbelievable.

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