tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Night's Nude Walk

A Night's Nude Walk


We were spending the weekend at a resort in the town of Duck on the northern outer banks of North Carolina. At the time, just north of the resort were a few houses, and then a bit farther along was a stretch of undeveloped beach. It was late September and the weather was still fairly warm. I had heard this part of the beach was known as a place to find good shells for collecting, and that the best time for gleaning shells was early in the morning after shells were washed up overnight. On that pretense I told my wife I was going out shell hunting in the middle of the night, but my real goal was a personal challenge. At other locations, I have enjoyed the risk of public nudity where it wasn't allowed, but never for very long. Tonight, the miles of beach were a perfect opportunity for public nudity, and I challenged myself to make a very long walk up the beach and back before daylight.

We had had a nice late dinner and then watched Saturday Night Live in our room. After we finished watching TV, I announced I was going to get ready to go shell hunting. She was sleepy and didn't seem to care that I was going, but did say, "Don't be gone too long!" We had been married only a few years and still had a lot of fun in bed. She is about 5 ft-6in tall, with cute, short light brown hair, petite hands and feet, luscious legs and ass, small tits and a pussy to die for. I went into the bathroom, stripped down and inspected myself in the mirror. I had shaved my entire pubic area -- cock, balls and asshole -- earlier in the week. I thought, "Not bad looking for a 6 ft-6in 34-yr old." I played a lot of sports when I was younger, and as an adult, managed to stay in shape. I kept my facial hair in a short beard, but I liked the clean-shaven feel and look for my cock, and my wife loved it. I resolved to freshly shave when returning before getting in bed with my wife.

I had a small day-hike type backpack, and I loaded it with a flashlight, a towel, a bottle of water and my watch and room key in an inner compartment. I put on a t-shirt, a ball cap and swim trunks. I wore sandals and that was it. My cock was already semi-hard in anticipation. I knew I could leave the building through a door on the end of the hallway, but would have to come back through the lobby. I figured that the clerk wouldn't care anyway.

I went out the hallway door on the north end and followed the path around to the beach; so far so good. It must have been about 1:30. No one was around. I did not know if the few houses I would have to pass were rentals or owner occupied. The beach was fairly wide here, but I could clearly be observed by anyone in one of those houses. After getting away from the resort property, there were no lights, and none of the houses appeared to be occupied. I took off my t-shirt but figured I better leave my trunks on for now. As I continued up the beach, I did start looking for objects that might have been washed up, but I did not see much. There was a slight breeze off the ocean, the night was still warm, and the sky was overcast. I didn't realize a storm might be coming but I didn't care. I was hard and anticipating the thrills ahead of me.

There were maybe ten houses, and once past them, I thought about the risk of getting nude. The beach was separated from the road by a series of natural dune and beach grass areas. I did not know if this was the start of some natural preserve area, but it was totally undeveloped on the beach and on both sides of the road. I am guessing now this area has been developed. But then, it was like a paradise for me that night. Once I was well out of sight of the houses, I checked the road in both directions, and could see no headlights. No sign of anything, no sounds other than the breeze and the ocean. So I resolved to do it then -- I slipped out of my sandals, pulled down my trunks, and stepped out of them. I was nude and hard! What a rush! It was a thrill to be nude in the wide open even though no one could see me or know what I was doing. I tied my trunks loosely to the straps on the back of my pack, to get them quickly, and stowed the sandals inside. I left my ball cap on and then continued my hike up the beach.

As I walked I had a continuous erection, and I stroked it every now and then. I even occasionally ran my hands over the smooth skin of my pubic area, ass and asshole. I might have gone a mile from the resort by then, but there was no way of knowing in the dark. I still had not seen a car on the road, and no sign of anyone else. I was digging it, but thought I should increase the risk. After maybe another quarter mile or so, I resolved to get completely nude. I found what looked like an inconspicuous spot to hide my pack in the dunes. I attached the ball cap to a clip on the pack, took off my glasses, and slipped them into an inner storage compartment. Then I stashed the pack behind some beach grass and walked away. Wow, now I was totally nude and would be separated from my clothes, what a feeling! I started again walking up the beach, still hard as a rock, but now more in tune with all the night sounds. I didn't want to be surprised.

As I went up the beach, I couldn't see much in the dark without my glasses. My awareness of the risk seemed to make my hearing more acute. I could smell the salt air and hear the waves occasionally breaking on my right, and the sound of the breeze rustling the dune grasses to my left. I could feel the breeze on my body. I calmed down a bit and stayed hard by stroking my cock every now and again. The sand felt cool on my feet. There did not seem to be much of anything washed up on the beach, just some occasional debris that I could see well enough to avoid. I could not see any lights or signs of any development to the north. I didn't know how far I walked, or for how long. The intensity seemed to make me lose track, and my mind was racing. I thought about everything from what would happen if I was caught by somebody, to what I might do in bed with my wife when I returned successfully.

After what seemed like maybe a half hour, I decided to go into the water. I edged away from the dune line and angled down to the surf. The water felt great on my feet and legs. I was about to go in for a swim, when I noticed some light off to the north. I froze, and without my glasses, being nearsighted I could not tell how far away it was. But I could tell it was getting closer -- car headlights! I was on a section where the dunes were low, and I might be seen from the road. I made a quick decision -- better to move into the dunes and crouch down for cover. I made my way into the first line of dunes and crawled in on all fours. Hard cock swinging down and ass up, this felt good even with the risk. And I was able to peek over the dune to see what was coming. It was not just one car, it seemed to be 2 or 3, and spaced pretty far apart. I speculated they were leaving a late night party from farther up the beach. Regardless, I knew if I stayed put I wouldn't be seen and could ride it out. The road was maybe only about 25 yards from me at that point. I bent down with my head up so I could see over the dune, balanced on one forearm, and still on my knees with ass up, I reached my other arm around and rubbed my balls and asshole. Boy did that feel good in the open night air with the breeze from the ocean! The first car went by, and the second shortly. I could even hear the radio and voices coming from the second car. If only they knew! I wanted badly to flip over and yank my cock until I came, but resisted. The third car was still a ways off. I was super hard, sweating and had gotten sand all over my legs, chest and arms, and now was starting to itch. The little bugs in the dunes had found me, gnats or something like that.

When the third car was safely past me, and I could see there were no more on the road, I stood up and watched the taillights fade in the distance. I had to go for a swim now, to get rid of all the sand and itch. I walked down the short beach slope and into the water. I still had a massive hard-on but it subsided a bit once I was completely into the water. It felt great to swim and float in the ocean. There was a slight swell and what I didn't know was a little current. I floated on my back looking up at the night sky. It was still overcast and a spitting rain was starting. It wasn't much, just a drop here and there and a little breeze. I floated a while and felt completely refreshed and at ease.

Momentarily the breeze picked up and the rain drops were more frequent. I realized I needed to make my way back. Plus, here I was, no clothes and no glasses and possibly a storm coming. I paddled in through the surf and walked up on the shore. I realized I had drifted north from my starting point, but how far? I walked up onto the flat part of the beach and headed south toward the resort. I figured I would find my tracks in the sand, and follow them back to where I stashed my pack in the dunes. Without my glasses I could still see clearly enough to find my tracks, if I found them before the rain obscured them. Now the excitement of the risk was getting me hard again, and the rain felt great on my body. I kept an eye to my right to make sure there were no cars coming on the road, while I walked carefully and stroked my now wet dick back to a full erection. After a couple minutes, I did find my tracks and knowing I had about a long way back to my pack, I picked up the pace. I followed my tracks for what seemed like forever, and finally found the spot where they led into the dune. I found my pack, still pretty dry, and put on my glasses and the ball cap to keep the rain off my face. I resolved to walk nude and keep my cock stroked to a hard erection, for as long as I dared! After all, it was the middle of the night and who could see me in the rain? And if they did, I could quickly pull on my trunks and move on.

I started to see the few lights of the resort way off in the distance, but still did not reach the houses. I hurried along and eventually came alongside the first couple houses. Still no signs of life! But now I was starting to get within eyesight of the resort, and didn't want to risk it. I stopped to put my trunks, t-shirt and sandals back on and hoped my erection was not too obvious. I continued to the beach side entrance to the resort lobby, trying not to get too much sand on my feet. Going into the lobby door, I noticed the night clerk was busy with something and barely looked up. He nodded to me and went back to his business and I proceeded to our room.

I quietly let myself in and went straight to the bathroom. I took off my sandals, stripped down and took a quick shower, using my razor for a quick soapy once-over of my pubic area, cock, balls and asshole area. After thoroughly drying off, I stroked myself to a hard-on and checked on my wife. She seemed to be sleeping, and was on her side facing the opposite wall. I slipped into bed beside her. As I was getting settled, I felt her hand grab my cock and she said, "Come here big boy, and tell me about your walk." But what happened next will have to be another story...

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