tagGroup SexA Political Education Ch. 03b

A Political Education Ch. 03b


As Carla and Victor entered the elevator, Victor looked her over. He looked at her tousled hair and her wrinkled dress. He sniffed in what Carla realized was the overpowering smell of sex that reeked from her. She hoped he didn't notice the streaks of her cunt juice that had run down her leg or the bits of the governor's cum that she had failed to swallow and that were drying, stuck to her chin and throat.

Well, she had to admit to herself, he probably did notice. There was a big smirk on his face and he had his hand deep in his pocket and was obviously holding and playing with his giant prick as they rode in the elevator. At least, Carla thought, he wasn't saying anything. They approached her floor and Carla felt relieved. This Victor was so disgusting. She would be glad to be rid of him and back to her room.

The door of the elevator opened and she got out. Victor followed her to her room and opened the door for her but didn't follow her in. She closed the door. She needed to clean up and get some sleep, but first she went to her computer. She opened her Political Strategies file and began to type.

For the would-be political person: Rule 2

Loyalty and the ability to follow orders unquestionably is vital.

Below the message was her name: Carla, followed by three pluses +++

She thought for a minute then added a fourth +. Carl ++++

She considered washing up, but Carla was tired after all the activity at the governor's suite. She pulled the cover back off the bed, kicked off her shoes, removed her dress, and climbed into the bed and under the covers.

As she lay there in her bed, Carla remembered the wild sex she had just experienced. A slow smile appeared on her face. She could still taste the governor's cum on her tongue. The smell of the governor's wife's cunt juice wafted up to Carla's nose from her still wet lips. Wild it had been. And great. Carla tried to recall how many times she had had an orgasm, but after she counted up 14 she stopped and tried to think of which of her orgasms had been the best. They had all been great! She just closed her eyes, lay back and enjoyed inhaling the smells of dried cum, her own and Bab's cunt juice and all three of their (the governor, Babs and Carla's) sex and sweat smells. Her lips turned up into a happy smile, and as Carla remembered again, fucking and being fucked by the governor and Babs, she felt the contented smile grow larger. Politics was even greater than she had thought it could be. Certainly, she had made the right choice when she had decided that politics would be her career. Still content, still smiling, Carla began to gently massage her clit until, gradually, she fell asleep and began to dream.


Carla's breathed slow and evenly. The smells that so excited her lulled her into a quiet, slow breathing and gentle sleep. The dream was quiet too. In it, Carla felt comfortable and warm. She was having sex, but the person with whom she was fucking, wasn't distinct, just his weight atop of her and, more clearly, his huge organ. The prick that entered her cunt in the dream was BIG, at least 12 inches long and wide---as wide as her fist. Carla breathed slowly as the big shaft gently entered her vagina, slowly slipping its way in until it was completely in her, far into her vagina, deep into her body, butting against her cervix, slowly moving in and nearly out and in again, each time as deep as

possible, each time it was thrust slowly to its extreme length, Carla's pubic bone and her fucking partner's bone met and grinded against each other. The slow, deep fucking was accompanied by a steady moan of pleasure from her lips. Her moans and the smells of sex filling Carla's world, were the only sensation she was aware of while unconsciously her hand fingered her clit until, finally, her body shook in one vast all thrilling, completely filling orgasm and she fell into a deep, quiet and restful sleep, the sleep of the just.

Carla awoke refreshed and full of vigor. She was happy. She had known that a career in politics was what she wanted, but she hadn't known that politics could be as exciting as it was, as fulfilling, as wonderful.

Or, so much fun!

Carla once again put her head beneath the covers to take another whiff of the still. powerful smell of sex that permeated the sheets when her telephone rang. She jumped to answer it.

"Hello, this is Carla Wrove," she said.

"Ms. Wrove, this is the governor."

Carla's cunt began to quiver, her clit swell, her pussy moisten. "Oh Mr. Governor," she said.

"Ms. Wrove. Babs and I have a bit of a task for you."

Carla came!!!!! A sound,"eeeeyagaaa," escaped from her lips.

"What was that you said?"

"Oh, nothing, your honor," said Carla, quickly recovering, "I was just trying to say that I would be delighted to perform a task for you." She was thinking of his large prick, Bab's glistening, hair-covered hole of a cunt.

She was so hot. Her cunt juices were flowing. She needed to be fucked. Carla quickly thrust two, three, then four fingers as deep as she could into her sopping wet slit of a cunt and began to swirl them around while her thumb caressed her clitoris. She was

about to let a loud moan escape from her lips when the governor's voice sounded from the phone.

"The task we have decided to give you a chance to fulfill for us, is a delicate one," the governor said. He continued, "but it is a very important one."

Carla had eased the pressure in her cunt and was now only gently pushing her thumb against her cunt. "Oh, um, yes." She uttered.

"Are you alright?" said the governor.

"Yes, yes, I am," Carla answered. Oh, she was so hot. Never had she thought that politics could be this exciting. The governor, and he wanted her for a delicate, an important task. Pussy juice flowed from her vagina, soaked through to the inside of her legs, seeped down to the curve of her butt and to the brown skin at the entrance to her anus.

"You sound a little distant," said the governor.

She MUST get a hold of herself, Carla thought. She stopped massaging the tip of her engorged clitoris. "Governor," she said, "I am a huge admirer of you and your wife. I am ready. Please tell me what it is you need for me to do." She breathed deeply, trying to calm her raging libidinous urges.

The governor's voice came clearly over the phone, "The task involves Swift Branchbaum. You know, Branchbaum, the radio commentator. He speaks to millions of people through his show everyday, and he is here at the hotel right now, gathering information for his next broadcast."

Carla removed her fingers from her vagina and ass. Her sex spots began to dry out. She had seen pictures of Branchbaum. Soft, fat, thinning hair, a real fuzz ball. She had, of course, heard him on the radio occasionally. A total blowhard, boring. Carla was pretty sure that he was a lousy fuck. But, well, he was listened to and feared by all the members of the party who begged for his praise and feared his criticism. Carla wondered what sort of task the governor had in mind for her in connection with Branchbaum. She pressed the telephone close to her ear and listened to what the governor had to say. This would be her first big test for the governor, She was determined to succeed.

Page 17

"Mr. Branchbaum has decided to do a broadcast about our state's progress under the party's leadership, how we have defeated the other party's candidates, and we thought that you, Carla, would be just the person to speak with him. Professor Needling told us about your expertise concerning the politics of this state, how brilliant your thesis is. We spoke to Branchbaum and told him we would send you over to his room to provide him with information he could use. Victor will be along in a while to take you to see the broadcaster."

Carla sighed. "Oh thank you governor for the confidence you've shown in me. I will do my best." Carla wondered about whether she would have to fuck Branchbaum. She was sure that he was one of those guys who didn't perform without Viagra or some killer drug for sex. All she needed, she thought, was the Viagra to get him started, she would do the rest.

There was a knock on the door. The door opened. Carla saw Victor enter the room. She turned to face him. She wondered why the governor put so much trust in this handyman. His clothes were dirty, his hair filthy, he smelled bad. Ugh. Carla guessed that at least he was loyal to the governor, and she knew that the governor prized loyalty above all other qualities.

Suddenly, Carla saw Victor pull something from his pocket. It was a pair of thick white cotton panties. "Put this on!" he commanded and Carla wasn't sure but she thought she heard him mouth the word 'slut.'

"Mr. Branchbaum likes his women to wear white cotton panties." Victor added.

Victor threw the panties to Carla. She caught them and started to put them on, realizing as she did that, first, the panties were wet, soaked through at the crotch, and, second, that they smelled strongly of cunt juice. She almost believed it was her own cunt smell that the panties were soaked in, but that couldn't be.

"Oh, I should wash up first," Carla said.

Victor made a FACE. "No need to wash. Branchbaum won't know the difference. Just put those panties on." Victor went to the door and opened it. Carla followed him into the hallway.

Swift Branchbaum, Carla thought. She had better do a good job. He was major. She had listened to his broadcasts, tough talking, give no quarter assaults on his political enemies. He certainly talked a good game: "Quick with the quip," was his standard line. . "The one and only," was his line when a listener called in to the show and mentioned how blessed thelistener was to be talking with Swift. Those listeners greeted him with, "Copy you to the T." One of Branchbaum's political foes referred to him in the title of a book as, "The Fat Boy of Flatulent Noise." This time Victor didn't take the elevator. Instead, he opened the door to the stairwell. Carla followed him into the stairwell and they climbed two flights.

When they reached Branchbaum's floor, Victor knocked on the door and then disappeared. Carla waited. Finally the door opened and there he was, Swift Branchbaum himself.

"Ah....Come in. You must be the young lady the Governor told me he would send to explain the new laws he wants to enact," intoned Branchbaum. "Please, do come in."

Carla entered his suite.

"I am so pleased to meet you," he said.

Carla approached the couch and sat down. She looked around the room. On the table next to the couch she saw a large replica of a microphone.

"Oh, I see that you are looking at the microphone." He pointed at it. "It's a copy of the real silver microphone I speak into during my broadcasts, a symbol of the 'Superiority in Announcing' award I gave....I received several years ago. You have heard about it on one of the three thousand radio stations I am broadcast over every weekday."

Carla wasn't sure what to say. "I copy you to a T," she finally blurted out.

Branchbaum beamed. He sat down opposite her.

Carla decided to move things along. She parted her legs slightly, just enough to give Branchbaum a look at her pussy soaked panties. "The Governor asked me to help you understand the nuances of our party platform, to answer any questions you might have about it," she said.

"Yes, ahem, nuances," Birchbaum muttered, his eyes were transfixed, staring at the space between her legs where the panties were boldly bared to his vision. "The governor," Branchbaum tried to continue, but, his eyes glued to the sight of Carla's panties, he just stared and seemed unable to continue his thought.

He was just going to goggle at her underwear, but Carla didn't care. She was sure feeling sexy. Politically, Birchbaum offered the governor a chance to influence millions of people. When he backed a cause, people listened. So," Carla," she said to herself, "get to it!"

The announcer seemed mesmerized. He couldn't stop staring at her white, pussy- juice-soaked panties. She parted her legs just a trifle more. Branchbaum began to sweat.

"You know that I'm a great golfer," he suddenly blurted out. "Why, I shot an 69 at Pebble Beach last week."

"I copy you to a T," Carla responded, She parted her legs another half inch or so. Branchbaum couldn't tear his eyes from the sight of her panties. And then, the smell of the pussy juice soaked panties reached him. Carla saw Branchbaum's face redden as he began to inhale the pungent odor,.

Carla realized that she had him. She would soon have the great Swift Branchbaum eating out of her hands.....well, maybe not out of her hands. She parted her legs another inch.

He was drooling. He couldn't move his eyes away from her cum soaked thick white panties. Carla was enjoying the power she had. She realized that Branchbaum would soon be in her power. She imagined his mouth on her clit, his tongue pushing. Oh, what a slut she was; but wasn't all politics about being a slut? She couldn't wait to feel his tongue slide up and down her slit, over her clit, into her soaking wet cunt. She parted her legs another half inch. She heard a gasp escape from Birchbaum's lips.

"The party's platform is divided into three parts, the judicial, executive, and representative sections," Carla began to explain to the drooling Branchbaum.

Suddenly he leapt from his chair, his fat jowls jiggling, and knelt in front of Carla.

"Fuck the platform." He blurted out and pushed Carla's skirt all the way up, thrusting his face between her thighs.

"Did you wish for me to explain the role just of the executive?" she said.

"Fuck the executive. Your cum soaked panties. They're disgusting. I must take them off." Branchbaum, his nose still buried in the panties, began to pull them down Carla's thighs. His nose remained buried in the folds of the panties. Carla was able to make out his voice muffled by the underwear, "Disgusting," he said. He dropped the panties to the floor and thrust his face back between her legs, his nose now pressing against the slightly parted lips of her cunt. "The smell is decadent," he said, inhaling deeply.

Carla put her hand on top of his bald head.

"You are a bad girl," he said. His voice muffled from between her legs.

"I am a bad girl," said Carla.

"Yes, you are," he said,

"Copy you to a T," Carla replied and parted her legs more.

"I should give you a good spanking," he muttered.

"Whatever," she said,

"But I won't. I am going to keep your panties as punishment," he said. He grabbed the smelly, wet underwear and put it in his pocket. He stood up. "Look at what you've done," he blurted out. He pulled down the zipper of his pants and grabbed his penis.

Carla could hardly see the tool, it was tiny and disappeared beneath the folds of his fat stomach.

"Look at what you have done," he repeated. Holding his prick between his thumb and forefinger, he began to yank it back and forth. A dot of cum appeared from its tip. Branchbaum uttered a short yelp. "My precious fluid. I must retain it. It is what gives my voice its depth, its power, its resonance. I will keep it." He took Carla's panties from his pocket and wiped the drop of cum from the tip of his penis unto the cum soaked panties.

"Mr. Branchbaum, Your broadcasts are so wonderful. I am honored."

"I want," he said. "You must leave," he said. "I need to begin planning my next broadcast. I must do my preparation!" He held onto his tiny prick with two fingers and continued to pull it up and down.

"Copy you to a T," Carla replied.

"Your lesson about the party's position was very helpful," he said to Carla as he pushed her to the door of his suite. "I'm going to call the governor later to report on how well you performed your tutoring exercise.

Carla stood at the door. "Goodbye," she said. She guessed that she had done her job well as far as Branchbaum was concerned. He was still holding his prick. He was holding the panties in her other hand and bringing it up to his nose. "You can leave now," he said. "I need to smell....I need to dispose of your filthy panties. Don't worry. I know it was just my overwhelming presence that caused these panties to get so wet. It wasn't your fault." He said,

"I copy you to T," Carla said and left the room. "Whew," she thought. "How weird." Suddenly she noticed Victor. He was standing a few feet away from the door.

"Follow me," he said.

Carla wondered whether he had been waiting there all the time, but she followed him down the hall. He led her to the staircase, and they began to walk down the stairs. She could feel him staring at her ass as he followed her on the stairs. She tried to keep her rounded glutes from jiggling too much. At the first turn of the stairs, he suddenly stopped Carla and pushed her so that her back was pressed against the wall. Victor then faced her and pushed his hips against hers. Carla felt the tip of his enormous prick press against her cunt.

He was wearing his overalls. She was wearing her dress though she was not wearing any panties, but she could feel his prick through the material as it pressed against her pussy. It was hard.

She felt it push against the slightly parted outer lips of her cunt. It was so hard. It was soooo hard......and sooooo big.

Carla was trapped between the wall at her back and Victor's body facing hers. His hips pushed even harder against her groin. His huge prick pushed the material of her dress into the gap created by the parted lips of her cunt. Carla could hardly breathe. Victor's bloodshot eyes were staring at hers. He didn't say anything. The pressure of his giant joint pushing against her cunt increased. She felt her pussy juice beginning to flow. The pressure grew greater. She felt her clit begin to swell. He pushed harder. She began to breath deeply. Her mouth opened. Her Cunt was on fire. Her whole body suddenly craved fucking. But Victor said nothing. He just continued the pressure of his prick against her cunt. She wanted more! She wanted his prick in her cunt. She wanted to drop down to her knees, open his fly, pull out that big, hard prick and take it into her mouth and suck it and suck it until he shot his cum into the back of her throat. But he just stayed there, pushing his cock against her cunt.

She needed his prick in her. Her whole was shaking, her clit swollen, her pussy juice flowing. Her whole being was centered at the spot where Victor's gigantic prick pressed against her cunt. Everything else was a blur. She wanted to beg Victor to fuck her, please, please. She would do anything, anything for his prick to be in her. In her ass. In her mouth. In Her cunt. Anywhere. Anything. She felt the pussy juice gushing. She could feel it slowly flow down the inside of her leg.

Then he stepped away from her. Still, he said nothing. He just pointed up the stairs, directing her to continue to the next floor.

She wanted to stay here, suck his cock, get fucked by him, but, still in a daze, she followed his direction. At the next floor, he opened the entry and led her down the hall to a room. He opened the door and pushed her int. She wondered whether here was where he was finally going to fuck her. She wondered if here was where he was going to shove that big, big prick of his into her hungry wet cunt.

But he didn't follow her into the room. Instead, as she heard to door shut behind her, Carla saw Babs Standing there.

The governor's wife addressed Carla, "We need to talk," she said.

"Did I do something wrong?" asked Carla.

"Not at all. But we do need to speak. The governor and I are, as a matter of fact, very pleased with you. We, both of us, think you have what it takes to go far in politics."

"Oh, Babs, I am so pleased to hear that," said Carla, "I was afraid you wouldn't be happy with the fact that I didn't get Branchbaum to endorse the governor's platform."

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