tagRomanceA Romance in the Woods

A Romance in the Woods


Kate's husband left that morning for two days work wiring a friends beach house. She had decided not to go and to take a break from his cold rudeness.

Kate checked her email and found a note from her friend Robert. He had written the previous day that he would be driving through her home town and jokingly said they should get together but then said he knew it was not possible. Kate sighed and thought that meeting him would be nice. Kate next opened up a file containing a story she had started to write and had not gone very far with. She added a sentence and then lost interest and turned off the computer.

The morning was spent sipping tea and reading a good book and when she noticed it was almost 11 AM she decided to treat herself to lunch at Paneras. Since she had a little shopping and a few errands to take care of she went to the Paneras just off of the interstate, which was not her usual place to go, but she knew that Robert would be driving through and she thought it might be nice to think of him being close for a few minutes.

Kate and Robert had met after exchanging emails commenting on each others stories on Literotica. They had exchanged stories about their favorite stories and had gone on to discuss their families and their problems and finally their loneliness and desires. They had exchanged small hard to see pictures and had spoken on the phone twice. Since both were married, albeit unhappily, they had gone no further.

There was a line to order when she entered Paneras and she noticed the man at the counter looked familiar but could not place him. He had short white hair and a stocky build and she knew she had seen him somewhere before. He moved on and Kate put it out of her mind as she prepared to order. She got her favorite pick two combo and stood by the counter until her name was called. Taking her food she went to the back area where the computer nerds hung out knowing it would be quieter there and she would be able to read as she ate her lunch.

As Kate found a table and set her tray and bag down she noticed the man sitting in the back corner with a laptop computer open. He looked up at that moment and for ten seconds they just stared at each other. This went on for several minutes as they both ate and they exchanged smiles and suddenly both smiled and sat up straight. Recognition came to her but not belief because it was too much of a coincidence. He stood and stepped forward and said "Kate??" in a quite low voice as he searched her face.

"Robert?", she said with the same question in her voice, "What are you doing here?"

They stopped to laugh and he asked if they could eat together and she happily agreed. Since he had his laptop computer already set up, she moved her food to his table and they found that they had ordered the same combo, Turkey Bacon Bravo and cheddar broccoli soup. They laughed about their similar tastes and began to talk. He explained that he had left home in the middle of the night, preferring to travel at night with little traffic and admitted he had stopped here knowing she lived close by and while not expecting to see her, he was emailing her while he ate.

They talked as they ate, not like strangers, but as friends who were thrilled to be together. When they talked about their kids and his grand kids Kate reached over and squeezed his arm when he told her a story about his little Carrie breaking her arm falling from her bike and hitting the curb and then wanting her Paw-paw to see her bright green cast.

When their food was gone they refilled their drinks and sat talking and as the time passed and they were both comfortable when she reached across the narrow table with her left and and took his right hand and they held hands as they talked. They talked about their marital woes and both found the sympathy in deep loneliness that they both felt. They even talked about how they missed holding someone in their arms and feeling passion that had been absent for so long.

Robert and Kate laughed over stories about his and her experiences with their grandchildren and finally as it neared two in the afternoon they ran out of words for a few moments.

"I guess you need to get back on the highway", she said, and was deeply saddened by the thought.

Robert took a deep breath and hesitated before answering. "Actually, my time is my own right now. My wife is on a trip with her mother and will be gone for a week. I decided to pack my camera and computer and just drive and follow the highways for a while. Anywhere I find an interesting place to stop and take pictures, I plan on stopping. My time is yours if you would like to talk some more."

Kate smiled and he saw the gleam in her eye as she squeezed the hand that she still held.

"Would you like to take a walk in one of my favorite places? I know you love being in the woods and away from people and I have the most wonderful place for pictures."

Robert agreed immediately and she gave him directions in case he fell behind as he followed her. Twenty minutes later they were parked side by side in the shaded end of a parking lot at the nature preserve. When they got out Kate walked right up to Robert and gave him a hug that he returned gently but firmly for nearly a minute. He asked her how far they were walking and she told him it was around two miles out and back.

From the back of his car he took out a fanny pack and after rooting in a cooler came up wtih two liters of cold water that he hung in pouches on the belt. He also took out a camera case on a shoulder strap before locking the vehicle. Kate joked with him about going prepared and he smiled and took her hand.

The walk was leisurely and she noticed that Robert's eyes were always moving. He seemed to scan the trees and woods around them and looked at her often as they quietly talked. They squeezed each others hands often to punctuate their jokes comments. She told him about her husband's coldness and rudeness and he was saddened by it.

He told her, sadly, that his wife rarely talked to him and there was no physical contact at all. He joked, holding up the hands they had held for the whole walk, that this was the best sex he had experienced in over five years. They both laughed but she noticed his was a very sad sounding laugh.

For a while they did not talk but just walked slowly. Finally, he pressed her hand and when she looked up he nodded toward a thicket up the hill. She saw a deer and fawn lying in the shadows at the edge of the thicket. Robert opened his camera bag and slowly raised his digital SLR and extended the long lens. She heard several quiet clicks and then he adjusted the camera to a different setting and took several more. When he lowered the camera to hang on a strap by his right side he put his left arm around Kate and pulled her close. She put her head on his shoulder and they stood there looking at the deer for several minutes.

Finally they quietly moved on, their feet making little sound on the path which was covered with rotting leaves. They moved slowly and paused often to stand close and watch birds or squirrels in the trees. Kate realized that Robert was totally at home in the woods and she could feel him relax with each passing minute.

They met no other hikers and finally at the top of a low rise. Kate told him that they were about to come up on her favorite place. As they slowly walked down the hillside he saw exposed rocks covered with moss, lots of tiny purple and yellow flowers and he could hear water running below. As they neared the water the trees grew thicker and the shade deepened. Kate began to walk faster, anxious to reach her spot, but Robert pulled back on her hand and she realized he was absorbing the beauty of every inch of the hillside.

In the deep shade at the bottom of the hill were large dark stained rocks and below them, a bubbling creek loudly announced its presence. They stepped off of the trail and stood by one of the large rocks looking at the stream. Kate stepped closer to Robert and he stood mostly behind her and placed his arms around her. She felt his slow deep breaths on her hair as she leaned against him. Robert felt her warm body next to him and her deep breathing and felt totally at ease as he took in the beauty of the scene around him.

"Thank you", he whispered in her ear and she felt goose bumps cover her body. "This is beautiful and exactly what I have needed in a long time." Robert's arms around her tightened and she put her hands over his and held his arms close.

After several minutes of this Kate turned and put her arms around Robert and he held her close again. When she looked up into his eyes she saw him smile and he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her gently. After a few seconds their tongues gently met at the tips and they gently teased each other as Robert held her tighter.

When they finally broke the kiss they stood and looked at each other for many seconds. A loud blue jay sailed past and broke the moment and Robert said, "Would you like to explore a bit and maybe find a place to sit and enjoy this paradise?"

Kate agreed and holding hands again they walked upstream following a faint game path. Kate noticed that Robert moved deliberately and rarely disturbed even the ferns as he passed by them. He never seemed to step on a flower or plant or even to make any noise with his steps. She followed in his footsteps and found that he was picking the easiest footing as well. Kate remembered him saying in an email once that he had spent the best times of his childhood in the woods.

Around the bend of the stream was a carpet of the pretty blue flowers. "I wonder what these are called.", she said almost in a whisper.

"Sweet Williams, is what my grandmother called them." he replied with a smile as he gently squeezed her hand.

Kate pointed to another large flat rock that overlooked the stream and said, "I would love to sit up there but it would be a shame to mash these pretty flowers down getting to it."

Robert turned and smiled, "Do you really trust me?"

Kate looked into his eyes and realized that she did indeed trust this thick but gentle man. "Yes" was her simple reply.

Robert bent his knees and scooped her into his arms. Kate protested that she was too heavy and would hurt him but she felt herself floating over the flowers. She felt Robert turn and twist as he found his footing as he crossed the field. They moved slowly and after several minutes he stepped up onto the rock and set her on her feet. Kate looked back and could not see where they had weaved their way through the bed of flowers.

"That was great", she said, and kissed his lips and caressed his sweaty face.

They moved higher up the rocks, almost like climbing shallow stairs and when they reached the highest ridge of it they were looking down at the stream as it turned around a slight bend. They sat with their legs hanging over the edge and Kate noticed that the low tree limbs had them in a deeply shaded arbor. It was open only to the stream and the far bank. In every direction they were surrounded by the pretty blue flowers and small patches of the bright yellow ones. The stream bubbled along making a sweet music and she saw moss covered rocks and flickering light on fish that moved through the deeper dark water.

While Kate looked at their beautiful private show she felt Robert move and he lightly moved to the edge of the rock and bent down for several minutes. She did not want to call out to him and disturb the sound of the birds and stream and waited for his return. When he came back he had his hands cupped around something he had found in the flowers and grass.

"What did you bring me?", she asked.

"Grasshoppers, but they are not for you." he said with a low laugh. Robert leaned over and flipped one of the grasshoppers into the water. It began to kick and move and after a minute of their intense watching made it to the bank and hopped away. Robert tossed another one closer to one of the big mossy stones. This grasshopper made two kicks and then the water boiled up and the grasshopper disappeared in a flash of silver and blue-green scales.

Kate inhaled sharply and said, "What was that?"

Robert said, "Sunfish I think. It looks like this stream is full of sunfish and goggle-eye." He tossed in another grasshopper and soon they saw it disappear in another flash of scales and movement. When Robert leaned back on the rock and reached for her hand Kate pulled back in mock horror.

"Sir, hands that play with bugs cannot touch mine", and she laughed in a musical happy tone that Robert loved hearing. She then put her hand over his and leaned in to kiss him deeply.

Robert wound up laying on his back with Kate leaning over him and the kiss lasted for several seconds with her tongue exploring his mouth and his tongue caressing her gently. Robert felt his groin stir and tighten and Kate's free hand on his chest felt hot.

Kate was feeling the kiss, also. She felt her breathing grow deeper and a tingle in her own groin as a moistness she had not felt in a while began to seep. When Kate finally broke the kiss she stayed close with her lips still touching his.

She knew this should not be happening but it felt so right and she felt so happy and safe that she could not stop. She felt a gentle arm slide around her and his hand on her back pulled her into his body and Kate rolled to the side until she was pressed into Robert. She felt his hardness press into her and knew he was as aroused as she was.

Robert loved the pressure Kate was putting on his erection and he too knew that they had gone too far, but also he felt happy and warm and wanted the arms around him to never let go. Robert rolled Kate to the side and they faced each other on the warm rock and the moss seemed like the perfect blanket for them to lie on. They kissed again and it was deep and long and they shared each others breaths and each felt as if they were melting into the other.

Kate and Robert paused for air and to look into each others eyes but then would sink back into the deep kissing that they both craved. Robert felt Kate's hand on the bare skin of his back under his shirt and soon his hand was caressing the warm smooth skin of her back and side. Finally they broke the kiss and breathing deeply they both sat up, shocked at where they had come to in so short a time.

Robert had taken off his fanny pack and had set both it and his camera aside on the rock and now he reached for it and taking a water bottle from its holder he offered it to Kate who drank deeply and gratefully. When she handed it back to him he also took a long drink of the cool water.

He noticed that her top button had come undone in their passionate kissing and he could see the top of her white bra and a bit of cleavage. The skin of her chest was pink and damp with sweat and he had the urge to taste it. Kate saw the direction of his eyes and smiled at him.

Robert looked at her and then brought her hand to his lips and kissed it before saying, "Before we get carried away, how far do we want this to go? It is up to you and whatever you say is the law, but right now I want to touch and taste you very much."

Kate inhaled deeply and her moral sense told her one thing while her desire said something entirely different. Finally she said, "I want so much to feel your touch on my body, your hands and mouth, but I don't know . . . don't know how much . . . I mean, how far, if we should go all the way." Kate had tears in her eyes as she said it because she very much wanted everything this man could give.

"We go as far as you say, Kate.", Robert said in his quiet voice.

Even as emotional as she was, he loved the musical tone in her voice and thought it a pleasing and sexy sound. He watched Kate as she leaned back and slowly unbuttoned her blouse all the way. He felt himself grow harder just watching her and then she undid her bra's front hook and he could see her smooth perfect skin all the way down. Robert slowly and gently reached out with his hand and ran it under the cloth until he had pushed the blouse and bra off of one of her shoulders with the back of his hand. He had not touched her but he saw that her breast and chest were covered with goose bumps and that her brown nipple was puckered and erect.

Kate inhaled deeply feeling the breeze on her bare skin and knowing he was looking at her bare breast and then back to her face. "You are so beautiful", he said in a whisper, "so very lovely." Kate saw a tear in his eyes and from that and his voice she knew he was overcome with emotion at her offering.

Robert slowly leaned in to Kate's upturned face and the kiss was soft and gentle and deep. She felt his hand touch her upper chest lightly and then like a feather float down to her breast. It should have tickled but it felt so good and her skin again broke out in goose bumps and she felt her nipples stiffen to an almost painful state. Kate leaned into the kiss and felt Robert's large warm hand engulf her breast.

As the deep kiss continued she felt his other hand slide under the shirt still hanging on half her body and cup the other breast. She shrugged and felt the cloth slip away and her upper body was naked and open to his hands.

She began to unbutton his shirt as his hands gently massaged her breasts and then slipped under them while he took her hard nipples between the thumbs and fingers of his hands. He rolled not just the nipple but deeper taking the whole areola and gently massaging it and she felt the wetness between her legs grow.

As Robert continued kissing Kate, he felt his erection grow painful inside his jeans and knew that his pre-cum was leaking heavily. He had not felt such desire in many years as he felt now. Robert shifted his body to give his growing manhood more room and Kate knew what he was doing.

She broke the kiss and smiled at him as she pulled back and stood, pulling Robert to his feet also. Kate laughed as she saw the bulge in Robert's jeans and the growing wet spot. The crotch of her own jeans had a huge wet spot too but was lower and not as visible.

Kate pulled Robert's belt loose and unsnapped and unzipped his jeans and as they fell to the ground she saw his erection tenting the front of his underwear. Robert leaned to unfasten her jeans and Kate pushed them down and they both kicked their shoes off as well as their jeans and stood facing each other in underwear and socks.

Robert slid his socks off and Kate did the same thing. They stood looking at each other and smiling and then Robert leaned in to pull down Kate's panties. He noticed they were white with little pink flowers and that the crotch was soaking wet. He could smell her desire and it smelled better than any perfume he had ever known. Kate's pubic hair was thick and untrimmed. Around the lips it was matted and wet.

Kate pulled at Robert's underwear and his erection bounced before her as they dropped to the ground. Again they stood looking at each other both a little afraid of the next move.

Finally Kate stepped into Robert's arms and they embraced each other. Each loved the feel of the hot skin of the other. Robert felt his cock against her stomach and her thick pubic hair against his leg. He felt Kate lean in and her wetness against his thigh felt wonderful.

Kate felt his hard cock against her and pushed her own inflamed sex harder against his leg. They stood like this for several minutes rocking back and forth and each glorying in the feel of the others body against theirs.

Finally Robert spoke softly. "I don't have any protection and I know it is a terrible time to say it, but I did not expect any of this to happen."

Kate looked at him and sank to the rock again pulling his hand until they sat side by side. She leaned in to kiss him and her hands found his hard cock and began to stroke it. "I need to cum so much, WE need to cum. Help me cum baby.", she said in a quivering voice.

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