A Sexy Weekend In Spain


The room was full of the wet slurping sound of her mouth on his cock, of his shaft fucking her mouth. She moaned softly, her body alive to the feel of his cock in her mouth, of her hands on him. He groaned more deeply, more loudly, as his climax approached. Susie could sense he was about to cum, could feel the tightening of his balls.

"I'm cummmmming...................." he groaned as his balls erupted.

Susie was stunned by the sheer force of his cum as it gushed into her mouth and splattered the back of her throat. She was awed by the feel of his cum surging up his shaft, throbbing and pulsing. She gagged as the first jet filled her mouth, and pulled away. But Ian instinctively held her, pushing his cock into her moth, his head thrown back in pleasure.

She swallowed frantically, drinking down his cum. She dragged her head away, watching as his cum continued to pump out of him as she wanked his thick shaft. Ian watched through half open eyes as him cum dribbled from the corner of his daughter's mouth, as she knelt over him and wanked his cock, her firm breasts swaying over him, coated in his cum.

His cum seemed to go on for ever, surging out of him until his balls where empty. He laid back, his body limp. Susie slumped down on top of him, his arms around her, hugging her to him, both of them oblivious to his thick cum being smeared between their bodies. Seconds later, they were asleep.

Ian woke up once in the night, momentarily confused by where he was. But the memories flooded back as he rubbed his eyes and felt his naked daughter next to him. She stirred, stretching her arms above her head before wriggling up to him and sleeping again. His cock hardened as he watched her, as he looked at her in the semi darkness, as he felt her warm, sexy body against him.

He eased out of the bed and went through to the bathroom, his cock waving in front of him. He smiled as he saw the dried cum down his chest and belly, and had a quick wash. Afterwards, he drew Susie back into his arms, her hand resting lightly on his cock even in her sleep.

The next morning, when Susie woke up, she lay still, not moving, remembering, suddenly scared at what had happened, at the strength of her need, her feelings, for her Dad. As she lay on her side, she could feel him behind her, his cock warm against her ass. She knew it was wrong, but she wanted him, needed him. And she was sure that he felt the same way about her. So it couldn't be that wrong, could it?

She wriggled her ass against him, and was instantly rewarded by the feel of his cock hardening against her. She smiled to herself. Yes, he definitely wanted her. She wriggled again, this time more deliberately, more sensually. She laughed at herself. Twelve hours ago she had been a virgin, used only to her own fingers and the odd grope – but now look at her!

Beside her, Ian was waking up, aware of how hard his cock was already, aware of Susie's wiggling ass and the way his cock was nestling between her cheeks. He reached around her and cupped her breast, marvelling again at how big, how firm they were, at how hard her nipples were.

Susie sighed as she realised he was awake. She twisted her head around, and he leant forward to kiss her. They kissed slowly, gently, at first, but then more deeply, more passionately, as their tongues slithered over each other, their mouths locked together.

Susie rolled onto her back, Ian's hands roaming over her body as she reached for his cock. They both gasped, Susie as she was reminded of the size, the thickness, the hardness, of his cock, and Ian as he saw and felt just how beautiful and sexy his daughter was.

Ian rolled easily on top of Susie, his weight supported by his knees and elbows as he straddled her, his cock hanging down towards her pussy. Susie wrapped her legs around her Dad, pulling him down towards her. He entered her slowly, her pussy already running with her sticky juices. Ian held his cock deep inside her, his daughter's pussy pulsing around him, squeezing him.

He eased out of her, feeling her lips closing up as his cock left her, and then opening again like the petals of a flower as she welcomed him back. He fucked her slowly, his cock stretching her, reaching deep inside her. Susie wrapped her arms around his neck, their mouths locked together, their tongues exploring. Her hard nipples scrapped against his chest as they moved together.

As their passion grew, their movements became more urgent, more demanding. Ian drove his cock harder and deeper into his daughter, her heels drumming on his back as she tightened her legs around him.

Their cries were muffled by each others mouths as they kissed, their lips only parting when Susie cried out as an orgasm rippled through her. Ian dipped his head lower and sucked a taut nipple into his mouth as he continued to pump his cock into Susie through her climax. She held his head to her, her legs still wrapped around him, holding his cock deep inside her.

As her orgasm faded, Ian rolled them over so that Susie was straddling him, his long cock still buried inside her. He fucked her slowly, her breasts swaying in front of him. Beyond them, he could see her ass in the mirror again, his cocking pumping into her pussy. He reached for her ass, caressing and squeezing her cheeks, his hands wandering down the crack between them, teasing her tight little hole.

He fucked her harder, their damp bodies tight against each other, their mouths locked together again. She arched her back, changing the angle of her pussy, screaming as her Dad's cock reached deeper inside her than ever before. She came again just as he yelled out, just as she felt his hot cum surging into her pussy in a thick jet. She pushed her hips down hard, holding his cock inside her, wanting all of his cum.

Susie was on fire again, her body full of his cock, her juices pouring from her onto Ian's cock and balls, her pussy full of cum. She clung to her Dad, her body and mind overcome by the power of the pleasure rushing through her, by feelings and sensations she'd never felt before.

They rolled onto their side, Ian's cock still inside Susie as they got their breath back, neither of them speaking. Susie shut her eyes, relaxing in the wonderful, satisfying sensations still filling her body. Ian gazed down at her in awe, loving her, wanting her.

After a while, Susie dozed off again, so Ian eased away from her and went to the bathroom. He ran a deep, hot bath, and had only just climbed in and laid back to relax when the bathroom door swung open. Without saying a word, Susie climbed in, settling down between his legs before lying back against him, her head resting on his strong chest. He reached around her, cupping her breasts gently.

They spoke quietly, about the previous night, about that morning, about each other, their new relationship. They spoke honestly, openly, knowing it was wrong, but so very right for them. After that, they planned their day, excited by being together. They washed each other carefully, washing away their cum and juices, washing each other slowly and sensually.

Afterwards, they dried each other and got dressed. Ian pulled on his usual jeans and shirt, while Susie slipped into a short denim skirt and a tight vest top that clung deliciously to her body.

They ate breakfast quickly, wanting to be out of the hotel and on their own. They spent the morning and early afternoon sight seeing, and enjoying each others company. They walked hand in hand, oblivious to the few odd looks they got, laughing at the same things. They ate a leisurely lunch by the harbour before heading towards the Nou Camp stadium.

Although Susie generally hated football, even she got carried away with the excitement of the game, with the atmosphere in the stadium. When they weren't leaping up with the rest of the crowd, they sat close together, Ian's cock always reacting to the heat of her thigh against his.

When they left the football, they were more aware of each other than at any time since they had left the hotel that morning. Sitting in the taxi, Ian wanted nothing more than to drag his daughter into his arms, but somehow he resisted. He paid off the taxi driver quickly, before taking Susie's arm and leading the way into the hotel.

"Let's go for a walk first," Susie said, stopping just outside the hotel, a teasing smile on her face.

She wanted Ian as much as he wanted her, but something told her to wait, to do this. Reluctantly, her let her lead him away from the hotel. Minutes later they found themselves walking down Las Ramblas again.

They bought drinks and ice creams, and wandered down the street, taking their time, stopping to watch the mime artists and human statues that seemed to be everywhere. They walked through the market, enjoying the atmosphere. They stopped to look in shops and stalls, buying a few odds and ends. They walked across to the marina, and sat and watched the world go by for a while, happy to be together.

Before they knew it, a couple of hours had passed. They decided to eat, before the restaurants started to get busy. They found a fish restaurant overlooking the marina, and picked a table in a quiet corner. They enjoyed being together as much as the wonderful food, enjoying the attention that Susie's looks inevitably got them from the young waiters.

As they sat, waiting for their dessert, Ian felt Susie's foot running slowly up his leg. He froze as it got higher, almost jumping as her toes ran along the inside of his thigh before pressing against the growing bulge in his jeans. He stifled a groan, his eyes locked onto Susie's as she rubbed him harder. He dragged his eyes away from hers, and stared at her rock hard nipples threatening to burst out of her top.

He would have dragged Susie out of the restaurant there and then if the waiter hadn't brought their desserts. As it was, Susie's foot was still in his lap as the waiter served them. Ian ate his Crème Brule quickly as Susie watched him. She waited until he had just a small amount left before picking up the chocolate éclair she had ordered.

He almost choked on the last spoonful of his dessert as Susie held her éclair between her finger and thumb and, very slowly, very sensually, licked it from bottom to top, her tongue flicking over her lips when she had finished. Ian's cock grew in his jeans as she did it again, her eyes on his. He groaned as he watched her.

"You don't want coffee, do you?" he asked, his voice little more than a croak.

She licked the éclair again, and then sucked the end of it between her lips. He watched as she fed an inch or so of the éclair into her mouth, and then pulled it out, before sucking it back in deeper. She repeated this, sucking and licking the cake until it was gone, before sucking the chocolate carefully off the tips of her fingers.

"No, I don't think so," she said at last, her voice husky and her eyes bright.

Ian called for the bill and paid quickly, both of them eager to get away. They walked back up Las Ramblas, quickly at first, but then more slowly as they got drawn to the changing sights around them as it got dark.

"Let's go this way," Susie suggested.

It was only a few minutes later that Ian realised that they were walking in the direction the guidebook had warned them not to go in.

"Susie lets head back," Ian suggested, as the first few sex shops came into sight.

"Don't be silly," she told him, squeezing his hand, her eyes wide and bright at the sights around her.

They walked past brightly lit sex shops and boutiques, strip clubs and bars. Susie took in everything she saw, the toys and clothes in the shop windows, the girls in the posters. Ian tried to guide them back towards Las Ramblas, but Susie wanted to see more.

She slowed down as they passed what seemed to be a club, but which was clearly much more judging by the two girls sat on high stools outside being openly suggestive to anyone who passed. She was even more hesitant as she saw the girls on the side of the street, some of them barely dressed, showing their naked breasts where their blouses hung loosely open.

Susie couldn't believe how excited she felt. She had felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter back in the restaurant, but now she could feel the wetness on her thighs. Ian was excited as well, excited by what he saw, by Susie being with him, by the effect all of this was having on her.

A girl approached them, making it clear what she would be willing to do to Ian, to both of them. Another girl approached, openly offering Ian a blowjob while "she" – Susie – watched. The girl licked her lips, pouting. Ian felt his cock grow in his jeans as Susie pulled him along.

Before he knew it, Susie had dragged him into a dark side street, almost an alleyway. She dropped to her knees in front of him, deftly undoing his zip.

"No," he protested, trying to drag her to her feet.

"Yes," she demanded, pulling his cock out into the open.

He groaned, unable to resist, as Susie sucked his cock into her mouth. He was enormous, his cock quickly reaching the back of her mouth as he fucked her, holding her head, his fingers entwined in her hair. Ian couldn't help himself as he fucked his daughter's mouth, as she knelt in front of him in the dark alleyway.

Susie grasped his cock, her hand wrapped around the base of his thick shaft. Her tongue rasped over his bulbous cock head as he pumped into her mouth. Her pussy was on fire, from the taste of his cock, from the teasing, from what they'd seen, what they'd done, from her need for him.

She cupped his balls, squeezing her thighs together, sending hot arrows of pleasure through her pussy and into her body. Wanting more, she let go of his cock and pushed her hand up her skirt and into her soaking panties. She rubbed her clit frantically as her Dad's cock went ever deeper into her mouth. She pushed two and then three fingers into her aching pussy, fucking herself as she sucked on his delicious cock, wanting all of it in her mouth, in her throat.

Ian fucked his daughter's mouth, driving his cock into her as she fucked her own pussy with her fingers. They both cried out, oblivious to where they were, to everything but their own need. With a roar, Ian came, his cum bursting into Susie's mouth. He held her head tight, his eyes closed, as his cum poured into her. Susie was swallowing frantically, drinking down his cum, her fingers hard in her pussy as she came, as her body clamped itself around her hand.

Ian's hips rocked forward as she sucked his cum from him. They both felt spent, exhausted. Susie eased her fingers slowly from her pussy as Ian's cock slipped from her mouth. She slumped forward, her head resting against her Dad, his cock hot against her cheek.

Slowly, Ian opened his eyes, remembering where they were. He pulled her to her feet, and kissed her softly, tasting his cum on her lips and tongue and in her mouth. She pushed her gingers between his lips as watched as he sucked her juices from her.

"Fuck me," Susie whispered, her mouth only inches from his, "Take me back and fuck me."

Ian's cock stiffened slightly between them as he listened to the words tumbling out of her once innocent mouth, words she said with such intensity, such need.

They quickly tidied themselves up, and walked back onto the street. Ignoring the glares from the girls on the corner, they quickly made their way back to the hotel. They rushed across the hotel lobby, thankful that there was a lift waiting. They dashed into it, pressing the buttons quickly before anyone else could join them. As soon as the lift doors shut, they were in each others arms, their mouths locked together, their tongues thrusting.

As they kissed, Susie could feel the hardness of her Dad's cock against her, making her even wetter.

"Fuck me," she hissed, as their lips parted, "Fuck my hot cunt with your big cock."

Ian groaned as she spoke.

"Fuck me, " she repeated, seeing what effect her words were having on him, "Fuck my cunt, fuck it now."

Ian grabbed her, holding her tight, his cock inflamed by her words. He pushed his hand up the front of her skirt, feeling her heat, her wetness, through her flimsy knickers. He started to undo his jeans, not thinking of where they were.

"Wait," Susie warned, suddenly scared of what she'd started.

She pulled away from him, but he grabbed her top. The thin strap gave way in his hand as her top ripped. The material fell away. They both stared at her naked breast, at her hard nipple, at the taut flesh. Ian moaned, reaching for her even as the lift stopped on the floor below theirs.

Susie grabbed her top to cover herself as the doors slid open. A couple stepped into the lift, looking at them, at their odd behaviour, as they tried to control their breathing, as Susie held her clothes together, both of them aware only of their desperate need for each other.

The few seconds it took for the lift to reach their floor seemed like hours. They stumbled out, not caring about the eyes on them from the lift as they practically ran down the corridor to their room. Susie watched impatiently as Ian fumbled with the key. They fell into the room as soon as the door opened. Ian kicked it shut behind them as they kissed and touched and tore at each others clothes as they stumbled past the bathroom.

Ian dragged Susie's top off her, as she pulled at his shirt, buttons flying in all directions. They both fumbled with his jeans, getting in each others way in their haste. By the time they reached the bedroom, he was naked, his cock jutting out almost obscenely from his body, rock hard and dripping with pre cum, his balls full and heavy. Susie fell backwards onto the bed, her breasts bouncing delightfully.

Ian looked down at her, at her breasts, rising and falling quickly as she breathed. He looked at her flat belly, the tiny cross glistening at her navel, at her pretty face, framed by her red hair, at her slender, tanned legs, at her pussy, wet with desire.

He reached forward, his cock swaying in front of him, and roughly dragged her skirt up around her waist. He gasped as her panties came into view, the flimsy red material marked with a huge wet patch where her juices had been flooding from her. Her thighs were damp, the material of her knickers pressed tight into her pussy. He reached down, and pulled her knickers upwards, watching as the material dug harder into her pouting pussy, listening to Susie's loud moans.

She held her own breasts, pinching her nipples as he pulled her knickers again, her red, swollen lips squeezing out each side of the material. She cried out as the material rubbed against her over sensitive clit. Ian ran his finger down the front of her panties, tracing a line down her slit, feeling her heat, her wetness, making her cry out again.

"Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me," she muttered, almost chanting as she repeated herself over and over again.

He groaned as he slipped his fingers into her knickers and yanked them away from her body. She moaned as they tore away from her body, as he threw them to the floor and dragged her to the edge of the bed where he was stood. He pushed her legs back and leant forward to drive his thick, hard cock into her.

He drove his cock as deep into her body as he could, not stopping until he was buried deep inside her, his balls against her ass, his hair pressed hard to hers. Her pussy seemed to grab his cock, pulling him deeper into her as it throbbed around him. He pulled his cock out, and then plunged it back into her, fucking her hard as she cried out. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him, almost lifting her off the bed as he fucked her hot pussy frantically.

Susie came almost straightaway, loving his cock, thick and hard inside her, loving the strength, the power of him as he fucked her. As she came, Ian watched her head rocking from side to side, watched her holding her breasts, tugging and pinching her nipples. He listened to her harsh breathing, to her cries of pleasure. He breathed in the faint smell of her perfume, and the heavier smell of her need, her passion. He felt her pussy throbbing around him, her juices hot on his cock and balls.

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