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A Solo Exhibitionist


It had been a strange kind of day. The Boss had been in one of his moods, no matter how much business was coming in, it was never enough.

Most of my appointments had turned out to be a waste of time. Driving back to my empty flat I considered my options, either putting myself on the outside of a bottle of whiskey or trudging 100 yards to my local pub to get rat arsed and have a game of darts.

About a mile from home I turned a corner and almost ploughed into a parked car.

After the day I had endured I was in no mood to capitulate to such lack of consideration to other road users. Parking safely a few yards farther on I strode back to remonstrate with the driver.

Halfway there I realised that the offender was a young woman, her blonde hair framing a pretty, though not beautiful, face. She had attempted to gain beauty by copious layers of make up but to no avail.

By the time I reached the drivers window and spotted her attractive thighs protruding from the pelmet which purported to be a skirt and the two orbs clearly intended for display purposes cradled into a tight fitting platform bra my ire had metamorphosised into "Hello, are you having trouble? Can I help?"

Warily she wound the window down a little. "Thank you, it just keeps cutting out on me, I find if I stop for twenty minutes or so it starts again OK."

"Would you like me to take a look?"

"If you don't mind, I know nothing about engines, I don't even know how to open the bonnet"

I knew the model of car, I had owned one until a few months previously "Over there just above where you would find the ankle of a passenger, if you had one, there's a lever, just tug it"

I had put my head in the window as I spoke, she in turn leaned across to follow my instructions.

The movement made the back of her skirt ride up exposing a magnificent view of the cleft between her buttocks, I could even detect a lock of blonde pubic hair.

Embarrassed at enjoying the site I hurried to the front of her car and raised the bonnet.

I heard her door open and close and she joined me, thankfully she had thrown a coat over her shoulders, it shielded her assets from other drivers but certainly not from me. In fact she made no effort at all to conceal herself from me simply keeping hold of the side of the coat to stop it flapping around.

Quickly I identified that the problem was almost certainly a loose battery lead "Not be a minute" I said walking back to my car to fetch a spanner. In seconds the nut was tight. I invited her to try the engine, it started at once.

"Shall I follow you for a few miles in case you have more problems?"

"That would be kind of you but I think that I'm too late now anyway"

I didn't ask her to elaborate, just suggested that she drive about ten miles to a certain pub car park just to check that all was well, it took me nine miles out of my way but she was intriguing me.

Yes, I hold my hands up, by now I was having very lewd thoughts and if she was late anyway, I certainly had nothing planned this evening so why not waste a little time together.

I followed her little car which seemed now to be chugging away without any problems. She pulled into the car park as I had suggested and climbed out, still with the coat around her shoulders.

"I can't thank you enough, can I buy you a drink?" she asked.

"I'd love to have a drink with you but I will buy it. I'm too long in the tooth to put up with this equality nonsense"

She smiled and we entered the bar, while she was finding a seat I ordered an alcohol free lager for me and the wine which she had requested.

I found her in a small booth, her coat lay by her side so once again there was nothing to obstruct my view of her thighs and cleavage, I struggled however to focus on her eyes. I sat beside her in the space she indicated.

"I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't arrived"

"It was nothing" I smiled "I'm just sorry that you missed your meeting"

"No harm done, well a bit to my credibility I suppose, but enough others have..." She stopped, beneath the make up I detected the beginning of a blush.

"Enough others have what?" I encouraged, intrigued by now.

"You will think I'm mad, or a slut"

Inside I laughed, if she had read any of my stories she would know how much I adored sluts, the perfect and most honest of ladies in my opinion. She only knew me as the guy who had helped her not as taurents the erotic story writer.

"Try me"

She looked at me with a question in her eyes. I could almost see the machinery of her mind weighing up the pro's and con's.

"OK" she said finally " If you're shocked you can always get up and walk away and we need never see each other again"

"I'm certain that I won't be shocked " I said truthfully.

"Well" she chose her words with care "Up until a few months ago I had a boyfriend and, well, he used to enjoy taking me dogging"

"Dogging" I repeated " I don't think I know that word" Anyone who knows me will of course know that I was lying through my teeth now. Of course I knew what dogging was I had set up two internet sites dedicated to the subject but she wasn't to know that.

"Oh" she paused "Well we used to go to car parks and make love, no have sex while guys watched"

"Oh I see so you're a bit of an exhibitionist then?"

"I didn't think that I was until after the first two times, then I became the one nagging him to go dogging"

"At first he loved the fact that I was so into it but when I began opening the windows to let guys touch me, he didn't like that"

"He got jealous?"

"I don't know why, I wasn't having sex with them, just letting them play with my boobs"

"Anyway we finished over it but I missed having guys look at me and get excited so I began arranging to meet guys who could watch me masturbating, I play safe I keep the doors locked I never speak to them or even acknowledge that they are there. Are you interested or wanting to walk out in disgust?"

"Fascinated" I admitted " Please go on"

"Well I go to car parks and put my inside light on. I stretch sideways across the passenger seat and begin reading" She produced a book from her bag, it was one of those top shelf erotica for women by women. I haven't read any but understand the ladies produce far raunchier stuff than we guys.

"Go on" I urged.

"When two or three guys creep up to look in I pretend that I have no idea that they are there. I unbutton my blouse. If I'm turned on enough I strip totally. I play with myself quite openly while they masturbate. When we have all come they go back to their cars and I drive home"

"Still naked?"

"Yes usually" she nodded " I throw this coat on to dash from my car to my flat"

"And then?"

"No guy remember, I resort to my plastic friends"

"And that was what you had planned tonight?" I knew who she was now. I had seen her messages on a couple of dogging sites, including my own. She had a few rave reviews from watchers too, apparently she put on a hell of a show.

"I'm afraid so, they will be gone by now. They always hope I will open the windows or doors but when I'm alone I play safe."

"Would you let me watch you?"

Her eyes lit up "Yes of course, when? Tonight?"

"Why not, you have a spare evening, I had nothing planned which can't be done another night"

"Well you wouldn't let me thank you by buying you a drink so I would love to put on a show for you, Shall we go now?"

I followed her car again, within a couple of miles we were away from the main road in a large car park, she drove to the far corner, I parked a hundred yards away and killed the engine. I waited to give her time to get comfortable and relaxed.

In two minutes I could wait no longer, her interior light had been on for over a minute. Stealthily I crept over to her car. I looked first in at the drivers side window, as she had described she was lying across the two seats, her blouse was open and her fingernails were grazing the inner flash of her breasts. Her feet were up on the seat, her knees perhaps eight inches apart.

I crept around the back of the car to the other side. I knew it was hard for her to see out, I had no way of knowing if she was aware of me watching, between her thighs I could see a narrow red band indicating the gusset of her thong.

Her book was open but she did not seem to be reading it, her head was back, her eyes seemed to be closed. Her index finger went for the front fastening clasp of her bra and it twanged open, her breasts burst free, her pink nipples already puckered to erection.

Slowly she rubbed them, the book fell to the floor, she used both hands to caress her breasts, raising a nipple towards her mouth she blew on it.

She had said that she ignored the watching guys but suddenly she looked straight towards me. Sitting up slightly she lifted her blouse and bra away from her body in one movement, next she raised her legs and both skirt and thong too came off. Placing her feet again on the seat she parted her thighs wide exposing her pussy lips, excitement had parted them revealing a tiny darkness leading to exciting glories within.

She raised a finger to her mouth licked it with her tongue then placed it on that tiny opening, the opening swallowed her finger, her lips widening as it did so.

She moved her foot, suddenly the central locking opened and the door was opening towards me, in surprise I pulled it wide.

"I thought you might like to help me out " she smiled

In seconds I was tasting and savouring the delicious, fragrant juices of this exciting young woman. Her hands were on the back of my head spurring me on, forcing me deeper and deeper into her musky moistness, her hips bucked with excitement, her mouth produced whimpers of pleasure.

"Have you a condom?" she gasped

I managed a nod, my tongue never leaving her velvet pleasure zone.

"Then fuck me...PLEASE!"

I am not one to deny a lady anything when she asks so nicely so quickly slipping into the delicate sheath I then slipped into her own lubricity. I plunged deep inside her, thrusting hard as her nails scratched my back and shoulders, her face distorted with passion, her moans and sighs echoed in my ears.

Thrusting into her hot sweet canyon I felt the inevitable raptures of pleasure wafting over me. Desperately I fought them down seeking to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible.

The sensation clearly showed in my face and the lady was having none of it.

Her hand slipped to my hips. Instinctively I knew what was coming but could not resist it. I felt her index finger locate my puckered anus. With one thrust she was in. Screaming loud she yelled "Cum for me you Bastard"

And I did.

Becky is now a regular companion, although we aren't a couple in the strict sense of the word I provide her with the permission, encouragement and security she needs to be a true exhibitionist slut. Perhaps another time I will relate our other adventures.

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